Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 52


T.J. watched as West came to a dead halt on the hill, overlooking the training ground, all of them looked, where he did, out of curiosity, to see why he stopped so suddenly. T.J. frowned at seeing his mother and younger sisters na*ked, adverted his eyes from all of them, instead slid his eyes over Ella, couldn’t help himself, that woman was all curves and ripped abs, if Cole would give his damned permission, that woman would be in his bed so fast it wouldn’t be funny.

Caught her eye, and watched her actively torment him, right in front of Cole no less. The man was standing right behind him. Slid her hand down her body all slow and seductive, watched him the whole time, damned near growled out loud.

“Like what you see Terence.’ she mind-link him, her voice all soft and seductive like.

He sent a light playful growl back at her, he did like what he saw, how would he not, she was fvcking perfect for him, he’d always liked her.

Terence fix it now.’ West’s angry voice shot at him through the mind-link, taking his full attention away from Ella, and saw West leave, long hurried strides away, grabbed both Ricky and Cole to stop them from going after their Alpha. “Give him some time to himself.” T.J. understood the mans needs where Jo-Jo were concerned, more than anyone in this pack bar the Luna.

She seemed to also know everything that as going on with West, even back then she had not been blind to her son. Not that he would talk to his own mother about Jo-Jo and she had tried to force him at one point, T.J. knew she’d just been trying to help him.

West had not wanted to and they had actually gotten into a physical fight, it had been T.J. himself who’d had to separate them, it had not been fun getting in between his Luna and his Future Alpha of the pack. Though not one of them had told Alpha Damien, who had been off-pack territory at the time.

They all knew Damien would have not just torn str!ps off West, likely damned near beat him to death, for attacking his own mother, though the Luna had struck him first and set the whole fight in motion, Damien would have expected West to just take it and back away from his mother.

T.J. held Ricky and Cole back till West was over the hill and out of sight completely, then let them go and they all followed, the normally open Alpha’s office door was closed “go and do whatever you want till at least lunchtime, he’ll need to be alone, right now.” T.J. told them.

Ricky looked right at him “How much trouble is she going to be in?”

“I don’t know.” T.J. shook his head” Likely I’ll handle it.”

“Alright.” he nodded and walked off, then stopped about 4 steps away and turned back to look right at T.J. a slight frown on his face, all Gamma, T.J. noted “she’s different Terence, I don’t know, felt different this morning, ever from the other day.. something.”

“You’re aware her bond to Heath has been severed yes.”

“Yes but.”

“That’s the difference, Ricky. He is not her real father.”

That made the man’s eyes widen “What?”

“She’s not his actual child. So when the tie to him was severed, she smelled different instantly.” T.J. nodded, the man would need to know, being the Gamma.

“Who’s child is she?”

“Your guess is as good as anyone’s. An orphan from her file.”

“I want that file, Terence.” Ricky snapped, seemed annoyed he was not in on the information”

The minute, he’s done being an a*ss hat.” he shot over his shoulder.

“Alright” T.J. nodded, he wouldn’t deny the Gamma, he had his own needs where a Luna was concerned, any Luna for that matter past present of future, if they belonged to this pack he was attached to them. He did not like being kept in the dark about her, she was Luna Ranked still.

T.J. turned and watched his mother and sisters walk towards the pack-house, told his mother he wanted a word with her and she told him she was busy, she was not, he knew her schedule she was done training till after school was out.

Telling Jo-Jo, West had seen her train, and that he wasn’t going to like it, she didn’t care, he knew why, without that blood bond to Heath, she would be more like her mother and real father, her true nature would start to come through, this could be a problem, a very big one. Alpha females could be more than a handful.

Very defiant and aggressive, and with Jo-Jo only just having come into that part of herself, seeing as it had been suppressed by Heaths blood in her system, all this time, it was likely the woman was going to explode at some point and likely it was going to be West who set her off, there was no way anyone would be able to stop the fight when it started.

Well maybe his own mother, but he’d not had the chance to talk to her about Jo-Jo yet and what had happened outside the cells, he’d been more concerned with her and how she felt about being severed from Heath, needed to make sure she was alright, West to had only been concerned by that.

Headed off upstairs after his mother, they had to talk and she was not busy. Stalked after her and pushed right into his mother and fathers suite “Get out Terence.” she snapped right at him, before he could even get a word out.

