Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 54

Jo-anne POV

Her eyes opened and she gr0aned as her body protested at movement, her body ached all over, bloody Volt ad Clova, she thought absently, as she forced herself to sit up. Then Jo-anne’s eyes snapped all the way open, she bit her l!p, as he remembered West had walked into her room, mid shivers.

Jo-anne had seen him stare at her, shock and then desire bloom in him, she could have sworn, the damned thing had gotten stronger the minute he had walked into the room, and she’d not been able to stop it.

Goddess she’d watched him str!p his close off and hadn’t done a damned thing about it, didn’t even utter the word no, had simply sent up a prayer to the goddess that no-one would know he was in her room, and what they were about to do, hadn’t even wanted to stop what she knew was coming.

Put a hand over her face, Goddess how he’d touched her, he’d never touched her like that before, something she had always wanted him to do during their bond, his touch had only incited her into a frenzied need for him. The minute his hands had touched her moons, slid over them, all she’d wanted was to have him. Goddess him touching her moons had shot a desperate desire through her, for him to just pound the hell out of her. It had been like nothing she’d ever felt before.

Recalled actually begging him at one point. It had been a bloody long time for her, hell West was the last man, the only man to have ever bedded her.

Bit her l!p again, as she recalled his words, he’d wanted her, he’d told her he had, touched her so intimately. Goddess he’d brought her to heights with just a few touches, his touch had sent shivers racing through her entire body.

Glanced at the shredded dress on the end of the bed, that was all Volt she knew, though the r!pped underwear, on the floor by the wall, that had been all West. She gr0aned and stood, made her way to the shower, tried to shut off her thoughts about it.

Turned on the hot water and stood there under the hot water and wondered, what was she going to do now? How was she going to see him? At least now she knew he and Miranda weren’t Mates so didn’t have to worry about her being in pain from his betrayal of her. Frowned, no wonder he’d not cared when Volt had mated Clova the fist time she’d returned to the pack, told her it was Volts
problem… wondered what that actually meant? Though it was clear Volt and Clova were still very much attached to each other, had mated the hell out of each other and more than once. Leaving her body exhausted afterwards.

Clova was sound asleep inside her mind, completely sated by Volt is seemed, nothing new there, those two had always been insanely needy for each other, right from the very beginning, uncontrollably so at times. Jo-anne leaned on the wall, she had no idea how to deal with this.

Would West even want to discuss it? She didn’t know if she could tell anyone, really had no-one to talk to about it, couldn’t go to Karen, not after the last time she’d seen her, slapped her right in the face. Heath was also a no go, in the cells and denied access to. He still felt like her father but she no longer had the loving connection to him anymore, just a man who had been in her life, a father figure. It was weird, having all those memories and feelings of his as she’d grown up but now, when she thought of him was kind of just like he was an acquaintance.

How did she go about discussing something like this and to who? She’d had s*x with her ex, now her Alpha, and his wolf had mated hers and more than once at that. ‘sh!t’ could she even leave her room, face him, would he ignore what had happened? Should she ignore it?

It most likely only happened due to the shivers and him walking into her room unannounced at the most inappropriate time, if he had not walked in at that moment, it would never have happened, Jo-anne was certain of that.

Goddess this was a nightmare, she couldn’t stay in her room forever, and avoiding him, that was not going to be possible, he was the Alpha. What he had even been doing here in her room, Jo-anne didn’t know, though it was likely he had come to her room to punish her, for this mornings disobedience and questioning him.

Got out of the shower and looked herself over for marks that would need to be covered, Volt could be a bitey creature, but then so could Clova, she shook her head. Surprisingly there were none that she could see, that was good she supposed. Got dressed and then stopped at the sight of her canvas fully uncovered, gr0aned.

There was no way West had missed seeing that on his way out of her room, not that she knew when he left, had no idea when that had been. Her secret was out, the Luna had seen it and now so had West. There was no point in keeping it covered anymore she guessed.

Sank down on her bed and chewed on her l!p, it’s only early evening, and she was starving, hadn’t eaten since breakfast and with her and West and then their wolves, needed to eat, her body was craving carbs right now. But she did not exactly feel comfortable heading through the pack-house to eat in the dining room, West would likely be there and with his whole unit, did they know?

Had he told anyone? Had he told no-one?

How on earth did she-wolves handle this type of thing, she knew it happened Alpha’s slept with she-wolves all the time, then just wondered off, she shook her head, had no experience in this matter at all.

‘Ella.’ she reached out for her closest friend.

‘Hey Jo-anne, whats up?

‘Can you come to my room? I… need some one to talk too.’ the only person she could trust who she knew wouldn’t judge her.


‘Couldn’t bring me some dinner, could you?’

‘Sure.’ she laughed down the mind-link “did West ground you after training?”

‘No… l just..”

“Give me a minute or two.’ she cut the link.

Took only 5 minutes fro her to arrive, Jo-anne let her in right away.

“Wow what happened to you?” she asked right away.

“Huh?” goddess was it noticeable, did she still smell like West she had showered.

“You look nervous as hell.” Ella smiled right at her, handed her a plate of food and her eyes moved to the portrait Jo-anne was working on “Wow, I knew you could pain, but damn.”


“West smiling? Did you dream that?” she snorted.

“No. I got a photo of him smiling.” She indicated the actual photo as she sat down and put food to her mouth, goddess she was really hungry, starving in fact. She watched as she ate while Ella stood and looked at the portrait, she knew this was going to be peoples reaction to it.

“So whats up?” Ella finally sank down on the couch next to her.

“It’s so embarrassing and ..”

“Who’d you sleep with?” Ella smiled at her.


“Come on Jo-anne, I can tell. Never seen you like this, well not since you and West first started sleeping together anyway.” Jo-anne sighed heavily.

