Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 56

West POV

Listening to T.J. tell him that his own father had threatened to put him on the ground, over upsetting his mother, was more than surprising. The whole Beta family were very close, though T.J. wouldn’t elaborate on why he was arguing with his mother and father, he just shrugged it off and said ‘for another time West.’

West had let it go, he was obviously not ready to talk about it, so decided to just hang out and actually have a beer himself. He didn’t do that often, didn’t like the idea of passing out drunk and waking up with no memory of what he’d done, been there done that once, though he was damned sure he’d not been drunk at the time, and was still horrified at the sight he’d woken up to that day.

He could often be seen with a drink in his hand, a bourbon usually, but rarely did he ever drink it, quite enjoyed the smell of it, but drinking it, only occasionally. He did not need more gaps in his memory. It was why Jo-anne’s drunken behavior bothered him. Did she just not worry about waking up and not remembering things, like he did?

T.J. on the other hand, it was clear, had, had more than a few drinks already. He drank another 4 before West helped him back to his Suite, on the bright side, he only had to half carry that big bastard across the hall now. Lay the man down on his bed where he looked right up at West and pointed a drunken finger at him and mumbled “Don’t f**k my little sister.”

“Sure thing.” West had smiled at him and shook his head as the man passed out. He’d never had any inclination towards Ava or Sonja at all, so there was no problem on that account, only had eyes for.

One woman anymore. He left T.J. passed out on his bed and headed back downstairs. He needed to ignore out all those questions about her.

Jo-anne and Ella both came up the stairs to the first floor, as he was walking down them, locked eyes with Jo-anne and was going to ask about having a word with her, when she raised an eyebrow at him, as if to say ‘What you looking at. He frowned, trying to read her expression, quite closed off.

Perhaps she didn’t want to talk about what had happened earlier, maybe she was okay with it and didn’t want to talk about it. He sighed and walked into his office, he did wonder what she made of it.

Surely she had to have questions, though what he’d walked in on, perhaps had just accepted it.

He didn’t know, guess they could talk about it later, though in private. It was getting late, she and Ella had definitely been shopping, they were carrying a lot of shopping bags, where she was going to put them all, he had no idea. That room was not large enough, nor was the wardrobe in there.

Perhaps he should move her to another room.

A suite till they can sort things out. If they could, that was, then the problem became which suite.

‘Alpha, Woods cell guard here.’

‘Yes, Woods.’

‘Got a woman, requesting to see the prisoner.’


“His Mate, she claims.’


That be her name, yes.’

‘Let her, report back the result.!’


Finally, Heath’s Mate had turned up. Why after all this time? She knew he was in the cells. Had been there for half a week at this point. West wondered what took her so long? His daughters had not gone to see him either. That made him wonder once again if they were Goddess-Gifted or chosen Mates.

He searched the pack’s database for Heath and found it, chosen Mate it seemed, due to both of them having lost a Mate. They had actually gone to school together, known each other all their lives, and when she had lost her Mate, Heath had been there for her, and after a full year of being in a relationship they had approached his mother and father, it had been approved. Closed the file.

West was curious. Would the three of them renounce him or would they be attached to a traitor? He doubted Karen was going to be happy with the current state Heath was in, but there was nothing he could do about it. The man had gone insane and for what reason, who knew?

Severing a blood bond, would not send someone crazy, just disconnect your attachment to them. You still knew who they were, could look at them as the same but just didn’t have all the emotions that went with the bond to them.

It didn’t take long for Woods to report that Karen had left the cells in tears, after begging the guard to tell her what happened to Heath, ran away upset. It would be quite distressing for her to see her Mate like that, though there was nothing he could do about it, other than putting him down.

Hmm, must talk to Jo-anne about that. Now that her bond was broken she may actually allow him to do his job.

Karen appeared in the pack-house, kind of standing uncertain in the foyer. West could see her.

She was not looking for him. That was a certainty, his door was open and she could have just walked over. He got up, hated this woman with a passion, took a deep breath. She was a pack member still, stepped to his office doorway.

“Karen?” she was a short, dark-haired woman, with brown eyes and today was wearing an oversized tee-shirt, likely Heaths, and a pair of jeans.

“What did you do to him?” she turned and looked at him.

West leaned in the doorway. “Nothing at all “

“Don’t lie to me, Westley, he was fine before you locked him up.”

