Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 51

West POV

His eyes fell on Jo-anne over there in the training ground, she was completely na*ked, he and his whole unit had been out looking at the new agility course and he was not expecting to see her out there, had supposed to be in her room.

West had come to a complete stop at the sight of Jo-anne’s na*ked body, she was facing him, but her head was turned away from him, they were all discussing a tattoo by the sound of it, another bloody tattoo, how many did the woman have, he did not like that she had marked her skin.

His eyes moved over her body, taking her all in, he’d not seen her na*ked in a very long time, her br*easts appeared fuller as did the curve of her h!ps, though she did not have the defined muscles of all the other she-wolves down there, he did not care, liked how soft and feminine she was, imagined her skin was very soft to touch, Volt was up in his mind instantly, and then scratching at his mind ‘Mate her now.’ he was growling inside West’s mind.

“Terence fix that now.” he’d snapped at his Beta and then turned and strode the hell away from her, Volt was trying to take control of him to make him go back to her. West was struggling to contain his beast, needed to get away from her, goddess only knew what would have happened if she’d still been shifted.

‘Mate her right there for all to see is what.’ Volt snarled at him, unhappy that West was actively walking away. He was headed for his office, slammed the door shut behind him, his fists balled tightly, ‘Back off Volt’ he yelled at his wolf.

‘She’s ours, claim her already.’

‘Not ours.’

‘The hell she ain’t.’ Volt snarled right back at him ‘Always our Mate.’

Volt, please back off,’ West practically begged his wolf the full moon, just wait for it,’ Volt snarled right at him all anger and aggression, then stalked off to the back of his mind and seemed to back off. The full moon was only a week away, not that far away. West sat in his chair and tried to focus on his work, it was not an easy thing to do.

All he could see was her bloody na*ked body in his mind, wanted nothing more than to touch her, stood up and stalked around his office, damned woman just had to be na*ked didn’t she, had no bloody idea that she was killing him with frustration, that he wanted to slide his hands over her body, taste every damned inch of her.

Something he’d never let himself do, might have been mated to her, but had not wanted to take all those first experiences away from her. He’d always known deep down she’d leave him the minute she could, had wanted her to, for her own good, not his.

So he’d not touched her, not tasted her. So that she could have something for herself to share with someone she actually wanted to touch her, not him a man she’d been saddled with somehow.

He believed Jo-anne had every right to experience those pleasures, the way she wanted to, when she wanted to, with who she wanted to, so he had not let himself take those moments from her.

He had no right to them, none whatsoever.

Goddess he had wanted to though, had only touched her once, and just briefly before he’d pulled himself together, and stopped himself from doing all the damned things he’d yearned to as her Mate.

Even now standing here in his office, he wanted to touch her, hell he wanted more than to touch her, closed his eyes and dammit he could see her in his mind as they used to be, hear how she’d gasped and m0aned, rocked against him f**k’ he had to put an end to this, she couldn’t go prancing around the pack na*ked, he had to go and make sure she understood why.

Stalked out of his office and headed for her room, stared at her door, stood there for a moment and took a deep calming breath, Volt snort in his mind ‘Wont work West. You want her as much as I want Clova.’

Ignored his wolf, opened the door and stepped into her room, stopped dead at the sight before him, Volt was up inside his mind instantly, all attention.

West closed the door damn quick and flicked the locks, he was practically drowning in the scent of her arousal, his eyes locked on her as she leaned up against the wall m0aning in pleasure. ‘Oh, she’s ours now.’ Volt growled inside West’s mind.

West could hardly believe what he was seeing, she was not just hot and bothered, goddess she was actively touching herself right in front of him, admittedly she had yet to realise he as in the room.

“Jo-anne.” he growled softly, unable to hold back his shock, or the desire that was coursing through his own body, he was already hard for her, itching to have her, watched as her head turned, and she looked right at him over her shoulder.

Goddess he wanted to run his hands over her body, down her back and grab her h!ps to pull her to him.

A cry of pleasure r!pped out of her, her eyes still on him, as he thought about it ‘you mate her or l will.’ Volt growled.

West kicked his shoes off ‘Oh, she’s mine.’ He told Volt, she watch him as his pull his shirt up and over his head and then his hands were undoing his pants, saw her bit her l!p as he walked towards her completely na*ked and hard for her. It was so hot to watch her as she bit down on a m0an, goddess he was going to help her along with that oncoming org**sm that was building.

Stepped right up to her, right behind her “Let me help you Jo-anne.” her growled deep and husky.

“West.” he heard his name, kind of pleading, he couldn’t tell if it was begging for him to satisfy her need or for him to go away, but there was no hope in hell of him leaving this room, with her like this, still touching herself while he was watching, her arousal so strong around him.

“Goddess Jo-anne.” he growled and slid one hand around her h!p and the other up her back, she cried out in pleasure at his touch and he groaned “l want you.” he had to tell her, wanted her to know what she was doing to him, slid his hand down the centre of her back, his fingers trailing along her spine, she thrust hard, back against him, his hard c0ck up against her a*ss, there was no stopping him now, his hands slid down her thighs over the material of her dress, slow and firmly till he found the hem and then his hands were touching her bare skin.

