Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 35


T.J.’s Eyes fell on his Alpha as he left the medical suite where Jo-Jo lay. He hadn’t slept with Miranda in days! That was interesting for T.J. to hear. He half smiled to himself, he was willing to bet he could pick the very day he’d stopped sleeping with her too. T.J. also knew that his friend had also gone back to sleeping in his old bedroom. Interesting turn of events.

This was why Miranda was sulking around the place, lately. She’d sank down at the Alpha table to eat breakfast with them all yesterday and West had stood up and walked off almost instantly. Excused himself, told her he had work to do, T.J. knew it was a lie, the woman’s eyes had followed him, looked a bit sad, but had not said anything about it. Ate her meal in silence.

Ricky had mind-linked him to ask what was going on with the two of them and T.J. had shrugged and replied he didn’t know, Ricky had stared right at him, he’d not believed T.J. knew nothing. Both Ricky and Cole knew that T.J. was the only one able to get West to talk about anything, his only confidant so to speak. But the man had let it go, T.J. knew how to keep his mouth shut.

T.J. turned his eyes back to Jo-Jo and smiled at her, “You confuse him so much you know.” she’d not replied, still sedated, which he knew, he just wanted to talk to her, so that on some level deep down, inside she didn’t feel alone, knew that he was there for her, so he sat there and told her that Alpha Damien had finished designing her art studio and that West had not only signed it off but had told the builders to start working on it right away.

Though he doubted she could hear him, he did want her to know that West wasn’t some mean a*ss-h0le, one day perhaps West would tell the woman the truth, but even T.J. had his doubts about it. Likely come down to being forced to do it by T.J. himself. He looked at her, she was very much like her old self, back before her life had been turned upside down, he liked her little naughty side. Reminded him of her sneaking out at 15 to go to a party with her friends out by the north end of the lake and getting busted coming home by him and West, who’d been coming home from Alpha college for the weekend.

Tried to fob the two of them off. No she hadn’t been drinking, bloody giggling all over the place, with her friends, all of them had been drunk, and all of them had been busted by their future Alpha and Beta, reported to their parents and punished with cleaning up the pack dining room every morning after breakfast, for a week.

West walked back into the room, interrupting T.J.’s thoughts, freshly showered and in a change of clothes, T.J. did smell the man, more out of curiosity than anything, got nothing, just his usual scent. Miranda, it seemed, had not even touched so much as the man’s arm. He’d also not really been gone long enough to have s*x with the girl. His alpha needs would take longer than that to be sated.

T.J. and West pretty much just sat there in silence for most of the wee hours of the morning. He knew West was more than angry about the situation, he hated the sight and smell of Jo-Jo’s blood, more than he hated the packs’ enemies. And that bastard had hurt her twice, hurt of all people, the Alpha’s ex-Mate. A Luna Ranked Wolf. What a stupid thing to do.

West informed T.J. that Heath was awake, the prison guard keeping the cells had linked him to alert him to the man’s conscious state. “I’m going West. I had that bastard.” I.J. had stated calmly as he’d gotten up out of his chair.

“Don’t kill him T.J.” West had told him, didn’t even seem bothered that he wanted the first c***kat the man. Though, by the way, West had been sitting staring at Jo-Jo, he was unlikely to move until she woke up and was breathing on her own. Would be a few hours yet, it was still dark as he made his way to the cells.

They had not loaded the man up with wolfs-bane or shackled him with silver, they wanted him to heal up, to hear West’s calm voice come down the mind-link as he walked there to tell him a life time of walking into Heaths cell, to beat him anytime he like for his crimes against Jo-Jo, just meant to T.J. that he still had to be breathing when T.J. was finished with him.

There was no intent to question the man right now within T.J., he just wanted to beat the living hell out of him and he was going to do just that. Even T.J. could feel that his wolf Lark was itching for some time alone with the man and he was going to let his wolf have it too. ‘Damned straight you will.’ Lark snorted at him, T.J. knew he’d just take control if he was held back anyway.

Lark was very strong, very protective and those he loved and his wolf hated bastards just like Heath. He wanted a piece of that man and so, today, a piece he would have.

Heath was sitting on the floor of the cell, looking like the mangy disgusting creature he now smelled like. How could he do that to his own child? She’d been bled right into his line. He should love her like his actual flesh and blood. He had once, when she was little, T.J. recalled how much the man had doted on her, as a small child.

