Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 42

Unknown POV

It had hurt to feel the life of her daughter start to ebb away, the connection she had to her being severed so slowly, she’d run off into the woods to get away from it.

It wasn’t the first time she’d felt like this, there had been another time. She’d left the pack last time. The pain had been too great, poor child had no idea who she was, what she was, and she would never tell her, not unless the worst happened.

She was praying nothing would come of her father’s bloodline. He was a cruel evil bastard and she was glad he was dead, dead by her hands no less. At least her little girl was safe from that man. His plans for their child were just as sick and twisted as he was. Killing him had been her greatest pleasure.

She’d never looked at the child, not even when she’d given birth to it, had not wanted to know if it was a boy or a girl, she wasn’t going to keep it, couldn’t keep it, for she knew that child would be used and abused by everyone in her home pack, if they found out about her and what her bloodline was.

So that night she had birthed her child alone, out in rogue territory, then had bundled it up in a torn piece of material, she’d ripped from the dress she’d been wearing, snuck in undetected to this pack and lay that little baby so tiny in the snow, kept her eyes closed as she’d knelt there, it hadn’t cried once, not the whole time she had brought it here, a good little baby it had been.

She had kissed her child’s head and apologised “I’m sorry, I just can’t be your mother.” silent tears had fallen down her face as she had abandoned her child in the snow and fled once more from the pack, to give her body time to heal and the scent of that sick bastard blood to be gone from her system before returning, had not risked coming back to the pack for several weeks.

By then the child had been placed with another. She yearned to know, always in the back of her mind, but had steadfastly not allowed herself to look for her child. It was safer with another family, if no-one knew she was the child’s mother, it would be better for the child. It was easier not knowing if the baby had been a boy or a girl.

And that year many baby’s had been born so there had been a lot around.

The first time she’d felt the pain of her child’s life ebbing from her it had been so painful she had gone away to visit her family, not that she wanted to be in their pack either it was creepy and they all watched her like hawks. All eyes on her, bloody seers everywhere. She’d kept her little girl hidden from the whole world even from herself until that day. Not knowing meant the seers couldn’t know either.

Though she had suspected, seen her with the Pack’s future Beta not long after she’d turned 16, and her heart had skipped a beat, though the situation she had found her child in had not been to her liking, she could not interfere, she had wanted to, it was not her place. But seeing her with Terence, she had known, the girl looked very similar to her two daughters, she had younger sisters and didn’t even know it. Had a whole family she had no idea about, one she was this very minute still keeping her a secret from.

When she had left the pack at just before she turned 18, she was actually a little glad, gone off to live in the human world, a safer place for her, though she always knew some where deep down that she would come home. When she had come home, she was different had seen it instantly, smelled it, smelled him, his bloodline and the power that came with it.

Had watched carefully to see if she to had changed, was like him. A cruel evil creature that would need to be put down. Hadn’t seemed to have changed much and the Packs Beta very happy to see her, the new Alpha though? She didn’t blame him poor bastard had been forced into mating her didn’t even recall it, neither did her daughter for that matter.

She suspected who had done it, but had never been able to find any proof so confronting them had not been an option. She could have brought a seer from her home pack to check the truth of the matter but that would out her own child, one she had hidden for a reason. So had to leave it alone. Not that she hadn’t take the opportunity to beat the both of them during training.

But now watching in secret from the forest seeing with her own eyes the power she was displaying frightened her, taking on the Pack Beta without fear, her emotions ignited that other side of her, a side she’d likely never tapped into ever. A darkness that could and would likely consume her soul.

She would not be surprised if the woman she was watching now, had the same markings the Beta had, somewhere on her body, though likely more prominent, she’d not gotten close to the woman since she’d been brought back home. The Alpha and Beta had tracked her down and made her to come home. Even after the girl had offered to allow him to turn her rogue. He’d seemed more furious about that than accepting her pledge and loyalty. She knew he had marked her, he had tasted her blood, the girls venom also ran in his own veins, perhaps his attachment was more than it seemed. Perhaps it was unnatural, she did not know, he’d never shown any signs of wanting to hurt her, quite the opposite in fact.

But she had been gone a long time and not been of age when she had left.

Time would tell, she could well imagine the Alpha on Beta fight that was going to happen over the woman there had been one before, when she’d fled at the near death of her daughter at 18, those two men had turned on each other.

The Beta’s attachment was unwittingly her doing, she had prayed to the moon Goddess herself, the night she had abandoned her child, and fled from the pack for someone to always look over and protect her child.

Selena the moon Goddess, had heard her plea and answered her prayers, her little girl had a been gifted the strongest of protectors.

A part of her had wished it was not him. But another part of her was also glad, not many could bring down a wolf of royal blood. He would die for her, she was seeing the evidence of that right this very minute, would die even at her own hands. Couldn’t harm her, not ever, he was her protector.

To see her stop and stare almost in a trance and then just pass out, that was good there was a power stronger than her own, carried off to the pack-house for rest and re-cooperation. There was no hiding who she was now, she knew the Beta suspected, though he’d never broached the subject, seemed to know better. She knew he was going to come for answer. His little Jo-Jo was alpha blooded. He’d always knew she was different but now it was out and for all to see.

Her Alpha is also now aware his lost Mate, not so simple a creature anymore. Deadly even to him, what he would do about it? she didn’t know. Knew he’d gone into the cells to have a word with that bastard, who she couldn’t get near herself. But if they so much as let their guards down she would slip in side and strike fear right into that man’s heart right before she killed him.

Her concern though her unconscious child. Her powers activate by her anger or raw emotions it seemed, though she had never been an angry child, not even when Mate to Alpha West in such an unhealthy manner, had just mosied on like a good little soldier seemed to not have been angry about it just accept her fate, till she didn’t. She wondered about that. Perhaps something from the Goddess herself.

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