Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 49

West POV

West was more than annoyed with Jo-anne. She’d instantly apologised to T.J., nil hesitation what so ever, however just stood there and stared at him, when T.J. had informed her he had not been the one to take her home.

Even when West had told her he’d been the one to bring her home, she did not apologise for the insult, she had said right to his face. Instead, she had just thanked him for escorting her home.

Seeing as she had apologised to T.J., then it was highly likely she knew what she had said. Then there was the way she stood and stared at him. He knew that she recalled telling him, he had a stick up his a*ss.

Then to just turn away and walk off like that was the end of the conversation, that she needn’t say any more on the subject. Dismissed him without that apology. “Is that all you have to say?” he snapped, fully irritated that she did not apologise, had insulted him, her Alpha, and was now refusing to acknowledge she’d even said it.

Commented that she had thanked him and then tried to tell him she didn’t recall being taken home, what a crock of s**t that was. She bloody well did recall, just hadn’t recalled it was him, to damned drunk it seemed.

West stood up before he started yelling at her there in front of the entire pack. “l will see you in my office, after breakfast,” he grated out. He needed to go and calm down, this behaviour from her had to be addressed. She could not go around getting so drunk that anyone could take advantage of her, let alone trying to take her clothes off in public. He would not be standing for that.

He figured she should eat something, before their conversation, might help clear her head, but he doubted it.

Got a mind-link from Ricky not even 5 minutes later to hear she had just called his whole Alpha Unit ‘AII A*ss-h0les.’ and in front of the pack, made him sigh and rub his temples. Where did this new attitude come from?

‘Terence, bring Jo-anne to me now.’

‘Can’t, she already ran away West.’ he sounded very amused ‘Knew Ricky was reporting the insult and bolt right out into the woods.’

For the love of the Goddess, ‘Well go and get her, Terence!’

‘Sure West, I’ll hunt her…though wouldn’t you and Volt have more fun doing that?”

‘Beta.’ West snapped. If he had to hunt her, it was likely his wolf would mate her out there for all to see, in human form.

Heard Volt snort in amusement and also heard more amusenment come down the link from T.J., damned man, what was he playing at? He knew West couldn’t risk that kind of thing and as for mating outside in human form, not a hope in hell, she was not allowed to be na*ked outside of her bedroom, never had been. Why would it change now?

Ten minutes passed and West sat in his office still waiting for T.J. to bring her in, surely it couldn’t take that long to catch her. Though she did have Alpha blood, it was possible she was fast. He’d not seen her run in human form for a decade.

‘Terence?’ he mind-linked his Beta.


“What are you doing?”

“Chasing my prey.’ he growled softly back, West shot to his feet. Wolves loved to hunt before mating. f**k! Would T.J. mate her out there? He was gone from his office instantly. ‘Where are you?’

‘Stalking.’ his voice was a little too husky for West’s liking. He used the tether inside his mind to find the two of them. They were both moving to the west side of the pack, not that far away, and he was off. Hunting them, to stop his Beta from mating his ex-Mate in public.

Saw her running in the woods, T.J. was in deed stalking her, already sneaking up on her from another direction, to pounce on her. Bloody hell what did he do?

He’d stupidly set this off, when he’d told T.J. to hunt her, should have known better, should have sent Ricky or Cole, never should have sent T.J.

Terence stop.’ he shot down the mind-link to his Beta.

‘No.’ he and his wolf replied.

Was almost on them, when he saw T.J. jump out at her and she went skidding to a stop, saw the humour in his Beta’s face ‘you bastard.’ West shot down the mind-link, T.J, had on purpose lead West to believe he was out here stalking her for the Mating, even his blood wolf was in on it.

Jo-anne turned and ran right into him, fell down backwards and landed on her a*ss. He could hear T.J. laughing down the mind-link, thought it was very funny it seemed, she was gasping for breath, clearly not as fit as most wolves, probably hadn’t trained at all in the past 10 years.

He reached down to help her up and she backed away from him, heard T.J. laugh out loud and frowned, watched her get up “Come here. Jo-anne.” he pointed to the spot right in front of him. She was staring right at him, knew she was in trouble. He could tell from her expression.

Then bloody T.J. yelled “RUN.” right in her ear, and she bolted instantly. Didn’t even think about it, ran on pure instinct, he knew it. Had seen it many times before.

Hell his father had done it to him as a boy. Thought it was very funny.

West turned his eyes on T.J., who was grinning right at him. Volt was scratching at his mind to be let out, wanting to chase her. s**t. He was going to have to or Volt would be out of him. Glared at T.J. who was now laughing, and shot after her, that made his wolf happy.

Stopped scratching at his mind, to sit back and watch her run through the woods ahead of them.

West caught up easily, snagged her around her waist and down they went, rolled over on the ground until he was lying there on the ground under her, a half smile on his face. She was breathing hard and didn’t even try to get up off of him. ‘fun’ Volt piped up ‘do it again.’

‘No.’ West knew exactly what his beast wanted, that short sprint after her was not enough for his beast, he really wanted to hunt her, then mate her.

“Really! Though you could outrun me?” he asked, trying to keep his amusement out of his voice.

“No,” she actually answered him “TJ.!’s fault, blame your Beta “West sighed, yes it was Terence’s doing, the man had yelled at her on purpose. The bloody bastard thought it was funny, even though there were too many risks right this minute for fun and games, with her as prey “My office.” He got up from the ground, kept hold of her, a bit selfish of him, but he liked her up against him, if things were better, he’d have just laid there with her, until she wanted to get up.

