Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 50

Jo-anne POV

Well, she had not apologised to him, had actually stood her ground and had not backed down. It was the first time she had done so, and knew West was completely furious about it too. T.J. also seemed annoyed by her sudden change of attitude, but damn it, she’d not asked to be collected. That much she was pretty certain of.

Stood and glared at the canvas in her room. Didn’t want to work on it, to have to stare at his stupid handsome face, smiling at her, with all that light and joy in his eyes. Wanted to punch him and wipe that smile right off his face.

Sighed as she heard her tummy growl, she was hungry, but still hadn’t had breakfast yet, looked at the time, it was still early, barely 0730 the dining room would still be open for another hour, headed off to have breakfast.

Stuff it, she was supposed to be in her room. Well tough, she had to eat too. He couldn’t starve her. Ella was still sitting at a table drinking a cup of coffee. Jo-anne had been going to have breakfast with her before she’d gotten in trouble. She was sitting at a table with T.J.’s two younger sisters, Ava and Sonja. Ella waved her over and she nodded, loaded up a plate full of pancakes and freshly cut fruit, poured over some maple syrup and grabbed a glass of orange juice, and went and sat down.

“You get in trouble?”

“Of course l did. Apparently it was my fault, he took me from Maxi’s. He did just take me right?” she asked Ella, trying to confirm her own suspicions that West had in fact removed her for whatever his own selfish reasons were.

“Yep, marched on into that club, tossed you over his shoulder and marched out with you, without so much as a word.”

“For crying out loud! What’s his problem?” she muttered “I’m not his Mate anymore.”

Ella and both of T.J.’s sisters burst out laughing at her remark.


“Could have fooled us.” Ava snorted, she was T.J.’s youngest sister 4 years Jo-anne’s junior, looked more like Belinda, than T.J. did, he looked like Jonathan, bar his grey eyes, got them from his mother. Both his sisters had their mothers eyes too, she noted.

“What is Miranda going to think about his behaviour?”

All three of them, were staring at her now. They seemed a little confused by her statement “What?” Jo-anne asked.

“Why would Miranda worry about that?” Sonja asked.

“She’s his Mate, is why!” Jo-anne frowned at them.

Why did she have to say this to people all the time?

“No she’s not.” Ava and Sonja replied in unison. Jo-anne stared from one to the other, a frown on her face now. “What? But.. they are always together and Luna Natalia is with her all the time. West never denied it when I congratulated him on finding his Mate.. neither did Miranda.”

“She’s been his bed buddy for two years, but is not his Mate” Ella replied “Do you think that man, as possessive as you, yourself know he is, wouldn’t lay claim to his Mate, the second he found her.”

Jo-anne just stared at her, dumbfounded, she’d been here in this pack for weeks now, and the way Miranda was all over him, it did appear she was his Mate. West had never denied it. Miranda had also wanted that portrait with her and him, as the Luna and the Alpha.

Jo-anne was more than a little confused right now. At least Jo-anne could understand why West’s mother had said she just wanted West in the portrait.. well now what was she going to do with all that room off to the left side of him in the portrait, dammit she didn’t want to have to toss it away and start again.

“Did he choose her then, to be the Luna?” she asked, trying to work it out.

“Not as far as I’m aware.” Ella shook her head”

Though she is Alpha-blooded, and everyone thought she was going to be.”

“Til he moved out of her room, a fevw days ago.” Ava snort.

“Why is that funny?” Jo-anne asked. “I thought they were happy?”

“West happy?” Sonja laughed and then got up.

Never seen that man smile.” she waved at someone behind Jo-anne and then pulled Ava up “We have to go train.”

“Oh hey, can I come? I was never really allowed before.” Jo-anne stood “Ella can be my partner, right.” she looked at Ella.

Ella stood, “Sure, it’s not a training day for me, but why not?”

“Sweet.” Jo-anne was excited, she and the girls all headed off. It was Belinda, Ava and Sonja’s mother who was going to train them. She looked at Jo-anne, a slight frown on her face, then after a moment’s thought, just nodded and waved her to join them, “It’ll be wolf training today, Jo-anne.”

“Yikes, West never let Clova train. Might have to go easy on her.” Jo-anne commented.

“She’ll be fine, we’re going to run first, then we’ll spar in wolf form.”


Clova was already really excited at the prospect of being out for the first time in ages. Jo-anne was not even going to ask for permission, be damned if West didn’t like it or wanted her training. He might be the Alpha, but he wasn’t her Mate anymore and if she wanted to train, she should be allowed to.

What good was she to the pack? If she couldn’t fight, if she couldn’t be able to assist when there were attacks, even if she wasn’t out there on the border, sometimes rogues got through and the women here in the pack-house had to fight, she didn’t want to be useless. No, she would train and he could go shove it.

They all strolled down to the training grounds. A few other pack members were down here waiting for Belinda, about 20 others. Belinda called everyone’s attention and told them to shift. Jo-anne disrobed like everyone else here and shifted to Clova, then they were off and running, following Belinda’s big black wolf Wren. She was fast.

