Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 46

Jo-anne POV

West did not come and visit her, seemed it was up to T.J. to check on her after the severing of her bond with Heath, not that she minded she liked T.J.!’s company. He escorted her around when she wanted to go somewhere. Every time she left her room he was walking towards the stairs to meet her. It was a little disconcerting that he knew she was on her way out of her room or to go off somewhere.

She had wanted to let Clova out, asked permission, still worried about Volt and Clova coming across each other, his wolf had winked at her, and West had k!ssed her in the hospital, though now she just had guilt about that, poor Miranda, that woman must be going through hell with Jo-anne back in the pack. She didn’t mean for any of it to happen, hadn’t started any of it. Was it all his wolf or West himself?

Though that k!ss in the hospital, she had k!ssed him back. A part of her had always wondered what it would be like to have him k!ss her like that. She had tried that first year of their Bond and curiosity had always been there. She shook it off.

T.J. had declined her request on the account of ‘it might not be safe.’ She’d asked him what it meant, he’d not said anything, just shrugged, but Clova still wanted to go for a run. Jo-anne was at this minute contemplating just letting her, without asking permission. She’d seen West and T.J. leave in West’s car, so it was safe. Clova would not be near Volt, though Jo-anne had no idea if they had left the pack or were just off elsewhere.

She stepped outside her room to find a man sitting on a chair across the hall from her door. His eyes landed right on her, and then he stood up. Going somewhere?” he asked her.

“No.” Jo-anne went to walk down the hall. He fell in step with her and she turned to look up at him. “You going somewhere?”

“Where ever you are. Alpha’s orders.” he told her casually.

Jo-anne stopped walking and stared at him.


“Alpha’s orders, where you go, I go. Till he or the Beta get back.”

Just great, so she had a constant companion, it seemed now. “Why?” she asked and continued down the hallway.

The man shrugged “Just following orders.”

“I don’t need you to go, everywhere I go.” She stated flatly.

“That maybe, but l got orders to follow.”

Jo-anne got the distinct impression that this man would not be budged. Probably picked because he would follow orders without question.

“What Rank are you?” she asked casually.

Heard the smile in his voice “Elite Warrior, you won’t get away from me or my team miss.” he was not fooled, it seemed.

“Team?” she frowned now, so not just one, but a whole team. West was insane. If he had a team following anyone around for protection it should be, on his Mate, Miranda.

“Yes” he answered, but did not elaborate further.

Jo-anne sighed, so it seemed she was going to have a body guard, why she walked about, Heath was still in the cells as far as she knew, so why all this? She didn’t know.

“How long do I have you and your team?”

“Till the Alpha or Beta come back,” he stated, as he had before.

“And when are you expecting them?”

“l’m not. I don’t ask questions about where or what my Alpha does. I just follow his orders.”

Jo-anne sighed more than frustrated with this man, wondered if she could give him the slip, looked him over, he smiled right at her”Try it.”

“What orders do you have, if l do?” she was not so dumb.

He laughed “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“I would,” she answered honestly.

“Let’s just say.. would inform the Alpha and the Beta, do you really want to incur their wrath?”

Jo-anne turned now to look right up at him. “Wrath, TJ. would never.”

“Do you think, your Alpha, won’t punish you?” he seemed quite amused.

“Well, I’m going out with the girls tonight. You’d best bring your dancing shoes.” she walked off ahead of him. He followed her all the way into the town centre, where she got food and a cup of tea, then sat and ate it while he stood by, uncaring of the looks they were both getting. It was very annoying for her.

Although Ella had said West had people following her at a distance during their Mate Bond, she’d never noticed it. Was this what it had been like? It was weird, to say the least. Poor Miranda, once she was Marked by him, was in for a life of no privacy, it seemed.

Returned to her room, to paint. Only to find Luna Natalia standing in her room, looking at the canvas. It had not been cOvered, the paint was still wet. Jo-anne had been working on it all morning.

She, however, had been trying to keep it a secret.

“When did you start it?”

“After I got out of the hospital,” Jo-anne informed her, the picture of West smiling was ona stand next to it for reference.

“You did it.”

“I did.” Jo-anne nodded. “Took me several days, the man seemed to be happy to be having his first real Alpha meeting, here within the pack.”

