Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 12

West POV

West knew that it was a lie, and he was certain that T.J. did as well. West could not smell any blood. When Jo-anne had shot out of her chair, more than startling both him and T.J., all his Alpha senses had kicked in on high alert. T.J. had been sleeping with his chin on his chest snoring softly, and West was pretty certain all his Beta instincts had kicked in as well.

West, on the other hand, had been sitting staring at her, watching her sleep over there in the chair not more than 4 feet from him. She seemed -quite comfortable around him. It was odd considering their previous relationship. His eyes had been moving over her body, she was quite tall now, though she could still curl up into a tiny ball, it seemed.

When she had woken and struggled to get out of that chair and not trip over the blanket, West had noticed that her face looked very flushed, and she seemed to be in a full-blown panic. Why? He was very curious about it. Perhaps having a bad dream?

Her reaction to the pair of them staring at her, and what could she expect when you burst up out of a chair like that and startle everyone on board?

Practically yelled the word Bathroom at the pair of the, she hadn’t cared who answered her either.

Then for her to flee that quickly, had gained his full and undivided attention, he’d heard her say “no” a whispered kind of panic to herself. No what?

He wondered. And then, like two minutes later, ” Oh, thank the Goddess.” sounded very relieved, now that in itself was very interesting. Whatever she had been expecting to happen had not and she had sent up a prayer of thanks.

He was fully intrigued.

Jo-Anne he could hear, was actually embarrassed and West could hear the nervousness in her voice, even when talking to T.J. That was also odd for the woman. They could talk about anything, practically had talked about anything and everything, including T.J.’s current s*x life. So what could be so embarrassing to her that she couldn’t bring it up with T.J.?

Whatever it was that had made her bolt from one end of the plane to the other, she wanted to hide it. She had a secret he didn’t know about. That in itself was odd. He knew everything there was to know about her. Or at least he had thought he had, seems she was hiding something. He wanted to know what it was. Was going to find out what it was.

That excuse of menstruation, and West knew very well it was an excuse, he smelled nothing. Had him on purposely strolling into his bedroom after her, just to get a better smell of her. Only to find her looking in the top drawer of his bedroom. There was quite a nice selection of adult toys in there, all to please women, some handcuffs to add to his pleasure and the need to completely dominate any s*xual partners he had here on this plane. As well as several boxes of protection because he was cautious and didn’t need some she-wolf getting pregnant, that wasn’t his fated Mate.

West noted that she had just been standing there staring at it, he’d closed it easily, she did not stop him, not that he thought she would, he was not at all embarrassed or ashamed about it. He had needs and liked to sate them on a regular basis.

She herself knew he liked s*x, they had been mated after all and had s*x a lot, though not as much as their wolves had, but still several times a week, sometimes several times a day. Occasionally, all night long, the poor girl had, had to put up with his insatiable s*xual appetite on occasion. Not often, but it did happen.

He put his hands on her h!ps and moved her to his right, solely because there wasn’t much room and he didn’t want to just pull her out of the way, but when he had leaned down to open the draw, he’d not smelled any blood at all. A complete lie.

Jo-anne seemed quite a bit awkward to him and he noted she was just staring at the wall in front of her. It hadn’t been like this with T.J. in the room, so only like this with him when they were alone. Interesting response, he thought. His hand was still on her h!p.

Left it there, as he spoke to her, his mouth brushed right up against her ear, she did seem very uncomfortable with his close presence, and when she told him she needed him to go. West did not believe it was because she needed a product from his bottom draw at all. Sliding his hand off her h!p slowly instead of lifting it, was really watching her.

She appeared to be trying to ignore him. Really trying to.

Couldn’t help himself but tell her she might not want to look in the other draws. It actually amused him. Her response to him being so close to her. Though her covering up something? What could it be? She had been sleeping prior to this little lie.

Made West wonder if Jo-anne had been having an erotic dream. When he thought about it, how she’d looked, she had been flushed in the face, it was possible, and then running to the bathroom and then praying, perhaps she didn’t want him or T.J. to smell her arousal. l mate them.’ Volt told him.

‘You will not.’

‘If she wants it…needs it, I will and you can’t stop me.’ he heard Volt say with certainty in his voice.

‘Go away Volt.’ West stated flatly. He was still annoyed about what had happened between their two wolves back in the pack, though no longer angry, just annoyed now. Though West had to admit it did appear that Clova was happy with a one-off mating, had gotten up and left when Jo-anne had asked her too.

Jo-anne used the bathroom and the product. He shook his head. Nearly laughed to himself, he saw T.J. smile at him, they both knew it was a lie.

But she was fully committed to it apparently. She did not want either of them asking her questions about what was going on.