It changed only when he found his 2nd chance mate, Karen, and they had children of their own. The man’s eyes moved right to T.J.’s, had the audacity to smirk right at him, seemed pleased with himself, in fact. Felt fury roll off his own wolf, he’d taunted both of them into letting him go and he’d won. Jo-Jo always had and always come above all others for him, no-one really understood it. Well there was one, but she had never said anything really, just looked at the mark on his arm the day after it appeared and touched it.

Then frowned right up at him and walked away biting her l!p.

He’d left it alone. Clearly she had not wanted to talk about it.

He could not make the woman, if she had been the one to give Jo-Jo up at birth, the mark she saw on him, was one she recognised and it bothered her. Which meant she knew what it meant as well, what his connection to her really meant. He couldn’t ask her, it had been 18 years after all and she’d never once had feelings for the girl, not that he had ever seen, paid her no attention what so ever.

She had not wanted her. If she was the girl’s mother, he had no proof she was. But suspected as much, he’d never told a soul either, not even West. After that, things had simply gone back to normal around that woman. Life had moved on for her a long time aqo, it seemed.

“Bet you can’t kill me, my precious daughter would hate you for it.” and then that bastard laughed right at him. He knew Jo-Jo so well, always full of compassion, would never hurt a bloody fly. Not even someone who’d literally tried to kill her.

His words built fury upon fury in him and Lark all rolled into a tight ball together and they spoke together all their fury for him to hear “l don’t care what she wants.” they informed him and then T.J. was pulling his shirt off, and sneered at the man as finally fear rolled off of him and filled his eyes, as he realised it was Lark that was coming for him right this minute. Not T.J.

Lark was a snarling ball ripping at the edges of T.J.’s mind.’ He’s mine.’ he was roaring and T.J. was not going to deny his alpha wolf the blood it wanted, and it wanted a lot, ‘don’t kill him Lark.’

‘No I will not, but I will chew him up, and spit him out for hurting our girl.’

T.J. stripped right down to nothing before opening the cell door, and stepped inside, cracked his neck from side to side, rolled his shoulders and told that son of a b***h to get the hell up, tossed him the keys to his own shackles, then yanked the cell door closed and informed the guard standing there.

“Do not open this door, period, until l am standing before you.” His meaning came across loud and clear, Lark was going to be in full control and might be out of control.

The man nodded at him and locked the cell, seemed to understand without issue, he knew who was there on the floor and he knew they had already beaten him half to death over an attack on Jo-Jo. It was likely clear that he knew the man had hurt her again. He stepped back and leaned on the wall, wanted to watch it seemed.

Lark shifted him into his large black wolf. Everyone here knew his blood line, that he was in fact actually stronger than West, and could put that man down if he so wanted to. He’d only ever really beaten his friend senseless on one occasion, had punched him right in the face on many occasions, though, West had taken it in his stride. T.J. wondered if it was because West knew he deserved it or if West knew he was unlikely to actually beat him in an outright fight to the death.

Heath didn’t shift into Jester, Lark did not care at all. Shot forward to tear into him, biting and clawing at the man until he was a bloody torn-up mess on the floor, still breathing and still conscious but limp and unable to get up. Lark prowled around the cell for several minutes just snarling at the man, before finally shifting them back.

T.J. looked down at the man on the floor, was he really a man? No, he was the lowest scum of the earth they stood on.

Put a foot on his face and rolled it over to make the man look up at him, “|”Il come back again, when you’ve healed. That’s how this is going to go.” then he squatted right down in front of him “Till she gives the go ahead to ill you. Your our new chew toy.”

Saw it register with the man just how much pain he was in for. Heath was right. Jo-Jo was very unlikely to give her permission to kill him, so this was it for him, for the rest of his life. To be torn apart by him and likely West, on a daily or bi-daily basis. Depending on how quickly he healed up enough to take more punishment.

T.J. stood, “now who’s laughing.” he shot down at the man and headed for the cell door. The guard let him out and closed and locked the door. Said nothing at all, he knew better to intervene in Alpha Unit business. He’d seen the whole unit walk in with that piece of sh!t, and dump his a*ss on the floor. Had been told no visitors accept the Alpha and the Unit. T.J. stood and washed himself down, getting all the filthy bastards’ blood off him, dried off and checked to make sure there was not a drop of blood on him. He didn’t want Jo-Jo to wake up and be worried about this son of a b!tch hand if she smelled her father’s blood on him she bloody would be.

