Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 45


Trying to track that woman down; she was not an easy woman to get alone right now. She knew he was coming to have that conversation finally. A conversation she clearly did not want to have with him. Though her outright refusal to be alone with him, only confirmed for him 100%, that he was right about who Jo-Jo’s mother was.

Did it really surprise him? No. Jo- Jo looked like her mother a fair bit, looked like her sister’s too. Made him wonder how no-one had picked up on it? Or maybe it was just that only a very few select people knew the real truth about her birth. It did sadden him though, that she would run from him, and not want to talk about it with him.

How the woman’s Mate did not know about this, was a curiosity to him. That man had been around Jo-Jo and a fair bit of late, but didn’t seem to notice the likeness to his own daughters, or did he also know, but never said anything and, if so, for what reason? Just more questions for him to figure out.

T.J. was faster than this woman in human form, but not in wolf, that damned thing was a nightmare to pin down. Not only was her wolf freaking fast, it was agile to boot. Could turn on a dime, it seemed. Her wolf was smaller than his by half, therefore it could fit through narrower gaps in trees that Lark could not, and she and her wolf were making use of that to out manoeuvre Lark.

T.J. was not about to out the woman about being Jo-Jo’s birth mother to the whole pack, therefore he could not ask for back up or any assistance to corner her wolf either. She had a Mate and 3 other children, which it was obvious were oblivious to the fact that Jo-Jo was also a part of their family unit. He would like to rectify that, but it didn’t seem this was what the woman wanted. T.J. had a nagging feeling why.

He’d not even told West of his suspicions about who Jo-Jo’s mother was, and was intending to keep it to himself for now. Didn’t even know if he should tell Jo-Jo herself. It was a concern, how she would react, and he didn’t want to set her off.

He was currently trying to corner the woman’s wolf, she was blocking all his attempts to form a mind-link with her, she was frustrating the hell out of him. He knew several pack members had seen his wolf chasing hers, most had just smiled and laughed. This woman was a full-blown warrior and trained the juniors in wolf form, was often seen running through the pack with the new wolves trying to catch hers. She was pushing them and training their wolves how to be nimble and quick in the wooden area’s. A good skill to have for hunting or escaping. So he was in her domain right now and she and her bloody wolf were likely loving this chase.

Most of the pack members who saw Lark racing after her, likely though he was training with her, most just smiled and laughed, he got a few mind-links about being too slow to catch her. Annoyed the hell out of him and he’d shot back. He was just toying with her, but in reality he really couldn’t get the woman pinned down.

Lark snarled in frustration as her wolf went leaping across a gorge of about 20 feet, didn’t even hesitate at the gap, made it with ease and then skidded to a stop.

Her wolf turned and snorted at him. Their wolves were now staring each other down across the gap, she was still keeping the mind-link closed to him, damned Woman was so stubborn.

‘To slow Beta.’ she finally opened the mind-link he was pushing at her.

“We need to talk.” he shot back at her.

The link was closed off to him and she was gone running off away into the woods on the other side of the gorge. Lark snarled in disappointment, they turned and headed back to the pack-house. Bloody woman wasn’t willing to talk to him, and she needed to, or he was going to out her right in front of West. Let him deal with her and get the truth out of her, the answers they needed.

He’d been chasing her all bloody morning since before, sun up even. To no avail, her wolf had just as much stamina as his, frustratingly annoying chasing one of the best damned warriors of the pack around. Shifted and entered the communal mudroom to clean off, there were several others showering, coming back from training, he supposed. Something he’d missed due to that infuriating Woman. She did not even care she was defying the pack Beta.

T.J. stepped into one of the shower stalls and stood under the water letting the hot water ease the tension in his muscles. He had to sort this out, needed actual information, needed to understand why and how. Heath seemed to have a fractured mind and he had not been like that prior to his wolf biting Jo-Jo. This woman could have the answers.

Heath’s claim, was a huge concern. T.J. knew that West was more than concerned by it. To Mark a Mate was to bite them, so any Mate, she got, West or another, to Mark her could potentially be a threat to her. Though T.J. was pretty sure that West was more concerned about the comment that she was destined to die at his own hands.

It would not happen on T.J.’s watch. He could get there in time to save her. If that happened, not that T.J. thought it would happened, West couldn’t stand the thought of harm coming to her. Wouldn’t allow it to happen if he could prevent it. Her being injured now had been unforeseen to all. Who would have thought her own father would try and kill her? Not even T.J. had thought he would do something like that.

Her mother, could likely provide all the information about Jo-Jo’s father’s bloodline. He didn’t need her mother now he knew who she was, he understood her bloodline on that side of her, but perhaps there was something in her father that explained the rest about her.

None of her mother’s bloodlines had glowing eyes that he knew of. So that part of her, was all her father.