Slid up her thighs slowly taking the skirt of her dress with him, until it was up and over her a*ss, flicked around her waist, exposing black panties for his eyes to see, fvck she smelled so good, moved his hands down, r!p the sides of them panties and they fell to the floor, then his hand was between her thighs, pushed her hand away and closed his eyes as he touched her, slipped his fingers through her we*t folds, so fvcking we*t and hot, growled deeply as a m0an escaped her at his touch, stroked her cl!t, and heard her cry out, both her hands snapped to the wall in front of her “West.” she gasped in pleasure, pushing back against his hand, rocking herself hard and fast against his fingers to gain more pleasure for herself, from his touch.

“Yes.” he smiled, loved hearing his name on her l!ps so full of desire, rubbed and rolled his finger over her cl!t, helping her along in the org*sm that was coming. pinched her cl!t gently right as she was about to cl!max, and heard her scream with pleasure, growled himself, it was fvcking beautiful to hear her org*sm from his touch, slid his hand away as he kicked her feet apart, to slip his hard c0ck through her we*t folds, one hand on her h!p, the other sliding up her back, she bucked against him, gasping.

Goddess she was amazing, he thrust himself against her rubbing and sliding his hard c**k over her cl!t and through her hot we*t folds, wanted to hear her call out and scream more, but his need to have her was great, then he was grabbing at her h!ps and thrusting himself deep inside of her.

Volt snarled inside his mind, wanted to push forward and take over, West was not going to let him, she was his now. Her h!ps thrust back hard against him and she was crying out instantly, f**k she was so tight, he didn’t want to hurt her, but goddess at the same time he wanted to pound the hell out of her.

Started moving slowly at first, pulling almost all the way out and then pushing hard back in, her body moved with his, wanting him, she was already m0aning in pleasure, he breathed in her scent, so freaked sweet, slid a hand up her back and suddenly she was moving hard and fast, slamming herself against him, taking him in, furious in her need it seemed.

West did not stop her, matched her urgency, and let her hard and fast thrusts increase his need, he was gripping her hard one hand on her shoulder and the other on her h!p “fvck Jo-anne.” he growled as he lost all control and started slamming himself in and out of her, saw her hands press hard up against the wall as she use it to push herself back against him, wanting more, harder it seemed.

Then her claws were out and digging right into the plaster of the wall, her head snapped back and she was crying out and he could feel her cvmming, her body tightening around him, pulsing and fluttering all over his hard c0ck, hear her cvmming West.” she scream his name as she thrust back hard against him, her body clamping around his so tight as she cvm, and he explode, his seed spilled inside of her, as the sound of his name bvrst from her, it felt like her body was milking him of everything he had to give her, and he wanted her to have it all.

His body was pressed hard up against her on the wall, leaning on her, his breathing as ragged as hers, a smile on his l!p, he’d not come here for this.

But he was damned glad he’d walked into her room now. She was as breathless as he was. ‘my turn.’ Volt suddenly shoved forward, West had not been expecting it at all, not even thought about his wolf, was to busy coming down from his own org**sm that he was caught of guard, and shoved to the back of his own mind quite violently.

“Clova.” he heard Volt call to Jo-anne’s wolf, saw through his wolfs eyes as her head turn and Clova stare right back at him, then Volt had his hand on her face a firm grip and his mouth was on hers hard and demanding, growled right at her and she growled right back, then he was mating her, both of them in control now, mating in human form.

West didn’t even try to stop him, there was no way he could, not with the scent of her arousal all around them, not with Clova in control of Jo-anne’s body, his wolf was not gentle, never had been, for that matter, Mate Clova furiously in the past, and it seemed nothing had changed he was now holding her to the wall slamming in and out of her, hard and fast, over and over until she was a howling mess, and then he had her pinned to the wall growling into her neck.

Only a minute was she given to recover from him before he was mating her again, his wolf’s needs seemed to be out weighing all other factors, including that Jo-anne was the one that was going to suffer the pain of his mating her wolf in human form, damned wolf never cared about that, only his need to mate Clova.

Volt finally relinquish control and West was given back control of his own body, had to catch Jo-anne as her legs gave way, and she crumple, “Shit.” West muttered, an arm around her waist to top her falling all the way to the floor “Jo-anne?” he questioned softly, worried about her.

“Mmm,’ she half sighed, sounded sleepy, she leaned her head back on his chest, and West smiled as he looked down at her, eyes half closed, flushed face, a slight smile on her l!ps.

“Are you alright?” he asked softly.

“Mmm, Volt hasn’t changed I see.”

West actually chuckled “No, l guess not.” leaned down and picked her up bridal style, walked over to her bed and lay her down, her dress ruined, Volt had torn it to shreds as he’d gripped and groped Clova during their mating. West was more than surprised that the thing was still on her.

Looked down at Jo-anne, all sleepy “Satisfied are we?” he stretched out on the bed next to her, couldn’t help himself, wanted to be close to her.

“Mmm, I am.” she yawned and her eyes fluttered closed.

