Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 5

West POV

West knew she was out there taking pictures of him, could hear her talking quietly to some of her friends, seemed she had picked up right where she had left off with them as well. Heard her laugh softly a couple of times, as he stood up on the stage in the ballroom, being given his official title. Was now the actual Alpha of this pack. It was now his pack.

His father had held off on it for a long time, stated he had wanted to wait until West found his Destined Mate, so this pack would be strong with his leadership. But the years had gone by and West had never come across her, he’d been to plenty of mating balls and visited many packs. They’d even had mating balls here and he’d seen many un-mated she-wolves during full moons, nothing it seemed.

Possibly lost her due to being Mated to Jo-anne for that two years. Could very well have come across her during those two years and because he was mated to another wouldn’t have even known it, neither would she have been. West also had other thoughts on it but had never voiced those.

When he’d come across Miranda two years ago and she’d climbed into his bed and ridden him hard and fast with all she had completely out of the blue and she’d wanted to come home with him, he’d let her, she’d approached him, f****d him good and proper and he’d simply let her. When he’d come home with her trailing him, his father had asked the question “is she?”

“No.” had been West’s answer.

But it was two years later and she was still in his bed, sleeping in his suite every night. Only when he was away on business or within another pack did he find another to pull into his bed. He often did that, he was not faithful to her at all.

It did not much impress his unit, they too were expecting him to Mark and Mate Miranda, all bar T.J. that was. That man knew he would not. He was the only one who understood him, what his reasons were, T.J. didn’t even bat an eyelid when West took a she-wolf from another pack back to his bed. If the woman was willing, then why not? Occasionally they’d shared a she-wolf.

Heath stood before him, and West wanted to rip the man’s head off, two years of his life ruined because this man had refused to allow him to reject his daughter, after what had happened. A part of West understood the man’s need to protect his child, but the way he had gone about it had been so very wrong in West’s mind.

Her stepmother, Karen, followed and he could no longer contain his anger. This woman was a money-grubbing creature if ever there was one. Spent two years spending pack money, like it grew on trees, as had both her and heaths two daughters, they were just like their mother it seemed.

The only satisfactory thing, the only thing that had given him great pleasure and joy had been stalking over and into that bloody mansion of theirs out on the lake, a house Karen had demanded on getting as part of being the future Luna’s mother. The morning of Jo-anne’s 18th birthday. And he had waited, until that day,waited all night, stalked around and waited, knew her actual time of birth was in the early hours of the morning, had stalked over at sunrise and kicked in the damned door, near kicked it off the hinges.

Had informed them that Jo-anne had officially rejected him and their Mate Bond was over the minute she had turned 18, that she had left the pack of her own accord and de-ranked them on the spot, right back down to nothing where they had come from.

Told them to get the hell out of the house and go back to their old home where they belonged or leave the pack altogether. Karen’s eyes had nearly bulged out of their sockets, though she’d still had the gall to tell him that all her things, indicating every gaudy thing she had ever bought, would not fit into that house.

So he had claimed it all for himself, and sent them away with nothing. Then he’d set the bloody house on fire, stood and watched it burn, would not allow anyone to put it out, contain it yes, so it didn’t affect the rest of the pack, but stop it from burning no, and then, when there was nothing left, stalked the hell away from it.

To this day, there is a burnt patch of land out there, nothing built on it. His father had let the teens use it for bonfires on weekends. The place still burned on a regular basis.

It had not surprised his mother or father that he had done this to them or burned the house down for that matter, they had kind of just looked relieved. Although they liked Jo-anne they too had had enough of her greedy family, and the constant demands. That bloody family thought money grew on trees.

When Jo-anne’s name was finally called and she stepped up on the stage, she was wearing cream chiffon slacks and a pink silk capped sleeve blouse, her hair was pulled up into a loose bun on top of her head, there were a few strands loose, framing her lovely face, T.J. was right she had turned into a lovely woman. She was again wearing small heels and make-up.

She’d never once dressed like that when they’d been Mated, jeans and tee-shirts, or shorts and tee-shirts, only owned one dress when she’d moved in and only wore it, when told to for higher-ranked occasions, it wasn’t even a formal dress, a simple dark blue sundress.

Jo-anne had never once bought anything with his money, never even used the pack card he’d had to give to her, with un-limited funds on it. Put it in a draw by the bed and left it there. Didn’t want it. Never even signed the card. He’d never asked her why.

Saw that there was a tattoo on her neck and damned near lost it, wanted to grab the woman and shake her stupid for doing that to herself, marring her skin like that. Barely contained his rage about it.

