Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 28

West POV

Dinner was over and once again, those un-Mated Alpha’s and Beta’s were all going to head out for a night of s*x with any she-wolf that took their fancy and was willing, within his pack. West had no intention of walking them down there tonight, they all knew where to go from here.

It has also been pretty darn clear which Alpha and Beta Miranda had been with, they kept smirking right at him, he didn’t care, the girl had massive needs and if it took two of them to satisfy her. Then so be it. He did not respond in any way other than to raise an eyebrow, they knew she was here in his bed. He’d seen them all over the past two years. He wondered if they were trying to push his buttons.

It would not work. Hell if the woman decided to go home to their pack he wouldn’t stop her. Let her, let them deal with her demanding father. Just sat through dinner with her next to him and let then openly smirk about it, saw her smile right at the two of them, smiled himself at one point and shook his head.

T.J. and West had been headed up stairs, only for the pair of them to come to a halt at the first floor landing, he found T.J.!’s hand land right on his shoulder, a tight grip he suddenly had, as they both saw Jo-anne pressed up against the hallway wall with the Alpha of Silver Moon Pack, his body was pressed right up against hers, Volt was up and snarling inside his mind instantly all pure Alpha aggression, his breathing quickened instantly, she wasn’t even fighting him off, not one iota of resistance was coming from her.

‘Calm down West.’ T.J.’s voice came down the mind-link.

‘Don’t tell me to calm down T.J. this is exactly why, I didn’t want her near any of them.’ he snarled back down the link.

All Alpha males were a concern to him. Good looking and could lay on the charm so think they could seduce any she-wolf just about, only rare few declined a night with an Alpha. She was obviously no acceptation to the rule.

West stood there at the top of the stairs and watched as the man finally stopped k!ssing her, leaned back and introduced himself. His hand, however, was still touching Jo-anne’s face, his thumb was brushing back and forth across her cheek, extending the intimacy they’d just shared. As he looked down at her.

Jo-anne even knew where the man’s pack was, likely because she’d lived so close to it, could have been letting Clova out to run in the national park, right by his pack, he supposed.

To hear Alpha Jayden invite her to his pack, had West clenching his fists. He wanted to punch that bastard into next week.

‘Allied pack West.’ T.J. seemed to know what he was thinking ‘don’t start a fight here in the hallway. Jo-Jo is right there.’ his Beta urged him to think about it.

How T.J. could be so calm with what he was seeing, West couldn’t understand. He should be as irate as West was right this second. Yet he was more concerned with keeping his Alpha from starting a fight, and yes, he was keenly aware of where Jo-anne actually was.

She at least told him she couldn’t go. But West hated hearing her apologise for not being able to go.

Saw Alpha Jayden actually look at her neck. She was wearing a tee-shirt and jeans right this minute, there was no silver filigree to adorn her neck like there used to be, would have been the last time Jayden saw her in this pack.

The man stated she wasn’t Marked and could request a visit, which she actually could do and go if West gave his permission. To hear that he would personally guarantee her safety, West knew what that meant.

It meant that he would be putting her on his arm, and having her in his very own bed while she was there within his pack. She would know what it meant. The meaning would not be lost on her. She was just staring up at him. At least she knew she could not go.

West pulled himself from T.J.’s grip. He’d heard and seen enough. Stalked over there “No she can not.” He stated all his anger and Volts as well for all to hear, he did not care. She looked right at him a little more than startled to see him.

Reached out and grabbed her wrist, pulled her right out from Alpha Jayden’s body. The man did not even seem to be offended, smiled right at him in fact. Seemed amused by West’s behaviour actually. “Why can’t she West? I would not harm her,” he stated calmly. No, the man would not harm her. He was looking to pull her into his bed and mate with her.

“Because as her Alpha, I said so,” he practically snarled at the man, then pulled her down the hallway, shoved her bedroom door open and stepped into her room. Walked clear across the room and put her up against the wall and stared down at her, he could still smell that bloody Alpha on her, and it wasn’t just him but Volt as well, they both wanted that smell off of her.

