Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 29

Je-anne POV

She stood inside her room, listening to the fight that was going on out in the hallway, and knew without a doubt that it was West and Alpha Jayden. Even knew that it was West who had likely started that fight.

Less than 30 seconds outside of her room and that fight had broken out.

It was very loud and aggressive, and she could hear it was more than them just full-on fighting it out, there were others out there in the hall trying to break it up as well. A lot of yelling was going on. She only recognised a few voices, others who knew likely visiting pack Alpha’s and Beta’s. Only other Alpha’s and Beta’s would try and get in the middle of it to stop it.

It took a good 10 minutes for there to be quiet out in the hallway. Jo-anne stood there biting her l!p not knowing what to do.

Knew better than to go out there and see what had happened or who was injured or possibly sedated. Prowled around inside her room and wondered who was injured. Were they both injured? Was it serious for either of them? Was this going to start a war? She prayed not to the goddess herself.

Jo-anne did not want anyone hurt because of her, she did not want a war to start between her pack and that of the Silver Moon Pack. Closed her eyes and prayed that everyone was alright, that everything would be alright.

Sank down on the couch and looked at the door, was almost 30 minutes before the door opened and T.J. stood there before her. She stared up at him worriedly.

“Everyone is fine. Minor injuries, their wolves will heal them easily,” he told her.

She just nodded and said nothing, had no idea what to say either.

“Why Jo-Jo?” he asked as he stepped into the room and closed the door.

“I didn’t do anything wrong, the man k!ssed me,” she told him honestly.

“You should know better,” he sighed “West can’t see that Jo-Jo.”

“Why? He never wanted me back then! Why so mad now? You’d think he’d be happy to get rid of me, and what about Miranda? How does she feel about him reacting like that? He’s going to hurt his own Mate, T.J.”

She knew that once again, poor Miranda would have felt his betrayal to her. This was not.

“Don’t worry about Miranda…and he doesn’t want to get rid of you Jo-Jo, just needs time to adjust. Last time you were here, you were his Mate.”

“So. It’s been 10 years T.J. and he’s found his Mate.” She stated again. She couldn’t understand West.

T.J, sat down next to her and sighed heavily “It’s Mery complicated, Jo- Jo. You and West,” he sighed again “A history, with no answers.. Don’t think he doesn’t care. He actually does Jo-Jo. But he has put so many rules on himself, that he’s backed himself into a corner, so to speak.”

“I don’t understand. I set us both free T.J. why is he not happy? Not moved on? I got over it, and it was me who suffered him. Not the other way around.”

He just stared at her silently for a long minute, then reached out and patted her hand. The minute his hand touched hers, pain shot through her and she snatched it back and looked away from him.


“N.. Nothing,” she stammered, just one more order from her Alpha she had to deal with.

His hand grabbed hold of her chin and turned her face to his. She gasped as pain seared her face, his fingers let go instantly and his eyes widened “He bloody didn’t?” he grated out, sounded very angry.

She said nothing at all.

“Jo-Jo, tell me he did not put an Alpha 0rder on you again?”

She could not tell him that, because West had done just that.

“Bloody fool,” he snapped, “I’ll deal with it Jo-Jo,” he told her.

“Just leave it T.J,” she sighed softly “If it’ll prevent him from being ticked off, just leave it alone for now.”

“Do you know? What you’re asking, if you find your Mate, on the full moon.”

“I know, he’ll have to get West’s permission to touch me.” it was not going to be a good conversation, trying to explain that to her Mate whenever she found him.

“He’s not likely to give it Jo-Jo. You know that right. Volt still wants Clova. It’s part of the issue.”

“I know. I got a bigger problem T.J.” she sighed and then looked at him. “Clova still wants to please his Alpha wolf.”

“Oh…” he was staring at her now, a slight frown “Clova is not apposed to the idea at all? Even though they are not Mates anymore.”

“Doesn’t seem to be, of the opinion, if Volt, her Alpha. Wants her, he can have her.”

“That’s a problem, from my understanding, Volt still lays’ claim to Clova, hence all the aggression you’re getting from West.”

“Great T.J. what do you suggest I do about it?” she bit her l!p.

“I don’t know to be honest. It shouldn’t be like this.”

“I know that,” Jo-anne acknowledged.

Her stomach rumbled and T.J. raised an eyebrow at her. She shrugged “l was on my way out to get something to eat, I was not looking for a man, and certainly not an Alpha, to k!ss me.”

“I’ll get you something. Best to stay in here till the at leave.”

“Alright,” Jo-anne did not argue with him at all. Not after what she’d heard out there in the hallway tonight.

“I’ll send breakfast up as well. They should all be gone by lunchtime,” Jo-anne nodded. “Might want to ask Alpha Jayden to stay away from me or my room.”

“He has already left,” T.J. told her, surprising her. Bit her l!p and closed her eyes.

“Is the pack’s alliance ruined?”

“No, the man stated he’ll be back on the full moon.”

Jo-anne’s eyes snapped open and she turned to stare right at him now. More than a little nervous, was he saying what she thought he was saying? Surely it couldn’t be that.

“West is very unhappy about it. But he was one of the packs coming anyway. West won’t rescind the offer, but its not going to be a fun night, I imagine.”

“And I’ll be locked up in this room, right?”

“I hope not,” he sighed. “But I don’t know to be honest. It’s 3 weeks away. He might calm down and come to his senses by then. I’ll go get you that food,” he stood up.

Calm down and come to his senses? She thought, had no idea why he even needed to, likely Volts doing. Maybe that was why he’d not Marked Miranda. Maybe Volt was resistant to the idea. She sighed, had no idea and there was nothing she could do about it. She’d already done the one and only thing she could for the both of them, a decade ago, rejected him, something he’d been unable to do, it had to come from her. She had released them both from their torment of each other.

West’s parents needed to encourage him to Mark Miranda. That would solve the whole issue, he’d be all loved up and happily obsessed with her, a girl who wanted nothing more than to be his Mate. The way she talked about him. Talked to him, looked at him. It was very clear she was completely in love with West. He had to see it.

Everyone else did.

Perhaps her portrait of the two of them would show him how good they looked together, as an Alpha and a Luna, he’d be so happy to see it, he’d Mark her and then Jo-anne knew she’d be off his radar for good. Would just be another pack member to him and nothing more.

She would be allowed to live somewhere else and work in her studio, never to bother him again.

She knew that T.J. could handle all her contracts and would likely be doing so, would suggest it, to keep herself out of his office and off his radar completely.

Doing so would mean, she’d never have to go into the Alpha’s office. T.J. she knew would come to her, he’d nut out all the details and bring her the contracts and she could live quietly. Perhaps she could get a small one bedroom apartment attached to the back of her studio, and then live out there on the edge of the forest. That would be nice.

T.J. returned with plenty of food piled up on a tray, and a lot of snacks. It looked like he was preparing for her to be locked in this room for days on ends. Her raised eyebrow at the loaded tray, just made him laugh and tell her he had no idea what she liked to eat, so he’d brought lots of options.

Then he’d excused himself, had Beta duties to attend to. She could well imagine what they were. Damage control in all likelihood considering what had happened out in that hallway.

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