Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 58

West POV

He was stretched out in Jo-anne’s bed, her na*ked body relaxed next to his, lying right up against him, she was sound asleep. It didn’t really surprise him not considering, the fact that he and Volt had just Mated her.

West had been quite shocked to hear her voice come down the mind-link, full of desire and ar0usal, calling for him, it was almost as if she knew he’d been thinking about her, and he had been. Had been laying there in bed, a smile on his face as he recalled vividly walking into her room that morning.

Enjoyed remembering how he’d touched her, hearing her scream his name and then boom. Her voice in his head, the mind-link open and he could feel her all ar0used through the link.

He’d already been well on his way to being hard and needed relief, so he hadn’t even thought about it, just got the hell out of his bed and gone right to her room. If she wanted him and it did sound as though she had, he would not deny her wants and needs, not for a single second. Volt was all for it, had been scratching at his mind the minute her voice had come down the link.

Walking into her room, to the scent of her ar0usal, had been a delight, not only had she been thinking about him, she was so darn ar0used and turned on. Goddess he’d missed her, missed the scent of her.

Now even just laying here, her ar0usal was still in the air, he loved it, how long her scent lingered even asleep she still smelled amazing. His fingers were tracing lightly and absently over her skin, his eyes were on her sleeping face, she looked so peaceful.

West didn’t actually know what had happened, she’d seemed all completely done and satisfied, happy and resting her head on his chest, and then she had just bit him and not a playful bite either, sank her teeth in good and proper to his right peck just above his n!pple, and out of no where he had this need to mate her furiously.

Lost all control of himself, it had not helped that Volt had decided he wanted in on mating her to. Then they were both mating her, actually Mating her, had damned near Marked her at that, barley managed to pull himself away from her Mark Spot, but had not been able to stop himself from Mating her, not once Clova was right there too.

They had Mated him right back, once he had seen the pair of them looking up at he and his wolf, their eyes all glowing green and silver, filled with desire. Had lost complete control, knotted her.

Damn it had felt bloody amazing, shocked her more that a little, he thought, he’d never knotted her before, never knotted anyone, had always keep control, was actually not that hard to do before, with Jo-anne, she’d been underage and to young for that, but now! She was a fully grown woman.

He’d never even considered knotting with another.

How she would feel when she woke up, might be an issue, she knew what it meant. Knotted by her Alpha, not her Mate at this point in time. But she would understand that he had Mated her and fully.

To hear her say they had to stop doing this. “No” could only ever be his response, he wanted this, for always, wanted her, needed her. What she wanted he was yet to learn.

But for him even now, without their Mate Bond, she was still the best damned she-wolf he’d ever had s*x with. Tonight he’d been different himself, took it slow, something a part of him way down deep had always wanted to do, but he’d never allowed himself to do, would never have allowed himself to either, and if she rejected him once more, he would never do it again. Allow himself that much pleasure, didn’t deserve it.

He had to admit it was a lot of fun, had loved it, feeling all of her, loved seeing her frustration Even liked it when she’d called him a bastard.

Wanted to tie Jo-anne down and torture her with slow deliberate pleasure for hours, blind fold her and enhance her pleasure even more, might just do it yet, he smiled to himself, he did have black silk ties, no he would buy all new items, never would he use anything he’d used on another with her.

Flicked his eyes to the bedroom door, and sighed, there was that weird unattainable tether feeling. Had to be T.J. he was the only one he’d told where he was when he’d been missing before.

Dammit, he must be off the pack grid again.

Didn’t want to leave this bed. Not after Mating her, gr0aned out of annoyance and got up, pulled his pants on and covered her na*ked body with the sheet he’d r!pped off the bed when he’d come in.

Walked over and open the door.

T.J. was standing in the hall in only a pair of jeans, looked right at West and shook his head, rolled his eyes, and muttered “I knew it.” Then looked right at him “You were off the pack grid again, your mother freaked out and woke my a*ss up, I told her it was fine, I knew where you were, she didn’t believe me, demand if I know to prove it.”

