Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 44

West POV

Hearing her sob so uncontrollably was nearly killing him. She’d woken up and almost immediately burst into tears. She knew what she had done, he and T.J. had both been in her room waiting for her to wake up. After arguing about severing her tie to Heath, he didn’t want her bound to that bastard anymore than T.J. did, but he wanted to give Jo-anne answers first. T.J. it seemed, didn’t give a s’*tabout getting her permission had told West he would bloody do it if West didn’t.

He knew the man well enough to stop arguing about it. It was Jo-anne. So he’d agreed told T.J. in the morning he’d send for her to come to his office and they would do it then. That had not satisfied the man, he wanted it done now. The minute she woke up. Wanted that tie to Heath gone and was not willing to wait a single second longer than it needed to be.

So he’d retrieved her file and they’d headed for her room. She was alone in there, sleeping. The use of whatever powers were contained inside of her had drained her completely, either that or Belinda had done something to her. He wasn’t exactly sure. Who knew what the Royals could do?

T.J. had made himself comfortable on her bed, right next to her, to West’s annoyance, but he’d said nothing. Volt was very unhappy about seeing it, T.J. stretched out on the bed watching her sleep. He was not touching her, and West knew it was the man’s ever present need to protect her and comfort her, that made him be there on the bed with her. Volt was prowling around inside his mind glaring at the man.

It was almost as if T.J. knew it too, every now and then he would simply snicker for no reason, West had stopped prowling around the room, when T.J. had nearly burst out laughing at him, when Volt, had let out a low growl at the man for actually touching her face.

Bastard was playing with his wolfs’ possessiveness.

What on earth drove the man to toy with his Alpha’s wolf like that, only the Goddess herself knew.

But it was a deadly game. At some point, he was not going to be able to contain his beast and there was going to be a massive fight erupt right here, in her room where she was sleeping, if the man wasn’t careful.

Her sob had drawn his attention, he’d turned in time to see both her hands cover her face as she’d been wracked with sobs, T.J. had pulled her into his arms and she’d apologised right away, just lay there clinging on to him crying uncontrollably. He had wanted to leave the damned room. It hurt hearing how much pain she was in, didn’t think he’d ever heard her cry like that.

He knew he’d made her cry, coped a fist to his face every damned time, took the hit from T.J. without question, never hit him back, not once. He’d known he’d deserved it, even the first time, when he’d picked himself up off the floor, he’d just looked at T.J. half expecting another, but it had never come.

The only thing he’d ever said was “one day you’ll regret everything West. One day it will be all too late and no apology will save you.” and he had been right about the day that it would all be too late. As for the regret, he already had that, regretted everything the minute he’d done it. Lived a lifetime of regret where she was concerned.

Trying to explain to her about her father, he’d known it was going to be difficult, but to hear her say she already felt broken, how could he continue and break her even more? Trying to leave the room, the threat that had come out of T.J. he knew the man meant every word. He didn’t seem to care that she was in too fragile a state to handle this. Just wanted what he wanted and right this bloody minute.

It didn’t surprise him that she was resistant to the idea, but bloody hurt when she turned those eyes of hers on him, pure disbelief in them about him not hurting her on purpose. Even Volt hadn’t liked it. He’d given her years of pain, not that she ever even yelled at him about it. Just accepted it all and held it in, why she’d never screamed at him, hit, kicked or lashed out.

Not even once still to this day shocked him. If he’d been her, he’d have beat the living hell out of his Mate for that treatment.

He’d stood and just closed himself off to everything, the way he always did. He knew his anger at her words aimed directly at him was on display. He couldn’t help it, even telling her he wouldn’t hurt her on purpose didn’t seem to matter to her. The damage he’d done to their Mate Bond was already enmbedded into her. She would never believe he’d not hurt her on purpose. T.J. was right, no apology was ever going to make it okay. He turned and walked away to the window, didn’t want to look at her expression, see the disbelief anymore.

Her reaction to him picking up her file to give to her. He knew she understood they were telling the truth about the situation, this was her reaction to not wanting to believe them. Not that she didn’t believe them, she was scared he could see it. He handed the folder to T.J. and tried to tell her it was a quick thing that could be dealt with easily. But if she was resistant to it, would in all likely be very painful.