“I can’t believe it.” Luna Natalia sighed as she picked up the photo and touched it gently. “The boy hasn’t smiled in forever.”

“I wanted to keep it a secret, surprise you.”

“You, Jo-anne, have surprised me.” she turned and smiled right at her “did you get any others?

“l did.” Jo-anne walked over and turned her laptop on and indicated for the Luna to sit down. Showed her all the ones she had taken, including West and T.J. seeing as the secret was out, there was no need to hide the rest.

“Oh my Goddess, Iook at them. Just like when they were teenagers.”

Jo-anne knew what she meant. A small pang of pain touched her. She meant before he’d woken up Mated to her. He’d been 20 at the time. She had ruined his life, it was what West had always told her on many occasions.

“Can I take one?”

“I’d prefer not, for now. He’ll see it, know I was sneaking around, might get me into trouble. I don’t want, nor need that from him.”

The Luna chuckled softly for a moment, seemed amused by something in her words “When it is done?”

“Yes, I will give you whatever ones you want, once the portrait is finished.”

“I want them all.” she turned and looked at Jo-anne, a happy bright smile on her face. “Gosh, he looks like Damien when he smiles.”

“Handsone, when he’s not grumpy.” Jo-anne nodded, saw his mother raise an eyebrow at her tone. “l never once saw him smile.” Jo-anne elaborated with a shrug.

“Not once…even…well”

“No, not even then.” she knew what his mother was talking about, before or after s*x. “A scowling man always,” she shrugged “smiling makes him look younger.”

“It does.” she nodded and turned back to the photo’s “I don’t know how to repay you.”

“Don’t. This one is on the house…for everything you and Alpha Damien did for me, over the years. Even after I left.”

“Thank you Jo-anne.”


Luna Natalia left Jo-anne’s room still smiling to herself, promising to keep it to herself. Happy with the knowledge that West could actually smile.

Likely his portrait was going to shock his whole pack. She smiled herself, and stepped back up to the canvas, picking up a brush to continue her work. It was going to be worth its weight in gold, wondered absently as she painted about the frame his mother would choose.

The girls all turned up at 9 pm to go out dancing. She was ready, wearing a pair of pale blue low-slung, well-fitted jeans, and a long-sleeved flared top, that was off the shoulder in a pretty dark pink colour. A pair of black suede boots with a 3-inch heel. She left her hair out and was made up with dark pink l!pstick, black eyeliner, and smokey grey eye shadow. Ready for a night out with the girls.

“Whose the muscle?” Ella smiled at her, after eyeing off the new men trailing them, three of them not one at the moment. Why she had no idea?

“I don’t know” she shrugged. “Something West insisted on, for Goddess only knows what reasons.”

All the girls burst out laughing “Well.” Ella turned and looked at the three men, “Hope you fellas like a good bit of drinking and dancing. It’s ladies’ night at Maxi’s.”

“What’s ladies night?” Jo-anne asked. She’d only been to Maxi’s once. That first night she’d been back in the pack.

“Oh my, that’s right, you don’t know. You should have brought your camera, topless un-mated males serving drinks, putting on a show or two, and dancing with us freely, sweet se*xy a*sses everywhere you turn. And girl, touching is okay.

Young warriors, all of them, so buffed up to the hilt.

“You’ll love it.”

Jo-anne laughed “Well now, next time you gotta warn me. I’ll def bring the camera. You think they’d be up for that calendar idea?

“Sure, some of them anyhow.”

“T.J. won’t pose, grumpy a*ss said no.”

They were all laughing as they headed into Maxi’s. Ella was not wrong, there were a dozen young warriors walking around in skinny jeans, slung low on their h!ps, all their pecks, abs and v-lines on display for all to see and oiled up to boot.

There was more than one show up on that stage too. It was an un-mated she-wolf’s dream and these young warriors were more than happy to be dancing with any she-wolf that asked them to.

Jo-anne was standing at a table with a wolfen-loaded scotch and dry in her hand, watching two of her friends as they sandwiched one of those un-mated males between them, pressing right up against him and gyrating all over him. They were both smiling and he too seemed to be enjoying the attention, had his hands on Julie’s h!ps and was grinding away on her.