West sighed, how was he supposed to stay with her if this keeps happening “Got to be Jo-anne.”

“Agreed. Link your mother, to prove I knew where you were.”

West did just that ”m fine mother, just downstairs. Is all.”

What happen to you?” I don’t know’ he answered honestly ‘Terence and I will look into it.’

I don’t like it.’ she sounded very unhappy, but let it go.

T.J. was staring right at him “You and I need to talk.” his tone was very serious

“Does it have to be right now?” West asked a little annoyed he want to go back to be with Jo-anne, to sleep with his arms around her. Wake up next to her.

“Yes, considering what is going on in that room.”

“Terence you said you were fine with it.” West frowned at him now.

T.J. reached out and touched West’s chest, he looked down, the bite Jo-anne had given him “That denotes more than se*x.”

West sighed, he didn’t want her waking up alone, but seemed that was what was going to happen. “Fine my office.”

“Where else would we talk privately.” T.J. shook his head and walked off.

West closed the door to his office, and watched T.J. pull his dreadlocks up and use two of them to tie them back, as he walked over to sit down on the couch. “I know who Jo-Jo’s mother is, confirmed it yesterday.”

They were not the words that West was expecting to hear, hadn’t even thought about that himself in over a day, knew at some point they would have to try and figure it out, seems his Beta was all over it, and just stated confirmed it yesterday.

“What? When? How?”

“You are just as blind, as everyone else in the pack, you know.” he sighed “you might want to sit down.” he waved West towards a chair.

West sat and waited for T.J. to tell him. The man just sat there and stare at him for a long time, seemed hesitant to tell him, something else was going on. West knew he was likely not going to, like it or want to know it.

“Did you Mate her?” West sighed, rubbed his temples, seemed another conversation was going to be had before this one, he was not going to lie to his best friend, he’d find out anyway. Would just go and ask Jo-anne in all likelihood.

“Yes.” he nodded, looked at T.J. sighed “knotted her in fact.”

“You idiot, do you know what that could mean?”

“Yes Terence, of course I know. Couldn’t help it, she bit me,” he indicated the bite mark on his chest “then it was both her and Clova and her eyes were all glowing green and silver, Volt and I.” he shrugged “I don’t personally have a problem with it.

“You may not, she might West.” T.J. was frowning right at him. “is it a stupid question to ask if you used protection.”

“Yes, wouldn’t have helped anyway.”

T.J. shook his head, West knew even if he had been wearing protection his knot would have r!pped it open, it would have been useless. “Yes Terence I am aware she might, hence I wanted to her to wake up with me right there, so we could discuss it.”

“Are you going to tell her? Everything or just what you think is best?”

“I don’t know, it has to come out at some point I know that. But.. I still think waiting for the full moon is best”

“So do I, but I think its a bit late for that don’t you?”

“I don’t know, guess! will have to wait and see what she thinks.”

“And if she wants nothing to do with you, how are you and Volt going to feel about that”

“Don’t know. Volts asleep right this minute.” He shrugged “| will wait I guess, nothing else l can do. I will not Mark her Terence if that is what you are worried about, never again will she be Marked by me against her will.”

Saw Terence frown, “Man you gotta stop that sh!t. You do not know what happen, you don’t know if you Mark her against her will or not. Hell for all you know she Marked you first and then you responded.”

West knew it was true. He did not know what happened, just how she’d looked when he’d woken up. Rubbed his temples, but she had barely been 16 so it was more than likely his doing. He hated thinking about this, did his head in.

“West, you can scent her right.”

“Yes,” he nodded.

“Okay, it could have just been the fact that one deeper level both Volt and Clova knew what they were to each other, so they Mark each other, it might not have been you or Jo-anne at all, just your wolves.”

West knew Terence was trying to reason it out for him, had done it many times before. Her state that day was indicative of Volt, but that was no excuse, he hated not knowing the truth of that day.

Frowned and looked right at Terence.


“l had a bit of a run in with Karen last night, she went to see Heath finally and had the hide to come here blaming Jo-anne, said something to me, that made me not only step towards her but ask her, if she knew what happened that day.”


