Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 40


Oh, he was bloody furious with Jo-Jo now. Not only had she still been trying to get him to take her over there, to see that son of a b***h this morning. She’d now gone and actively defied him about it. He was right this minute stalking his way to the cells, West stalking with him.

Neither of them were happy about the report that had come from the cell guard that she was there right this very minute trying to convince him to let her into see the prisoner. Just three days since the attack, had only gotten her voice back this morning too.

West had been staying away from her, till now. Worried about Heath’s words, T.J. knew it. He’d left TJ. in charge of dealing with her. And her attitude had gradually gotten worse in those two days. She was insistent on seeing the man, had begged and pleaded at first, which he’d declined to entertain, not even with those bloody tears in her eyes.

When she’d told him she would get West to do it, he’d outright laughed at her, he was not going to. Was she so blind that she couldn’t see that West wanted to kill the man as much as T.J. did, and he’d told her as much. She’d not gone to West about it, knew he’d not been lying about it.

Not once had she brought up that k!ss with West either, seemed to have just blipped right over it, like it had never happened. It was odd, but who knew what she felt about it? T.J. knew that if Jo-Jo walked into Wests office and did that again, k!ssed the man all soft and tender and asked him to let her see that man, while k!ssing him he’d bloody well give her exactly what she wanted. His need to keep her in his arms would make him do it. Would sway the man easily. She had no bloody idea the hold she held over him.

West’s eyes had been peeled for her everywhere she went, was insisting on T.J. taking her anywhere and everywhere she wanted to go, had a need to know her every move. Heath had rattled him good. T.J. was more than a little surprised that West hadn’t put her in lock down inside the pack-house for safe keeping. Inside his Alpha Suite at that. Though T.J. thought that was more out of self preservation, than anything else.

Now this, after just this morning she’d yelled at him about seeing Heath. Had bloody called that man her father again after he’d already warned her not to do it ever again. He’d yelled right back at her. They’d been standing in her bedroom doorway. He had been barring her way out of the room. Everyone could hear them, it was very loud.

Jo-Jo had actually not backed down or even away from him. Had stepped right up to him, pushed past his Beta Aura, he was shoving at her trying to make her back down, like it was bloody nothing to her at all. Poked her finger in the centre of his chest and screamed at him to get the hell out of her way, her eyes had been glowing right up at him.

He’d shot his hand out to stop the on coming Alpha Unit, who he could hear were running up the stairs at the sounds of what could be escalated into a full blow fight on the first floor of the pack-house. They had been in the Alpha’s office before he’d come up here and West had started leaving the door open, after her attack, to keep an ear out for her movements.

Jo-Jo had sized right up to him and was pushing right back at him. Lark was up and all attention, though it seemed more curious than anything, knew the girl didn’t get angry, or not that he’d ever seen, had always been the most placid creature.

Something else he felt in his wolf, he wanted to run with Clova, actually wanted to spend time with her wolf.

But this morning they had been going toe to toe with him, without thinking about the consequences of who was in front of her. A part of T.J. was itching to take a step back from her, but if he so much as moved and inch, it would be his downfall, it would show not just her but all those curiously watching on that this one girl was stronger and more powerful than the pack Beta.

The raw power that was pouring out of her, and her aura being pushed at him, was a good match for him, and he didn’t think this was all of it either, just the tip of the iceberg.

“No.” he had grated out, refusing to bow down to her. When she had struck out at him and tried to take a piece of him, he’d had enough, had rushed at her with all his strength, kicking the door closed behind him, snarling at her all his anger and displeasure seen and heard. He was the damned pack Beta and her attitude was outright disrespectful.

He’d slammed her into the ground to her utter shock and yanked her over to her stomach and grabbed both her wrists and shoved them up behind her back and leaned right down to her ear and snarled “Don’t you dare challenge me girl.”

All the fight had gone out of her, and she’d sobbed “l just want to see him.”

“I said no, and I mean it Jo-Jo.” he’d snapped at her, and then had gotten up off of her and stalked out of her room, slammed the door so hard he’d heard the frame c***k and stalked off to the Alpha’s office, Ricky and Cole trailing him.

His eyes had fallen on West. “We have a problem.” he turned to Cole. “Shut that f*g door.” he’d snapped and the man had obeyed, didn’t help that his Aura was rolling off him in waves at everyone in the room.

“I heard,” West nodded.

“But you didn’t see,” TJ. had snapped at the man.

West had raised an eyebrow at him, and he knew it was not just the words, but the fact that when he’d said it, his aura had rolled right at his own Alpha, West could take it. Ricky and Cole, on the other hand, it wasn’t likely to be going down so well with them. He closed his eyes and took in several long deep breaths to calm himself and pull himself together.

