Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 27

Jo-anne POV

She woke up to her body hot all down her moons, and a shiver rolling through her body. Goddess she could swear the shivers were more frequent than they had been prior to coming home to the pack. Pulled the pillow over her face and lay there in her bed and accepted it.

Goddess, it really did feel like someone was touching her today, and da*mned near everywhere, it was curling her toes, she moaned into her pillow, gasped out loud, tossing the pillow away to roll over on to her stomach as the heat down her moons increased and ecstasy rolled through her body. Pushed herself up onto all fours and all the way back as though there was some one behind her, driving himself inside of her, cried out as her hands dug into the sheets as her o****m ripped through her body long and draw out like it was just not going to stop.

Oh goddess it didn’t stop rolled her right into a second one, her left hand snapped and gripped the bed head tightly as she came again, finally when it was over her whole body sagged down onto the bed.

Just lay there, all hot and sweaty, her panties drenched and tried to recover from it, just breathing deeply in and out to try and calm down her racing heart, Clova, she noted, was all stretched out in her mind, rolling around, appeared very satisfied herself. Had thoroughly enjoyed this morning’s shivers herself, it seemed.

It was always more intense if they just let themselves enjoy it. Didn’t resist against it. And today she had done just that. Allowed herself to feel it all, revelled in the pleasure of it. Da*mned shivers, when were they going to stop? And if not…when she found her Mate how was she going to explain it to him? Goddess he would probably just sit back and enjoy watching it, or join in. She had no idea.

Got up out of the bed 15 minutes later, finally fully recovered and back to normal, had a shower, stayed in there and just stood under the hot water to enjoy the feel of it, so relaxed right now, she didn’t think anything would bother her. Really wished this room had a bathtub. Oh, that would be so nice, just lay in there in the warm water, could stay in there right now for at least an hour.

Had breakfast in the pack-house dining room, just after 8am, got to see some more of the Alpha and Beta’s first hand, had come prepared with her cards. Walked around and introduced herself to them one at a time and gave her card to their Beta’s she knew not to try and hand anything directly to the Alpha. If she wasn’t a ranked member, she could do so but was not.

Sank down and enjoyed her breakfast. Found herself sitting with a couple of her friends from last night, all smiling and happy. “Have a good time?” she teased them.

“Yes.” they all giggled.

Jo-anne just shook her head at them, they all wandered off after breakfast, headed out to the lake to go for a morning swim and then off to do some shopping in the town’s centre, which had a small mall. She picked up a few more clothes, checked her bank balance and da*mned near dropped her phone, there was over a 100 grand in there, where the hell did that come from? She checked the deposit, which was pack related. Bit her l!p for a moment. Who knew, only West or Alpha Damien could likely approve that amount of money.

She knew West would be busy all day today, as would T.J. mind-linked Alpha Damien about it.

‘Good the boy paid you out. Finally.’

‘Paid me out? For what?’ Jo-anne enquired.

‘He broke your work contract, and your art exhibition contracts. I tallied up how much money you would have earned, put my seal on him breaching your contract, so the pack had to pay you out.

Jo-anne had just stood there, more than a little dumb founded but she guessed it did make sense, she had not breached her contract.

‘Thank you Alpha Damien.’

“Its alright Jo-anne. I quite liked putting my idi**t of a boy, in his Alpha place.’

She snorted and then apologised, realising Alpha Damien would have heard her.

It’s fine Jo-anne, I always did like you. I’m glad your here matter of fact, might bring my idi*t son to his senses.”

‘I don’t think I can help you on that one.’

“We’ll see,” he sounded quite happy about putting West in his place.

So she did shop, bought a bunch of new clothes.

She didn’t have many with her, just what had been in her carry-on, half a dozen outfits and that dress she’d gotten from Steffan Lang. Returned to her room and sorted it all out and hung it up, smiled at them. Happy with her choices, lots of pretty colours, blues, pinks, greens and yellows and whites. Dresses and blouses and skirts. Had even managed to get herself a soft grey silk, knee-length, open-backed dress with a small lace collar and lace running down from it to her h!ps on either side of her back, a pretty halterneck dress.

She had tried it on and it suited her, even all her friends encouraged her to buy it, even went well with her moons. One of her friends, Julie, had looked at her moons and tilted her head slightly, then just smiled and shook her head. No explanation given though as to her reaction to it. Jo-anne was going to wear it for the Mating ball that was being held in a few weeks. She intended to go to it. Miranda had invited her.

Jo-anne was headed down stairs for lunch, she could see West down there in a bit of an altercation with a Beta. It looked like his little sister Emma had likely found her Mate, then West turned to come up the stairs.