“Oh my Goddess, you and the Alpha.. oh man, no wonder you don’t want to come out of your room “

Ella was definitely one insightful woman, “How did you get that from one sigh?” she asked with the shake of her head.

“Girl, you think that man or his wolf! Is going to let any other touch you?” she snorted again and shook her head, seemed amused.

It did seem to Jo-anne that West was as possessive over her again as he used to be, which was not necessary they weren’t mates any more”

“How do I handle it Ella, I don’t think that it meant anything, kind of an accident.”

“Why do you say that?” she was frowning at Jo-anne now.

“l was well…you know…entertaining myself, when he came in, and wel.” she bit her l!p. Ella burst out laughing, “Well, well, well Jo-anne, aren’t you just full of surprises. Guess our Alpha couldn’t handle the smell of your arousal huh!”

“Ella.” Jo-anne gr0aned “Please help me, I’ve never had a one night stand before. I don’t know how to handle this.”

“Well if it was me.” she smiled right at Jo-anne, who knew she had one night stands all the time hell had spent the night with an Alpha during that weekend they were all here. “I’d just own it.”

“What does that mean exactly.”

“Walk around like it doesn’t bother you.”

“Oh, hey is that why he was missing all afternoon?”

“What? Missing?” Jo-anne’s eyes widened.

“Yeah, there was a full on pack wide search for the Alpha today.” she started to laugh “and he was in here with you the whole time huh.”

Jo-anne stared at her “How long was he missing?”

“I don’t know, like several hours…how long did you two go at it?”

“I don’t know to be honest.” she shook her head “but I slept till about half an hour ago.”

“Sweet Goddess, give me some of that satisfaction, fvck Jo-anne. I ain’t never been exhausted like that after se*x.”

“I have.” Jo-anne admitted “West and Volt can be..” she shrugged “Vigorous, even back then they could be.”

“Damn.” Ella leaned back on the couch and sighed “I bet Terence could satisfy me all night long… Goddess I want some of that.” then she pushed herself up off the couch “Why don’t we go for a walk, let’s see what he does.”

“What do you mean, What he does?”

“Well, hell either want to talk to you about it. Or he won’t lets find out. Come on, I got your back girl. Jo-anne sighed, was not looking forward to leaving the room “Where are we going?”

“The tavern.”

“No, no.. I was drunk enough last night, and apparently told West himself, he had a stick up his a*ss.

Ella burst out laughing, “Really, no wonder he wanted to see you in his office. Alright lets just stroll around town then, some shopping maybe. Shoes on, they were about to head out of her room, Ella linked her arm through hers and murmured “Just smile and laugh with me. Like what happened, happened, but it doesn’t bother you, like you’re okay with it. It’s not like the two of you have never had s*x before right.”

“Right.” Jo-anne nodded “We have, a lot.. can do this.”

“Yes girl, you can. Just like back then.” Jo-anne nodded again and they walked off out of the room, strolled down the stairs to the pack-house foyer, Ella was chuckling as they walked for the front door, “shopping it is Jo-anne, now I hear your loaded too, so it’s on you tonight.” she announced a little to loud for Jo-anne’s liking, she knew why though. The Alpha’s office door was open, which meant that West was in there.

“Sure thing, you need a dress for the mating ball right?”

“Hell’s yes I do girl. So do you.” she grinned right at Jo-anne as they walked out the front door to the pack-house. No-one stopped them, her heart was hammering inside of her ch3st nervously the whole time, but settled quickly the further away from the pack-house they got.

“You know, I don’t need a dress right?”

“of course, you already got one, I was with you when you bought it. That was just to tick him off.” she snorted.

“You’re playing with fire” Jo-anne laughed.

“Ah, that’s what Cole is for, got a Delta for a big brother remember. I’ll just step right behind him and act all innocent.”

“T.J. would do a better job you know, protecting you.”

“I can’t get that man.” Ella sighed “Want that man, goddess knows I always have, he won’t touch me. Cole warned him off years ago and so he won’t.

“He wants to.” Jo-anne told her with a smile”

Thinks your lovely. Thinks he’d ruin you for any other man.”

“Hell l’d let him.” she giggled “any time he wants, as long as he want.” sounded a bit wistful.

They strolled about the boutiques on the main street of the packs shopping district, actually did shop, bought shoes and clothes, got their nails done, and sat for ice cream, before hitting the packs small shopping mall. They were loaded up with shopping bags when they came back to the pack-house and she was actually feeling much better, more like herself and quite relaxed. Ella was a good thing in her life.

Ella was right, she just needed to get out and over it. What had happened, happened and it wasn’t likely to happen again. A one off due to unfortunate circumstances of her shivers and him seeing it.

Saw him heading for his office, his eyes met hers and she looked right at him, raised an eyebrow, saw him narrow his eyes at her, and then she and Ella were past him and headed for her room.

Stepped into her room and Ella grinned right at her, “That went great. Keep doing that, he looked uncertain of your reaction, that’s what you want, let him be the uncomfortable one.

“l owe you one.”

“Technically, you owe me two.” Ella nudged her with her shoulder.

“Hmm, now how do l repay you, I wonder.”

“Get your buddy T.J. to pay me a midnight visit…’ll accept Beta time as currency.”

Jo-anne burst out laughing as they both flopped down on to her bed to laugh and chat further. It was so good to have someone to just talk to about anything. She knew that Ella wouldn’t say anything to anyone.

Ella had been the only person she had confided in while she’d been Mated to West. Knew how Jo-anne had felt most of the time, until she’d wanted out so bad she’d stopped talking to everyone, even then Ella had tried to talk to her.

Jo-anne just couldn’t at the time, it had just been to much. She couldn’t say anything bad about West so had just stopped talking altogether.

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