Heard the people in his pack “Oh my goddess, it’s Jo-anne.”

“What’s she doing here?”

“though West had kicked her already.”

“Surprised she had the guts to come back at all.”

He’d taken that anger about her tattoo and rolled at the pack, snarled at them all, his Alpha aura pouring out of him, this was difficult enough without having to listen to them, they’d shut the hell up. He didn’t need to hear what they thought about her. They had no idea about anything that had gone on between him and her, and it would stay that way.

Miranda also had no idea who Jo-anne was to him. He’d never brought it up, who had been his previous Mate. He’d seen her look at his scar of a mark many times, but the woman had been smart enough to never ask the questions, probably from the look on his face every time he caught her looking at it, was more than enough to make her not do it. Always made him angry when she stared at it.

Now she was likely to start asking questions he did not want to answer, wasn’t likely to answer either. Probably get the most vulgar response out of him about it, in no uncertain terms. If she was smart enough she would leave it well enough alone. If she was looking for him to start yelling at her and finding herself the brunt of his anger, well, that was her issue.

Jo-anne held her hand out to him, palm up as all the others had done. He did not want to cut her, he’d seen enough of her blood to last him a lifetime, he could feel his jaw ticking as he stared down at her, into her light grey eyes. They kind of looked a bit different, a bit more on the silver side around the outer edges and definitely had silver flecks in them, they were shining in the light’s glare.

“Its alright Alpha.” her voice was soft but reassuring. He didn’t like the way she called him Alpha, had always called him West or Westley.

“If you don’t want to. I’ll understand if you wish to turn me rogue.”

West was ready to strangle her for saying that, right here in front of everyone, and it was suddenly very clear to him she actually meant every softly spoken word, she would be okay with it, and she wouldn’t judge him for it either. Who was she now?

The atmosphere in the entire ballroom changed. He could feel it. The hush he’d gotten from snarling at them all, was now more intense, they were all waiting for him to do it. He realised, that his whole pack, not only thought he would do it, were expecting him to do this to her, that it was his every intention, why he’d left her till last so they could all watch him do it.

West stood staring at her, disbelieving that she could be okay with this, then saw her lower her hand away from him. She too was waiting for it, he realised, pain touched him. Was this what she wanted of him?

“I’m leaving for South Korea tomorrow anyway. It’s fine Alpha.”

Rage built in him, white hot, hearing those words, and not just in him, in Volt as well, his wolf, it seemed, was just as furious about her leaving the pack after she just got home. Barely here for a day and already planning on leaving.

Who the hell said she could leave, could up and bloody move overseas. He bloody well had not and he would not be allowing it under any freaking circumstances. She was finally back here in the pack, and here she would bloody well stay.

His hand shot out and grabbed her wrist. “I demand you pledge loyalty,” he stated instantly. He slashed the blade across her palm aggressively. He couldn’t help it. How dare she return, only to leave him again.

Saw her eyes go very wide at his actions, turned to look at her palm. He knew it was dripping blood everywhere, also knew that it would not seal over and close until she pledged her loyalty to him and he accepted it. Heard his father swear in the background in front of all, at what he had done. Well, there was more swearing to come father, he thought angrily “Pledge.” he Alpha Ordered her, rolled his aura right at her, though only a little, just enough to gain what he wanted from her at this said moment.

Her eyes moved right back to his. She still looked very shocked, then she pledged her loyalty, not because she wanted to, but because he had Alpha Ordered her to. It’s not supposed to be done this way, supposed to be willing done by all pack members, but he’d made her would not have her leave.

Stared right at her, angry that she would dare to come back only to tell him she was leaving yet again. He would not stand for it. Yanked her all the way to him, her body a mere inch from his, he could feel her body heat, leaned right down and pressed his mouth against her ear, “ You will not be leaving this pack Jo-anne.” his voice was a bare whisper, his father and Beta might pick it up if they were straining to listen. It was just for her “I forbid you, to set a single foot in South Korea.” He knew she had an art exhibition about to be launched over there, knew a lot about her.

Saw every damned contract that had ever been made between her and his father. Knew just how many other Alpha Males had gone to her, Mated and un-mated. Hated it, in fact. Who knew how many of those damned un-mated Alpha’s tried to bed her or had bedded her? Looking at her now, she was very attractive and Alpha’s did love to f**k anything that was willing. He knew he was one.

