Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 120

Jo-anne POV

West was sleeping soundly in their bed, Belinda had told her he would likely be out for quite a while, but that she was certain he would be okay. She’d sat with him curled around her for almost an hour, before slipping from the bed.

Was currently sitting with her head in her hands, her elbows on her knees just staring at the vial of Belinda’s blood. A part of her wanted nothing to do with the memories it would hold, but some other part of her wanted to know just what her mother had gone through.

She had no idea what she would actually see, how bad it was going to be. Did she really want all that knowledge?

Her mother did not want to relive it, but thought that Jo-anne had a right to know everything to go along with her linage. She was sitting alone in the living room of her new suite. The Alpha suite, she knew when West woke up he was going to come looking for her to claim her, and she would let him. Wanted it, just like Clova did.

He was out cold after she had realised while talking to Heath, she could only ever want West to be freed of the tainted blood inside of him, wanted him to go back to who he truly was, before Karen had hurt him, hurt them both with what she had done to them.

He’d thrown up a lot of her blood, barely had time to breathe between bouts of vomiting, but she was glad that it was done. He still loved her, and when she had touched him, she could feel all of the electric sparks of their Mate Bond still in tact. She was thankful for that.

Had been worried it would pull their bond apart and deep down inside she did not want that at all.

He was resting now and Jo-anne had no idea how long he would be out cold. So this was a good time to contemplate her decision to see or not see. A good time to do it. When she was alone she thought. Didn’t know how long it would take or the reaction she would have to it, so alone was the best option.

Sighed and reached out for that vial, twisted the blue cap off of it and took a deep breath in before putting the vial to her l!ps and tilting it up. Focused solely on what happened to her mother with Merrick.

Found herself as Belinda, out shopping in the human world with Natalia, the two of them with their sons, baby T.J., and baby West. Belinda left little T.J. with Natalia in a cafe, they were having coffee in, to go and use the ladies’ room.

Upon coming out of the bathroom, she found a man standing right in front of her. He was very tall, grabbed a hold of her, a hand around her upper arm, an iron-clad grip as he stared right down at her “Sleep.” he had ordered her instantly before she could react to his grip and she had suddenly become very tired, tried to pull away from him, only to stumble and then be picked up by that man and then darkness and coldness had surrounded her.

Belinda woke up chained to a bed in a very large room, tried to reach for Jonathan right away, to call for help. As panic set in, at her realisation of the situation at hand, she knew instantly she had been kidnapped, obvious from the man grabbing her to being chained up.

There was no connection at all, she could not reach Jonathan. Like he was just not there at all. Pulled at the chain holding her to the bed. It did not burn like silver and Wren was still with her. They both used all their strength, and together they were strong, but the chain did not budge, they tried to break the bed post she was chained to, but it too would not break, not even c0ck when they hit and kicked it with all they had.

Then that tall man walked into the room. He had long white hair, it was braided down his back, was wearing a pair of red pants and an open long jacket that reached the floor it too was red in colour, his chest was completely bare, his thin l!ps twitched in to a smile as his eyes landed right on her, though it was not a friendly smile “still.” he commanded her.

Belinda had felt her whole body freeze as he walked across the room towards her, had complete control over her, he touched her neck, right on her mark spot. “You belong to me now. I have removed your Mate.” he told her.

“No.” she gasped in horror.

“Yes. You’re mine now. It has taken me a long time to locate and get you..” his hand slid up her neck and tilted her face right up to his “so special and rare. All that royal blood in your veins, plus the ability to see.” felt his hand move to her hair and grab a fist full pull it painfully and yank her head back. “You’ll produce me a good strong child.” and then his mouth was on her neck and it burned like fire as she felt him mark her.

“No.” she cried out in horror at what he was doing, at what he wanted of her. “Never will 1.” she snarled at him the second his mouth was off of her.

Saw him laugh “I think you will. I can make you do anything I want.” felt him place a hand on her stomach. She screamed at him to get his hand off of her, to not touch her, saw his eyes go from black to complete silver and glow for a long minute “You are not yet ready.” he’d told her as his hand had fallen away “”‘|l come back daily and check for when you are ripe, then l’ll breed with you.

