Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 121

Jo-anne POV

Jo-anne smiled and apologised for the interruption to the dinner “West is awake” she told her parents. Both T.J. and Ella as well as Sonja and Ava were all sitting at the table as well, it was their first real family dinner, she’d not known how long West would be asleep, but so far he’d not even rolled over in his sleep. So she had agreed to have dinner with them.

It was very clear to Jo-anne what he wanted, Clova was all excited inside her mind by the thought of finally being completely bonded to Volt.

Jo-anne like the idea herself, but the man was barely awake, likely needed more rest so she was intentionally put him off. Seems he’d let it go for the moment, had cut the link.

“You might want to go to him sweetheart.” Her mother smiled at her.

“I’m sure he can wait until dinner is finished” she smiled.

“Might not, he is Alpha blooded, and the taint is out of him now. He’ll be looking to claim you fully,”

“know what he wants. It can wait.” Jo-anne picked up her glass of wine to take a sip and stilled as a hot shiver shot up her back, practically banged it down and shot to her feet. “I’m sorry I have to go.” she told them in a rush and hurried to exit the suite. Damned shivers just came when they felt like it.

“Jo-Jo.” it was T.J. calling out after her.

“Son, just leave it.” she heard her mother’s voice, as she stepped out of the suite. Stopped in the hall.

Goddess, where do I go? Jo-anne had no idea what rooms were empty up here and she needed to get inside one and quickly, couldn’t have a full blown shivers out here in the 3rd floor hallway for all to see. Bit down on the m0an that was trying to escape her as she felt heat slide up her legs, like someone was touching her slowly ‘Jo-anne.’ it was West again.

Goddess he was going to feel her ar0usal through the mind-link, just like last time ‘not now.’ she shot back, desperately trying to keep herself under control.

Heard him chuckle, ‘feels like you want me.’ He teased.

‘Enough.’ she severed the link herself, he’d not missed it. Damned man and his Alpha senses. Put a hand on the wall and gasped as the next wave of pleasure started to roll through her. It was light, almost teasingly so, was more able to handle that, pushed off the wall and hurried down the hall.

You come to me, or I’ll hunt you.’ West’s husky voice came to her, then he severed the link himself.

That bastard was toying with her. Felt her ar0usal down the mind-link and had decided to play with her, it seemed she couldn’t have him find her like this, had not even told him about her shivers yet.

Bit her l!p and wondered if she could play it off as she was just all wanton for him. He’d not known that last two times, headed up the stairs, noted the heat die down in her back a little and sighed with relief.

It then gasped and stumbled about half way down the 4th floor hallway, on the way to their suite, as a deep roll of pleasure hit her. Damned near lay down on the floor to accept it, was so darn good, then it was gone and she gasped “What the hell is going on?” Jo-anne muttered as she leaned on the wall. Her shivers never came and went like this before, this was all new.

Pushed into the suite and leaned on the door, closed her eyes and bit down hard as a massive amount of pleasure rolled through her, balled her fists and clamped her thighs together, squeezed her eyes tightly shut and tried desperately not to react to the feeling of what was someone actually pushing inside of he, trying to hold it off.

“Well, well, well. What do I have here?” it was West and she knew he was right in front of her, would have heard her come into the suite, hell he could probably smell her from the bedroom. She opened her eyes only to find him smiling right at her, his green eyes right on hers, full of desire, reached out for him.

Found her hands caught by his and pushed back against the door “Don’t you smell delicious”

“West please” she practically begged him. She could already feel the next wave building, and needed to hide it from him.

“There is no rush Jo-anne.” he stated softly, leaned his mouth to her ear “all the things I want to do to you.” he whispered and a m0an escaped her, he wasn’t even touching her, but goddess it did feel like there was someone between her thighs “I want to taste you.” he growled and another m0an came from her “Deeply.” he bit her ear lobe, cried out, almost believed he was doing just that “Softly at first Jo-anne.” it was to much she had to give into it sighed as pleasure started to build slowly, so hot and goddess so darn good. “then harder, til you cvm for me.” she was suddenly gasping and m0aning, could hear his breathing, heavy in her ear.

“West.” she cried out as her org*asm started to build. He wasn’t even touching her, just talking to her, but she could swear what he was saying was exactly what she was feeling.

“I’m going to k!ss you till you cvm, ravage your sweet pvssy till you cry out and scream for me.” His mouth was on her neck and her whole body was burning hot, he was still holding her up against the door, pinned there, just listening to her m0ans holding her down so she couldn’t get to him, could feel her org*asm coming now, building quicker, heard him chuckle softly as she cried out finally as she cl!max right there in front of him.