“Why would you let him touch you like that?” he grated angrily. He nor Volt for that matter, wanted to see another man touch her, let alone have her pressed up against a wall and k!ssing her like that.

Her stammered response, that she didn’t do anything wrong, did not ease his or his wolf’s anger in any way at all. Even if that Alpha had touched her, started it. She had not pushed him away from her, not even tried to as far as West had seen. He could feel his tightly clenched jaw ticking like crazy, Volt was trying to get out of him, wanted to Mate her right this minute. To rid her of that other Alpha’s scent, he was scratching and snarling inside West’s mind and the only reason West had control of his beast, it seemed, was because it was Jo-anne and not Clova up front. He would not let his wolf, Mate Jo-Anne, his beast was quite aggressive even with Clova in human form. Her wolf might like it but he doubted Jo-anne would.

He leaned right down into her ear. Trying to contain his beast was not easy and to try and maintain some control over his anger at the same time was starting to tax him ‘Never touch her’ Volt was snarling in anger ‘tell her.’ he growled at West.

West did tell her “You, will never let another man touch you, Jo-anne.” he informed her, trying to placate his wolf’s need to mate her with all he had. Her face turned to look at him. Her eyes were wide as she stared at him in complete disbelief.

“What?” she gasped.

“I forbid it.” he and Volt snarled at her together “No man other than me.”

Then his hands snapped out and grabbed her, pulled her hard up against him, pushed her back against the wall and was grinding himself against her hard and full of need. His tongue was in her mouth, demanding she k!sses him back, tasting every inch of her ‘Mate her now.’

Volt urged him and West suddenly realised what he was doing.

That his mouth was on hers, tasting he, his hands were on her pulling her against him, he was touching her.

Something he had no right to be doing. Had never had the right to do, not ever. Something he had always resisted doing, knew he had no right to.

Yanked himself away from her and fled the room, banged the door closed behind him and tried to calm down. He was not allowed to touch her like that, had no right, not him. Never did have, not after what he had done to her, not after how she had looked that day. The day he’d woken up next to her in that hotel room.

His eyes moved down the hallway, T.J. was still standing down by the landing and Alpha Jayden was exactly where he had left him, leaning casually up against the wall. They were both looking at him, T.J. a bit of concern. Jayden however, smiled right at him, and slid his thumb over his l!ps as though taunting him with it.

West stalked down the hallway, turned on the man.

Put his hand right to the man’s ch3st and shoved him, Volt right there on the surface. “Don’t ever touch her again,” they snarled at him.

Saw the man’s wolf push forward. “Not yours anymore West, I believe.”

He and Volt growled right at him and Jayden’s Alpha wolf growled right back. Just as aggressive, his meaning was clear, he was willing to fight West over her.

“Enough.” T.J. roared at the pair of them, his own Aura rolling right at them and all of it his Royal blood Alpha Aura at that, it didn’t matter it was too late to stop the fight that was about to start. He could hear people running in their direction, as the fight actually broke out, his fist landed right in Jayden’s jaw as Jayden hit him in the abdomen. Volt was lending all his Alpha blood and strength. He wanted a piece of this man and his wolf, who dared to touch Jo-anne to get to his Clova.

Then it was all over the place, and Alpha on Alpha fight, all laws out and they were snarling and growling and tearing into each other right there on the first floor of his pack-house, hall tables were being smashed and broken, there were walls getting damaged as the two of them beat the hell out of each other. Two allied packs, Alpha’s fighting it out, the very day their alliance had been renewed.

It took 6 other Alpha and Beta’s to separate them and pin them both down on the floor on opposite sides of the hallway from each other. Volt was still snarling even as he was being held down by T.J, his own father Damien and Jonathan, his pack’s former Beta.