“No.” he snapped right back, didn’t like her tone at all, “Am I right?” he asked outright. She turned and looked directly at him, she looked more than angry at his question, but didn’t say anything though.

“lf you don’t answer me. I’ll have West come up here and order it out of you.” he snarled right at her.

She was staring at him, he saw his sisters come into the room at the sound of his anger to see what was going on, it wasn’t like him to be angry with anyone. They were both standing looking from him to their mother. He watched as his mothers eyes moved to them and then back to him, then she went to walk away.”

“A yes will do. Or I will follow through, regardless of who is in this room.” T.J. stated flatly and he meant it. He wanted a damned answer to his question.

The hurt in her eyes when they turned on him, sent a wave of pain through him, he knew it would be painful for her to admit the truth, but had to hear it, needed to. They could discuss it another time.

T.J. could feel his father coming through their family tether and he was coming fast, he could feel his mates pain and anguish, T.J. imagined. He saw her look to the door, she to knew he was coming, fear and panic rolled off of her as she feared he would out her in front of all of them, whatever, however this had happened or come about, he didn’t know, just needed to hear her say it, the rest could wait til another time.

“Mother,” he yelled as his father banged into the room.

“Yes,” she whispered and fled the room, his father looked from him to his fleeing Mate, to the girls, they both just point to the master bedroom, he glared at Terence and then stalked after his Mate, closing the bedroom door behind him.

T.J’s heart nearly broke for her, but there was nothing he could do, turned and left the suite “Dammit.” he muttered, he’d known it, how it was possible he didn’t know. Stalked off to his room and leaned on the door after he closed it.

Jo-Jo, was his little sister, his half-sister, the truth finally out. Who her father was, he didn’t know, he doubt his mother would want to talk about that, T.J., knew it was not his father, that much was certain. She would never have given up a child to her own Mate.

T.J. knew she’d been missing for a 2 year period, from when he was 2 to 4, not that he really remembered it, to little to recall it, though he did now everyone had thought she had died, had just vanished when out shopping one day, his fathers mark had burned right off of him, evidence that she had died. He also knew his father along with the majority of this pack had searched everywhere for her.

Even the Royal family had hunted for her body. Not even those creepy a*ss seers had been able to locate her, she had just been gone, no longer existed. Then 2 years later had fallen at the packs northwestern border on her knees smelling like a rogue, but the patrolman had recognised her at once. As she’d looked up at him and begged for her Mate to come to the border.

T.J., didn’t know much more than that, only that it had been after Jo-Jo had appeared in the pack, and her blood bonded to Heath, he rubbed his hands over his face. It was the reason his mother had been able to stop Jo-Jo, it wasn’t that she was a royal, it was the fact that she had stepped in front of her as her mother, Jo-Jo did not know it, but somewhere deep down inside of her they still had a connection. Would likely always do.

He’d seen the way Jo-Jo had stared up at her, a trans-like state, he couldn’t actually recall a time when those two had ever interacted, not even once.

Had his mother always known, or had she only just figured it out. All questions he needed to ask her, when she was ready and willing to talk, if she ever would be.

Could very well be the reason, she’d been out there at the cells, that day. To have a piece of Heath, for hurting her child. T.J. closed his eyes, trying to figure it out, when was the last time, she’d reacted to Jo-Jo?

He frowned as he racked his brain, his mother was very protective of her children, and all of them had to be presented to the royal family at the emergence of their wolf, their wolf had to be presented as well. And then again when they were 18. He shuddered with revolution, he’d hated it.

Creepy seers always had their eyes on you, made him very uncomfortable.

Hell even he knew it was why his mother had left the royal palace and come here to find her true mate. Those seers had seen him and report to her parents, the king and queen had not been happy with the match for her to a Beta outside the royal kingdom and so had planned to Mate her off, a mating alliance with another wolf he supposed. An Alpha male, stronger and more suitable to their Jiking.

His mother had fled the kingdom and ran all the way here, to find her goddess-gifted Mate and had been Marked and Mated by him before her family could get here to stop it, she hadn’t even told his father who she was at the time.

Had apparently blindly run through the pack borders not even on a full moon night setting off all alarms and the minute she had come across him while they were trying to catch and take her prisoner, she had latched on to him Marked him on the spot, not caring who was right there to see.

The woman had hidden herself from the seers, they’d not even known she was gone from the palace till it was to late to catch her and here she had stayed, only ever went back when it was requested of her. That thought gained his attention.

