Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 48

Jo-anne POV

The headache she woke up with was nasty, dragged herself off her bed and into the shower, she was irritable and dehydrated, even the hot water from the shower annoyed her. Got out and stood and drank two full glasses of water, made her feel a little better, did not make the headache go away.

Made her way down to the pack-house dining room for breakfast. It was just after sun up, didn’t imagine she’d had much sleep, was still a bit tired, but was hungry. There was no bodyguard outside her room when she stepped out. That must mean West and T.J. were pack-on-pack territories.

Must have come back last night at some point. Saw T.J. sitting at a table with West, Ricky and Cole. They were all eating breakfast, dressed casually, probably had been for early morning training. T.J. looked right at her and smirked, fully amused about something, she raised an eyebrow at him, rolled her eyes and said “What?” sarcastically.

“You and your drunken ramblings,” he laughed now.

Jo-anne found herself under West’s direct gaze, an angry glare right at her. She didn’t know why he was mad at her, she had just been out dancing with the girls all night. Then it came back to her, she’d been carried out of that club, a frown touched her face, only 3 men were allowed to touch her, West obviously, T.J. and the pack doctor, Patterson.

T.J. had already told her that West had altered the latest of his orders on her, but not rescinded it. She’d rolled her eyes when he’d told her and muttered what else is new?’

Jo-anne had a vague memory of her trip home, sorry T.J.” she nodded to him, as she walked passed him to get a plate, also vaguely recalled insulting his Alpha again, something T.J. had not taken kindly to, the last time she’d said it.

“I’m fine with it. West might not be.” he commented, sounded fully amused to her ear.

Jo-anne’s head whipped around to look at him. He was still smiling. Oh, for the love of the Goddess, he’d gone and told West what she’d said. Reported her drunken insult about the Alpha to the Alpha.

Her eyes moved to West, he was looking right at her, she was going to get ripped a new one, she could tell by the look on his face. “Why’d you tell him?’ she shot down the mind link at T.J.

“I didn’t bring your drunken a*ss home, Jo-Jo,” T.J. stated out loud for all to hear, seems he didn’t want to have this conversation in private.

Her eyes shot to his. He was fully amused now. If it wasn’t him…Jo-anne’s eyes moved back to Westa tiny bit of fear crept in. If it wasn’t T.J. then it had to be West himself, so she had told West he’d had a stick up his a*ss.

“Yes Jo-anne, it was me who saw you home.” He grated out.

“Well s**t’ she thought to herself, and Jo-anne thought staying in her room and just hanging out with the girls would keep her out of trouble, she didn’t know what to do or say, for that matter. A part of her wanted to apologise, but another part of her didn’t want to. He had so many Alpha Orders on her. One insult, was worth it as paybąck.

Standing there with his eyes directly on her, she knew he was waiting on her to apologise to him. She bowed her head slightly to show respect, “Thank you Alpha, for seeing me safely home,” she said. Jo-anne was not going to apologise to him, he’d not apologized to her. Well, there was that one time just recently, but that was it. She turned and walked away to get breakfast as though she did not know what she’d said, was going to play dumb on that one.

“Is that all you have to say?” she heard West snap at Jo-anne took a breath slowly in, and turned to look at him, “I did thank you. Though I do not recall being taken home at all.” she informed him, it was actually a little on the hazy side, but she likely recalled most of her.

West was still glaring at her. He stood up slowly. “I will see you in my office after you’ve had breakfast.” He grated out and then stalked off out of the dining hall.

Jo-anne sighed internally, then turned her eyes on it.

I.J., waited for West to be clear of the room, walked over to T.J., and whacked him several times “You could have warned me! l’d have stayed in my room.”

T.J. was not the only one laughing now, both Ricky and Cole were as well. Her eyes moved to them and then back to T.J. he’d obviously told them what she’d said to West.

“Got to watch your drunken mouth, J0-Jo.”

“Well, if I get punished, it’s your fault.”

T.J. roared with laughter, ” You’re the one that said West had a”

Jo-anne’s hand slapped across his mouth to stop everyone in here from hearing him “Shut it T.J. or ‘ll beat you up myself.”

The amusement at the whole table increased dramatically. The three of them knew she’d not been allowed to train, was no match for T.J., hell likely no match for a junior warrior. She glared at both Ricky and Cole, who were now laughing almost hysterically at her comment.

“You’re all a*ss-h0les.” she snapped at them and the silence in the room was suddenly deafening. Her eyes moved to the dining room and then she realised what she’d done, just insulted the entire Alpha Unit in front of a room full of pack members. Ricky and Cole had stopped laughing, but T.J. was still fully amused, it seemed.

She took her hand from T.J’s mouth and stepped away from the table, bit her l!p when Ricky stood, his eyes directly on her, he had not like the insult, it was clear. Watched as his eyes glazed over, took several steps back, he was reporting her to West and she knew it

f**k’ she thought, then just turned and ran from the dining hall, out through the outside door and headed for the woods. There was nothing else she could do, was in past the treeline when she heard T.J.’s voice come down the mind-link ‘l hope you got faster, while you were away, Jo-Jo.’