She didn’t want to, he could see it and hear it in her voice, trying to gain her permission, telling her he wanted her to do this, that he was asking her, not forcing her to, her reply. “I’ll have no-one West.” Tears spilling down her face, terrified it seemed that she would be all alone. She would never be alone, he would never allow it.

Hadn’t even thought about it, just walked across the room and held her, tried to reassure her she would not be alone, that he and T.J. would always be there for her. And true it wasn’t much. Two people in a pack of nearly 1800, it wasn’t much at all. But they would never let anyone hurt her. He knew that, and come the full moon he was dead certain one of them was going to be her Mate. Just hated which he knew it was going to be.

But at least she would be happy and T.J. would never allow harm to come to her, bloody woman couldn’t stub a toe without him knowing.

Used his thumbs to brush her tears away, he wanted to lean down and k!ss the woman, but refrained because T.J. was right there. He’d pushed his luck the last time. Today he would not, asked her to please read the file and left her there with T.J. stepped out of the room and walked off to his office.

It was almost an hour before T.J. called him back to the room and she was ready, sat down next to her and explained the process to her. It was quite simple, formally renounce the man and use the packs ceremonial blade, to bleed his blood out of hers. He felt Volt push forward to do the asking, as her Alpha and she smiled right up at his wolf, damned beast near exploded with joy, winked right at her, to show her he was happy with her smiling at him. Was purring inside West, which West managed to stifle and shake off, then asked her if she wanted to sever her blood bond with Heath. She didn’t hesitate to answer at all.

A single drop of blood seeped from the cut to her hand, he wiped it away with a tissue from the bedside table. And looked at her and asked her how she felt because she smelled instantly different to him.

Whatever part of Heath had been in her was gone and her scent changed along with it. Though she said she didn’t feel any different. He knew it had worked.

It was odd that she didn’t feel anything at all.

Though she’d not felt anything when she’d broken their Mate Bond either. He’d watched that mark burn right off her neck and she’d not even flinched. When he’d accepted her rejection, it had felt like the skin on his neck was being peeled off one layer at a time while he was awake, with the use of a hot searing knife, caused him complete and utter agony and unlike hers, which had gone in less than a minute, his had taken hours to burn off his skin.

When he’d gone to leave the room and she called him by name. Liked it when she called him West actually, sounded nice coming from her. Wondered if he should start making everyone else call him Westley and only allow her to call him West. Wanted to know what she was now if not a Morris anymore.

He had thought about it ‘Ours is what.’ Volt had shot at him. “A Carlton I guess.” Then he’d left the room. Jo-anne Carlton, he’d never given her his name when they were Mated but he should have.

‘Alpha, you might want to come down to the cells.

Something weird is going on with your prisoner. it was his guard, Howard.

On my way.

‘T.J. something going on at the cells, might want to come.’

‘Wait for me.’

West was only a few steps from her room. He stopped and waited. T.J. appeared a minute later and they headed over there. Walked into the Cells could hear the screaming coming from Heath looked at his guard.

He shrugged “no-one in or out of Alpha, as ordered. Just started screaming and thrashing, pitching a fit like nothing I seen or heard before”

Definitely sounded like it, they walked in and the man was indeed pitching one hell of a fit, to the point he was no longer up on the hook, was lying down on the ground rolling around and screaming in pain. Like he was lying on hot coals and they were burning him all over. He looked at T.J., who shrugged.

“Started when she cut ties with him, I suppose” West leaned on the cell bars.

“She didn’t feel anything” T.J. commented.

“No, but he is.” the man was in agony. It seemed” how do you think he got down?”

“Acrobatics, who knows?”

Heath’s eyes finally found Wests. “What did you do to her?” he screamed trying to get up.

“Nothing. I did nothing to her.”

“You lie,” he screamed, finally managing to get himself up off the floor “l can’t feel her.”

West stepped back, as did T.J. when the man shot forward to try and reach him through the bars, his hands were out stretched, his fingers digging in the air trying to get a hold of West.

“I’ll kill you,” he screamed all of a sudden, then he was grabbing onto the bars and trying to break them, kicking at them and throwing himself at them.

This was a newturn of events. The man had tried to kill her himself, yet now he wanted to kill West for the fact that he couldn’t feel her. “Let’s hang him back up, he might kill himself” West acknowledged, the man appeared to be in some sort of grief rage, over the Woman.