“She wouldn’t look at me, dropped her eyes to the ground said no, but I don’t know I don’t think I believe her.” he frowned, “I never liked that woman.”

“ls it that you don’t like her, or is it something else?”

West really thought about it, about Karen herself, got up and prowled around inside his office for a good five minutes, before sitting back down and looking right at T.J. “it’s something else, that day, she came into this office all tears and full of concern, called Jo-anne her little girl. Hugged her, gently even…Jo-anne frowned like it was odd..then the two of them never saw each other after that day. I don’t even recall her going to see if Jo-anne was alright a day or even a week later.”

“Okay, sounds odd. Doesn’t mean she had anything to do with it though.”

“I know, but today she called Jo-anne a b!tch, a brat and said everything was all her fault, including what happened to me that day, not what happened to Jo-anne.”

“Okay, that is more than odd. Guess we should look into it.”

West sat and waited, a full minute of staring at T.J. “You said you knew who Jo-anne’s mother is,” he prompted.

“Oh, yeah… you probably won’t like it, and I don’t want it leaving this room.”


“No West, I really mean it, You and I that is it, can’t even tell Jo-Jo.”

“What! why not?” T.J. sighed “Because of West… it’s my mother.

West opened his mouth, to say something, was completely taken aback. Couldn’t make a sound, just stare at T.J. wide-eyed in complete shock.

“She’s my sister, well half-sister. I don’t know who her father is.”

West was still just staring at him, she was his best friends little sister, his Beta’s little sister.

Opened his mouth to say something, nope still nothing, shocked into silence it seemed.

“..Fvck.” he had no idea what to say at all.

How to even react to this kind of news.

“Take a minute, I’ve suspected for awhile, pinning my mother down and getting an answer from her, was not easy, but I had to after the incident at the cells.”

“ls that why your father threaten you?”

“Yes, I don’t think he knows the truth. It is possible, but I don’t know yet. Not likely to ask him and out my own mother. She was missing for 2 years and I doubt,.. hell I know it was not of her own choosing, someone took her and.” he trailed off.

West closed his eyes he knew what T.J. didn’t want to say. He’d grown up here seen how much Beinda loved her Mate, had been missing for 2 years and then, he could only presume once escaped, whatever hell she had been in, had run right back here to him. Her love for him was true.

“Jo-anne is the unwanted product, of a forced union.” he sighed heavily.

“I wouldn’t say unwanted exactly. At least I don’t think that’s the case. I also don’t think mother just happen to be walking by the cells that day. Think she was waiting about, looking for an opportunity to have piece of Heath.”

“Terence, she abandon Jo-anne.” West frowned at him.

“Maybe so…” T.J. nodded “but inside her own pack, where although no-one would know she was my mothers, she could keep an eye on her.”

West rubbed his temples, it was a lot to take in, and Terence could be right, looked right at him, she was his little sister “Your little sister?”

“Yes, does my connection to her make any sense now?”

“l guess a little.” West nodded slowly but there was something already starting to eat him, “Terence?” he had hurt the man’s little sister.

“Don’t do it to yourself West, let it go. You love her I know that. Everyone important around her knows that. Even mother. Probably why she never intervened between the two of you.”

How could he not go there, he’d nearly killed her once, and it had been T.J.’s sister, he’d had to save his own sister.

West shot to his feet, horror filled him at the thought, tears suddenly burned his eyes as he looked at his Beta, his best friend, the one man he trusted, relied on to be his ear and hear him out, especially where Jo-anne was concerned. “I nearly killed your sister. Hollowed her out and nearly destroy her completely.”

“Calm down West.” TJ, was up an in front of him, put his hands on him “Sit down.” pushed him back into the chair “it’s alright. She’s fine now, you can see that for yourself, doesn’t appear she’s holding and grudges West.”

“Why doesn’t she hate me Terence? she should hate me with a passion.” he asked him. T.J. knew her so well, surely he had the answer to that question.

