Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 24

West POV

Meeting and greeting his allied pack’s Alpha’s and Beta’s was a long process, and he was actually glad to retire to his office and shut the door, once they were all here, he’d been unhappy, but not showed it.

About noticing Most of the Heirs to his allied packs were all un-mated as were their Beta’s for that matter.

Currently in his pack were 5 young un-mated Alphas all between 24 and 30 and there were 7 un-mated Beta’s as well, 5 future Beta’s and 2 actual Beta’s one of them he knew had lost his Mate in childbirth two years ago, the pup had survived and so he’d pulled himself together, but he was also only West’s age.

He did not like it at all.

T.J. handed him a bourbon neat, then sank down opposite him “You know those young ones, are going to want to head out tonight looking for some action right.”

West did know it, he was no different when in another pack.

“I know, let them.”

“Might want to check where Jo-Jo is going out to dinner then?”

“Why? She’ll be back before they all head out!”

“You sure about that? Drinking and dancing to 2 in the morning, last time she was out with her friends, so drunk I literally had to carry her back to the pack-house and put her in her bed myself.”

West sighed “Great.”

T.J. laughed “You could just let her be, she seems happy doesn’t she.”

“She does.” West admitted had been smiling and chuckling today, had been happy and he knew it “Find out where T.J. only intercede if those Alpha’s and their Beta’s, go where she is.

“Good thinking.” T.J. raised a glass to him, seemingly approving with Wests comment.

West closed his eyes and tilt his head back, wondered if it’s always this stressful having so many packs Alpha’s and Beta’s around. He hoped not, he’d never really concerned himself with it before, but then again his father had been in charge. The stress would have fallen on his shoulders.

“What are you going to do about Alpha Thomas?”

“I don’t now, some sort of Mating alliance, he’s going to push for l imagine”


“And what? The woman is not my Goddess-Gifted Mate.”

“No, she is not. But you do enjoy her every night.”


Got kicked by T.J. “Hmm?”

“I’ve had better to be honest T.J., l just like that she does what she is told, no holds bar.” opened his eyes and looked at his Beta.

The man shook his head “So how long till you get rid of her then?”

“Might not yet.” he thought out loud, if he didn’t get what he wanted, would likely settle T.J. was really looking at him now. More than shocked “Are you actually thinking about Marking the girl?”

“I might consider it later.” West actually admitted, “But not at this point in time.”

“Waiting on what?”

West just stare at him for a full minute “If l don’t find my Mate in the next year, I’ll likely give he girl what she wants.”

“A year?”

“Yes and in that year, I will attend every bloody Mating ball and so will she for that matter, give us both the opportunity to find our Goddess-Gifted Mates, if nothing happens.” West shrugged.

“What brought this on all of a sudden?” West shrugged “It’s what everyone wants… she’s also up for anything.”

“Doesn’t mean you’ll be happy West.” T.J. was frowning at him, he knew Wests thoughts on it.

“What else is new T.J” he sighed, he hadn’t been happy in years, it was his normal, barely even recalled a time he was happy. Didn’t think he had a right to be. Probably why he’d never been gifted a Mate, didn’t deserve one.

“So when are you going to tell Miranda? She’s going to go crazy happy over the news.”

“Likely start planning her Luna Ceremony with mother on the spot.” he shook his head, that will be very annoying to hear about day in and day out.

“Not till she’s fvcked you stupid over it.”

“Mm.” he supposed so.

“You don’t sound convinced West.”

“I’d rather have a Goddess-Gifted Mate than a chosen Mate, you know that.”

“I do.” T.J. nodded “Guess we’ll see soon enough.”

“I guess.” West nodded and downed his drink in one go. So would his Beta, as relaxed as the man was over there, they were both staring at each other now.

West got up from the couch in his office, to head out for dinner it was just about time. Stepped out of his office and stopped dead in his tracks. T.J. ran right into him, had to step around him in fact. West’s eyes had landed right on Jo-anne who was standing at the bottom of the staircase leading down from the first floor.

She was wearing a mid-thigh length pink dress, her shoulders both bare due to the tiny thin straps on the dress, her long legs also on display, her hair was loose and fell down her back in soft waves, why was she dressed like that? should go back to wearing jean’s and tee-shirts. Seemed the woman liked showing off her body, wasn’t even worried about the scars that she had, for all to see either. From her broken arms and legs, that had all had to be reset and healed without her wolf, so had formed scars where she been stitched and stapled, nothing seemed to bother her these days. Was like she was a completely different person.