Most of them had trouble keeping up, bar Ava and Sonja’s wolves, who Jo-anne noticed were very similar to their mother’s wolf, both black like her and with a white moon on their chest, though Ava’s looked much fuller and Sonja’s was a full moon, all the royal family had moons in some form on their chests.

Clova was loving it, chasing the others, felt very freeing and loved being out with the other wolves, running like this, not something she had done in years, her energy seemed to have no limits at all, even when they got back to the training grounds, Clova was running around and prancing about, jumping on Ava and Sonja’s wolves all happy and excited to feel like a real pack member, their wolves were playing right back with he, in the same manner.

Clova took to training like a duck in water, followed every instruction, eager to learn, it seemed, and learned quickly. She jumped and leapt out of the way, kicked Ella’s wolf Starling off and leapt on her, they rolled around trying to pin each other down, nipping at each other, training only, a nip to indicate they would have gotten a full bite in if they had been in a real fight.

Clova was actually standing with both her front paws on Starlings chest, playfully growling at her, as she won the round, happy about it, Starling had won the last three in a row. This was Clova’s first win and she was very excited about it. Proud of herself, had managed to pin down a Delta ranked wolf.

Training was called to a stop after ten rounds. Clova only managed to win 3 of them, but she was happy and so was Jo-anne, seeing as it was their first real training in wolf form. They all shifted back and she went to retrieve her clothes like everyone else.

“Jo-anne your back.” Ava gasped and ran over to her. “Mum, come check it out, its the same as Terence’s, only massive.”

Jo-anne smiled, “I got that when I turned 18,” she told them.

Belinda walked over and looked at it. “Unusual, that you and Terence, have the same tattoo.”

Jo-anne shrugged “I wasn’t here when I got it.”

“I’m aware of that.” she was frowning at it. “Does Terence know?”

“Yes, he’s seen it.” Jo-anne nodded as she started to get dressed. “Do you think it means something?” Belinda shook her head. “Probably to do with the connection you two have always had, I suppose.” The woman reached out and touched it.

Jo-anne shivered and stepped away from her. Oh, that was a weird feeling. Belinda looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“You alright Jo-anne?” she asked.

Jo-anne nodded, “Yeah, just got this odd sensation. When you touched it, no ones ever touched it before, is all. Guess its just sensitive.”

Belinda was staring at her now. “Why’d you choose the Celestial Moon Phases?”

“What? Oh..um.” how did she explain this? She didn’t choose them, just shrugged “I don’t know.” She finally got out “You know what they are?”

Belinda nodded, “I’ve seen it before on another.” then she dressed and headed off. Jo-anne wanted to go and ask her what it meant, but that would mean she’d have to tell her it wasn’t a tattoo, and then how was she going to explain things? Life was too hard to explain sometimes.

They all walked back inside together. T.J. she noted was watching them all walk in. He raised an eyebrow at his mother, she noted and then looked right at her, a slight frown on his face.

“What?” she asked.

“Thought the Alpha sent you to your room?”

“Guess I didn’t listen.” she shot back, “I’m allowed to train T.J. every one is.”

“West won’t like it! Mother, I want a word.”

“I’m busy Terence,” Belinda told him and walked. T.J.!’s eyes turned back to Jo-anne “West saw you train, he was not happy about it.”

“Well T.J. everyone has the right to train, do they not?”

He was back to frowning at her, he couldn’t argue with her statement, turned and walked away from

“You’re in so much trouble girl.” Ella giggled.

“What else is bloody new!” Jo-anne muttered “Better go to my room.” she rolled her eyes and spoke sarcastically.

“Wow, where’s all the attitude coming from?”

Jo-anne shrugged “I don’t know, just feel a bit different lately.”

“Hmm. Well, don’t go ticking the Alpha off, might end up tethered to him as punishment.”

Jo-anne snorted with laughter. “Yeah right! We’d likely kill each other.”

“Or..” Ella snickered. “Fvcking.”

Jo-anne rolled her eyes. “Get…go bug T.J. looks like he could use that very thing.” she laughed “He’d be up for it, you know.”

Ella grinned right at her a little mischievously “really now that is some good news.”

“He’s ticklish, lower ribs.” Jo-anne laughed and headed off to her room, to shower. She was feeling better than when she had left her room this morning. Her running and training had helped her a lot, she supposed.

Got out her annoyance at her Alpha.

She would, however, stay in her room and paint for the rest of the day, figured she couldn’t get into any trouble doing that, hopefully. Set herself up and started to paint.

Heat shot up her back and her hand shook as the first signs of a shiver hit her. She took a step back from the canvas and put the brush down. Oh goddess, she moaned softly as the first wave of pleasure rolled through her body. Clova almost howled instantly, they’d not had a shiver in almost a week.

Walked across the room and leaned on the wall, put both her hands on it as another wave hit her, goddess she knew it was going to be strong, bit her l!p at the thought of trying to fight it, then just closed her eyes and thought, screw it, stopped fighting it, allowed herself to just enjoy it, let the waves roll over her, goddess it was so good to just let it happen.

Slid her hand down her body to enhance it, slipped her fingers into her panties and touched herself, it had been a while and she would really enjoy this one, get a hell of a release from it.

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