She sat quietly in her chair, after looking away from him and T.J. “Need anything else?” he’d asked her, still amused by her determination to play this little charade out. The woman had to know that both he and T.J. could tell if she was lying about it.

But perhaps she thought neither one of them would pry, seeing as to what she’d come up with, to cover up whatever she was trying to hide.

“No thank you Alpha,” had come out of her mouth, and he had suddenly lost all amusement in the situation, evaporated in an instant. He had a bloody name, she knew that and how to use it. Had just done so in his bedroom. Had done so for the two years, they were Mated to each other.

Saw T.J. raise an eyebrow at him, and his sudden change of mood, West just turned and looked out the window, he didn’t want to discuss it, and even if he did, he would not be doing it with Jo-anne sitting across from him.

West was tired by the time they landed in Olympia. T.J. drove them back to the pack, seeing as he had gotten a fair amount of sleep, even Jo-anne it seemed, was able to go back to sleep after her charade, which she was still maintaining at this point. Why? He had no idea.

West, on the other hand, had not gotten a wink, he’d tried, just couldn’t, it seemed, even attempted to go and lye in his bed for a while, but nope, that had not worked either. Apparently, Volt wanted to be out there where they were. So, had been made to go back out there, was told ‘you walk or I walk us.’ West had gotten up and gone back out there. Volt could be very annoying at times, it seemed.

T.J. parked his car in West’s garage and they all got out, Jo-anne kind of just stood outside the garage as T.J. closed it, didn’t know what to do with herself, West thought, and she technically had nowhere to stay at the moment either. Having just returned to the pack and not been allocated housing.

“Terence, take her back to the first floor.”

“Sure West.”

“Jo-anne,” West looked right at her, a part of him really wished she was not still wearing that bloody, pretty dress. She turned and looked right at him. Had no real choice, he was all Alpha at that moment, full authority showing in his voice. “You will not leave this pack again. Without my permission. Am I making myself clear?”

“Yes Alpha.” she nodded, though didn’t sound that happy about it “Good, now go to bed,” he stated. Turned and walked away from her “Same room as before Terence.” West shot at his Beta, he would bloody well know where she was, and his Beta would not be putting her in a room with a balcony. Period.

West left the two of them to walk by themselves. He was too damned tired to do anything else other than head for his bed and get some shut-eye.

Didn’t even bother to shower, just pulled all his clothes off and climbed into his bed. Started, Miranda apparently, she swore at him in her shock.

Then snarled at him about being gone long.

“Shut up, I’m tired,” he’d snapped back at her, only to hear her whine right away at his comment.

He was too tired to deal with her throwing a tantrum, turned his face away and closed his eyes, she continued to whine. He snapped his arm out and pulled her into his body and she seemed to shut up and snuggle into him. Thank the goddess.

Woke up to Miranda’s hand going to town on him, looked right at her, she smiled at him, clearly over her tantrum, he grabbed her head and guided it to his hardened c**k. She knew what to do. West closed his eyes and let her. He didn’t mind at all, it was a good way to wake up.

“West.” she had stopped and was looking up to him.

He knew what she wanted, it was all in her tone, pulled her up his body, k!ssed her hard, and then rolled her over and give it to her just how she liked it hard and fast, then he stretched out on the bed next to her. Listened to her, her breathing was calm within less than 2 minutes, and her scent of arousal was already leaving her. Internally sighed, got out of bed, and headed for the shower.

“You want me to go with you?” he heard her ask.

West stopped and looked at her with a raised eyebrow. She was no longer aroused, he could tell.

“You want to go again?” he questioned.

“Sure, I liked it.” she smiled at him.

West shrugged and waved her into the bathroom ahead of him. Why the hell not, he thought. She smiled right up at him, happy it seemed, with the thought of round, she was easy on the eye, her blonde hair, blue eyes and tight Iittle body, an ass to grab and hold onto, all them squats and lunges she did. Good for her, that always helped. That he had every intention of telling her to touch herself till she was all hot and bothered, knowing this would turn him on, then he’d turn her around and give it to her good and proper.

West strolled down to get some breakfast, quite relaxed, it was late in the morning, most had already eaten, so he took his food to his office to eat, only to find his father in there, sitting in his chair. “heard that you were back,” he stated.

“What are you doing?” West asked.

“Cleaning up your mess, son,” his father told him curtly.

“What mess?” West hadn’t even been here.

How on earth had he created a mess?

“Jo-anne’s contract, of course.” his father’s eyes turned right on him, “going to cost you a pretty penny.”

West frowned “What are you talking about? I null and voided her contract. It cost me nothing.”

“Hmm,” his father nodded at him “But son, did you think about the apartment she had in Seoul? The job contract she had in Seoul? Or the Art Exhibition she had over there either?” he was leaning back in the chair staring at him pointedly.