Saw Patterson at the nurses station just outside the Luna’s medical suite. It still amused T.J. why the man put her in there, on both occasions too, patched her up inside the Luna’s suite last time and now put her in their to recover. Got the update that he had removed the breathing tube and Jo-Jo was breathing on her own, had only done it a few minutes ago. Seemed happy about it.

T.J had been about to push into the suite when Patterson had called out “Beta,” gaining his attention. “I don’t want to be patching that young lady up on a regular basis.”

“Hopefully, you won’t be. I got the bastard right where I want him.”

“Good,” Patterson had nodded “You might not want to disturb them.” he’d smirked suddenly at T.J.

Well, now T.J. was more than curious, pushed the door open, and low and behold. There was his Alpha, k!ssing Jo-Jo and not just k!ssing her like he would any other she-wolf, with all roughness and dominance, demanding what he wanted of them.

T.J. closed the door and stood just inside the room and watched with full curiosity. It was an interesting sight to behold, considering he knew West’s very deepest thoughts on touching the woman. Yet here he was, with a hand in Jo-Jo’s hair, and one arm curled around her gently, so it seemed. His mouth moved slowly with hers, his eyes were closed and he was holding her body to his, so darn gentle.

T.J. could honestly say he’d never seen anything like it in his life, he’d known West all his life, was in fact only a week younger than West was, and even as a teenager, before everything that happened with Jo-Jo, the boy and then the man had always been a very dominant and demanding Alpha, his Alpha needs outweighing everything else, made him aggressive in everything he did, even with his girl friends.

Right now, though it seemed, Jo-Jo had brought out a softer side in West, it was nice to see.

Also, to see Jo-Jo with her arms around West, and actively k!ssing the man back, surprised him more than a little, but not so much as he was completely shocked by it.

He knew she had really tried to be a good Mate to West and he knew her wolf, Clova, had been in love with his wolf, Volt. So there had always been a good bond between them, quite strong, if West hadn’t been so determined to keep her at bay by being such an a*ss-h0le, and T.J. knew he had his own personal reasons for the way he acted, they probably would have worked out quite well.

He watched as West broke the k!ss, soft and slowly, and how Jo-Jo just leaned into him, still with her arms around him, the man may have been a complete a*ss-h0le. But he had never once laid a hand on her, wouldn’t allow anyone to harm her. If he’d even thought for a single second that she was in harms way, he had been there in an instant to stop it.

Not that she knew that. She had no idea how many times West had actually beaten teenage boys for leering at her, or making a crude statement about how it was a pity they didn’t know she was up for the fr****g before West or an insulting remark about her and how she’d wound up Mated to him so young. Had set, not just his wolf into a full blown rage, but West as well. They’d all been put under threat of getting their heads ripped off if she found out he was punishing them on her behalf as well. He knew she would not want them hurt, the man did know her, he’d just never let it on. Wouldn’t ever let her in.

T.J. knew that Jo-Jo never actually feared West, just didn’t want their bond anymore, that he had after a while, it put a lot of stress on them both. West’s chin was now resting on top of Jo-Jo’s head, the man looked very comfortable standing there with his arms around her, something T.J. knew West had in fact refrained from doing their whole Mate Bond, ‘for his own reasons’ he’d told T.J. ‘he had not right to touch the girl.’ Though he did struggle with it, his Bond to her so strong and his desire to Mate the girl had gotten him in the end, it didn’t help that his and her wolf were always at it either.

Found West’s eyes on him finally. Ah, the man had realized he was not alone in the room anymore. T.J. nearly smirked at the man. ‘Glad to see you can be nice to her, West.’ he’d comment casually down the mind-link, and it was really nice to see. T.J. always suspected the man had it in him somewhere.

Just refused to let it out.

Heard his own alpha apologise to him, T.J. knew why, and he still found it very amusing to taunt the man, over what he and everyone thought. So just told him he didn’t mind, and he actually didn’t mind at all. Probably should have taken a photo for prosperity.

West thinking he was way too laid back. Ha, he knew that was only because if the roles had been reversed, West would have gone ballistic and likely tried to rip him a new one. Just like he had done Alpha Jayden. A full on Alpha on Alpha fight over her, spoke volumes to T.J. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen West loose his s**t over her though.