The minute the cell door was open he was charging at them both screaming in anger. The two of them hauled him back to the middle of the room and hoisted him up onto the hook once more. He was then kicking out the two of them.

He stood staring at the man thrashing about, “I’m guessing you’re feeling the pain of her severing her ties to you.”

“She wouldn’t even know how to do that” he gasped” I’m her father. She wouldn’t.”

“I knew how, and I told her how. Terence here helped convince her.” West informed him simply.

“No, why would you do that?” he suddenly sobbed

“She’s my little girl, all l have.” Actually, tears of sadness were falling from the man. What the hell was wrong with this man?

“Why? Are you stupid? You tried to kill her.”

“I didn’t mean it,” he burst out, “I didn’t want to.”

West looked at T.J. The man really did sound genuine, full of remorse.

“Sounds truthful but I saw it with my own eyes, heard him laugh. He wanted to do it.”

“lt wasn’t me” he screamed. “I would never hurt West frowned. “But you did, even before you tried to kill her, your wolf attacked her.”

“He didn’t mean it, we’re confused.”

“Confused about what?” the man seemed awfully chatty. All of a sudden might as well get some answers.

“I don’t know, it was her, but..” he trailed off.


“I don’t know how to explain it. Let me see her. I want to see her, need to see she is alive with my own eyes.”

“Not going to happen.” T.J. shot at him.

“She’s my little girl, I want to see her:” he screamed at them.

West sighed “She is not yours and I will not be letting you see her.” Then he turned and walked out of the cell, closed and locked the door once T.J. was out.

Looked right at the man, even T.J. had a hand on West’s arm, he saw it too.

The man’s demeanour had changed, there was an evil smirk on his face. “She’s still going to die by your hands West. it’s unavoidable you know.’ so much menace filled his words.

“I, unlike you, would never hurt her.” West snapped and turned to leave,

The laughter that bubbled up out of the man was evil and sent a shiver all the way through him “Just one bite, Westley, and you’ll want to kill her. Won’t be able to help yourself. You’ll see.”

He turned and looked at the man, fear was ripping right through him. Heath’s eyes were locked right onto his, he meant every word, there was deadly certainty in the words he’d spoken.

Heath sneered right at him. “Hope I’m alive to see It, see your pain when you kill her.”

Felt T.J.’s hands on him and pulled him from the cell. The man was laughing one second all psychotically and then he was sobbing uncontrollably the next.

Something was seriously wrong with the man.

“Don’t listen to him, West. He’s clearly insane. Listen to him now, that is the sound of insanity.”

West turned and looked at the cells. The man was screaming out Jo-anne’s name so filled with pain and suffering and then the next thing he was laughing maniacally, almost like he had a split personality. It was the phrase that bothered him the most ‘Just one bite Westley, and you’ll want to kill her. Won’t be able to help yourself’ Heath’s wolf had bit her, one bite and then he’d been trying to kill her.

He turned and walked away, he’d heard enough, he’d bitten her before that much was clear. Marked her, he’d not wanted to kill her then, but…he sure as hell hadn’t been concerned about alpha ordering her to the floor that day, didn’t care if she’d died from it, hadn’t cared until T.J. had stopped him. What if it was true?

Every time he’d been angry with her family he’d gone off and taken it out on her.

She’d been underage then, her blood not fully realized, to what she was. What if a bite then had made him the way he was, torn up inside, loved and hated her at the same time, couldn’t understand it himself, he had craved her so much, but when it came to alpha ordering her he’d had no feelings about it at all, just did it like he couldn’t help himself.

What if a bite now tipped him over the edge. She was of age now, her blood would be different. If he turned out to be her Mate and he Mark her, would he be unable to stop himself from hurting her? From killing her? Fear was creeping in on him. Volt had been going to go Clova today and he was always angry with her. He stopped walking. He didn’t want to hurt her.

“West doesn’t let him get into your head man.” T.J.’s voice

West turned his head, he’d forgotten T.J. was walking with him. It was too late, the man was already inside his head and he knew it. His Bond to her had never felt right to him, he’d told T.J. that once before.

After the first time, he’d Alpha ordered her for answers. Tried to explain it to him. Gotten blindly drunk to try and obliterate the memory of what he’d done. But it had never left him.

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