As her eyes swept around the room, they fell on the future Luna, dancing with one of those men, damned near spat her drink all over the place. If West found out, he would go ballistic. He was a possessive man. Jo-anne could see that the un-mated male had his hands on Miranda’s h!ps and was merrily grinding himself against her. He should bloody know better.

Goddess the woman was playing with fire, not to mention she was practically wearing nothing, a tiny little white dress, that barely covered her a*ss cheeks, and her breasts were pushed up with cleavage for all to see, and that dress was all leather crisscross straps up the sides. West would never allow her to wear so little, barely a bit of satin at all.

Turned to look around, West maybe not here in the pack, but surely at least Ricky or Cole were here to supervise the woman or protect her. She couldn’t see them anywhere. Turned her eyes back to Miranda to find the woman smiling and waving at her, she walked off the dance floor and right over to her. “Hey, good to see you all better, don’t you just love it here. I love these nights.” she was a little breathless from dancing, it seemed.

“Um, should you be doing that?” Jo-anne asked, more than a bit concerned for the woman and the un-mated male she had been dancing with.

“Its just dancing, what’s wrong with that?” she laughed, seemingly unconcerned at all.

“West will get really mad.”

Watched as Miranda snorted, “No he won’t, he doesn’t care that I come here dancing.”

Jo-anne was completely shocked by the woman’s statement. All mates were possessive creatures. And she knew first hand what West was like. He may not have wanted to be mated to her but that did not stop his need to make sure no-one saw her naked. Hell, Miranda’s skimpy dress would be enough to have West blow a gasket. She’d never had a problem with anyone trying to touch her, but she could only imagine it wouldn’t have gone down so well.

West was an Alpha Wolf, so any other male wolf touching his un-marked Mate would likely set him off into a rage. That man over there could well get his head ripped off for touching his Alpha’s Mate.

“I think maybe you shouldn’t do that.”

“Why?” Miranda asked, downing a drink that she snagged from one of the servers and then took a second. “West doesn’t care”

“l’m pretty certain he would.” Jo-anne couldn’t figure this woman out.

Watched Miranda down that second drink and then just laugh “Well I don’t. Come dance with me.” she grabbed on to Jo-anne’s arm and pulled her out onto the dance floor, slipped her arms around Jo-anne’s neck and smiled up at her, “You’re like tall huh.” then was suddenly dancing and grinding her body up against Jo-anne. Like she had been that male.

Jo-anne had been staying off the dance floor, for a reason. Those un-mated males had wandering hands, and she did not need them touching her, would cause her pain. Kept an eye on them and made sure to keep a she-wolf between her and them at all times. Could not believe how Miranda just danced with anyone, male or female.

The girl was handsie with everyone, including Jo-anne.

Jo-anne managed to slip off the dance floor when the woman finally let go of her to turn and grab hold of another she-wolf, she found one of the three men that were trailing her everywhere, Mr l’m not telling you anything, as she liked to think of him, hadn’t even coughed up his name. Asked him to take Miranda back to the pack-house before West found out she was here.

He’d glanced over at Miranda and then just shrugged “Not my charge.” he told her.

“But she’s the future Luna. You have to do something.”

He raised an eyebrow, “Looks like she is having fun. Not my problem.”

Jo-anne glared up at him, “Well, if West finds out, that you did nothing. You’ll be in trouble. Don’t expect me to save your a*ss.”

“I’m not” he stated simply.

Jo-anne huffed, she didn’t know what to do about the situation. Stood biting her l!p as she watched Miranda on the dance floor. Nearly passed out from shock when Miranda was suddenly l!p locked to one of those un-mated males and grinding herself hard up against him. Put her hand to her mouth in horror, she turned to look at her body guards. Not one of them moved a single muscle to stop it, didn’t even seem to consider going and separating them. Goddess it was so wrong. She had to do something.

Hurried over to the woman to try and pull her away from that male, West would kill him, one of his own pack members over this. Only to have a hand Wrap around her arm and stop her a metre shy of reaching Miranda. Pain shot through her arm as he was pulling her away from Miranda, she tried to pull herself free of him. “Let go.” she gasped.

He did not, not until she was off the dance floor and back at the table where she had been standing before. Jo-anne rubbed her arm and glared at him.

It was unlikely he knew no-one could touch her, but West “Not me,” she snapped and pointed to Miranda.