T.J. didn’t deny being laid back, he was very calm right now, even Lark was sitting wagging his tail inside his mind. He and his wolf were happy she was breathing on her own and had woken up. His wolf could sense Clova was also there and he was happy about that. Seemed to be more curious about her now than the last time she was here, actually felt a bit like Lark wanted to spend time with her wolf, that was knew. But his wolf never pushed the subject.

T.J. tuned his senses into her. She was, he noted, very relaxed, leaning up against her Alpha, her ex-Mate. So very comfortable in the man’s arms. Couldn’t help himself actively tease West about that k!ss he’d seen, telling him he’d likely deprived the woman of so much oxygen that she’d passed out again ‘l did not.’ West had shot back, but then the man had actually smiled and nearly laughed, it was good to see him smile.

It was a very rare thing over the past decade. But T.J. had seen it more than a few times since Singapore. On his plane the man had been clearly amused by Jo-Jo’s charade to cover up something, she didn’t want them to know. Had been in fact smiling when he had come out of his bedroom and had continued to smile up until she had called him Alpha. That one word had wiped the smile right off his face, all his amusement obliterated in an instant.

TJ. had his thoughts on the subject, but had not brought it up. Had let it go, if it was what he thought well, it would sort itself out at some point. He wasn’t likely to bring it up either.

West would tell him to get f****d in no uncertain terms. Telling him to put her down and let her get some rest, he could tell West did not want to, seemed to stand there and debate it with himself for a full minute. Then watching him lay her down cradling her head and was gentle, trying not to wake her, it was like watching him putting a baby in a cradle, probably make a good father one day. T.J. thought absently.

He was fully amused at seeing the man land his l!ps on the woman’s head, and nearly burst out laughing. It was all pure instinct and West likely didn’t have any control over his actions, which made T.J. wonder if the man’s wolf was pushing things at him without him realising it. It was possible. But then again, what he knew about West, it could just be the man himself too.

He really struggled not to laugh. Oh, how the mighty and strong beast he was, now turned into a gentle teddy bear. So freaking funny. Poor bastard was in real trouble this time.

“What?’ he shot annoyingly down the mind-link.

Nothing, West… just never seen you.. be so.. tender. T.J. chose his words very carefully, wanted to tease him about his actions over the woman.

Was snarled at to shut up and knew he’d hit home, perfectly on point, just as he’d intended. Had to stifle a laugh he didn’t want to wake Jo-Jo, not when West had settled her off to sleep so nicely and all.

Told him Heath was awake, he was, just wasn’t in a healthy state currently, though T.J. doubted that West was expecting the man to be, heard that Jo-Jo had already asked West not to kill him. Her first words. Annoyed him but did not really surprise him all that much. He’d never once seen Jo-Jo angry or yell at anyone, always wanted to make sure those around her were alright. Cried over injured animals as a little girl, had taken some of the smaller ones home to care for them and pray for them to get better, so they could be released. Surprisingly enough, most of them had.

She’d smiled up at him once and said ‘When you pray to the moon Goddess, you just have to really mean it, and she’ll grant it.’ sounded perfectly sure of her words.

T.J. could tell West didn’t like the idea of leaving her here alone to wake up by herself. Offered up his mother and then teased him by offering Ricky their Gamma. She was here in the Luna suite after all. She was still technically a Luna ranked wolf, had an Alpha’s venom running through her, always would have.

She still smelled like a Luna to other Alpha’s as well, apparently. Alpha Nicholas had said as much, and when T.J. focused on that, he too could smell it and Ricky had picked something else up, when looking down at her the other day, said she’d felt different to him. But he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. West had looked into it a bit, as had T.J. but they were still uncertain. A few options had come to light, he was just leaving it well enough alone for now. She was happy and that was what mattered.

Ricky had rightfully thought, that it was not because she was no longer Mated to West, it was something else, she was different, her eyes and that silver glow. He didn’t understand that but the roar power that had come off of her when she’d been angry with him. That he knew, it was the only part of her he did understand about her. But still she was different somehow.

Though T.J. doubted very much that she even knew she was different, whatever that other part of her was, it was likely still dormant or had been or she’d never accessed it till now, or she had no knowledge of it, either that or she was very good at hiding it. He was betting on the former though.

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