Apologised to both the Gamma and Delta, they just shrugged it off, seemingly uncaring, though he was certain they’d both had their necks bared to him, an unfortunate side effect of his royal bloodline. Which he did try to keep under control.

Then he stood and explained to West what he’d seen and how a part of him had wanted to bow down to her and retreat. West had stared at him, more than a little shocked, but didn’t say anything much.

They were looking into her glowing eyes thing, but it seemed all manner of shifter creatures could have glowing eyes for whatever reason suited their species, though most only glowed when using some sort of power related to their species, like a siren when it used its siren call, it’s eyes would glow along with the use of the call, but not any other time. It was not quick work at all.

He’d even put in a call to Beta Jeremy to query about his own mate and her glowing eyes, glowed at certain times, mostly when she was using her ability to control water. And well, he’d laughed height of o****m. Joked about, at least he knew he was pleasing her. T.J. had laughed and teased right back, well I hope they never not glow for you. Which had set Jeremy into hysterics, as though he thought it would never happen. But again, nothing useful to him. He did say he’d go and speak to his Granny. She was a mountain of information. But nothing had come back on that front.

Now it was just hours later and the woman had outright defied him, made her way over to the cells in secret, had not used the front door or passed by the alpha office windows either. Did she think that he or West wouldn’t be notified about it? Was she so blinded by her own purpose that she’d forgotten both he and her Alpha had said no?

They could see her now, standing there pleading with the guard, practically begging him to let her in. He stood firm, smart man, likely knew the consequences. He’d also been the one to mind-link them to tell them what she was doing, and still she was out here.

T.J. was going to rip her a new one, seems she needed it.

Anger was rolling off of him and every time he heard her say the word ‘father’ it notched up his anger even more. West hadn’t said a word but he could feel the man was also angry having to come out here and deal with the situation.

It was almost like Jo-Jo didn’t even know they were coming, his hand landed on her arm and she appeared shocked to see him, even tried to pull herself free of him “let go.” she’d snapped at him.

“No, we’re leaving.” he’d jerked her towards him and away from the guard and the cells. She had dug her heals in, so he’d pulled her harder using some of Larks strength to make her move and she’d stumbled “Move it.” he’d yelled at her.

“No.” she had yelled right back and to his dismay, kicked him in the back of his knee and it had buckled and he’d fallen down on to it, a snarl had ripped out of him and Lark, for the attack on him. His head had turned and his eyes landed on her.

She was glaring right at him, he still had a hold of her arm, hadn’t let go even when he’d fallen. When he stood up she’d turned on him, something he had not expected.

Didn’t even know she had the training or skill to do so. She had spun her body around and slammed into him as she had yanked with all her wolf strength on his arm and he’d been flipped right over her body and onto the ground, and then she was on him trying to pin him using an arm bar move.

She was damned lucky they were connected as they were or he’d have ripped her head off. It also helped that West stepped in and pulled her up off him. She seemed to have forgotten in her anger that he was not alone. That her own Alpha had been standing right there. Both of West’s arms were around her, locking her arms to their sides and she was pinned tightly to his chest.

“Watch it Jo-anne, your attacking the Beta.” he’d growled at her, not liking the is respect she’d shown any more than T.J. had himself.

“Get off me.” she screamed at West as T.J. had gotten up off the ground.

“Calm down and I will put you down.” the man stood a good 8 inches taller than her and her feet were off the ground. She was struggling to get free regardless, but West was not letting go.

T.J. was looking right at her, her fists were all balled up and she was glaring right at him, those damned eyes of hers glowing right at him. He saw Clova suddenly appear and his eyes widened as he realised she was about to attack her own Alpha with her wolf.

Her head snapped back and T.J. herd the snarl rip out of West when her head made contact with his face. T.J. grabbed her and yanked her out of West’s arms, as his Alpha Wolf surfaced at the attack on his body “Back down Volt.” He had a hand up to the wolf, whose eyes were on the girl.

Sh!t, maybe this was what Heath was talking about. He could see that Volt already had claws out ‘f**k “Volt it’s Clova.” he rolled his Aura at the wolf to gain its attention. He could take the hit if it came to it. The beast seemed to register what he’d said, looked from her to him and then back to her, and thankfully, after an angry snort, retreated and gave back control to West.

Who looked no less pissed to be honest. A snort of what he could only discern was amusement came from Clova, who was standing behind him. T.J. turned on her, slammed her up against the nearest tree by her shoulders” Are you crazy?” he yelled at her.

She snarled right at him and then all fangs out tried to bite him right in the face. His had snapped back, she was bloody fast and pissed off, it seemed, even Clova’s green eyes, he noted, were filled with flickers of glowing silver.