Jo-anne ignored him and just ran, ran deeper into the woods behind the pack-house.

‘I’m coming for you, Jo-Jo, West said to bring you in.’

‘Come on T.J.,’ she begged back.

He just laughed down the link and then it was severed.

‘Crap.’ she couldn’t out run T.J., heck she was unlikely to outrun any of the Alpha Unit. Turned at the sound of him actually laughing, saw him coming now.

“Run Jo-Jo,” he yelled. The damned man was toying with her, while bringing her in. Shot past her and stopped in front of her, she gasped, slid to a stop and turned and ran the other way.

He was still laughing ten minutes later, he was playing a game of catch the prey with her, a game all wolves loved and his constant laughing and catching up with her, but then letting her get away, was fun for him. But she had not run in human form like this in a long time and was quickly wearing down.

He pounced out of nowhere at her and she screamed in fright, scrambled to a stop, nearly fell down, managed to somehow stay on her feet and turn to run the other way, crashed right into a solid wall of muscle. Fell back and landed on her a*ss, gasping for breath as she looked up.

West was staring down at her, a raised eyebrow and a slightly annoyed look on his face, then he reached down to grab her, she scrambled back away from him, and heard T.J. laugh, West frown right at her.

“Come here, Jo-anne,” he stated.

Jo-anne got herself up, never took her eyes off of him. ‘f**k I’m in so much trouble.’ she thought, he was just watching her, a handout and one finger pointed to the ground in front of him, where he wanted her to be.

“RUN.” T.J. suddenly yelled in her ear, and without a single thought, turned and ran on pure instinct, ran from her Alpha and his Beta. ‘l’m gonna die.’ she thought, though Clova, however, thought it was very funny, even lent her wolf speed, Jo-anne knew she wouldn’t get far.

Bloody T.J. had startled her and her flight response had kicked in instantly ‘you bastard.’ she shot down the mind-link at T.J. He just laughed right back, fully amused with his joke She could hear them coming, or maybe it was just West, from T.J.’s amusement. She was pretty sure it was just West. She didn’t look back to find out, ‘crap I’m running from the Alpha, not good, not good.’ She thought. Clova, it seemed, was of the total opposite opinion. She loved being chased.

It didn’t take long to be dragged down on the ground with an arm around her waist, he had crash tackled her and they were rolling over on the ground, Jo-anne put her arms up to protect her face and when they came to a stop she was lying on top of him, he was holding her back to his chest, she could feel his breathing was a quick as hers, her head was resting on his shoulder and she just lay there closed her eyes to try and catch her breath. ‘gonna bloody kill T.J.’ she thought.

“Really! You thought you could out run me?” West’s voice.

“No,” she answered honestly, “TJ’s fault, blame your Beta,”

West sighed “My office.” and then he got up, took her with him, set her on the ground once he was upright “March.” he muttered, turning her to move off towards the pack-house. She walked and a sigh left her. West walked behind her, following at her pace the whole way, never said a single word the whole way.

T.J. was sitting in the office, a massive grin on his face. She glared right at him, that bastard had done it on purpose and she knew it. He’d been supposed bringing her in and instead he’d turned it into a bloody game of his liking, which only made for more trouble on her behalf.

“Sit.” West told her and pointed to the chair in front of his desk.

T.J. was casually sitting in the chair next to where she was supposed to sit, she punched him right in the chest, as hard as she could, not that he even flinched a*ss-h0le.’ she shot down the mind-link as she sat down.

“See that Alpha, she just assaulted your Beta.”

Jo-anne’s head whipped around to stare at him incredulously. Was he completely insane? Wasn’t she in enough trouble already? “you started it.” she yelled at him.

T.J. was just smiling at her. “I didn’t do anything, you were the one who ran.” he shrugged.

“You yelled it at me.” she snapped “I couldn’t help it. “He knew what it would do, startle a wolf like that, so blatantly, when already nervous, they run. Bastard.

“You didn’t have to listen.” he was damned near laughing at her.

West cleared his throat “When you two are done bickering.”

Jo-anne glared at T.J. one last time and then turned to look at West, still wanting to punch T.J. in that smug face of his. She might just find an excuse to do it later, she thought.

“Alpha,” she acknowledged him formally, had to she was here for punishment.

“Jo-anne,” he looked at her pointedly.

She looked right back at him, was still going to plead ignorance and feign she had no memory of last night, Yes Alpha.” she acknowledged, though even to her ears there was a little too much innocence in her words. She had no practice at this at all, had always just done what she was told. To avoid annoying him.

He was frowning at her now. Oh, that’s the face she knew, the one he’d always only ever looked at her with, well, other than anger that was.

“I want an apology,” he stated flatly.

