Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 59

Jo-anne POV

Her eyes snapped opened, there was someone pounding on her bedroom door, sat bolt upright, and stared at her door worriedly, goddess was she in trouble, couldn’t be West, surely he was the one who’d come to her room last night.

‘Wake up Jo-Jo.’ T.J. ‘s voice came down the mind-link.

I’m awake, you scare the crap out of me.’ She shot back, and then flopped back down on her bed what do you want?’ he was still pounding on her door like a crazy man. ‘I’m tired T.J.’ and she was.

‘Breakfast, come on, get up. You got 5 minutes and I’m coming in Jo-Jo.’ then he was laughing down the mind-link West gave me keys to your room.’ sounded awfully chipper.

Jo-anne sighed ‘Might need more than 5 minutes.’ she groaned out loud, last night had utterly exhausted her, Clova was still asleep as well it appeared. Fully sated by West and Volt.

That’s all you get, I have a hankering for meaty goodness. To cure my hangover.’

Hunger over? sounded to bloody chipper to be hungover to Jo-anne, where was the headache and the not so feeling good. She shook her head.

‘Alright I.J. I’m getting up.’ she muttered.

The banging on her door finally stopped, the man was crazy ‘Good. I’m gonna count out 5 minutes Jo-Jo then I’m coming in.’

Jo-anne sighed and actually got up and out of the bed, she had a feeling he was going to do exactly as he said he would. Walked into the bathroom and stopped at the sight of her neck, how the hell was she supposed to hide that, a massive deep purple hickey right over her mark spot, groaned. Turned the shower on and got in under the hot water. It wasn’t the only one she found either.

West it seemed had enjoyed his way down her body, there were several more, on her breasts and stomach, she tried to wake Clova up to heal them, her wolf snort at her and then turned her head, yawned and went right back to sleep, seemed she was not interested in healing her, or waking up for that matter.

She was standing in front of the mirror after a very quick shower, had pulled on jeans and a tee-shirt, the damn hickey on her neck stood out for all to see, she didn’t own any high necked shirts, it was not her thing.

‘Jo-Jo, you got 30 seconds.’ T.J.’s happy voice.

‘Give me a bloody minute T.J. I’m up already.’ she shot back, jeez he was bloody impatient. Then the door was opened and he was standing looking right at her “Come on Jo-Jo, breakfast is getting cold.”

“What has gotten into you?” she asked rolling her eyes and shaking her head. Breakfast was not going to get cold, and it certainly wasn’t going to run out either. Hell as the packs Beta, T.J could probably stand in the pack-house kitchen and eat everything he wanted to right as it came off the grill or pan, out of the oven, and no-one would say a thing, just laugh probably.

“I’m starving Jo-Jo.” he grinned right at her.

“Aren’t you.” his tone was all knowing.

Jo-anne turned to look right at him, a frown on her face, she had not miss heard the connotation in his voice. Saw his eyes move purposefully to her mark spot, and then he just laughed and wiggled his eye brows at her.

“You got some action I see. You must be starving.”

Jo-anne sighed, obviously he knew it was West 5 and had known before he came in here, there was no way he’d be bouncing around this happy, if he had to go and tell West she’d had s*x with someone else. That and the fact that West, was not here said it all. “Let’s go,” she muttered, ignoring his comment. Grabbed a hairband and run a plait down over her left shoulder, to cover the mark on her neck.

T.J. snort at her “That ain’t gonna help you.” He looked at the other side of her neck, touched a place just below her ear “you got one here too.” And he was grinning at her.

“Enough T.J.” she shot at him, that one she wasn’t worried about, only the one over her Mark Spot, most wolves would stay away from that place, unless it was their Mate, even un-mated wolfs going at it wouldn’t leave a mark there.

“Come on I’m starving.” he grabbed her and then she gasped as she was suddenly picked up and toss over his shoulder as he bounded off down the hallway towards the dinning room.

“You’re crazy put me down.” she yell at him, heard laughing and looked up to see Ella coming down the stairs “Ella save me, he’s gone crazy.” She reached out for her friend.

T.J. turned and looked at her “Ah, she can come have breakfast with us too.” then he had Ella by the wrist and was pulling her along too. Ella was grinning right at Jo-anne all happy about this turn of events, but raised and eyebrow at her, Jo-anne shook her head she had no idea what was going on.

T.J. put her down in a chai, pushed Ella into the chair next to her and was off to go and get breakfast.

“What’s going on?” Ella whispered. Still smiling though.

“I don’t know, banged on my bedroom door all.”

Jo-anne waved a hand at the man “hankering for meaty goodness. Has a hangover apparently.”

Ella laughed “Wow. If this is hungover Terence…” she grinned at Jo-anne.

Jo-anne smiled at her “Yeah you distract him. With all your goods.” she looked pointedly at Ella’s body “I’m so tired, just want to crawl back into my bed.”

