Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 41

West POV

Sitting listening to T.J. tell him he’d felt the need to bow down to Jo-anne, that was new. He was hard pressed to make his own Beta bow down. The man was royalty after all. So the question was what the hell was her bloodline? To hear she’d challenged him, walked through his Aura like it was nothing.

Made West wonder how much he had rolled at her. West had been able to make her bow down. Not that he liked the memories of it. But even here in the pack now he’d made her bare her neck once.

So how was it that T.J. felt she was stronger than him? It was not possible, he had to have been going easy on her, but to hear she had gotten so angry with him over going to see her father. Challenged him about it, meant she was very determined to see him. He supposed they were going to have to keep an eye on her, or take her over there under full supervision, but he didn’t want that, the man would get inside her head for sure.

She loved him and would likely believe every word he said, including that West was going to k*ll her. West just knew he would tell her as well. Try to drive a wedge between them anyway he could. West was trying to stay away from the girl, but damn, seeing her half n*ked the other night had nearly k*lled him. A tiny bloody towel held in front of her, all her side and long legs exposed for him to see.

But it had been for T.J., not for him. She’d willingly come out of that bathroom half n*ked for him. Smiling at him s*ductively, West had hated that moment, even though he’d seen T.J. back away from her and avert his eyes from her near n*kedness, it had still been for him. Not for West. She’d looked at him completely shocked to see him too, had not expected him in her room.

Though she had not attempted to cover herself at all, she probably didn’t care, he had seen her n*ked before, though not as a full-grown woman. And Volt had been more than interested in mating her on the spot. The only thing that allowed West to maintain any control over his wolf had been the fact that T.J. had been in the room. And both he and Volt knew what she was likely to be to him.

Though it had not stopped the snarl of disapproval coming from his wolf at her willingness to be n*ked in front of someone other than him and Volt. And telling her to put clothes on did not help, shot straight back that she slept n*ked, didn’t particularly surprise him. Most wolves did, or wore very little run hot all the time. N*ked was the most comfortable option. Volt had been the one to drag T.J. out of that room. If they couldn’t have her, neither could he or Lark, for that matter.

Selfish, he knew, but he had always been a possessive, selfish as*s-h0le, nothing had really changed there.

To hear from the cell guard, she was out there trying to see her father, after going toe to toe with T.J. about that very thing p*ssed him off. T.J. too, the man’s anger was rolling off of him.

His sweet little Jo-Jo didn’t seem so sweet anymore, all grown up and defying orders, though her not seeing her father had not been a full order, more of a request to respect his and T.J.’s request. She’d decided to ignore them.

T.J. latched on to her. West didn’t particularly like the way he man h*ndled her but she had snapped right back at him, dug her heels in and then, to West’s complete shock, attacked him, and managed to bring him down at that. He’d not known she’d even known those moves. Had to step in, pull her up and off his Beta and pin her to his body, she did not stop struggling the whole time and that head butt he’d not been expecting had roused his Alpha Wolf to fight mode instantly.

TJ. knew Volt was going to attack her without thinking about it. Had pulled her clean out of his arms before Volt could start r!pping into her. Yelled at Volt about it being Clova, and that had been the only thing that had saved her. If it hadn’t been, his wolf would likely have tried to go right through T.J. to get to her.

Clova had snorted at them, amused it seemed that he’d backed off, wouldn’t hurt her. It was very odd, T.J. had turned on her and yelled at her, and to his h0rror Clova had gone the pack Beta, tried to bite right into T.J.’s face. He’d barely gotten out of the way.

West had flooded his full Aura over the two of them and roared that it was enough. T.J. hadn’t really reacted but Clova had receded, though he did note Jo-anne did not bare her neck to him afterwards or collapse in pain, in anyway. Very odd.

He’d yelled at her, couldn’t help himself. Volt had been ready to atta*ck her, she could have d!ed by his hands. Just like Heath had said. She was back to pleading to see her father.

He could hear Heath laughing inside his cell, only to have her yell out for the man and his reply “Let it all out Jo-anne.” The man had yelled right back, then began laughing hysterically. Let what out? They were just outside the cells and Heath could hear everything that was being said. Everything that was going on, including that Volt, had surfaced and T.J. had had to talk his wolf out of attacking her.

But what was she supposed to let out? T.J. was already dragging her away. West wanted to go right in there and get that information but he knew the man would goad him and he needed to have T.J. there to stop him from killing him before they got the answers out of him.

Then she was gone, r!pping herself from T.J.’s grip, and sprinting for the cells calling for her father. T.J. had shot after her before West could even move, she’d been so damned fast and he’d not been expecting it either.

Watching as she slid across the ground when T.J. threw her away from the cells, the minute she’d rolled over, he’d felt the change in her, anger was pouring out of the girl and when she looked up at T.J. her Aura was pouring out of her, it was Alpha proportions of an Aura at that, he’d staggered back a step not expecting it.

