Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 60

Jo-anne POV

West was sitting in his office, at his desk, dressed quite formally for the is hour of the day, wearing a soft grey suit, black dress shirt and a white tie, pack colours she thought absently, must be off to a meeting this morning. Though she had noted. while here that he always seemed to dress nicely, suit pant and either a long sleeve or short sleeve dress shirt, hardly ever saw him dress casually in jeans and a tee-shirt, only seemed to dress down for training.

T.J. closed the door behind them, for privacy.

No surprise on that front, West would not want his pack over hearing this conversation.

He stood up when she walked into the room, surprised her more than a little, why he would do that, when he was the Alpha, usually people stood for him. “Have a seat Jo-anne.” he moved around his desk and indicated for her to sit on one of the leather chairs, not the seat in front of his desk. That was new.

Jo-anne went where she was told to go, and he sat down opposite her, looked at her “I think you and I need to talk.”

“Probably.” she agreed with him. There was nothing much she could do about what happened, her bloody shivers, had gotten her into trouble twice now with him. Not that he knew that.

Probably thought it was all him and her wanting him.

His eyes were narrowed on her, as though he didn’t like her answer “Do you understand what happened last night?”

Damned near rolled her eyes, what she-wolf wouldn’t understand what it meant to be knotted, they did have s*xed classes here in high school.”

Yes, West l’m not dumb. You Mated me.” She sighed “It should not, have happened. l understand that as well West.”

“I know your not dumb. I was just making sure, there was not need for another conversation before this one.” he stared at her for a long time, she stare right back “l’m not taking it back Jo-anne.”

She frowned at him now “What does that mean?”

“Exactly what it means. It happened and I am acknowledging it.”

“We are not Mates anymore. You need to keep your wolf under control.” she shook her head.

“My wolf?” he leaned back in the chair and looked at her.

“Yes yours, you have a Mate, West. How does she feel about what you’ve done in the last 24 hours. Has she left you yet? I would if you were my Mate and did that to me.”

T.J. was glaring at her, she didn’t care. Lets see what West has to say on the subject of Miranda.

He was frowning right at her now, didn’t like being put on the spot, what she took from it was he had no intention of telling her Miranda wasn’t his

Mate. Wanted her to continue to think that.

“Miranda and I are not together anymore

Jo-anne, she was never my Mate.” he stated after several minutes of silence. “You stated I need to keep my wolf under control, what about yours?”

Jo-anne shrugged “She understands we’re not Mates anymore, just.” sighed a little “has..i don’t know how to put it.”

“Try.” he stated.

Jo-anne looked at T.J., who just shrugged at her but said nothing, she’d discussed this with him already, but it looked as though he was going to be of no help to her right this minute “Alpha Issues.”


“Yes, is of the opinion. If Volt tells her to do something, she has to do it. I guess you could say.”

“Ah, a good little wolf she is.” West smiled right at her, seemed happy to hear it, almost amused.

“It’s not funny West.”

He waved it off “You and I are going to have to sit down and really talk about our past, it is an issue that needs to be sorted out.”

“Why? Just leave it alone West. I’ve dealt with it, gotten over it. I don’t need to talk about it.” She told him honestly.

He was frowning at her again “I’d still like to talk to you about it, explain somethings to you.”

“I don’t need you to.” Jo-anne shrugged “you did, what you did. For whatever your own reasons were. Your the Alpha, I know you do not have to explain yourself to me.”

“Yes I do.” he leaned forward and sighed heavily “Jo-annel was an a*ss-h0le.”

“Mm, you were.” she agreed with him “But it’s in the past West. Leave it there.”

“Jo-anne.” he frowned right at her.

“No, West.” she shook her head “I had years of therapy to deal with it. Maybe you also need too.”

He looked completely shocked by her statement, so did T.J. for that matter, she looked from one to the other and wondered which statement shocked them more that she’d had therapy or that she had the balls to tell him he needed it. Went with the first one, “Did your mother and father not tell you?”

“No.” West shook his head.