“He’d then just turned and walked away to the bedroom doorway, stopped and looked right at her “Release.” He commanded and her whole body had sagged “l suggest you don’t fight me on it. That will only hurt you, not me.”

Then he had gone.

She stood trembling in that room, reached up to touch her neck, felt nothing, no sensitiveness of her filigree mark that Jonathan had given to her. Looked around the room as tears filled her eyes, ran for the mirror she saw and tears burned down her face at the sight of her neck now. There was no silver filigree, just a dark circle outline with blotches inside it, looked like a full moon to her. That man’s hideous mark was on her skin, dark and dreadful, a horrible sight to see.

She and Wren had tried to reject him, to rip that mark off of her, but it would not leave her skin no matter what they did, no matter what they said, no matter how many times they ripped at it with their own claws and gouged it off, it always came back.

Belinda had daily visits from him. Was brought food and water and when he thought she was ‘Ripe’ he took her against her will, used his powers to hold her still when she fought him, uncaring of what she wanted, uncaring of whether he hurt her.

She had tried to escape more than once, when that chain was removed so she could bath properly or change clothes to something clean once a week. Or right before he was to have her. She had fled from him, from his castle, knocked the woman attending to her down and unconscious and had fled. Only to have him hunt her down, every time.

Only the first time did she get far away from him, lost in the mountains around his castle not knowing where to go. He’d not known she’d run til his servant had woken and told him. She’d gotten a half days run away from him. Before he had appeared directly in front of her, his hand had snapped around her neck and he’d grated out angrily “you belong to me.” as she tried to lash out at him to rake her claws through him and hurt him, gone for his own throat and not made it. He’d yelled “still.” At her and she’d been forced to still.

He had used magic to move them back to the castle hidden somewhere in the mountains. He had chained her with silver and beaten her so badly that day, that she’d been a ball of pain for a solid week. Then he had dragged her by her silver cuffs through his castle to a room and made her watch as he used an enchanted blade to stab the slave woman she had knocked unconscious, to make her escape, had been made to watch as that blade had drained the very life force out of that woman, then when she was dead he had turned to her, looked directly at her. “Her death is on your hands. All of them will be. You run away, I will kill them because of it.”

Belinda had stood rooted to the spot, staring at the now lifeless woman, her body crumpled on the floor. Merrick had grabbed her and shoved her up against the wall of that room. “You will produce me, my child. I have already foreseen it. You can not escape, your fate is chosen already. I have foreseen our child, a Celestial witch wolf hybrid. It’s blood will give me great powers, enhance everything about me.

I’ll be able to see all and change the future to my liking because of it. There is no escape wolf. Accept it. You are mine now.” then, as if to prove it had taken her right there against her will once more in front of that dead woman. She had fought him with all she’d had till he’d used his powers to hold her still to get what he wanted. And then he had dragged her back to her room and chained her up once more.

Belinda had spent that first 6 months desperately trying to escape Merrick to no avail. Many she had been forced to watch die, for her attempts to escape his clutches. A few had actively encouraged her to run. They, she noted, looked not pained to die before her, but almost relieved to be granted death. She’d been beaten severely each and every time he’d brought her back, then chained with silver before and after bathing to reduce the risk of escape, to keep her wolf Wren at bay.

Two long years of being forced to Mate with that warlock, she’d learned how to watch and listen. He always seemed to know when she used her own foresight, likely felt the vibrations of it, as she did when he used his.

Belinda hated him with every fibre of her being, was only ever thankful for one thing, that he had removed Jonathan’s Mark from her, so her Mate, her real Mate would never feel the pains of what this man did to her.

Thankful that he likely thought she was dead and she was glad that he did not have to feel the pains of betrayal as that warlock mated her repeatedly when he thought she was Ripe or needed to be reminded of who she now belonged to.

