Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 123

Jo-anne POV

Jo-anne was sitting on West’s lap, his arms were around her, she was watching Ella dance with T.J. out there on the dance floor, her belly was already popped out a few inches, the triplets were growing fast, though her dress hid that from all eyes.

Ella looked amazing in her vintage grey Gothic-styled dress. It was made in pack colours, had a very soft sweetheart neckline, with sheer black ruched material over the grey satin of her dress. It had white and silver lace flowers appliqued over the entire bodice of the dress, an A-line dress, that had the soft grey satin material pulled up and bunched neatly over the top of her left thigh, exposing white satin underneath with a layer of sheer black material in a large triangle that covered the entire front of the dress. It was very beautiful on her.

Her long black hair was pulled up in a sweeping cascade of curls, with a real diamond-studded tiara, with a matching diamond choker and bracelets. T.J. had insisted on her wearing them, had not taken no for an answer, she looked like a real princess. He was sweeping her around the ball room in a waltz. The man could really dance. Like he’d had lessons. It was possible he had had to attend the royal court on occasion, she supposed.

T.J. was dressed exactly the same as West was, in fact, in a black suit with white edges to their lapels, a soft grey satin four-buttoned vest, with black edging and black buttons, they both wore crisp white shirts and had grey silk ties to match the vests and the pocket handkerchief. Looked very handsome, T.J.’s hair was neatly pulled back into to a low ponytail, or had been till Ella had pulled out the tie holding it, like his dreadlocks out apparently.

Jo-anne was leaning back against West as he sat talking to his father and mother, she had to admit he looked hot in his suit and both she and Clova wanted to rip it off him, to get to that muscled body of his. Had barely made it to her Luna Ceremony, had gone into heat last week and only been out of their room for a day now.

She still craved the man, and he was naughty in getting what he wanted from her, used his ability to access her shivers when he wanted to get his own way, the damn man did not like it when she was not in their bed, apparently hated waking up alone, growled right at her down the mink-link and then sent his, as he like to call it, naughty thoughts right at her, regardless of where she was, who she was with or what she was doing.

Usually, with her mother training, her mother had smirked at her a few times until Jo-anne had asked her quietly what was going on. It was obvious she knew probably foreseen it or something, then when she had smiled and told her she did know, Jo-anne had asked her if she knew why it happened.

Belinda had asked her if she’d ever really wanted to know what it was like to have West touch her, like really touch her in that manner. Jo-anne had stared at her nearly dumbfounded. She had always wondered what it would be like. Her mother had nudged her “Well your powers when you came into them,” she’d shrugged “I’m guessing let you know just how he wanted to touch you, when and at every moment he wanted to.” then had laughed and walked away. “enjoy it Jo-Jo.” she’d called back. “I would.” then had winked right at her fully amused.

Jo-anne had apparently done this to herself, and every single shiver she had ever had, for all those years away from him, was him apparently thinking about touching her, and not just touching her, it had nearly made her pass out in shock. For 10 years, that man had been thinking about her, having s*x with her, touching her, and goddess often sometimes all bloody night long.

She’d stalked up to their bedroom the day she’d found out and pummelled him for it, he’d just laughed, though it was funny, still did in fact.

Damned man couldn’t keep his thoughts to himself, not even for one day. Got a damned shiver or start of one at lease once a day from him and then he would just chuckle down the mind-link at her.

She stood up and turned to look at him, held her hand out. She wanted to go and dance too. He just smiled up at her, and stood himself. Her dress was similar to Ella’s. They had both decided to wear pack colours to make both T.J. and West happy. So she too was wearing a vintage Gothic black, white and grey dress, though hers was mostly white.

It had the same soft sweetheart neckline but with light grey ruching that fell into Black lace leaves along the underside of her bust, and then moved down the right side of her dress to her waist. The dress was lightly ruched at the side where the leaves were. Then those black leaves crossed diagonally across and down her body to just below her left h!p, and had all sheer grey ruched material over the white satin of her bodice.

