Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 119

West POV

West looked up from his seat on the couch, when he saw the Alpha suite door open, smiled to see Jo-anne just walk into the suite, although he himself was not feeling all that good right this minute, had a headache that he just couldn’t shake, had set in just on half an hour ago, and felt odd to like he was hotter than normal.

But smiled up at her, as she closed the door, she’d not knocked, just walked on in, like it was her room, her suite now. A good thing he thought. She was carrying a small vial, in her hand and was looking down at it. Seemed contemplative.

“Everything alright?” West asked her.

Her eyes moved right to his, seemed completely surprised at him sitting there on the couch, probably thought he was downstairs in the office in all likelihood. It was where he usually was.

But had come here when he’d started to not feel so good.

“Mm,” she nodded to him “It’s my mothers blood. So I can see her history if I want to.” she held it up for him to see properly.

“Do you want to?” he asked, curious himself if she would. He’d probably want to know but he liked information. He had no idea if Jo-anne was the type of person to need answers to everything.

“I don’t know.” she sighed heavily.

Watched as she walked over to sit down next to him, put the vial on the ottoman and then just sat and stared at it. Looked to be in two minds about it to him.

“Why are you here?” she turned to look at him. ” I thought you’d be off trying to convince T.J. and Ella of your plans to make them our other Alpha and Luna counterparts.”

He reached and touched her face gently liked how she used the word ou, “I’m working on T.J. as we speak. But I have a headache and I have all month to convince them.” He smiled at her “though I do like it when you say ‘Our’ all the time.” West told her honestly and he did like it, made him feel more secure in her choice of him. That they were going to be okay.

“A headache?” she was frowning at him, trust her to pick that out of all the things he’d just said”

“Do you get them often?”

“No, just occasionally.” he answered her. “It’ll pass. I did do a pack wide link this morning, they cause headaches. Don’t worry about it.” he leaned back on the couch and tugged her with him “Come give me a cuddle, it’ll help.”

Heard her chuckle and murmur, “no it won’t.” but felt no resistance and then she was leaning into him, even sliding her arm around his chest and relaxing on him completely, her head on his chest right where she’d bitten him the other week. West closed his eyes and breathed in her scent, and frowned a little “You smell like Terence. Why?” he could also smell Belinda but knew they had been together.

“He picked me up and hugged me all bear hug like, super excited.” he could hear the smile in her voice.

“Why?” he smiled, knew their bond was going to stay in tact.

“Because my brother. Your best friend, is going to be a daddy.” she giggled.

That snapped his eyes open, he didn’t move but was staring down at her now. “Since when?”

“Since the first time he and Ella slept together, I imagine.” she laughed softly ” saw her pregnant, didn’t much think on it at the time, thought I was just day dreaming, but now not so much. Mum confirmed it, triplets and all girls.”

“Goddess help me.” he muttered “I’m always surrounded by women.” but he still smiled “I’m happy for him and Ella. How do you think Ella will take the news?”

Saw Jo-anne look up at him “Ella already knows, Belinda already told her at some point.” West nodded, it aggravated his headache though, so stopped and leaned back on the couch. “Ah, that’s what that was.” he said as he recalled Belinda and Ella having a private conversation the night they’d all slept in Jo-anne’s room, that Ella had smiled at T.J. and told him it was none of his business.

He sighed and rubbed his temples as the throbbing started to increase inside his head. His headache was getting worse by the minute, it seemed. He’d thought that having her right here with him, her scent might help with that, knew a Mates’ scent could help to calm one down, put them to sleep even. Relax one completely.

“Do you want me to get Patterson, West? You do look a little pale actually.”

“No, it’s just a headache,” he sighed.

“I’Il go and get you something for it.” and then she was up off the couch and gone from his side, gone from the room, just like that. It bothered him quite a bit actually, did not want to be away from her.

Got up from the couch himself, swayed on his feet, felt dizzy all of a sudden. Stood still until he was right to walk, followed her towards the kitchen through the dining room door, felt nauseated and grabbed onto the door frame as he nearly fell down, struggled for a good 10 seconds to stay on his feet before standing up properly, steadied himself and then walked through into the actual dining room, could see Jo-anne going through the cupboards looking for something for his headache.

“I don’t…” Oh, he didn’t feel so good at all. “Keep anything in here.” he grabbed onto the dining table as she turned to look at him.

“West?” he could hear the panic in her voice.

“I don’t feel so good.” he muttered as he sagged down on to a chair, blinked a couple of times, then she was right next to him, tilted his face up to hers, he could actually see fear in her eyes.

“I’ll be fine.” he told her, but even he knew wolves didn’t get sick for no reason. Something was wrong with him, but he didn’t want her to worry.

Felt her hand on his forehead. “Your very hot West.”

Was not feeling well enough to even play with that sentence “l always run hot. Don’t worry about it.”

“Don’t you tell me not to worry,” she snapped at him. “I am your Mate, it’s my given right.”

That made him smile, but only briefly. He loved that she could stand up to him and that she had just called her his Mate. Groaned “Get me a bucket.” he muttered, as he felt his stomach roll, he was going to vomit and he knew it.