Alpha Jayden, he could see, was pinned down on the floor by his own Beta Ben, plus Alpha Nicholas and his Beta Jeremy. Jayden was the first to be let up, as he was the first one to calm down, he looked right at West for a long minute, spat blood from his mouth and then smiled right at him, there were still three sets of hands on the man. “l take my leave early Alpha Westley and I will see you again,” his smiled turned to a smirk “At your mating ball.”

West glared right at him, Volt was still snarling inside his mind, he was coming back for the mating ball, and West and Volt both knew why. Started struggling against those holding him, to get at that man as he was led away. He found not just his father’s Aura rolling at him, but also T.J.’s as well and Jonathon’s. He could feel the pain increase as he actively tried to fight past it all.

The pain increased with every minute. He’d never had an Alpha Aura rolled at him like this before. It was excruciating. He had to stop fighting it, let them hold him down to ease the pain he was causing himself. Just lay there on the floor, held down until Alpha Jayden was completely out of his and Volts sight line and way down the other end of the pack-house.

Then he was hauled up off the floor and marched by his father, who’s Aura was still in full force, and Jonathan up to the 4th floor and into his father’s suite.

He knew it was so that he was kept away from Alpha Jayden as he left the pack. West didn’t fight it, there was no point, his father was furious with him. He could feel it.

Only been in charge a damned week and he’d lost all control and attacked one of his own allied packs, Alpha’s.

Though it did not appear the man was not going to break their alliance, West knew why. He wanted to keep his invitation to that up-coming mating ball open to him.

If he broke their alliance, West would rescind the invite instantly, still wanted to do it, though he knew it was unlikely his mother or father would allow it.

Certain rules had to be applied to mating ball invitations. Once it was accepted that pack had every right to attend, that pack could opt out of the mating ball at any time for whatever reasons, but the inviting pack could not rescind the invite without proper reasons, and somehow West did not think either of his parents would agree that Jayden could not attend, with his un-mated wolves over the possibility that Jo-anne was his Mate, in fact, they would likely insist on him coming, you couldn’t keep an Alpha from his Luna.

That had been what Alpha Jayden had been implying, in front of everyone, that he would be coming back to get what was his when the moon was full. West had actually known Jayden a long time, that man knew who Jo-anne was. What she had been to West and that she was now no longer his Mate.

He’d told her she was un-mated, had actually looked right at her neck, but not until after he had k!ssed her, that was. The da*mned bas*tard knew she had been West’s and didn’t seem to care at all. Either that or he was really trying to piss West off. If that was the case, he’d managed it.

West was pushed down into a chair by his father, didn’t say anything at all. West realised T.J. was not in the room. ‘Where are you?’ he shot down the mind-link.

‘Seeing Alpha Jayden off pack West. Then I will go and make sure Jo-Jo is alright.’ he was all Beta it seemed.

‘She is fine, I didn’t hurt her.’

I know that. But she would have heard that fight West. The whole pack-house would have heard it.

Started seconds after you left her room. After you pull her out from another Alpha’s arms. “She’ll be worried.”‘


A glass of bourbon was put into his hand. “Drink it now and calm the hell down. Tell me what the hell happened West.”

West stared at the glass, but did not drink it, put it down on the coffee table in front of him, he did not want to drink it at all. “He had Jo-anne up against the wall.” He stated, knew he would not need to explain any further to his father.

His father sat in front of him and stared right at him “West, son. You can’t go attacking guests. It could start a war.”

“He won’t start anything. Not with Jo-anne here. He wants her.”

“If she turns out to be his Mate? West! You will have to deal with it.”

“I understand that.” West acknowledged, he did understand it, but he did not have to like it, and he did not have to let her attend that bloody mating ball either.

It was actually at his discretion as the Alpha to choose who could attend it. Though not letting her attend did not mean that Alpha Jayden wouldn’t stalk the pack territory looking for her, or scent her out no matter where.

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