Moved her eyes to his, there was pure amusement in his eyes ‘no he couldn’t know.’ She had kept it hidden all this time, but the way he was looking down at her, he did know, had to know. Then that deliberate slow smirk that played across his mouth “Do you want more Jo-anne?” he growled down at her.

“I don’t.” then gasp as another wave started to build, found his mouth on hers briefly, before he picked her up and pressed her against the door.

“Oh, there is much more I want to do to you, let’s see.” his mouth moved to her neck “I’m going to bury myself so darn deep and hard inside of you.” he growled.

A scream burst from her as pleasure r!pped right through her so hard and fast, she couldn’t contain herself, it actually felt like he was inside of her, “West” she gasped, wanting the real thing.

“When I’m done playing with you.” he smiled right against her neck and her eyes snapped open at his words, then his eyes were on her, looking right at her, he didn’t say anything but the sensation of him inside of her, taking her was so very intense, it was rolling through her body getting harder and faster till she was gasping and screaming, desperately clinging onto him.

Heard him chuckle “Oh aren’t you a delight.” He growled.

“How?” it dawned on her. It was him, he was doing this to her, she’d felt everything he’d said he wanted to do to her. “No.”

“Yes.” he smirked right at her, his eyes were glittering now.

“You bastard,” she gasped “I was at dinner.

“l know,” he laughed, “Oh Jo-anne, the fun I am going to have.”

“West.” she gasped in shock.

“Now, what say we do it for real.” he was on the move carrying her towards their bedroom. His mouth found hers, it was hot and hungry, she found herself underneath him, his hands already pulling at her clothes.

“West wait.”

“Why?” he smiled down at her “Do you need more of.” his words trailed off and she gasped as pleasure started to bloom between her thighs.

“Screw it.” she muttered. She was not going to be able to stop him, if he could just think about if and she felt it, there was not a hope in hell of defeating him or stopping him. Reached up and pulled at his shirt, as he took his pants off and then hers were gone, shoved him down on the bed and climbed right on top of him. Her mouth found his and his hands slid over her body. “Take what you want, Jo-anne.”

“I will have all of you,” she told him as she lined him up and thrust down on to him to take him into herself, let her head fall back at the feel of him inside her, all hers, he was hers to have as she wanted, when she wanted and how she wanted, rode him hard and fast, crying out his name as she came.

Felt him sit up, one hand in her hair, his mouth crashed down on to hers, his k!ss devouring her mouth as he thrust up into he, felt his hand slide up her back and cried out for him, her need building as he touched her moons so much desire and need burned in her for this man, her Mate.

Screamed his name as she came again, felt his fangs buried in her neck and was suddenly under him, his whole body thrusting harder and faster in and out of her. He was Mating her and she knew it, felt Clova push forward so they could Mate him right back, both their bodies hot and wanton for each other. He was looking down at her, right into their eyes as he Mated her “Mine.” He and Volt roared together as they knotted them.

“Mine.” she and Clova roared right back at them, as they came, felt so very full as his knot stretched them to their limits, pulled his neck to her mouth and sank their fangs into him. Marking him, claiming him once more as theirs. Only this time willingly, knowingly, theirs forever. Looked right up at him “You’re a bastard.” she sighed softly.

Saw him smile, “You have no idea, what you’re in for, Jo-anne.” his voice was deep and se*xy as hell, and full of taunt. Felt his hand touch her face, “l love you.” he murmured and leaned down and k!ssed her softly as his knot released and he slipped from her body and lay next to her on the bed. “and I’m going to show you, everyday just much.”

Jo-anne rolled over and looked at him as he lay there next to her, could feel herself starting to get sleepy already, damned man, “How am I going to handle you, you don’t” she yawned, “even look tired to me.”

Saw him chuckle “I’m not tired. Satisfied yes, tired no..” grinned right at her “Do you want to go again?”

“Goddess help me.” Jo-anne muttered, knowing he actually did already want more “tired West.”

“Hmm.” he rolled on to his back and pulled her on top of him. “Sleep, I’ll let you rest.” she heard the smile in his voice “One hour, then I am going to wake you, ravage every damned inch of you.”

Jo-anne smiled as she allowed her head to settle in the crook of his neck as she felt his arms curl around her wa!st and hold her to his body gently “Might need more than one hours sleep then.” she murmured sleepily as her eyes closed, “We love you West.” she sighed contentedly as sleep started to claim her.

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