Ella narrow her eyes on her “You didn’t…not again?”

“Apparently so.” Jo-anne shook her head, how and why it was going on she didn’t know, West was confusing to her, only ever angry or annoyed with her, but seemed damned happy crawling into bed last night and the morning before.

T.J. returned and put plates of food in front of them both. “Eat up.” he grinned at them as he sat across from them, was just smiling at the two of them while he ate his breakfast.

“T.J. what is going on, You’re too… l don’t know what this is.” Jo-anne shook her head.

“I’m just having breakfast with two of my favourite people, can’t I do that?” Ella smiled right at him “”‘m one of your favourite people?”

“Yep.” he winked right at her, “Now Ela, I got a favour to ask you. Seeing as you’re here and all.” He pulled out the chair next to him and pat it “Come sit here.”

Jo-anne watched as Ella didn’t even hesitate, got up instantly and hurried around the table to sit in the chair he had waiting for her. Sat down in it and even moved it closer to him so she was right up against him. Smiled right up at him “I’ll do you any favour.”

“Might get you into trouble.” Jo-anne said with smirk. She could see Cole and Ricky looking over here already. T.J. would likely have had breakfast with both of them on a normal day. As well as West.

Though she did not see West at their table with them this morning.

Ella looked at her, “I don’t care what the dumb Delta wants. T.J. outranks him, I’m happy to give the Beta, whatever her wants.”

Jo-anne watched as T.J. turned and looked at Ella a smile right on his face, leaned down and growled softly in her ear “Really now?”

Actually saw Ella blush, heard Cole snarl from where he sat, T.J. turned and looked right at him, then burst out laughing, the man was a torment to everyone it seemed, he didn’t care at this very moment. He eyes moved back to Ella, “I might just take you up on that.” he chuckled.

“Please do.” Ella smiled up at him shamelessly. And then right before everyone she grabbed T.J.’s face and k!ssed the hell out of him. Jo-anne saw Cole get up and Ricky grab him, to stop him, clearly Cole did not want T.J. k!ssing his little sister. Bit her l!p and just waited for the fall out. A lot of the pack members were watching, some of them looked right at her, obviously wondered what she thought about it, probably still thought she and T.J. were going to turn out as Mates.

Jo-anne just shrugged at them as though she didn’t care, and she didn’t T.J. was getting what he actually wanted right this minute, though she could see his hands were steadfastly kept on the table while Ella k!ssed him.

Jo-anne supposed on a technicality he was still following Cole’s rules, that he wasn’t to touch Ella, Ella was the one touching him. His eyes were on hers when she stopped k!ssing him, a smile on his face. Ella turned and looked right at her brother almost daring him to say something Jo-anne thought. She was not wrong T.J. did outrank him.

Then Elia sat back down and smiled at T.J. What’s the favour, Terence?”

“Oh,” he seemed to have forgotten about it.

Jo-anne laughed and he flicked his eyes to her briefly before turning back to Ella “West actually asked me to have someone hang out with Jo-Jo, I thought you might like to do that.”

“Sure but what about my job, at the pool? Lifeguard duty you know.”

“It’ll get done by someone else. I’ll sort that out. Head up and get changed after breakfast meet Jo-Jo in like I don’t know an hour after breakfast is over.” He turned and looked at Jo-anne “you and I have to go and have a meeting with West after breakfast.”

Jo-anne raised and eyebrow at him “Why?” she asked, she knew why, West had Mated her last night, was why. Probably needed to make sure she wasn’t going to kick up a fuss about it. Or blame her for it, who knew about the man?

“Why? I should think that you know why. Though if you like, I can state it nice and loud for all to hear.” he smirked right at her, bloody man would to she realised.

“No thank you,” Jo-anne muttered, she did not need everyone knowing that she and West had had s*x, Let alone Miranda finding out. “Where is Miranda?” she asked to try and distract T.J. only to receive a deep frown, ah she had finally managed to Wipe that smirk off his face.

“Why do you ask?” he replied.

“Why? I should think you know TJ., she and West”

He waved his hand at her cutting her off. “No, no.” he shook his head “It was never like that.”

“Really” she queried “That’s not the impression I got,” she commented. Ella had already told her that West and Miranda weren’t Mates, but West had never corrected her on the subject. So she would act as though it was still the same.

“No. she lives here yes, has her own room,” T.J. told her.

Hmm, only till a little while ago she thought to herself, from what she’d heard. “But they are a couple yes, you told me that yourself. He has a girl on his arm,” she stated staring right at him.

“He did, not anymore.”

“Why’s that?” she asked. Only to have T.J. shrug at her as if he didn’t know, it was a lie, he and West were as close as she and Ella were.

Jo-anne shook her head and ate her breakfast, whatever was about to happen in that office of Wests, she probably wasn’t going to like it at all.

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