“Who knows, West. The girl just seems to take everything thrown at her and accepts it, lets it go and bounces back. There is also the fact that she is actually your Mate, you still smell her now yes? West nodded, “it gets stronger with every day closer to the full moon.”

“Okay, then your bond will be strong, that’s good.” T.J. sat on the coffee table in front of him and stared at him, the man even now was trying to reassure him that everything was going to be okay.

Even after all he’d put her through, that Jo-anne would accept him.

West didn’t understand why the man wasn’t trying to beat the hell out of him, hell why had Belinda never tried to hurt him for that matter, did they all just have this relaxed attitude that everything was alright, was it a royal trait. “She’s a fvcking royal princess.” he gasped in horror as it suddenly dawned on him, her birth mother was princess an actual royal princess.

“They don’t know about her, no-one does. Mother hid her, even from them.”

“Terence that doesn’t matter, my Jo-anne, a princess.”

“Calm down West. She’s still Jo-Jo.”

“I should have just let them punish me.” He whispered his head in his hands.

“lt is what it is West, breathe man before you lose it. I don’t need you bolting right now, you just Mated her remember. You can not bolt.”

His eyes lifted to meet T.J.’s “I’m sorry Terence.”

“Don’t apologise to me, I don’t need it. Jo-Jo is the one you need to talk to, considering what is going on between the two of you over the past 24 hours.”

West nodded “I know l have to talk to her. Apologise for everything.. I think it should wait till the full moon, so she can see I am her actual Mate. Try to work things out from there.”

“Probably a good idea.” T.J. nodded “Might want to stop sleeping with her til then.”

“She called out to me tonight.” he sighed, rubbing his hands over his face.

T.J. raised and eyebrow at him “Really?”

“Yes and.. ” he sighed it was going to be hard to keep his hands to himself even with this knowledge.

“You two are trouble West.” T.J. shook his head “barely a week left West, please let it be, till then.” then he shoved him a little and smirked at him “Try to stop touching my sister.” he teased him, clearly trying to lighten the mood.

West shook his head, he didn’t know if he could ever get used to that “What are we doing about your mother Terence?” West changed the subject, needed to think about something else, even if just for a minute.

“Nothing at this point. We’re just going to leave I can’t ruin my own family.”

West could understand that, and he didn’t want to ruin the man’s family either, Belinda had always been nice to him, even during his mate bond to her daughter, even when the girl had tried to kill herself to get out of it. Though he wasn’t sure if she knew the truth about that.

That fact had been hidden from the pack, they were all told she’d been sitting on the balcony railing and a flock of birds had swooped down and startled her and she’d fallen from the balcony, Belinda might only know that about it. Hadn’t even said anything to him after Jo-anne left him either.

He frowned “Did she always know who Jo-anne was?”

“That is still unclear at this point.”

“Hazard a guess.”

T.J. shook his head, “I honestly don’t know, I do know she left this pack when Jo-Jo was in the hospital at 17. for a full month, so definitely knew then. But I don’t know and without sitting her down to talk to her” he shook his head.

“We’re going to have to at some point in time, you know that right. Even if its just you, me and her.”

“I know, she’s not ready West.”

“Been 28 years T.J. she’ll never be ready, in all likelihood. But..”

“Just give her time, she knows I know, and she will know I have told you or will. Likely the next time she see’s you, she will know. Your guilt will tell her all she needs to know.”

West nodded, it was unlikely he was going to be able to hide that from her. But what did he do now, he still wanted to talk to Jo-anne. Really needed to talk to her. “Terence, after breakfast I need to talk to Jo-anne, I want you to bring her here and stay for the conversation. It’s not going to be pretty, and Volt is not going to like it.”

“Don’t do anything stupid West. Like take it back.”

“I won’t, I just need to talk to her, and now that I have Mated her Volt will be wanting to have her all the time, like day in day out. Clova has to stay put inside Jo-anne till the full moon at least. I need you here for me and Volt no her. I won’t hurt her I promise.”

“Alright, I’ll ask her to have breakfast with me, I also want a key to her room.”

West nodded, that was probably a good idea. “I’ll have them for you when you bring her to my office in the morning.”

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