“You will call me Alpha, don’t think you are still, so high and mighty as to address me so informally, Karen.” he grated out, all through his Mate Bond with Jo-anne she had called him Westley, never once addressed him by title, like she had every right to, it had always irked him.

She was glaring right at him. “You did something to him,” she replied, refusing his title completely.

“I beat him, as did Terence. But that’s what you get when you attack and try to kill your own child. You know the law.”

“It’s her fault, not Heath’s, that little b!tch always caused us trouble.”

That gained West’s attention, that girl had never caused an ounce of trouble to this pack, as far as he knew, hell had never even caused him any trouble, always obedient and compliant, he doubt very much, she was different in her family home.

“How is it, Jo-anne’s fault? Explain that to me,” he asked

“It’s always her fault, everything that happened is all her fault. Where is she?”

“In her room, I imagine.” he couldn’t understand the woman. “Why?”

“Why? I’m her mother and I’m going to go and punish her for what she did to Heath.”

“No, you’re not. On both accounts.”

“Excuse me.” she shot at him.

“You’re not her mother, never were. Or only when it suited you, I suppose, and 2. you will not be punishing her for Heath’s condition. She has not seen him, since he tried to kill her. I forbade it. Even stopped her, myself, he is broken from trying to kill her, I imagine.”

“That’s bullshit, she did this to him. She made him like that.”

“How did she?” West asked, more than curious

“Did she ask Heath or Jester to bite her, did she ask him to kill her…I don’t believe so.”

“She did this to him, just like what she did to you, all them years ago.”

“Did she now? That’s a very interesting statement Karen. Do you know what happened that day?” he stepped right out of his office and saw her back up instantly. Jo-anne still had scarred wrists from that day, she had been tied down, there was no way it was her that did this to them. From Patterson’s report, to have scars like she did on her wrist, she had been tied down for days, likely struggling to get free to no avail.

“No.” she shook her head.

“Are you sure about that, Karen? I’d be very interested if you did.” He watched her back away from him, lowering her head. “No, Alpha. I don’t know any more than you do.”

“Would you tell me, if you did?” he questioned, taking another step towards her.

“Of course, Alpha.” she would not look at him “I don’t know what happened that day.”

“lf I find out you do, you’ll end up like Heath and your daughters, well,” he left it unsaid, saw her eyes finally lift to meet his “They’re good girls Alpha, please don’t harm them.”

“You will stay away from Jo-anne. She is not your concern anymore, nor Heaths for that matter.”

“They are father and daughter, Alpha.”

“Not anymore, I severed their blood bond.

Jo-anne is now a Carlton, not a Morris. If you harm her, I’ll take it personally and you yourself know, so will my Beta.

She was staring at him wide-eyed now. This was news to her. He’d never given Jo-anne his name, but now Jo-anne had it. This seemed to really shock the woman. “I’d think twice about even slapping Jo-anne in the future. I’ll let my Beta slap you back.”

It had not escaped his or T.J.!’s attention that Jo-anne had come home with a hand print on her face the night she been out with Ella, who’d distracted T.J. to allow Jo-anne to come running in through the pack-house front doors and bolt to her room laughing, knowing T.J. was in hot pursuit, barely made it to her room. In fact. T.J. was extremely fast on his feet, and even faster where Jo-anne was concerned.

She had wanted to go and see Karen and her sisters that day, and even though she had been told she was not allowed to, had clearly done so, and it had not gone down so well.

“..I would never.”

“Hmm, lucky for you, she never told me who hit her.”

“Why would you even care Westley? She rejected you.”

His eyes narrowed on her. Again, that informal address. “I was expecting it actually. Knew it was coming. She freed us both of you and Heath’s threat to the council. I should remember to thank her one day.”

Her eyes widened again. “But you, you slept with her, you were bonded, her rejection you should hate her.”

“l did, and I was. That is why I care, always will. So if you harm her, I’ll send my Beta to repay your kindness 10 fold.”

“You’re insane, Alpha, she’s not worth it, just a stupid brat, who ruins everything.”

“Get out of my pack-house Karen,” West snarled at her, “before you say something that will leave you headless, and your daughters orphaned.”

She was gone, out the door, bolted away from him. He still hated her, probably always will, stupid woman didn’t know when to shut the hell up.

‘Go near Jo-anne one more time.’ he thought to himself I’ll banish you out of this pack. He turned and headed for his office. He really had hoped her and Heath would leave that day, when he’d de-ranked them, had wanted them both gone from this pack, but no! They had stayed and he’d had to suffer seeing the two of them.

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