Had finally gotten her pregnant and then her every move was watched. It had taken her a lot of effort and a very long time to find a way to hurt him, she had to actively stop fighting him, no matter how much it pained her, had to force herself to pretend and act to slowly start to fall in love with him, took a year to make him fully believe it. She was already pregnant by then, used the child to connect with him.

Had made him believe she was in love with him, and let him touch her swelling belly, actively encouraging him to do so. Let him touch her when he wanted to, told him how much she wanted to please him, then did as he’d asked to prove it, hated every moment of it but made him believe she loved it all. Told him that they would have many more children to come as well.

Had made herself touch that horrid man, tell him she wanted him, call him to her bed and ask for him to touch her, until he was convinced he’d won her over, that she was finally his and then and only then had he given her breathing room, only a little freedom, it did not stop a beating if he thought she needed it.

But she got to move about the castle, made sure to smile at him all dreamy eyed when she saw him, never let him see how much she was disgusted by him, hated him deep down inside. While she had walked about that castle trying to get her bearings and find out where she was in the world. In the middle of the British Columbia Mountain range near a place called Hope.

Found she was a full 7-day run in her condition from here to her pack. Found that every single person here in this very castle was a slave to Merrick, they were all bound to him, for one reason or another, to do his will. No-one in that place was happy and all of them had some sort of magical mark on them too. Hers was as his Mate. He however, did not bare hers. She and Wren would never Mark him and it was the only thing he could not force them to do, it seemed.

Every Mark she saw was some phase of the moon.

Merrick himself bore 9 phases of the moon like a tattoo that went from his colarbone to his pelvic bone right down the centre of his chest with star constellations dotted around it and through the moons. He also had born a massive sun that covered the entirety of his upper back and on both the insides of his wrists.

The day Belinda had escaped from him, he had been enjoying watching her ride him, had come to her room excited, had told her their child would be born soon, was very happy and excited about it, had been all hands on and she knew then, that she had to do it.

He’d pulled her on top of him to enjoy staring at her swollen belly, rarely did he ever actually look at her, was completely obsessed with the child growing inside of her, the child he intended to imprison and use as a blood bag for his own sick twisted purposes.

Belinda had already stolen that small enchanted dagger, hidden it in her bed to use. She knew that he would close his eyes as he got close to cumming. Waited for it. Leaned down and cried out his name as though she was also happy and cumming, enjoying herself.

Knew he liked to hear his name. Slid her hand under the pillow where the dagger was hidden and curled her hand around the handle, waited till his eyes were closed, whipped it out and buried it deep in his side, between two ribs right into his lung, saw his eyes snap open, had not been expecting it.

The one thing she had been good at was to never think about harming or being a threat. Her own bringing up had taught her that, he’d never seen it coming. Used all of her wolf strength and Wren had given her everything she had that day, to hold that blade firmly inside of him.

Watched as it started to suck the life right out of him almost instantly, felt one of his hands clamp around her throat and start to squeeze, she’d returned the favour with her free hand cutting off his ability to speak.

His other hand was on her hand on the blade, but she was not cuffed with silver, it might hurt the child, and So it was both her and Wren staring down at him, holding him down by his throat, holding that dagger inside him.

If he strangled her and they died, so be it. They knew if they did not win this battle right now, he would simply kill them anyway, cut the child from her and then turn that blade on her, so it was one or the other a fight to the death, only she had the upper hand, that blade was working on him sucking the life right out of him as he struggled against them.

Watched gleefully as that blade sucked the life right out of him, it was buried as deep as she could get it all the way to the hilt, held it in him and held him down, watched him start to really struggle as she realised he was losing the fight, struggled to pull that blade from him, from her hand, but she and Wren would never stop fighting and second by second, minute by minute his life was taken from him, til he was a lifeless grey corpse underneath them.

Gotten out of the bed and thrown up all over the floor, stood staring at his lifeless corpse, tears streaming down her face, finally had freed herself from him, felt his mark disappear from her skin.

Had left that blade in him, when they’d gotten off of him, did not risk taking it out of him, what if he was so old and ancient that he could come back from the dead.