The answer was ‘no’ and not only did West know this, his father also knew this. He frowned.

“No, I guess not.”

“Well, West, I have been fielding calls while you were out there, on your own mission to bring her back. Do you want to know what damage was done, or do you not care at all?”

West sighed, he knew even if he didn’t want to know. It was clear to him, his father was going to tell him anyway. He was here making a point about it. “Go, ahead, surely it can’t be that bad.”

Watched as his father leaned forward in the chair and rested both his arms on the desk, stared right at him, “Moneywise, nothing to the pack.

However, her Art Exhibition son. Was cancelled because she couldn’t show up for it.”

West stopped eating now, “What? Why? The artist doesn’t need to be there.” he’d been to many art galleries no artists had been there. Sometimes he supposed they were.

“It was part of her exhibition contract, that she was there for at least the first week”

“Oh” West had not known that.

“Oh, indeed, West. Now all her art work, is being repacked and sent back, at your cost, son. I did try to sway the art director, but how was I supposed to explain to a mere human that you Alpha Ordered Jo-anne, not to set foot in that country. So she physically could not.”

West shook his head, there was no way to explain that to the humans. If it had been a shifter gallery they would have understood, he supposed.

“Son, it breached her contract and the Art Gallery is billing everything to you. From gallery space, for the entire length of time, that her art would have been on Exhibition. To the receiving and unpacking of it. The setting up and pulling down of the Exhibition, repacking and shipping it back not to mention all staff wages for all of this. And there was a fee for her breaking the contract as well.

Might owe her an apology, Westley.” his father finally finished.

West sank down “Just pay it.”

“Oh, the pack is paying for it. Her apartment was also full of her belongings, which now has to be shipped back. Again, at your expense, West, and that apartment, you’ll be taking a loss there too.

The real estate in formed me, if they can’t re-lease it, you’ll be paying the rent on it until they can. “Anything else?” West asked.

“Yes, going off on an Alpha filled-rage to hunt one person, might just not be the best thing, without thinking it through, or knowing all the facts, Westley: Just a little Alpha to Alpha advice there.”

“Well, if you hadn’t gone and approved it in the first place, none of this would have happened now, would it father?” West shot back at him, annoyed.

“And just what do you think would have happened if I hadn’t approved it?”

West was frowning now. “What?” didn’t understand what the man was implying.

“Pretty certain, our Jo-anne, would have just left Likely gone rogue to do so.”

“I doubt she’d have gone rogue over it.” What she-wolf was the stupid?

“Might want to ask Jonathon’s opinion on that if you don’t believe me. The way she argued with me about going. Her own Alpha at the time.” He shook his head “Still might do it West, if you’ve ticked her off enough, and once a rogue, any order you’ve placed on that girl, will be invalid and she can do as she pleases.”

West’s frown deepened, he didn’t think she would do it. But his father was right if she did, no order he placed on her would work. “Her family is here. T.J. is here.” he rationalised.

“She hasn’t had anything to do with any of them in a decade. I don’t think they are of great concern to her. I suggest, Westley, you apologise to the woman.”

West was not going to apologise, he was the Alpha and his word was law. She had to abide by it, it was that simple. If he was so pleased, he could very well lay down a bunch more orders for her, and she would have to abide by them all. Each and every bloody one of them.

His father was staring at him pointedly, “I heard you,” West stated.

“So, should apologise for you, then son.” His father snapped, sounded angry and obviously knew that West wasn’t going to. His father got up out of the chair and stalked out of the office.

“lf you want,” West replied to the empty room and got up to sit at his desk. To actually look at the amount it was going to cost the pack. Blinked in shock, damned near 10 grand so far.

His father had estimated it all out, and left if on his desk for him to see. Then, as he lifted the top paper was the contract his father had signed for her two-year stay, and the company she would have been working for, the contract he had signed to say she could work there. He’d written down the monetary sum total of her estimated earnings for that two-year period and written in bold red pen down the bottom of the page Must Be Paid, as contract breached by new Alpha, not pack member, and his Alpha seal was on it, therefore West had to pay it.

West glared at the total, damned near 100 grand. What the hell? She was costing him a fortune, not to mention the cost of his private jet, pilot and the fuel for his jet. The accommodation he’d had while hunting her, the money he had shelled out to bribe people into tracking her throughout the airport to find out where she had gone, as well as that money paid to the computer hvcker in Singapore and the car hire while over there. Bloody hell, maybe he should have thought about it, before going off all angry to retrieve the Woman.

West was taking quite the hit. One bloody woman cost him damned near 150 grand, for a 2-day jaunt overseas. He was not going to apologise if she had not left the pack in the first place. Like he’d told her not to, he could have saved an easy 40 grand. Bloody woman was causing him trouble.

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