Volt snorted ‘You’d have mated her.

“March,” he muttered, ignoring his wolf’s seemingly amused attitude.

T.J. was lounging in one of the chairs in front of West’s desk, smiled right at them “Sit.” West pointed to the chair next to T.J. watched her stalk over and punch him. The pack’s Beta right in front of her Alpha, didn’t seem to think about it at all.

West sat down in his chair and watched as the two of them started arguing, well Jo-anne was unhappy, T.J. still looked fully amused to West. It was weird to watch.

To be honest, he’d actually seen Cole and Ella argue just like this. In fact, he shook his head. “When you two are done bickering.”

Jo-anne looked right at him “Alpha.”

He still hated when she called him that, she was at this minute in his office for reprimanding, so it was the appropriate response from her, but a part of him was irked by it, nonetheless.

“Jo-anne.” he was staring right at her, she knew why she was in his office. To apologise for insulting him. She looked right back at him for almost a full minute and then a sickly sweet and all-innocent tone came out of her, it was too much, a full act on her part, as she still played at not knowing what he was talking about.

“Yes Alpha?”

He frowned at her tone. “I want an apology,” he told her flatly, saw something in her facial expression, but it was gone too quickly for him to register what it meant.

Then she looked around the room and asked where Ricky and Cole were.

“No.” he grated out, annoyed by her stubbornness and refusal to apologise to him, belying she was only here to apologise to his Alpha Unit. Then turned and looked right at him and, to his disbelief, asked him to accept her apology on their behalf, still did not apologise to him.

West could not help but glare at her, she was infuriating to deal with today, it seemed. Where was the Jo-anne he knew, the one who just did as he told her?

Ever since coming back to the pack she had, disregarded him, had not listened to his words, this woman was not like the Jo-anne he remembered. 10 years away from him and the pack, had definitely changed her attitude towards his authority.

“That is not what I meant.”

She was questioning him? Even when he had told her to apologise to him, she did not, instead asked what she had done, claiming she had no idea or understanding of why she needed to apologise to him.

Just sat and stared at him as though she actually wanted him to explain in detail.

He was not going to repeat her words “You, know what you did.” his anger was rising and he could feel his jaw was ticking. Volt was sitting up in his mind watching her, his head c****d to one side, appeared curious about her sudden display of defiance.

“I don’t Alpha, what are you referring to?” she leaned forward in her chair, giving off the impression she didn’t actually understand, though he knew it was a lie. Even T.J. sighed heavily at her behaviour.

When he told her it was about her comment and the fact that she threw up on him, she barely held in a laugh, “I did that?” and when she turned to look at T.J. for actual confirmation, he realised she didn’t recall throwing up on him. So it was possible not all of her memories from last night were intact.

Told him she didn’t recall throwing up on him, but still did not apologise to him.

“Apologise, Jo-anne,” he demanded of her.

But no, she then asked him why, and told him that his bodyguards could have taken her home, she knew damned well they couldn’t touch her, not without causing her pain, so it was a stupid thing to say as far as he was concerned. She was just leaning back in her chair now, all casual-like, just staring right at him, challenging him, her Alpha, to admit, it was his fault.

That none of his men could have carried her home last night.

The tension was growing in his office and at a rapid rate, it was very clear to him, that Jo-anne was not going to back down or apologise. He didn’t like it at all. He didn’t particularly like this new side of her.

T.J. even urged her to apologise and she actually had the hide to flat out refuse “No.” she turned away from West to look at T.J. “I did not ask for the Alpha to collect me, or…make me leave Maxi’s, I don’t know, recall, if I was leaving on my own…or made by the Alpha to leave against my will. Do you T.J.?”

Oh, he was fuming now, she was indirectly claiming he’d made her leave, which he had done, he supposed. A low growl escaped him, he couldn’t help it, he did not like this side of her at all. Then asked him our right which it was, wanted him to openly admit he’d made her leave against her will.

“Get out and go to your room,” he snarled at he, unable to contain his anger any longer. She stood and walked out of his office, still yet to apologise to him. Had turned the whole situation on him, she’d insulted him, yet had turned the tables on him completely, by letting him know, she was certain he’d removed her from Maxi’s without regard to what she wanted and if he had admitted it. He would have to apologise to her for it.

Volt seemed very amused inside his mind, ‘she’s cheeky now, I like it.’

West did not like her questioning his authority at all.

His eyes were still on the empty door, bloody woman was asking to be punished, he thought ‘asking to be punished.’ Maybe she thought he’d put her in the cells for a day, she’d not asked to see Heath, but challenging him and defying him? If it had been any other pack member, they would have gotten a day in the cells as punishment.

Is that what she was playing at? He didn’t know. He turned his eyes to T.J. who was looking at him with disapproval.

“What?” he snapped at his Beta.

“Cut her some slack West. She’s right and you know it. You did go and get her. She had no choice, seems she knows it too.”

“l’m not going to apologise Terence.”

“Of course, you’re not.” T.J. snapped at him, sounded very angry and then got up and stalked out of the room.

“You never bloody did, even when you were in the wrong,” he shot over his shoulder as he walked out the office and then slammed the door shut on his Alpha.

West sighed and rubbed his temples. The man was not wrong on that account. He had a lot to apologise for, probably should just svck it up and go do it. Was still too angry, it would have to wait until he calmed down or he’d just lose it again.

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