‘So do I,’ she thought absently, but knew she would never get one. He was not one to apologise for anything he did. She knew that with full certainty. “Is the rest of the Alpha Unit coming for me to apologise to?” she turned and glanced around the room. Ricky and Cole were not here. She would apologise to them.

“No,” he snapped at her, clearly irritated by her behaviour. Jo-anne turned back to look at him. “Then Alpha, please accept my apology on their behalf. I understand ! insulted them. My apologies to your Unit.”

He was glaring right at her now. “That is not what I meant.”

“Then, I don’t understand Alpha.” she raised her eyebrows questioningly at him.

“To me, apologise to me Jo-anne.” he grated out.

Apologise to him! Not likely. She frowned right at him “I don’t understand, what did I do? To you.” She looked right at him, almost a direct challenge for him to repeat her words.

“You know what you did.” he grated out again, though now his jaw was ticking away.

Jo-anne leaned forward slightly in her chair, and shook her head. “I don’t Alpha. What are you referring to, exactly?”

Heard T.J. sigh a little on the heavy side, ignored it, stayed focused on West, he had way more to apologise for than she did, waited on his response.

“Your comment last night. Not to mention you threw up on me.”

Jo-anne nearly laughed, she did not actually recall throwing up on him. “I did that?” her eyes moved to T.J. questioningly and he nodded in confirmation.

“Yes.” West snapped at her.

“Oh!” it was completely genuine. “I don’t recall that at all.”

“Apologise Jo-anne.”

“Why? I didn’t ask you to come and get me. Your body guards could have taken me home.”

“And just how would they have done that, when you could barely stand, let alone walk?” he growled at her, Jo-anne leaned back in her chair “Same way you did, I guess.” she said with a casual shrug, something inside of her knew she was playing with fire, but she had this sudden burning desire to defy him, like it had been in her all this time and only now had it sprung to life.

His eyes narrowed right on her, he knew what she was indirectly saying, because none of them could touch her without causing her actual pain. Jo-anne sat there and stared right at him, an actual challenge this time, and she could tell he didn’t like it, but really what more could he do to her, another Alpha Order, she supposed, house arrest? he wasn’t likely to put her in the cells when Heath was there still and she knew it. Though wouldn’t mind talking to the man, the urgency of that need seemed to have vanished with the blood bond gone.

A full minute of silence passed in the room. She was not going to back down, she was not going to apologise, he’d taken it upon himself to collect her and so, technically, it was his fault. She could feel T.J. looking at her, he also knew she was outright challenging the Alpha.

Not something any pack member would do, without a punishment being dealt out, but here she sat, right in front of him, and for the first time, ever, was going to stand her ground against him. A fire somewhere inside her was lit and demanded to be burned hot. Jo-anne had always had to bow down to West and his will. But damn it, not today. She was sure he would just make her like he used to, wouldn’t be the first time, that was for sure, but something inside of her burned for him to try it now.

Jo-anne knew she would fight it right back, this minute, and she knew it would start one hell of an argument, but hell she didn’t care, for the first time ever she was going to stand up to him.

“Jo-Jo, please apologise,” T.J. urged her. He seemed to understand she was not going to as well.

“No,” she stated flatly, still looking at West, saw his anger tick up a notch, then turned and looked at T.J. “I did not ask for the Alpha to collect me, o…make me leave Maxi’s. I don’t know, recall. If I was leaving on my own…or made by the Alpha to leave, against my will do you T.J?” Jo-anne was pretty certain, which it was. West still had issues where she was concerned, so it was very likely that he had dragged her out of that club of his on accord and she’d had no say in the matter.

T.J. was frowning at her now. He didn’t like her clear defiance of their Alpha, or her questioning his motives either, turned her eyes back on West as a low growl emitted from him. His clear displeasure at her words and questioning him and his actions directly to his Beta had sent his anger off the Richter Scale. He looked to be absolutely fuming right this minute. Well, what else was new? But he didn’t seem to say anything to her.

So she asked him directly “Alpha, which was it? If you don’t mind filling in some blank spots in my memory?” she asked, ignoring the anger, she’d dealt with him before, he was only likely to force his aura on her.

“Get out” he snarled right at her. “Go to your room.”

Jo-anne stood, yes, treat me like the child I used to be, she thought, and simply turned and walked out of his office. She didn’t rush away, strolled at a casual pace, she didn’t care what he thought right this minute. It was not an order, more of a demand, she realised, but did actually go, knew if she didn’t there would be hell to pay at some point.

She’d set him off and, for some reason unknown to her, he’d held himself back. But she knew there was trouble brewing. It was just a matter of time, before he stalked into her room and screamed at her. Guess she just had to wait for it.

It was very unlikely she was going to get away with questioning him and his authority. He was the Alpha and could and would do as he pleased and his pack members were all supposed to just fall in line and not question him.

The fact that he had not answered her question at all, spoke volumes, pretty much told her that he had in fact come to Maxi’s and removed her without a care of what she wanted. For his own stupid reasons.

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