When Clova had roared right at T.J. West, d*mned near panicked, she didn’t know how to fight and was no match for T.J. hell West could barely handle the man and sometimes couldn’t at all. She was outright challenging him to an Alpha duel, so to speak. “No.” he’d yelled, trying to stop it, as the Alpha of the pack, he could put a stop to it for the moment and address it later.

Clova didn’t care about his Aura. He was rolling out with that one word, didn’t even flinch, his eyes shot to Terence. He saw the man register the challenge and only briefly be conflicted by it. The minute she charged, he just dropped his guard, he was not going to fight her, not even try to defend himself.

Bl00dy f00l was going to let himself die to make sure she didn’t get hurt. “Terence,” he’d yelled to the man, trying to make him snap out of it and at least defend himself. Not that the man had listened at all. West was on the move to try and get to her before she did something she would really regret.

When Belinda, Terence’s mother, stepped right in front of her son, had come from no where, he’d not seen her, felt her aura though, stumbled to a stop and was forced down on his knee his neck bared to her, bloody powerful she was. But what else could he expect from a royal princess! “Stop,” she had said softly, didn’t even raise her voice. He saw her lift a single hand in front of her to match the word and to his relief Jo-anne back peddled so as not to h!t the woman and the came to a stop right in front of her, stared right up at her almost in a trance it appeared, didn’t seem to be able to take her eyes off the woman “enough Jo-anne.” and reached out to touch her face ever so gently calm down, my child.” she told her keeping her voice soft, he felt the minute Clova and Jo-anne’s aura receded away, a moment later so did Belinda’s the woman was still staring right into Jo-anne’s eyes.

He heard Jo-anne try to get words out but couldn’t and then she just collapsed suddenly. West was up in a shot but Belinda simply put her arms around her and guided her down to the ground, heard her sigh softly, “I’ll take her back to the pack-house” she stated, before turning to look at T.J. and asked him if he was alright.

West watched her reach out for her son. Never once before would she have ever seen him come so close to death. Not even in battle, but today he’d been ready to lay his life down for Jo-Jo and West wondered how his mother actually felt about that. It was something a Mate would do. Always willing to die for each other. West wondered if Volt would have stayed put inside him at the thought of his own demise at Clova’s hands. His wolf was watching but gave no opinion on the matter.

She acknowledged him as she carried Jo-anne, not a small woman, as though she weighed nothing. He thanked her and was about to tell her he didn’t think that they could have done this without her. She’d completely cut him off and stated they would have both d!ed, that it was just luck that she had been close by for a walk.

He was indeed grateful for her assistance. If she had not been walking by it was likely someone would have died. Though her assessment of the situation, he didn’t like that she had thought Jo-anne and Clova would have been more than a match for he and Terence. Maybe it was because she knew neither of them wanted to harm the girl.

He was a bit concerned about her passing out completely but she was breathing. He’d seen it for himself. Likely never used that Alpha Aura of hers, and overdone it. Finally, he agreed with Terence that, yes, they had a problem where she, Jo-anne was concerned. She was very strong, his aura had done nothing to her, and he could see now why T.J. had said he wanted to bow down to her. Who the hell were her parents and where the hell had she come from? Abandoned in the pack woods a few hours old, to be what she was, she had to be a ranked member. Surely or maybe, he sighed, one of his pack members had been taken by an Alpha for his own selfish needs and that was why, the baby was abandoned. He really did need to get to the bottom of it.

Suggested that they keep T.J’s mother close, he agreed.

Though TJ.’s eyes had been on her as she walked away, he seemed to be thinking about something else.

West turned to the cells. It was silent, no more laughing, he noted. “Come on Terence. Let’s go question that bastard, he knows something.”

“Agreed, he definitely knows something.”

They both walked into the cells and there he was looking at both of them. “Pity, I could have got rid of both of you, isn’t my little girl amazing?” he was smiling right at them.

“What say you, West? To playing 20 questions, we can take turns beating him when he doesn’t answer.”

“I like that, 20 questions it is.” he opened the cell door and the two of them stepped in, West pick up the Cat of 3 tails, that had hung on the wall, just outside the cell, on his way in. He saw Heaths jaw tighten and smiled right at him. “Awe Terence, I don’t think he wants to play with us.”

“Spoilsport, games are fun.”

“That’s what I was taught growing up,” West smirked. ” You want the first question?”

“Na man, I got to play with him last time, you go ahead.

He stood right in front of Heath, “So you know about her then, good tell me what you know.”

“That’s not how to play 20 questions.” he snorted at him.

He was right, West thought, he had not asked a question. “What do you know?”

“A lot,” Heath answered.

Hmm, according to the game rules, he had actually answered the question, looked to T.J and shrugged.

“Smug bastard. When did you know she was different,” Terence asked.

“Years ago.” Heath smiled “l got kids, I can play this game all day.” sarcasm dripping off every word.

West smiled, so could they “how many years ago?” he asked.

“Hmm, don’t know. Well, over a decade ago, I guess.” He shrugged.

“Before she was Mated to West?” T.J. asked

“Yep.” Heath nodded.

“How old was she when you knew she was different?” West asked.

“Hmm, I don’t recall exactly. But a child.”