She was standing talking to that big bastard Alpha Nicholas and his Beta Jeremy, she was looking at the man’s phone, he was standing directly behind her, leaning over her shoulder, showing her something. He didn’t like it.

‘Calm down West, they’re both Mated.’ T.J.’s voice came down the mind-link at him.

“I know that.’ and he did know that, was in fact very thankful for that right this minute. Those two had been the last to arrive today, having flown in on Wests plane at that. They were allied through business, it wasn’t likely they’d ever be able to help each other out in the event of an attack, not unless they knew about it a day in advance.

That being said. The Man was known to be viscous, killed his own brother to take over the pack at just 25, with a massive pack and a huge amount of well-trained warriors. The man was also a pure-blooded Alpha wolf.

Not even West was that, not many of those around. West’s father was born an Alpha male but his mother was born to a Delta blood line, both still strong lines but did not make him a pure blood.

Technically T.J. had a better bloodline than even West. Just wasn’t the right bloodline to take over as Alpha. Though if something did happen to West and he didn’t have an Heir he’d already set it up that T.J. would take over as the new Alpha. A contingency, not many packs had one, but with Wests history and no Mate it was needed. T.J. had simply nodded at him when he’d been informed. Nil objections at all.

West watched as Jo-anne walked away from the Alpha and Beta, looked right at her, and then at them, noted both of them were looking at him and his interaction with Jo-anne, West didn’t particularly care what they thought. Turned his eyes right back to her, watched her look where he had, she understood his unspoken question.

“offered my artist service, the Beta is interested Alpha.”

Anger welled in him at that word, he had a bloody name “may I go?” she asked.

West nodded, though could feel anger rolling off of him, he really did not like her calling him Alpha, when he had a name, he didn’t understand her, sometimes she called him West and other times Alpha. Why?

‘Calm down West.’ T.J. urged him again.

He glared right at his Beta and then turned to look back at Alpha Nicholas and his Beta Jeremy, the two of them were just standing there watching him, looked like they’d been having a private joke, Alpha Nicholas nodded to him and the Beta was smirking right at him, made West want to walk over and punch the man right in the face. Why was he looking at him like that?

Had they been discussing him via their mind-link? He didn’t like it.

Turned and headed for the dining room. Alpha Nicholas fell in step with him, and T.J. stepped back automatically out of respect.

“Seems that young lady is a problem for you Alpha Westley.” He commented though sounded fully amused to West ear.

“It’s not a problem.”

“Hmm, if you say so.” sounded like he didn’t believe him.

“Found your Mate finally I hear.” he turned the attention back to Alpha Nicholas, all Alpha’s enjoyed talking about their Mates’ it was the easiest way to distract one.

“I did. She is handful to say the least.” he smiled “caused me all sorts of grief, constantly till she marked me.”

“She Marked you?” he questioned which was not normal most Alpha males would never allow that always marked their mates first.

“Yes didn’t even see it coming to be honest. Marked her right back though.”

“Congratulations then.”

“Thank you.” he nodded.

“Please don’t bring up that woman during dinner.” West asked, received and oddly curious look, but the man nodded and said nothing more.

Alpha’s always had their own personal reasons for requests to other Alpha’s, most were respectful of that and abide by those requests. He was likely to see for himself anyway, Miranda would be at dinner, at the table with her father and brother and the way she was likely to address him, familiar, would make it clear why he didn’t want the woman brought up.

West was not wrong either.

Miranda sat right between him and her father, touched his arm frequently, and called him West Darling like she always did, couldn’t bloody help herself, even after their conversation the other night, she’d just gone right back to hanging off of him, like nothing had happened. Like it didn’t bother her that he had not been faithful to her, and was not likely to be in the future either. The girl was crazy it seemed, any other she-wolf would have up and left him for it but not her.

He saw Alpha Nicholas watching the two of them, his annoyance with her did show on occasion, he’d tried to keep it in check, especially with her father right there, but just couldn’t at times. Especially when she talked like she was already the Luna to his pack. Irked him instantly. She wasn’t the Luna, he’d told her she wasn’t going to be, and yet she went on like she was the Luna. Maybe he wouldn’t settle after all.

West caught a raised eyebrow from not only that big bastard but also his Beta, had to ignore it. The dinner went well other than him being annoyed with the woman next to him. All six coursed delicious, why six courses he didn’t know, it was at his mother’s insistence, though he did note everyone ate everything. Wolves naturally ate a lot, their metabolisms ran high needed the energy. Feeding not just their humans but also their wolfen counterparts.