“I’m surprised, considering they were the ones who came to me, made sure l was alright and gave me a wolf therapist. Paid for it all too.” clearly the man had no idea “I’m fine West, as for last night and yesterday.” she shrugged “Why don’t we just forget about it, a mistake on both our parts.”

He was back to frowning at her now “I don’t think it was a mistake.” he informed her, “But yes, we should leave it for now. Perhaps give us both some time, to think about it. Talk again in a week or So.”

Jo-anne sighed “Why? We just agreed to let it go.”

“I knotted you Jo-anne, there could be…” he trailed off.

Jo-anne sighed, a pup she thought, so that was what he was worried about, well she could rectify that, it had only been a few hours, and in this modern day there were things that could be done about one night stands with unprotected s*x. “I’ll go and see Dr Patterson.” she informed him, she could clear up his concern “he can give me a morning after pill.”

“No.” West practically screamed at her, as he shot to his feet, and stood staring down at her.

She watched wide-eyed as T.J. put a hand on him, saw his eyes glaze over, Wests too. What was he so concerned about, like he would want a pup with someone that wasn’t his Mate, he should be telling her to go and get one. Waited for them to stop their private conversation, when it was over saw West take a deep breath ” don’t think that will be necessary Jo-anne.”

“Better to be safe than sorry West. You don’t want to be saddled with me again.” watched him as he stood rubbing his temples, then looked at her.

“It’s not like you were in heat Jo-anne, it’s very unlikely you’ll be having my heir growing inside of you.”

“It’s stil.”

“Jo-anne please.” he cut her off “just let it go.”

She frowned up at him, he wasn’t making any sense to her, why was he fighting her on this? He had made damned sure she’d not gotten pregnant when they were Mated, had not wanted an heir with her then, or did he just not want anyone to know what he’d done now?

She stood up and looked at him “l agree, we should just let it go. Go back to our normal lives, I have moved on. I can’t explain to you how we ended up having s*x again.” she shook her head, how could she explain that it was her shivers both times that had made him want her. Yes it had been amazing, like nothing she’d felt before. Better than when they had been Mated, in fact a lot better. But it was not like they were going to do it again. “But we should not do it again.”

West was just standing there staring at her, his whole body was tense she realised, wondered if her words, made him think she was rejecting his advances, he had stated he’d wanted her, asked her if she wanted him. They had both stated they wanted each other, more than confusing but it couldn’t happen anymore. Alpha’s however did not like being turned down, he would be no different.

“I will go and see Dr Patterson, problem solved West.” she turned to leave the room.

“Jo-anne please.” he sound almost anguished to her ear.

She turned and looked at him, frowned. Didn’t understand him, T.J. looked to be holding on to the man, like his life depended on it “I don’t blame you West. I also won’t let you become tie to me once again. We’ve done that, it was not healthy for either of us.” she turned and walked out the door, headed right for the pack hospital.

She did not need to explain herself to Dr Patterson, and it was likely he wouldn’t ask any questions about the man she had slept with. As for West and his weird behaviour, he would thank her in the end. Their Bond had not been a good one for her or him. She did not want another round of that and if there was an heir, his family would insist on them being Marked and Mated once again to protect the child and the family blood line.

He would not want that and neither would she.

Sat in the pack hospital waiting room to see Patterson almost 40 minutes, he was on rounds with his other patients. Sat and stared at her when she made her request, raised and eyebrow at her and only asked if she was certain this was what she wanted.

Jo-anne nodded and told him yes. It was for the best, she knew that.

He gave her a small white tablet and she took it right there in front of him, with the glass of water he handed to her. She asked if there would be any side effects he shook his head to indicate none.

And she left to go back to her room. She would not have Westbound to her again, she was not his Mate. They both had the right to find their Mates, and be happy, have children with the one they were meant to be with.

He would see in the end, she had done the right thing. Likely Volt was confusing him, mixing up their emotions on the matter. Clova was still sleeping. And he was likely to be right, she had not been on heat and so it was very unlikely that they would have created a child together. So it was simply a precaution.

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