West watched her fall asleep, just like that, touched her face gently and wondered how they were going to deal with this, he’d been the one to touch her, he’d wanted her, told her as much, she knew it was him and not Volt, well not til Volt had taken over and called to her wolf any way. Volt was stretched out inside his mind all relaxed and happy, satisfied himself ‘I mate her good.’ he practically purred She loved it.’

West shook his head slightly, but it did seem that way, Clova had always enjoyed his wolf, their mating always furious, seemed Clova wanted Volt just as much, had been known to start the mating, would annoy Volt with fighting him but only enough make Volt get all frenzied with need, so their mating had been even more furious at times.

Jo-anne’s wolf had seemed to like it rough, and his wolf, liked to give her what she wanted, when she wanted it.

West had always enjoyed Jo-anne, but had kept that to himself, no more would he do that. He wanted more already, reached out and removed the tattered dress, it wasn’t really hiding her na*kedness from him. Just parts of her, parts he wanted to see.

Selfish bastard that he was, was going to look at her na*ked, while she slept. He’d used to do that when they were Mated. It was the only time he allowed himself to look at her, with all his feelings on the surface, when she was asleep and couldn’t see it.

He had not deserved her, and so had kept her at bay as much as he could. Kept himself closed off from her, didn’t want her to know, he craved her day in day out. He tried to keep his hands to himself all the time.

Goddess how was he supposed to do that now? How as she going to feel when she woke up?

With him right next to her, completely na*ked ‘sh!t’ should he even be? Would she want that? Should he stay? Should he leave? Hell he didn’t know.

Felt her body shift, and watched as her body rolled into his, and she was curled right into him, he smiled, slid and arm around her and held her, he would leave, but not just yet. Slid his hand through her hair, k!ssed her forehead, and closed his eyes, he would lay here for a little while and be selfish.

Frowned, could feel something tugging inside his mind, flicked his eyes open and realised as he yawned, he’d fallen asleep, glanced down at Jo-anne, she was still asleep, her body pressed up against his. There was that tugging sensation again, inside his mind. Kind of felt like someone was pulling on his tether, trying to reach him, but it couldn’t quite connect.

Didn’t particularly want to get up from her bed, glanced at his watch and blinked, sh!tt it was almost 3 in the afternoon, he’d come in here nearly 5 hours ago. Slipped from the bed, she murmured something in her sleep, he smiled down at her, damn cute, all messy and snelling like s*x still.

Walked across the room and pulled his clothes on, glanced at her canvas as he was doing up his pants, it was uncovered and come to a halt, he was looking at himself. Wow, It was very detailed ‘ah that’s why she was sneaking around the pack after him for days on end’ cheeky woman.

West’s eyes fell on the photo next to the canvas, she’d been trying he bet to get a picture of him actually smiling, unbeknownst to her, he’d only smiled because she’d been trailing him.

His mother had probably asked her to do it, for the Alpha portrait to be hung in his office.

He turned and looked at her on the bed, laying flat on her stomach now, his eyes moved to her back and widened at the tattoo down the centre of her spine, from the base of he neck to the middle of her back, he recognised it instantly. T.J. had the exact same one.

Turned and walked out of the room, made sure to lock the door, didn’t get the chance to even think out her tattoo. The moment he stepped out of her room he was bombarded with voices, all of them sounded stressed and anxious.

“West, where the hell are you?’ T.J.

“West, where the hell have you been? his father Damien.

‘Son, are you alright?’ his mother.

“What happened to you?’ Ricky West’s hand snapped to his head, goddess they were all loud and screaming at him, he hadn’t gone anywhere. Was right bloody here in the pack-house, the whole time, why were they all panicking?

I’m fine, in the pack-house.’ he opened a multi lined mind-link to all of them, then suddenly realised he would smell like Jo-anne, headed for his suite, to shower ‘What’s all the fuss?’

‘You were bloody missing.’ T.J, shot at him.

“What? No I wasn’t. Where are you?”

“We’re all out bloody looking for you!’ T.J. shot back sounded very annoyed.

West frowned as he headed up the stairs ‘l’m in the pack-house, have been all day.’ he told them and he had been it was not a lie.

“We’re on our way back.’

‘Alright.’ West shook his head, showered and changed into jeans and a tee-shirt, strolled back down to his office, it was flooded with people 10 minutes after he got there, most of them in just gym shorts, his mother was wearing a long tee-shirt, and she ran over and started patting him all over, checking for injuries.

“I’m fine.” he assured her, assured them all “Tell me what is going on.”

“You bloody well, just vanished West.” T.J. yelled at him “Gone, poof, no-one could get a hold of you, no mind-link, no tether, gone. Where the hell were you?”

“West had, had time to think about that while he’d showered and changed, as he was not about to tell them all he’d been sleeping with Jo-anne library archives.” he commented. None of them needed to know that he or Volt had been mating Jo-anne, T.J. certainly didn’t not after West had seen that tattoo on her back. The very same tattoo T.J. had on his arm. How was it that the two of them could have the same tattoo, when she’d not been here in ten years. It bothered him more than a lot. Spoke volumes to him about their connection and he did not know what to do about it.

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