She was heading down when he spotted her, was snarled at very aggressively by him or Volt, who knew, she just sighed and turned and walked back up the stairs, to go back to her room. She knew what that snarl meant. Yes, she had seen all the Alpha’s and Beta’s lounging around down there on her way down the stairs.

It didn’t bother her, she was not looking to hook up, or attract one of them, for that matter.

But clearly it bothered him. Why she had no idea, knew he’d once been very unhappy about her being around other Alpha males, but that had been due to their Mate Bond and Volts’ possessiveness over Clova. The man and his wolf were nuts, it seemed. They had a Mate, so why it annoyed him or his wolf was a mystery.

Being here was becoming increasingly difficult, if the man couldn’t even let go of the past, or whatever issues he had where she was concerned, she might just have to go rogue so she could leave and find another pack to take her in. likely have to be an allied pack, she didn’t know if she could trust and un-allied pack. At least an allied pack would know who she was, so there would be a better chance of being accepted. The question was, would they call West? And tell him. She shook her head.

Hadn’t been here long enough to know if she could stay here or not. Just needed to adjust to being back in the pack. Seemed so did he, have to adjust to her being here. Likely hated looking at her, knowing their history and how he’d felt about her, when she’d been here before.

West stepped into her room a little while later, after knocking but not waiting for her to answer, just walked on in like he owned the joint. Oh, that thought stopped her, he actually did own this room. The entire pack, no matter where she went or stayed, he could just stroll in without knocking if he so chose.

She actually had no idea what had happened to her door, why it looked banged up a bit, she had pretty much passed out on her bed the minute she’d flopped down on it after yelling at T.J. had felt exhausted and was out like a light.

She stood and listened to his excuse as to why he or Volt, he stated, had snarled at her, didn’t care for it to be honest, she would have stayed well away from a wolf on wolf fight, knew better than to get involved. Wondered if she would be allowed to take up training, she didn’t see why not, but.. who knew what her new Alpha wanted?

Only him likely.

He sent up a meal for he, seeing as she was now to stay in her room for the rest of the afternoon, luckily she had plenty of pictures to go through to find that perfect portrait to paint, and although she was still annoyed with him, she was a professional and had been asked to complete a job. That and painting did always calm her down, she could just get lost in it.

Stand or sit at her easel and paint, her headphones on, music to her ears and just focus only on the art itself, her supplies would come tomorrow and she could then start it. Once it was underway, she would be more than happy, to stay in her room. Day in and day out.

West wouldn’t even know she was here, she would be well and truly out of sight and out of mind. What trouble could she get into for just staying in her room and painting? Hopefully none that was what.

It was just after 8pm when she left her room to find food. He had not sent dinner up so presumably it was alright for her to go into town and grab something, the pack-house dining room would be closed by now. It was Saturday night there would be a few places in the town centre still open. She could get take away and purchase some snacks too. Her stomach was growling at her, she was very hungry.

Was walking down the first floor hallway heading for the staircase when she found herself face to face with an Alpha, “Well, hello,” he smiled down at her.

“Hello.” she acknowledged him right back, tried to step around him only to have him step right in front of her yet again.

“Excuse me.” she begged his pardon.

“What’s your name?” he asked, though it wasn’t so much as he didn’t seem to know, but more like he was trying to see if he had recognised her.

She looked right at him, he did seem a bit familiar to her, had light blue eyes and blonde hair, stood about the same height as West, similar build at that she noticed.

He was smiling right at her, seemed a bit older to her. He was a very nice looking Alpha, all charm and smiles, she noted. He was dressed in a navy blue suit, his pale blue dress shirt was undone three bvttons and his tie had been undone and was hanging down on either side of his collar.

“Jo-anne,” she answered him. “Could I please pass?

He stepped right up to her, his eyes seemed to light up instantly at her name, and she backed right up. He followed without hesitation, right until she was pressed up against the wall in the hallway, staring up at him. He leaned a hand on the wall next to her face. He was still smiling down at her. His other hand touched her face gently, her eyes widened as she stared up at him.

“It’s a lovely name, lovely like you are.” he leaned down as though to k!ss her, his voice dropped so soft and smooth.

Jo-anne gasped, what was he doing? She didn’t know him, his eyes were on hers. “Pretty eyes, Jo-anne.” he said softly, and then she felt his thumb brush across her lower l!p, saw his eyes move to her mouth.

She sucked in a breath and saw him smile even more. Her heart rate increased at the thought that he was going to k!ss her. She’d never been k!ssed before, only Volt had k!ssed Clova in human form. West had not once ever even attempted it.