West stepped back, cut his palm as angrily as he had hers all the way across and put it to hers. Her blood blended with his, he actually felt a little bit of relief wash over him, he had control over her now and her actions. She belonged to him, one of his pack members to do as she was told. He was not letting her leave, it was never going to happen. Who knew what the hell she would come into contact with out there in the human world?

“Welcome home, Jo-anne” he said, and actually meant it, felt calm suddenly. For once, no anger in his words where she was concerned “I accept you pledge.” the tether between Alpha and pack member connected and he let go of her hand instantly. Turned away to face his pack, to give the speech his mother had written for him to let the pack know he would do his very best to lead them and continue to make the pack prosperous and keep them all safe.

Announced a few new plans he and his father had discussed, about the new business he had started and would officially be under way soon. A private wolfen only airline, to be based out of Olympia, it was already underway and all packs, even un-allied, could use it, once a treaty was signed before each and every flight from each and every member that wanted to fly with his company.

The wolfen council had debated long and hard over its approval and in the end, all packs had been given a run down and allowed to vote on it. Most wolves he knew hated flying in human planes, too cramped and crowded for their size and the noise was horrid to their sensitive hearing. Let alone the smell.

They already had their own private terminal and 6 planes ready. It would all be finalised by next week, already it had sold out flights. They were already in need of more planes.

West stepped back after raising a toast and nodding to the D.J to get the celebration going. It started instantly. Miranda was at his side, sliding her arm through his, smiling up at him. “You were wonderful.”

“Mm,” he looked down at her. What did she see in him, he wondered.

“Darling, you need to go and change your shirt, that girl’s blood is on it.” she said, touching his sleeve.

“Agreed.” West nodded and left to do just that. Wanted a minute to himself anyway. He had been surrounded by people all day, not one second to himself, not even when getting dressed, his father had been there talking away at him reiterating what he had to do for like the 10 thousandth time.

Pulled his jacket and tie off, was unbuttoning his shirt when he saw a glimmer of white outside his window moving away from the pack house towards the woods, strode over and looked outside. ‘Clova.’ indeed it was a small silver wolf, would look white from up here and with the darkness around her, a tiny silver wolf, though she too looked a bit different, had darken fur down her back now, West was a bit uncertain if it was Clova, she’d never had a dark steak down her back before.

‘It is Clova.’ Volt shot forward to see her as she trotted off into the woods and headed south towards the lake.

‘Don’t be stupid.’ West told him and turned away, it couldn’t be, Clova was all silver no black, ‘ It’s not her’, he told Volt.

The next thing West knew, Volt was in complete control and running down the pack-house, tore right out of him the second that they were outside, and he was going after her. ‘Enough Volt. She is not you’re Mate anymore.’ he could feel Volt forcibly pushing him further into the back of his own mind. They had always been at odds over this. It seemed 10 years passed and their-age-old argument was still the same.

West was fighting his wolf for control with all he had, but was not even close to winning. His wolf was watching Clova as she ran about chasing rabbits here and there, smelling about and digging around, just playing out in the night, probably didn’t get much time to be out living in the city.

West was suddenly completely curious as to when Jo-anne had regained Clova, and it definitely was Clova, but that new marking down her back, a steak of darkened fur that was new. Definitely did not have that previously. Clova had been gone from Jo-anne in the last three months that she had been here with them.

Volt stood and watched from a distance as Clova stopped at the lake to drink and then just lay down and look up to the sky. West could feel Volt trying to talk to her, like he had been able to once upon a time, could no longer do it. Their bond and connection had been served by Jo-anne the day she had rejected him.

Stalked his way over to her, seemed frustrated that he couldn’t, wanting to get closer to her, to try again. Saw Clova turn and look right at him, her eyes were different to he noted, green with a flicker of silver in them just like Jo-anne’s had now. Something had happened to them in the past ten years, changed them. Clova wagged her tail at Volt and then she stood up.

‘Volt, don’t you dare do what I think you’re about to do.’

‘f**k you West.’ his wolf shot at him.

West was really fighting, to try and regain control now. His bloody wolf was going to Mate Clova and he knew it. Could damned well feel the excitement building in Volt at the prospect of it. ‘It won’t be the same Volt and she won’t like it.’ he yelled at his wolf.

Volt ignored him as Clova bowed her head to him. Showing respect to her Alpha Wolf.

Heard a slightly panicked Jo-anne come down the mind-link ‘West what are you doing?’