He was awfully forthcoming all of a sudden, hadn’t wanted to talk about her at all, the last time. Why now? Maybe didn’t relish being lashed again.

“Why did you never say anything?” T.J. asked.

“Why would I out, my precious little girl?”

West hated how he called her that, his precious little girl, he had tried to k!ll her. How she was precious to him. “Why’d you try to k!ll her?”

“That’s my business.”

His eyes moved to T.J. He really didn’t like that answer. T.J shrugged “I didn’t hear him answer West.”

West nodded “Me either.” watched T.J. step back saw Heath glare right at him. Took a step back himself to give him room to swing the Cat, and did just that, swung it with all he had, dragged it right across the man’s chest, r!pping him open and blood started pouring from him, heard the man scream in pain.

I didn’t like that answer, just so you know.” Heath was breathing heavily, glaring right at him. T.J. walked back over and looked at the man. “Don’t ever call her precious, or your little girl. She is not yours anymore.”

“Does it bother you at all, Beta? That she, your future Mate, was ruined by him, your best friend. At just 16.”

West snarled right at the man and his hand was around the man’s throat in less than a second and he was squeezing with all he had. He did not need nor want to hear about their past or a freaking moment in his life that he could not even recall.

T.J. was trying to pry his hand off him. “Let go West, it’s what he wants.”

“I’ll fvcking kill him,” he snarled.

“When we get what we need. I won’t stop you. Let go.”

West relinquished his grip, only to hear that b*stard laugh. “I bet I can get you to kill me, before you get your answers.”

West stalked away from him, though never took his eyes off the man. Oh, he was going to d*e, Jo-anne was going to have to deal with it. Was prowling around the cell trying to convince himself not to rip the man’s head clean off.

“Bet I drag your b***h of a Mate in here and make you watch me beat the hell out of her before I kill you.” he snarled.

“She’s done nothing to you.”

“Technically, neither have you. Yet here we are.. You also have 2 daughters, don’t you?”

“West,” T.J. warned him, and he knew he was crossing the line, but that bastard was going to say all manner of disgusting things to West. To make him lose control.

“So you are a monster, after all, Westley.”

“I guess I am.” he snarled as he stopped right in front of Heath and stared right into his eyes. “I dare you, say it again.

And one of those three women you do actually love will be right here on the floor kneeling before me.” all his fury at the man etched into every word. Let him think what he wanted about the words he’d used.

“West?” he heard T.J.’s worry and concern. He ignored it, was focused only on Heath, who had finally snapped his mouth shut. He didn’t think the man would risk harm to his Mate or his actual children, for that matter, “Wise decision, I don’t think any of them would survive me.”

He could feel T.J. watching him, his Beta hadn’t like the nasty turn of events it seemed. West had never laid a harmful hand on any woman, despite what he had implied. He would not ever hurt a woman like that, the though disgusted him, sickened him.

Having one of them kneel before him was a conformism only. It just meant he would push his Alpha aura onto them until they were bowed low before him. So damn low they’d have their heads on the ground.

“I’m done, playing 20 questions, Heath. You will answer now or I will bring Karen right in here right now. Why did you attack her?”

“You really want to know. You won’t like it, you know.”

“fvcking tell me.”

“Because you and he. Beat me and lashed me, it was her fault I got that punishment from you. So I punish my own child, as is my right, as her father.”

West was staring at him incredulously. “That’s fvcking insane.” Heath laughed “Poor Alpha, didn’t she tell you? I did tell her why, when I did it. She knew why. You should have just asked her.. Or did my baby girl protect me, again.”

She had not told him. Not told T.J. either. But she knew all this time. He didn’t understand her. Why would she protect this piece of s**t like that?

The hit that came from T.J. made West step back altogether, it was the man’s word choice that had set T.J. off. He had already warned the man not to claim her as his own child.

“West forcibly sever this bastard from her,” he grated out.

“T.J. it will kill her and she will hate us both.”

“I’ll fvcking risk it.” he seethed.

West, however, was not. He didn’t want her to hate him. And if he forcibly removed the bl00d bond from her, it would cause her pain. If she would agree to it, yes he would do it. “We’ll tell her the truth about him. Let her make the choice. It has to be her choice T.J. it will make her an orphan, no family, it could destroy her.”

“I’ll lay claim to her.”

West’s head snapped around, “The hell you will, you will wait till the full moon comes T.J.”

“As her family West, not anything else.”

“Oh and when the full moon does come, what the hell happens then? Don’t be stupid.” the man’s head was all over the place. West grabbed him and shoved him out the cell. Followed himself and closed and locked the door. Shoved him all the way outside. They both needed to get away from that b*stard and cool down.

“Go and check on Jo-anne, T.J. and calm down.”

“Oh, I’m the one who needs calming down. After what you threatened in there,” he snarled at him.

“I would never and you of all people know it. It was a carefully worded sentence to get the man to shut the hell up.”

“It was vile, is what it was.” T.J. Snarled and then his wolf r!pped out of him and he bolted off into the forest.

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