“They have an open relationship, it’s fine.” He told her, shocking her completely. An open relationship?

“I don’t..” she frowned “What?..” shook her head, maybe she’d had too many scotches already.

“What Alpha would share his Mate?”

“Yours,” he stated flatly.

It had to be a lie, she’d been Mated to West before, she knew the man did not share, would not even like how much skin was showing on Miranda.

For that matter, Ella was suddenly next to her.

“What’s up sweets?”

Jo-anne pointed to Miranda and Ella’s eyes followed. “Oh, that. West won’t care, don’t worry yourself about it.” she waved it off. “Shots” she suddenly yelled and a tray of them was placed on the table. Ella put one in her hand and told her.

“Drink woman, it’s girls night out, let’s get your drink on.”

Jo-anne downed the shot with the rest of the girls, without asking what it was, gagged at the bitter taste. “Arg.” looked at Ella. “What was that?”

“Wolfen loaded Absinthe, my friend, trust me you’ll love the effect in a minute, and we’re gonna do another.” then she was yelling for more shots.

A second shot down, and wow, it did not take long for Jo-anne to feel the alcoholic effects of those drinks. She was giggling and dancing on the dance floor with her friends a few minutes later. Not a care in the world, she snarled at males that touched her, the pain of their touch, even accidentally, seemed to be increased, but she was more than giggly and didn’t seem to care at all after the 3rd shot went down latched onto Ella and danced right up against her, Ella didn’t seem to mind at all, the fog machine was set off and the atmosphere seemed to become all sultry. She downed the next shot Ella shoved in her hand, she was really having a good time, though was laughing and giggling so much she could barely stand.

Squealed when the whole room was suddenly upside down and spinning around, then she was outside in the hot sticky night air, Arg, it was way too hot out here. Her shirt was too hot on her skin and she tried to take it off.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Hmm, where did that come from? She lifted her head and looked up. It was really weird, she had this sense of moving but knew she wasn’t walking, couldn’t see anyone, shrugged it off, and tried again to remove her shirt but it was stuck somehow on something, no matter how hard she tugged at it, it wouldn’t come off.

“Stop that.” a gruff voice said.

Huh! Oh Goddess, everything was spinning as she looked up to see where the voice came from, felt herself gag, oh! That was not good, she thought, as acid burned her throat.

“Don’t you dare.”

Her stomach heaved and she threw up a lot of bright green liquid. “Arg, that’s terrible.” She muttered as the burn in her throat persisted still.

Then she was tipping again and then crashed down on the ground and just lay there, staring up at the stars in the sky. Oh, she did not feel so good.

Everything was spinning and she had this weird sense that she was falling, which was really weird because she knew she was lying on the ground.

How can you fall when already on the ground? “arg.” she rolled over onto her stomach, felt more cramping in her stomach, tried to get up, managed only to make it to her knees, one hand shot to her mouth. Nope, she was going to vomit again.

“For the love of the Goddess Jo-anne, pull yourself together.”

Huh! She turned her head one way and then the other, to try and see who was talking to her, but the movement only increased her need to want to vomit, groaned and leaned forward to vomit some more. Oh, Ella was going to pay, a part of her thought it was funny, another did not.

Pushed herself over and flopped down on the ground, ‘ah screw it, I’ll just sleep right here.’ She thought, then there was a face right in front of hers, her eyes widened “Wow, you close.” she stared up into dark green eyes. Reached up and poked that face, it was really close.

“Snap out of it.” the voice was so loud and sounded very angry.

But all she could do was giggle, it looked so mad. It was so very loud to her ears. “Big face is too loud.” she reached up and grabbed hold of that face and squished the mouth. “Ssh, don’t tell the Alpha, I’ll get in so0o much trouble.” then she was giggling again.

“Oh, you’re in trouble alright.” Big face muttered down at her.

“Shh. Too loud, he hear you.” she giggled again.

“Alpha got a stick up his a*ss so faaar.” she put her finger to that face’s l!ps “But shh, don’t tell him I said so.”

Then she was upside down again. “Don’t you dare Vomit on me again.”

“I would never,” she replied indignantly and yawned, “Will you put me to bed?”

“Yes” that voice answered her, though sounded very grumpy to her sleepy ears.

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