‘It’s not bloody me.’ he shot back at her. He was still trying to get any sort of control over Volt, but it seemed he had none at all. Even now, as he was fighting, he could feel Volt pushing him further away to maintain his own control, to get what he wanted.

Volt moved right to Clova, smelled her, put his nose right to her s*x, to West’s horror, licked it, and to his shock Clova did not resist at all as Volt step over her and then started to Mate her. There was nothing he could do about it once it started, not that he’d been having any luck in trying to stop his wolf in the first place. It also appeared Jo-anne had no control over Clova at this point.

The two of them just had to sit back, watch and wait it out. Volt was not taking it easy on Clova, he was Mating her furiously, he’d not mated anything in ten years and was taking what he wanted, for as long as he wanted it seemed, and he was really enjoying himself. West could feel it. Damned connection was making him feel it as well. Clova was taking it all, didn’t once try to pull away from Volt or get out from underneath him, just like old times, let Volt Mate her continuously until he was sated.

Volt had no interest in Miranda’s alpha wolf, she was a pretty wolf too, black like Volt with a white underbelly and four white feet, but not once had he even rubbed up against her. Yet just one look at Clova and he had lost all his control, it seemed.

Clova lay down on the ground afterwards and Volt sat next to her, his tail was flicking slightly, he was very pleased with himself and Clova’s relaxed state. West could feel Volt knew he had satisfied all of Clova’s needs, but would do it again soon if she was up for up.

Volt looked down at her, felt happy to see her, liked the marks down her back, kind of looked like moons. All these years, Volt had thought Clova had been lost to him forever, as had West for that matter. Now she was here and next to him. Right where Volt wanted her, it seemed.

‘Alpha, your Mate. I’m sorry.’ he heard Jo-anne’s voice come down the Mind-Link, sounded very apologetic to his ear. She was blaming herself, he could tell, even though it had not been her fault. Volt’s fault completely.

‘Forget it, Jo-anne.’ he told her this would not affect Miranda in anyway, she was not his Mate as Jo-anne believed she was. ‘Volts problem, try and make her leave.’ he said calmly, it was too late now, he could not be angry with Jo-anne over this, it was not her fault and he knew that.

All pack members were allowed to roam the pack in wolf form freely at all times. She had done nothing wrong. ‘Before he Mates her again and he will, I believe.’ he told her of his wolf’s further intentions, in the hope that now Clova might give back some control. Volt had yet to relinquish any. He was staying in control while Clova was with him, it seemed.

Heard her apologise again, called him Alpha again, hated it.

He and Volt watched as Clova got up and walked away. Volt followed her all the way back to the pack-house, not because he was going to mate her again, just to watch her. His eyes were also on the look out for other un-mated wolves, it seemed. Protecting her. Though with Volts sent on her, any un-mated wolves would be stupid to attempt anything.

It was really weird. Volt turned and left the minute she started to shift, it appeared he didn’t want to see Jo-anne naked, only interested in Clova. Odd, his wolf had liked Jo-anne as much as Clova. He had rubbed himself against her as a girl more than once during their mating. She’d always petted his head and smiled down at him, always friendly to his wolf. Even after she’d stopped talking to him, she still smiled at Volt.

‘You don’t get to look at her.’ Volt told him as he ran off into the woods.

‘I don’t want to…you’re the one screwed up Volt, Clova is not our mate.’

West was shifted back some time later and had to walk almost an hour back to the pack-house, butt ass naked. Showered and lay on his bed and just stared up at the ceiling, Volt was sound asleep in his mind. What the hell was he supposed to do now? He had no idea.

Was still naked on the bed when Miranda walked in and stripped off, climbed into the bed. “You want to bend me over?” her hand was sliding down his body to touch him.

West brushed her hand away. “Not really.”

“What? But you’re the Alpha now. Come on, as hard as you want, any way you want it.” she stated.

West didn’t miss her meaning, she would take it up her ass if he wanted to do it that way.

“No. go to sleep.” and he rolled over away from her. He didn’t want her touching him right now.

“What’s wrong with you?” she snapped, angry with him it seemed.

“Go f**k someone else, if you’re unhappy.” West shot right back at her.

“That’s just plain mean West.” she got out of their bed and left the room, completely naked. He didn’t hear her putting clothes on.

He knew it was mean, it’s how most people saw him ‘mean and cruel’, but at least he was alone. He briefly wondered if Miranda would actually go and find another man to f**k, closed his eyes, he didn’t really care, let her.

Volt was sound asleep in his mind, yet here was West awake and unable to fall asleep, it was going to be a long night, he thought.

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