“Bucket, or I vomit on the floor” his hand clutched at his stomach as it cramped “Fuck.” He muttered right before he heaved, he hated to throw up, shoved himself back from the table and gagged and heaved. A container was right under his face and then he was throwing up violently, uncontrollably, he was barely able to catch his breath between bouts, barely able to draw in half a breath before throwing up.

His eyes were watering and he was desperate for air to reach his lungs, they were burning and it was causing him pain on top of the vomiting. It actually felt like he couldn’t breath at one point, felt as though he was going to pass out, his lungs were screaming for needed oxygen, and his strength was draining away rapidly from him, he could feel himself sliding off the chair as it passed, and finally a breath could be drawn in.

Practically just sagged down on to the floor. When it was over, his mouth was filled with a horrid acrid metallic taste and his throat was burning like it was on fire and had been hit with a cheese grater.

His eyes were closed as he tried to drag in recovery breaths, finally, when he opened his eyes there was a saucepan in front of him, and it was half filled with blood, looked like he’d heaved up a good amount more than a litre of it, ‘That can’t be good.’ he thought as he looked at it, it wasn’t all red, some of it was black and other parts brown. Looked like infected dying blood.

He felt like crap, to be honest. Found Jo-anne staring right at him, a cloth to his mouth, it was damp, wiping his l!ps and chin. Then put a glass to his mouth. “Don’t drink it, rinse and spit it.” she told him, still she sounded worried. But he got it.

“That was terrible,” he muttered after swishing and spitting three times. He did not want to risk even a single speck of that left in him to be swallowed again.

“How do you feel?” she asked him. Pushing the pot away.

“Horrid and I’m tired.” West admitted honestly” Guess you healed me?”

“Mm” she nodded, though looked a little nervously at him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked her this time.

Saw her bite her lower l!p nervously, “Don’t do that.” he murmured, “I’m not well enough to k!ss you right this minute.” reached up and used his thumb to tug her l!p from her teeth.

Felt her arms around him and a second later she was actually in his lap and hugging him. He smiled and hugged her back, he felt tired, hell exhausted, he realised and just leaned right on her and closed his eyes, his cheek on her head.

“Do you still love me?” he heard her ask softly, almost sounded worried that he wouldn’t.

“That is a stupid question. I’ll always love you. I always have Jo-anne.

He felt a hand on his shoulder, then another on his back, knew it was not Jo-anne she was still in his lap. Opened his eyes to find T.J. and his father, Damien, looking down at him.

Groaned in protest when they asked Jo-anne to hop up and then got him up off the floor, he did not want to get up at all.

“That is a sh!t load of blood.” he heard T.J. state as they helped him from the dining room to the bedroom.

Heard Jo-anne “Volts, a bitey creature.” Even heard her giggle a little, smiled to himself she was right Volt and Clova did like to bite when wound up.

“Come here,” he growled and felt Jo-anne sit next to him on the bed, looked up at her. “I’m tired, and you’d better be right here, when I wake up.”

Heard both his father and TJ. laugh.

“I’ll be around…somewhere.” he heard Jo-anne tease him a little. “Get some sleep.”

West rolled right onto his side and curled his arms around her, settled his head right in her lap and smiled as he drifted off to sleep.

West woke up alone, frowned at their empty bed, looked around. Jo-anne was not even in the room. He was certain he had told her she’d better be here in this bed when he woke up, yet she wasn’t.

Sat himself up and leaned on the padded bedhead and smiled. He did feel different, he realised. Lighter almost, he ran a hand through his hair as he looked out the window. It was evening outside, he’d been asleep all day, it seemed.

Where are you?’ he mind-linked to Jo-anne.

‘Around.’ he could almost hear the smile in her voice.

“You’re supposed to be here.’ he growled playfully at her.

‘Oh am I?’ she teased right back.

‘Mm, I think you should come here to me. I’m all healed and I need and want my Mate.’

Heard her actually chuckle softly ‘I’m having dinner with mum and dad.’

‘Hmm, but I want you.’ he told her out right his voice all deep and husky, and he did want her.

‘I’ll come after dinner.’

West smiled at that ‘After dinner, I’m hungry now Jo-anne. Come here and let me eat all l’ve ever wanted to eat.’ he growled very deeply at her.

‘Stop it.’ she gasped at him, did not miss his meaning, there was no way she could.

‘No.’ he smiled ‘Never.’ and cut the mind-link to her, oh he was going to have her. His beautiful Mate, finally, her tainted her blood was out of him, and she herself was once again untainted. He was going to pull her right into this bed and Mate the hell out of her, Mark her and claim her completely.

She was never going to escape him, not ever again.

‘Jo-anne.’ he mind-linked to her again, allowing all his desire to be heard in that one word.

“West?’ she replied.

‘Come here to our bed. Or I am going to play with you until you are all hot and bothered and beg me to come and find you.’

Heard her laugh now ‘Oh really, and how do you plan to do that?”

West grinned to himself, then laughed into the empty room, cutting the link to her. His eyes sparkled with mischief. Oh, she had no idea what he could do to her, while not even touching her. Let the game begin, he thought to himself.

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