Maybe he should have Patterson run her bloods in secret. He groaned, if he did that, it would out her mother, to the pack doctor and he might feel compelled to tell West. He was so frustrated. A snarl ripped out of him and he punched the wall of the shower stall. Tiles shattered and fell to the floor, he sighed and scrubbed his hands over his face.

“You alright in there?”

T.J. turned his eyes to the woman’s voice. Silvia was leaning but a*ss na*ked on the entrance to his shower stall. “Come here woman,” he growled at her with a smile and reached for her. She strolled right on in and slid her arms up around his neck. “Distract me from my worries,” he told her.

“Sure thing Beta.” she smiled up at him and pressed her na*ked body right up against his “I only got like five minutes though.”

“That is not, enough time,” he groaned, his mouth on her neck already. “l need at least an hour” and heard her chuckle.

“You know you could just shove me up against that wall and furiously f**k me, I’d like it a lot.” she was rocking her hips against him.

“Ah, that’s not me.” he put his hands on her hips and stopped her grinding. “You know that.”

She smiled “I know, but l’d be up for it.” she teased him. He knew she would.

“Yeah I know.” T.J. sighed, leaned back on the wall and put her na*ked body a little away from him.”

Get…you’re torturing me woman.

She smiled, then slid her hand down his body, stroked his c0ck, then grabbed it firmly, her eyes right on his as he started to get hard, grinned up at him, then just let go and walked away out of the shower. Bloody woman, he knew she had patrol duty and couldn’t be late. But Jeez, touching him like that, she was trying to frustrate him. His needs ran deeper than a five-minute fvck.

Turned the water from hot to cold and shook it off, he might have to make his way to her bed tonight to save himself and her for that matter. Turned the shower off, dried off, pulled on a pair of gym shorts to walk through the pack-house, to head for his room to dress for the day.

Everyone was up and heading for the pack dining hall for breakfast.

“You sexy beast.” Ella grinned right at him, her eyes sliding over his mostly na*ked body as she was walking down the stairs he was going up, then cracked him hard right on his a*ss, her fingers giving him a good squeeze to boot. Elicited a growl from both he and Lark, she laughed at his response.

Cole was trailing her, bloody man whacked her up the back side of her head and T.J. nearly punched him in the face for it. The only thing that stopped him was hearing Ella’s all-super-innocent comment to her brother.

“What?”, made T.J. smile to himself as he continued up the stairs, cheeky a*ss woman.

That woman was going to get more than she bargained for one day. One day, she would do that and they would be all alone and she’d find herself underneath him. Hell yanked onto his face, begging for more as he ate her out, for as long as he damned well pleased. T.J. could eat something that freaking sweet smelling for hours. Hell he’d hold her down and eat her out until she was a quivering blood mess on the floor.

Dressed and in the West’s office, he found his Alpha focused on pack business, probably trying to keep his mind off of Heath and Jo-Jo. He glanced up at T.J. “You missed training.”

“I did.” T.J. nodded “Had a more pressing matter to attend to.”

West frowned at him, he’d not given T.J. anything to do, but seemed to just let it go. “I don’t want Jo-anne going anywhere on her own. She’s your job now.”

“My job?” T.J. queried.

“Yes.” he waved T.J. off, turned back to pack business.

T.J. shook his head, the man was nuts. If he wanted her escorted everywhere or to know her every move, why didn’t he just have her come and sit in the damned office, he had to get her mother alone and talking. That was his plan for the rest of the day. Or had been til now.

Sighed and left the office to go and find her. It wasn’t hard, she was having breakfast with Ella and her friends.

His eyes locked with Ella’s for a moment and she winked right at him. Bloody woman was definitely asking for it.

He walked Jo-Jo down to the pack hospital Dr Patterson wanted to give her a check-up. Now she was all healed. Patterson sat in front of her on a stool and checked Jo-Jo’s neck. All her wounds were healed completely, he had her run through some vocal chord exercises, including having Clova growl and snarl and the two of them to push forward and talk together. Only then did T.J. realise he’d never seen the two of them do that, talk as one.

Patterson was happy with everything and T.J. walked her back to the pack-house, asked her how she was feeling. It had only been a few hours since she’d severed ties with Heath, she’d seemed quite happy with Ella and her friends, he’d noted, laughing and having a joke.

Apparently she was completely fine, apologised to him again for yesterday’s event. He nudged her. “Don’t worry about it. What do you want to do today?”

“Actually “‘d like to paint today, so I’ll likely be in my room a few days. It won’t paint itself, you know.”

“Can I see it yet?”

“Nope.” she shook her head.

“Why not?”

“You can’t keep a secret.” she teased him.

“Oh, can’t I? Think you’ll find I can.”

“Nope.” she shook her head again.