West had not bothered arguing about the menu with his mother, only put his food down on soup, did not want it, did not like it, didn’t think other wolves did either for that matter, never had he ever seen one choose that option willingly. But other than that he had let her go about doing her Luna thing. She had been a Luna for well over 30 years now.

As dinner wrapped up he heard some of the younger Alpha’s comment that they would like to head into the town centre for a casual drink and some fun. West had told them he had a fully stocked Alpha bar here in the pack-house, to try and deter them though knew it was not going to work. They had other thoughts in mind, he just nodded to them, would be rude of him to decline them, seeing as when in their packs he did the exact same thing.

They were all on the prowl for willing she-wolves to take back to their rooms. He did not stop them, didn’t want to cause any trouble with the alliances he held with their respective packs. He had however sent T.J. a head of them when his father offered up the Tavern, unwittingly knowing that was where his mother had sent Jo-anne and her friends for the night. He told them about Maxi’s if they were interested in a nightclub atmosphere. A much better place for them to all find a willing she-wolf. Not that he thought any of them would have a problem with finding something to fvck.

Only one of the young Alpha’s knew where the place was and headed off by himself with his Beta, West offered to escort them himself, they were fine with it.

Saw T.J. coming out of the Tavern with his arm draped around Jo-anne, looked very possessive over her, like she was actually his and heard the man state “Home now.” The implication of those two words would not be lost on any of the Alpha’s or Beta’s around him, at least it should keep them all away from her while they were here. Not that he was at all happy about the tone or display neither was Volt for that matter snarling inside his mind.

Heard her reply about him warning them away from her, and T.J, outright tell her he was. She had not even realised that he had been trailing behind the Alpha’s and Beta’s her attention was solely focused on T.J. clearly annoyed with him now.

West did not like her stating she was a free agent and could sleep with whoever she wanted. Technically it was true, she was an un-mated she-wolf right this minute. Likely wouldn’t be if he or T.J. got their way.

Outright asked him if he was jealous that she might be interested in one of the smoking hot wolves. His jaw had tightened instantly over the comment and he’d stopped walking to stare at the woman. Waited on his Beta’s answer actually, he was also curious about that. There wasn’t one at all, he just grabbed her hand and pulled her up the road away from the Tavern “Alpha.” he acknowledged West as the came to where he was standing.

Saw her eyes move right to him a little wide in surprise, at seeing him, the silver in them a little brighter than normal he noted, wondered if it was just because it was dark out and that silver was gleaming in the light. Or because she was angry, eye colour did usually change with emotions.

He acknowledged him right back, then as he walked away towards the Tavern he heard her loudly and pointedly state, likely directed at him, that she was un-mated. Had to ignore it he could smell alcohol on her, scotch he recognised the scent.

Likely well on her way to being very drunk. Drinking it seemed loosened her tongue. West stepped into the Tavern and found several she-wolves dancing on the dance floor, already had an Alpha and Beta being all hands on. Stayed put and had one drink with them out of courtesy, most of the alpha’s and beta’s were a bit on the hands-on side he noted. Not that any of his she-wolf’s seemed to mind at all.

More un-mated she-wolves arrived not long after he did and started drinking and dancing, he could smell the scent of arousal strongly, wrinkled his nose and downed his drink. It was going to turn into a free for all at some point, all them hot bloody horny wolves, likely be mating all over the pack without concern as to who saw. Left them to it, he did not want to see that, was glad T.J. had removed Jo-anne.

Found T.J. with a beer in his hand, chatting away with a couple of the other pack’s Beta’s, he looked right at him, “In her room boss. Unhappy so.” he informed West, knowing exactly what Wests unspoken question was. He didn’t care that she was unhappy right this minute not with what he saw down in the Tavern.

“Good.” he stated “I’m headed for bed, see you in the morning.” he headed for the stairs “First meeting at 9.”

“I know the schedule, West,” he replied.

West nodded and headed for his room, it wasn’t that late but he was actually tired. Glanced down the first-floor hallway and hoped she had locked her door, thought about going and checking for himself, but decided against it, T.J. would have locked it and he knew it.

Miranda was not there, likely still off with her father somewhere, he took the opportunity to have a long hot shower and just relax, alone for the first time all day. Then just lay down in his bed to let sleep claim him.

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