Felt her heart rate suddenly double, “Would you like me to k!ss you?” he asked her. Would likely have picked up on her reaction to him with his Alpha senses.

Jo-anne had no idea to be honest, this was all new to her. Did she want that? Maybe she did! Felt his hand slide down her neck softly, and around into her hair.

“I would like too,” he told her softly, his mouth was so close to hers, his l!ps so close to hers, they brushed hers as he spoke, then they were touching hers, gentle but firmly pressed on hers. She gasped in surprise, not really knowing what to do, put her hand on his ch3st to push him away, only to have him lean into her completely, his body pressed up against hers.

His mouth moved over hers and she couldn’t help but close her eyes and let him k!ss her. Her first real k!ss, a man willing to k!ss her, wanted to touch her, felt tears prick her eyes. Never had she felt wanted before, leaned into him a little and just enjoyed it for what it was.

When he leaned back from he, he smiled down at her, as her eyes opened and looked up to his “Alpha Jayden Crown, the Silver Moon Pack.”

Jo-anne blinked, she knew that pack. “Your pack is from the Olympic National Park area.”

“Yes, backs right onto the ocean, beautiful view, you should come visit.”

Jo-anne sighed, “I can’t, I’m sorry.” she wasn’t allowed off the pack’s territory.

His eyes moved to her neck, to her mark spot, he raised an eyebrow at her. “You’re not Marked, you could request a visit. Where allied packs.”

His hand was touching her face softly. “l will personally guarantee your safety.”

Jo-anne stared up at him, “l can’t.” she stammered, her heart was still beating inside her ch3st, at his touch, how soft it was, like he wanted nothing more than to touch her.

“She can not.” West’s voice sounded very angry, her eyes shot to where it had come from, and she realized that Alpha Jayden was still touching her face and was practically leaning up against her. She Felt West’s hand clamp around her wrist and she was pulled out and away from Alpha Jayden’s body quite abruptly.

Alpha Jayden just smiled right at West “Why can’t she West? I would not harm her.”

“Because as her Alpha, I said so.” he snapped back, and then he was dragging her down the hallway back to her room. She turned and looked at Alpha Jayden, mouthed the word sorry at him, he just stood and watched.

Jo-anne was pulled right into her room and the next thing she knew was shoved up against the wall next to her bed. West was staring down at her, he was fuming, she could feel waves of anger coming off of him. She had not done anything wrong, that man had k!ssed her, it wasn’t her fault.

“Why would you let him, touch you like that?” he grated out at her.

“West I…l” she didn’t know what to say to calm him down, “I… l didn’t do anything wrong,” she stammered finally.

He leaned right down to her ear, he was breathing quite hard and his jaw was ticking. “You will never let another man touch you, Jo-anne.”

“What?” she gasped at him. Turned her face to look at him. He was completely crazy.

“I forbid it. No man, other than me.” his whole body was suddenly up against hers and his mouth was on hers hard and demanding. His hands grabbed her h!ps and pulled her hard up against him, then his h!ps were pushing against her and she was up against the wall again. He was grinding himself on her firmly, she gasped and his tongue was inside her mouth, demanding her to k!ss him back.

Then he yanked himself away from her and stalked clean out of the room in long fast strides, and banged the door closed behind him. She just stood there dvmbfounded by his actions. What the hell had just happened? West had never, even once looked like he’d wanted to k!ss her. And that had been West, k!ssing her.

She’d not seen Volt behind his eyes. She didn’t understand it he had a Mate, how could he even want to look at her when he had a Mate? But that look it had been like he had been, all rage and jealousy. She was certain that was what she’d seen in him.

And that Order, it was completely ridiculous. No other man, but him, was allowed to touch her. That was completely insane. They weren’t Mate’s, not anymore.

She knew it was an Order, had felt it, his Alpha Aura, and she’d heard Volt right there speaking with him, when he’d said the words “l forbid it.”

Her fingers touched her l!ps softly. K!ssed twice today in just a matter of minutes, by two different Alpha’s. The whole bloody thing was crazy. Her once happy and calm life was it seemed, spiraling out of control and she had no idea, what to do about it at all.

Clova who had not objected at all to Alpha Jayden k!ssing them out in the hall, had lifted her head up and seemed to just not worry about it, kind of felt a little curious about it, was now purring inside her mind, she realised, happy about West and Volt’s actions, shoving her up against a wall and k!ssing her like that, made Clova very happy indeed.

Jo-anne’s stomach growled, she was still hungry, bit her l!p, sucked in her bottom l!p to chew on it, and could still taste West on her own l!p. He must have had a drink, she could taste bourbon, that must be it, he’d had too much to drink. Her head snapped up at the sounds of a fight starting out in the hallway.

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