“Better lock your door then, I’m gonna peek,” he chuckled “Who ordered it? You’ve got no new contracts I know of.”

“None ya business.”

“Oh, so its like that is it!”

“Yep,” she grinned up at him as they walked into the pack-house “You go play at being the pack Beta.” She shot at him cheekily.

T.J. snorted “I don’t play at it.” watched her head off up stairs. And just like that, the old Jo-Jo was back. Had bounced right back, just like always, he shook his head.

He didn’t know how she did it, strolled into West’s office, he was on the phone, all business still, it seemed.

Sat down and actually pulled out Jo-Jo’s contracts.

There were a few details that just needed clearing up and then he could have West sign them off, hell he could do it. He’d seen his father’s signature on one or two of her contracts over the past few years, though would have to get West’s approval to do that.

Lifted his head, as his wolfs hearing picked up a voice he wanted to talk to, left the office on his own business, nearly snarled out his irritation as he saw she wasn’t alone, backed off instantly, she was with her whole family having a casual lunch I the packs foyer.

Her eyes met his and she smiled right at him, then returned her attention to her family, dismissing him. She knew he wasn’t going to out her.

“Son.” T.J’s eyes moved to his father, who was addressing him. “How are you? Your mother told me what happened yesterday.”

“Did she?”

“Yes, how is Jo-anne?”

“Woke up distressed, West and I severed her tie to Heath last night, so hopefully it won’t happen again.

“How’d the girl handle that?” his father asked him, seemed quite concerned for her.

“Fine, as far as I can tell. Didn’t even hurt her… Heath…. on the other hand, interesting response.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Come, I’ll show you.” T.J. indicated for his father to follow him. His eyes landed on the woman, she was still with her family, smiled right at him, definitely knew he wasn’t about to break up her happy home.

Headed for the cells with his father.

Heath’s first words, were filled with concern, full of sadness, worried about Jo0-Jo, begged to see her, seemed almost desperate even, begged profusely to be allowed just to lay eyes on her, even promised he’d apologise.

“Just wait.” T.J. told his father, it did not take long for Heath to switch demeanour to that nasty piece of sh!t, with foul intent and nasty words about West killing her. He and his father sat and watched. Saw that poor bastard go back and forth, like hew as two different people, one her kind and caring father and the other, the evil bastard who’d tried to kill her.

“I think you should put him down, son.” his father told him, “not going to get anything from him now. Completely lost his mind, it seems.”

“It does seem that way.” T.J. nodded as they headed back to the pack-house. “How’s mother after yesterday?”

“She’s fine Terence. Was more concerned about you not even trying to fight for your life.”

“I can’t hurt her, you know that.”

“Terence, there is such a thing as defending yourself. Use it next time. Or I’ll pit you against your mother in a sparing match.”

T.J. smirked at that “Organise it. Just me and her, let’s see who wins. I like a good fight.”

“Son, she’s much stronger than all of us, including young Jo-anne, I hear.”

“Thankfully.” T.J. nodded.

“West has real concern over Heath’s words,” he sighed.

“Heath is insane. They’re just ramblings, don’t worry about it.”

“Already buried himself in work.”

“That’s how he copes, Terence, you know this.”

“I know, it’s just that..” he trailed off.

“Hmm, you aren’t the only one to notice the changes in him, since she came back.”

“Changes?” T.J. stopped walking. “He stopped smoking the minute she told him it wasn’t good for him.”

His father laughed. “She’s got a Mates effect on him, I know we all see it Terence.”

“What if he’s not?”

“Do you really believe that?”

“I don’t know, he’s different around her, but their past is not good.”

“It l sort itself out, Terence. Are you still annoying the man over the woman?”

“Yeah!” he chuckled.

“You poke the bear son.”

“You get bit.” Terence laughed” I been bit before and survived it. It’s all good.”

His father smiled right at him. “You two are weird around that girl.”

“West needs to be forcibly shoved in the right direction. I don’t mind being the one to do it.”

“ls it working?”

“Ah, I hope so… Sometimes I see it, other times he’s still an a*ss like normal. But he’s had a long time to be an a*ss, and not much practice at anything else… so it’s difficult.”

“I imagine so, How’d you get him into the Alpha Suite?”

“I didn’t, he stopped sleeping in his room and started sleeping elsewhere after Alpha Jayden k!ssed Jo-Jo. Then he moved himself into the suite while she was in the hospital.” T.J. smiled to himself and thought, after he k!ssed the hell out of her, but he left it unsaid.

“What do you know?”

“No more than the Luna,” T.J. chuckled.

“Cryptic bastard aren’t you.” his father shoved him and T.J. shove him back and then the next thing he knew, they were rolling around on the ground trying to pin each other down, laughing at each other.

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