He recalled she’d left willingly when Jo-Jo had nearly died at 17,and hadn’t come back for over a month, she had to have known then, left at the pain of what Jo-Jo did he supposed. So she had known for at least a decade then. T.J. sighed, whatever happened, it was likely her secret and no-one knew at all.

Though Jo-Jo looked so much like his sisters, he’d suspected even when she was a teenager and it made sense to him, his connection to her so strong, his need to protect her, she was his sister, missing from his family unit.

At 4 he had tried to keep her, brought her as a baby right into his father’s suite, right to his father, how had his father not smelled his own Mate on that child that day? He did not know! T.J. had tried to bring her into the family himself, but they’d taken her away from where she truly belonged.

If she’d been right here in this pack-house, he could have protected her properly. Likely her past history with West would not have happened, things would have run smoothly and she would have been safe under his care all the time.

T.J. could only presume his mother had very good reasons for abandoning the girl, something about the girls conception and who her father was, in all likelihood, needed to be kept a secret and she was ashamed of it. The glowing eye thing, was not part of the royal bloodline, so got that from her father’s side.

T.J. could only wonder about who it was at this point, he knew his mother at this time was unlikely to reveal the truth.

His door was suddenly and violently shoved open and TJ. was flung forward and onto the floor, his head whipped around Lark shooting to the surface, backed off when they realised it was his father. The man looked absolutely furious with him, stalked into the suite as T.J., pick himself up off the floor.

His father slammed to door closed behind him.

“Don’t you ever, upset your mother like that again,” he snarled his wolf right on the surface.

“I only asked one question.” T.J. sighed, he hadn’t meant for this to get out of hand but if she hadn’t bloody runoff and refused to answer just one question it wouldn’t have come to this.

“I don’t care. You ever make her feel that pain again. I will put you in the ground.” he roared at him all aggression.

“Lark raised his head up at the threat instantly.”

“Did you know?” he and Lark snarled right back.

“know what?” his father retorted.

Great, so his father did not know, “Never mind. I won’t bring it up again.” T.J. told him, but T.J. already knew it had to come out. The girl’s lineage needed to be known, so they knew how to handle her when the time came.

“No you won’t.” his father shot at him “She’s been through enough in her life. Let it go.” and then he was gone from the suite slamming to door on the way out.

T.J. sighed, how could he get to the bottom of everything, without his mother, telling him everything, how could he even tell her what she was to him, and she had asked him. How could he tell West? The man had enough quilt over the woman, now if he knew she was his best friends sister, that would just cause more guilt, he already hated how he’d treated her.

A showdown between them, it was building and T.J. knew it. West was an Alpha with anger issues and Jo-Jo to an Alpha and one with Royal blood no less, like T.J. sh!t when she came into the full realisation of what she was, she would likely out muscle West, if she had the training that was.

His mother, hell her own mother had been training her today, Maybe she to saw it coming, the inevitable show down that was building between them, this could be what Heath meant, destined to die at Wests hands, she and Clova had no real training.

Sh!t he was going to have to convince West to let her train, in both human and wolf form. If there was a showdown, Alpha to Alpha, she had to be able to defend herself from him. That conversation was not going to go well, perhaps one on one training with him or one of the Alpha Unit. Alpha Damien might take her on, he’d always had a soft spot for the girl, she was going to need Alpha training and T.J. knew West would not do it. That would entail him actually having to land a blow on her, during fight training, and there was no way T.J. saw West hitting her, even in training.

T.J. was going to have to consider the conversation and approach it the right way.

Logically would likely be the only way, West was quite logical about everything, well with the exception of her that was. Couldn’t seem to think straight around her at all.

He left the room and headed down stairs, no time like the present, he was already ticked off and she had already made the conscious decision to start training, she was going to become a handful of royal proportions if she didn’t have room to breathe, and felt constantly restricted and confined by West.

T.J., knew he had to get those Alpha orders off of her as well, he needed to reduce as much conflict between the two of them as possible and try to resolve the tension and brewing battle he foresaw coming between the two of them. His sister verses his Alpha and best friend, how was he going to handle that? He could not allow anyone to harm her.

He was also bound to his Alpha, to protect him from danger, he could not protect them both at the same time, from each other. He was going to have to choose at some point, T.J. was not looking forward to that moment when it came.

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