Had ran off and showered, scrubbed herself clean, till she was practically red raw, sobbing the whole time, had grabbed clothes and dragged them on and then just ran from that hideous place, that had been her prison for the last 2 years, as she ran so did everyone else who was there.

Everyone was fleeing in droves, just like she was, no one paid anyone but themselves attention, they were all tortured in one way or another by Merrick, and they were all now free. Likely running for their very lives praying that he was actually dead, just like her running back to whatever family’s that had been left behind. Had been taken from.

Belinda had a long way to go and knew her baby was due soon, but had not yet delivered the baby when she was a day from the pack, was worried about what to do about the baby, how to protect it, knew deep down inside this was what Hendrick wanted her for, to have her bare a child like the one she now was carrying.

Went into labour just an hour from the actual pack border, it was cold and snowing and had to stop and deliver the child herself, wrapped the baby in a torn off piece of the dress she was wearing, never looked at the child, not once, couldn’t know if it was a boy or a girl, couldn’t know anything about it, for that would mean the seer’s then could see the child as well.

Had snuck into the pack. In the middle of the night, managed to avoid the border patrol due to the heavily falling snow and lack of wind that night. Her scent had been dampened from them and she knew how the patrols worked, it was her pack.

Put the baby down in the snow. “I’m sorry I can’t be your mother.” she had k!ssed the child on the head and fled again back out of the pack, her own heart breaking at giving up something she had been willing to kill for and die to protect, her precious child. Knew that child was alone but had heard it start to cry as she’d run away.

Prayed to the goddess for someone to find and protect her child.

Knew someone would hear a baby crying, and go searching, find it. Knew Natalia would do what any pack would for an orphaned child. Bleed it to another line.

Hiding its linage from all, even her, till the child came of age anyway.

She had stayed out in the wilds of rogue territory a full day away at all times from her pack, in the mountains, stayed away for 2 weeks, allowing her body to heal and recover from giving birth, also give the Luna time to find her child a good home.

Was thin and frail looking, not much food out and about mid winter, was dirty and unwashed but had nothing to clean herself with. Had heard wolves in the distance and did not know if they were a pack or rogues, but knew there were many, had to run for her pack to make sure not to be found, a lone female out in rogue territory, never a good thing, not even for one as strong as she and Wren.

Ran right to the Northern border, fell down on to her knees right in front of the patrol man, who looked right at her very shocked, to be laying eyes on one, they likely thought was dead long ago. She had begged for him to call Jonathan.

It did not take long for him to arrive, saw his wolf Chase racing towards the border at full speed, shifted as he came to a halt. Alpha Damian had not been far behind him, Belinda had just sat there and stared up at him, looking at Jonathan, praying the moon goddess had not gifted him another. Watched him through tears as he knelt down and slid his arms around her, she had sobbed uncontrollably as she’d clung on to him. Heard him sob her name as he picked her up and held her to him, heard him thank the goddess for returning her to him.

Jo-anne’s eyes returned to the room and her surroundings. She could feel the tears sliding down her cheeks, for everything her mother had to go through, for all she’d had to do to save not just herself but her own child, from a fate worse than death.

She got up and walked out of the suite, walked to her mother’s suite and knocked on the door, when she opened the door and looked at Jo-anne, she just put her arms around her mother and hugged her tightly. “I wish you to never think about it anymore. I am your and Jonathan’s child always.” and she meant it, every single word, she did not want her mother to ever have to randomly, subconsciously or even absently think about that time in her life, never have to dream about it ever.

Could let it go. Know about it but not feel the pain of it anymore. To be freed from the pain of it.

“Thank you.” she heard Belinda state softly a minute later and then pull away from her.

“I’m a little bit worried about West,” she changed the subject. “He’s not woken up yet.”

“He’s fine, just sleeping, he will wake up in time.”

Saw Jonathan watching the two of them, smiled at her and then mouth the words ‘thank you.’ at her.

She smiled at him. “Hi dad.”

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