Then the dress was all white from there down, though she still had more black leaves crossed diagonally down over to her right side by her knee once more and the dress’s white satin material touched the floor in soft folds on the right but flared out into a train to her left instead of to the back.

She loved that it was so different, very much like her artistic side.

West had produced for her a diamond necklace. She’d been bloody horrified by it, by the cost. She knew just by looking at it, it was worth a lot, and didn’t want him spending that amount of money on her.

West had told her he already had the diamonds, had had them for a good 10 years, in fact. Had stared right at her pointedly. Sounded a little annoyed as well.

Jo-anne had frowned at him when he’d stepped towards her with it, it was lovely sitting in that black velvet lined box, actually matched the design of her dress perfectly, was made up of all leaves that layered to look like flowers, smaller at the back and larger at the front, it was gorgeous she had to admit but.

“You will wear it, Jo-anne. You rejected them once before. I’m not taking no for an answer this time.”

“What? When you never gave me anything, certainly not diamonds, I would remember that.

“Oh yes I did, a dress covered in diamonds.” He Commented “You burned it. This was all that was left”

Her eyes had gone wide, as she recalled the black mermaid dress, she had burned it, stood there and watched it burn, had hated it, in fact at the time, that dress had been the thing, that had made her get up and actually pack and leave.

Her eyes moved to him. “Mm,” was all he said, “now come here and let me give you the only gift I have ever bought you.” She’d looked right at it, bit her l!p and looked back to him, had no idea what to say, “It won’t be the last gift I assure you, I have already ordered you a new car, and before you get all argumentative with me, I am putting my foot down on this. Now come here and put this on.”

Jo-anne had walked over and lifted her hair when told to and allowed him to place that necklace around her neck, had even thanked him softly for it, “I’m sorry West.”

He’d hugged her, “It’s not your fault, how were you to know.” he’d murmured into her neck.

“You kept them all this time.”

“I did.” he nodded, as he’d looked at her in the, that they’d been standing in front of couldn’t let them go, never looked at them, just kept them. Now they are on you. I want you to wear them to all the big pack functions.”

She’d nodded and reached up to touch it.


Then he had k!ssed her softly and growled, “let’s go make this official”. Taking her down to her own Luna Ceremony. Held her hand the whole way, walked her right into the ballroom and spun her out in a twirl, then yanked her back in and k!ssed the hell out of her in front of everyone, the moment he’d walked her into the ballroom, he hadn’t even waited until he’d presented her. She’d damned near ripped his clothes off, he’d known it too. Grinned right at her all teasingly.

Was dancing with him, in front of everyone, no-one seemed to be upset that they were back together once more. In fact, most pack members seemed happy about it, had congratulated them both. She’d heard many of them comment on how different West was now that he had Jo-anne back.

He was very different over the past 3 weeks, smiled and laughed all the time, had at one point managed to tie T.J. to a tree bvtt a*ss na*ked in the woods and left him there, something about payback. She didn’t know a personal joke between him and his unit, apparently. The man never stopped talking either, was always seen talking to someone, even tormented the kids around the pack.

He was as T.J. and both his parents put it back to his old self.

The pack, it seemed, were also happy about having T.J. and Ella as their Alpha and Luna as well.

Were all excited about how strong the pack was going to be now. Were also excited that there was already an heir on the way, though they all knew Ella was already with pup, they did not know it was triplets.

Didn’t seem like they were going to have a problem with that though. Everything was good in the pack, even Oliver was happy, as was Carmen, who was pulled tight into his side. Her vision had been right, and the minute the sun had set he’d claimed her, for himself.

She knew the man would bleed little Cami into his line tomorrow, they were a cute family, for the past three weeks he’d made sure to go everywhere they went, and had gotten close to the pair of them, she’d seen him on occasion actually carry little Cami around, on his h!p like she was his.

Still had not convinced T.J. to let Heath out of the cells, West was okay with it. T.J. though had agreed that he was different, and he was, was also now allowed to see his daughters on a regular basis and Belinda had assured her that T.J. come around, not to worry about it, so she was trying not to. Life was finally good. For everyone.

The end.

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