“Enough” West roared at the two of them, all his Alpha aura flooding over the two of them. Lark snarled inside his mind, he didn’t like it, Clova retreated away back inside of Jo-Jo. It seemed forced back by her Alpha.

West dropped his aura the second everyone was calmed down. “What the hell is wrong with you?” he yelled at her. “I could have, Volt could have…” he didn’t finish his sentence, but T.J. knew what it would have been ‘killed you.’

“I just want to see him, please let me.” she pleaded at him, then looked right at TJ. “Please.” His wolfs hearing picked up laughing, coming from inside the cells. Heath, he could hear everything, including the fact that West and Volt had nearly attacked her. ‘f**k, maybe this is exactly what he meant’, he thought.

“Dad,” she yelled.

“No, the man is dangerous,” T.J. told her. Her eyes had turned to the cells at the sound of the man laughing. She knew it was Heath.

“Let it all out Jo-anne,” he yelled right back, and then laughed almost hysterically.

They were odd words to be spoken, unless he knew.. knew what she was, that bastard knew. T.J. pulled her from the tree and yanked her away from the cells, she couldn’t be anywhere near the man.

“Terence.” West’s voice, Heath’s words had not been lost on the man either.

“I’ll come back”

“No, Now She can walk back on her own” TJ. turned around and looked at him, he had blood coming from his nose, where she had headbutted him, hadn’t broken anything though or he’d straightened it already. T.J. was not happy about the statement, she shouldn’t be walking around by herself at all.

Then she was out of his grip, pulled herself free and was running at full wolf speed past both him and West for the cells, screaming for her father. T.J. shot after her, grabbed her and spun her around away from the cells and threw her away from them.

She slid to a stop, down on the ground, rolled over and when she looked up, he knew s**t was about to get very real. Fury, utter fury was what he saw in those eyes and they were ablaze, glowing silver and green, her breathing was coming in short sharp breaths. Then she opened her mouth and Clova roared right at him, with all her fury, to be heard a full blown challenge right at him Alpha to Alpha, because that was what she bloody was, it was obvious right this very minute. Though he’d suspected before this moment, now it was perfectly clear.

“NO.” he heard West yell. But it was too late, she was already coming for him. He didn’t want to hurt her, she was his little Jo-Jo. He had maybe 5 seconds to make a choice, him or her, and he knew deep down he couldn’t hurt her. He dropped his hands, even Lark didn’t push forward. Neither was willing to hurt her.

“Terence.” he heard West yell his name the moment his hands dropped, knew instantly T.J. wasn’t going to fight her, would rather die himself, than hurt her. He loved her too much to hurt her, could never.

The body that stepped in front of him, came from no where. He hadn’t even known she had been there, it was his own mother. Her Royal Alpha aura rolled right at Jo-Jo “stop” she said softly, not even mad. Put a hand out to Jo-Jo’s on coming rush, and she slid to a stop right in front of his mother, stared right up at his mother.

No wolf could defy the royal wolfen family. His mother’s blood was pure royal blood, unlike T.J.’s who was only half royal.

He could see Jo-anne just staring up at her, almost like in a trance. “enough Jo-anne,” she said softly and reached up and touched her face. “calm down, my child.” Clova receded away.

“I…” tears welled and spilled over and fell down her cheeks “I…” and then she was out, her eyes rolled back in her head and she collapsed. His mother caught her and sank down on to her knees and sighed softly. “I’ll take her back to the pack-house”

She turned and looked at T.J. “Are you alright my son?” T.J. nodded. She reached out a hand to him. He took it, she had likely just saved his life and he knew it, as did West, who was looking right at the two of them. She stood and it seemed effortless for her to pick up a fully grown woman and carry her.”

Take better care of yourself son. I’m not going to lose you too.” she said, and walked off. She nodded to West “Alpha.”

“Thank you Belinda, I don’t think.”

“You both would have died.” she stated flatly “Lucky for you two, I was out taking a walk, huh!”

He nodded and walked over to T.J. “Yes, we have a problem,” he finally agreed with T.J. about Jo-Jo. This was the first time he’d seen her like this and it was out now, she was Alpha-blooded. Part of her linage uncovered for him and West, the guard, likely Heath, definitely his mother and anyone else who had happened to be close enough to hear her challenge.

“Might want to keep your mum around and close.”

“Yeah.” T.J. nodded though he doubted she would want a part of this. He watched her walk away carrying the unconscious woman. She had brought Jo-Jo to a complete standstill, her royal aura so powerful, more powerful than Jo-Jo’s, whatever she was. He sighed heavily. It was probably time he went and had had a chat with the woman he believed to be her birth mother. Not that he had told anyone about that, not even West.

Honestly didn’t think it was going to go down so well at all.

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