Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 61

West POV

West was more than shocked, by Jo-anne telling him she’d gone through years of therapy, to get over what he had done to her, it really shouldn’t be that surprising to him, considering how she had been when she’d left him. Shocked also to hear that his parents had sent her to therapy and paid for it all. That was not in her file anywhere, they had deliberately left that out, he had no idea about it at all.

He had gone through her file quite regularly too, every second month, not that he thought his parents knew about that, either, he had free access to his fathers office seeing as it would be his at some point, and all aspects of running the pack were there for him to peruse, so he could see and learn how to run it efficiently.

Shocked him to hear her say he might need therapy too. Did not like hearing that at all to be honest, West knew that his issues ran deep, that his behaviour towards her had been terrible, due to having to deal with Karen’s obscene demands, which he’d inturn taken out on Jo-anne. Not at all fair, cruel to say the least.

But he had not been able to help himself, almost felt compelled to turn his anger on her, had hated himself for it every single time. But only ever afterwards. Couldn’t even understand why he’d gone off and done that to her. Alpha ordered her repeatedly, even when she’d answered the first time. That should have been the end of it.

He knew after the first time, he’d ordered her to tell him why, she did this to him, and couldn’t answer him. That she had not been lying, she did not know. But every time his anger boiled over, he’d stalk up there to their room and do it again and again. Sometimes he knew even on the way up there to do it, it was going to hurt her, he’d even tried to talk himself out of it, practically screamed at himself not to do it inside his mind, but it appeared his body had no control and he could not talk himself out of it, all he could do was link to T.J. and hope to hell the man could get there in time to stop him from doing it.

Perhaps Heath was right, he now thought she was destined to die at his hands.

When Jo-anne told him she was going to see Patterson, to make sure their would be no pup, Volt had not been happy, roared inside his mind to Mark her now, to claim her. Wests heart had nearly broken, said it so casually and yes he’d screamed at her, damned near lost it altogether. Volt was right he should just Mark her again. The only thing that stopped him.

He knew she would hate him for it. He’d been rejected by her once before and granted it did need to happen, best for the both of them at the time.

He’d wanted to stop her from doing something she might regret later. Wanted to tell her right then and there she was his Goddess-Gifted Mate, but how could he after what he’d done to her? Had to let her go, needed to.

Hearing Jo-anne say he’d be saddled with her again, it wouldn’t be like that. He didn’t understand why she didn’t know what he was to her? He knew.

He could smell her, why couldn’t she scent him? It was likely when she was 18 she had not scented him because Clova had been gone from her.

But now Clova was back, why couldn’t she scent him, West knew Alpha blooded wolves could pick up on their Goddess-Gifted Mates before a full moon sometimes, not always but sometimes, she had alpha blood, hell she had royal alpha blood.

Was he being punished by the Goddess herself for his treatment of her. It was completely possible.

To know what Jo-anne was for half a life time, had convinced himself he was wrong, only to have her come home and within a week of her being here, could scent her once more, every day that she was here her scent grew stronger to him.

Tried to stay calm, this was why T.J. was here, to stop him from doing something he would regret, grabbing hold of her and burying his fangs into her.

Claiming her. Its all he had left to do, had already Mated her. Volt had seemed happy and calm till now, happy it seemed to wait on the full moon, to Mark her. That was until she threw out Patterson and the morning after pill.

West had tried to reason with her, in order to stop her from doing something so silly, she would regret it when she scented him out, she’d not been in heat, the chances were slim, yes it could happen but it was unlikely, this didn’t seem to matter to her.

Practically had begged her, even he heard the pain in his own voice at what she was about to do, casually walking away from him, like it meant nothing.

Volt was going ballistic inside his mind, if there was a pup, there was no way in hell he was going to give it up. Not when all he’d ever wanted was Clova and Jo-anne. He was roaring inside Wests mind to stop her. It was T.J. that was containing him and his beast right this minute, using his own Alpha Aura on West to force Volt to stay inside of him as she left the office to go and do, what she said she would.

“Calm down West.” he said softly “We can fix it.

“How.” he’d yelled “How can I stop her.”

“Patterson, tell him. He’ll not give her the real thing.” T.J. sighed.

Volt was calming already, West sank down “This is a nightmare Terence.”

“I know, you just have to stay calm. She’ll know in six days.”

“I don’t know if Volt will wait six days.” his wolf was on the verge of an Alpha proportioned fury inside his mind. It wouldn’t take much to set him off.

He got up and walked to his desk, sat down and did the only thing he could to contain his beasts fury at her actions. At running off and ripping out of him and Marking her, claiming her against her will.


‘Yes Alpha.’

Jo-anne is on her way to see you.’ He sighed

“What for? If that girl is injured again, I’m going to punch somebody.’ he sounded very annoyed.

‘Coming for a morning after pil.. don’t give it to her.’

There was a long silence. ‘Yours?”

‘Yes, if it happens.’ West admitted honestly to the man.

‘Alpha Westley do you understand, what you are asking of me?

‘Yes! I am her Goddess-Gifted Mate. I can scent her. She just doesn’t know it yet.’ he informed his pack doctor, likely the only way he was going to get the mans help on the matter.

There was another long silence, from the man, seemed to be contemplating the matter then a heavy sigh came down the mind-link ‘Fine! But you’d better make it an official order, so she don’t come ripping my head off when she finds out.’

l order you Patterson, not to give it to her, to give her a placebo instead. ‘Yes Alpha.’ he cut the link.

West could feel Volt seem to start to settle, once the order had been given, his eyes moved to T.J. “She’s going to hate me when she finds out, Terence.”

“It’ll be fine West. I’ll talk to her, after the full moon, if everything goes to shit.”

“It’s going to, you know that right. She’s moved on. Just told me so.”

T.J. nodded his head “I heard her West.

Perhaps it’s a good thing. If she’s moved on and dealt with it, like really dealt with it. She might actually be open to being your Goddess-Gifted Mate, when she realises.”

West didn’t believe that, hoped it was true, but didn’t believe it. Stood up and looked at T.J. “I can’t be here right now, I’ll end up hunting her down or Volt will.l just know it.”

“Well we’ve got those meetings in Olympia this afternoon, lets go now, get you away from temptation “

“She’ll have to be guarded Terence.’

“I got Ella on her twenty four, seven. Don’t you worry about that.”

“Twenty four, seven?”

“Well till she goes to bed, anyway. I’ll go and get changed and have a quick word with Ella, then we’ll go.”

West nodded, watched T.J. leave his office, linked Oliver to watch over her, with his team anyway. Made sure the man kept Karen away from her at all times. That woman was bad news, would have to talk to his father about her and heath, perhaps those two knew more than they had let on.

It had been Heath, who’d found him and Jo-anne. West had not stopped to find out how he’d tracked Jo-anne down, when no-one else could, not even T.J. and West didn’t recall his father asking either, he had been more concerned with Heaths threat against West and Jo-anne’s condition.

A threat that West, now when he thought about it, was very bold to throw around, hadn’t even hesitated to throw it at him or his Alpha either, not many would have the balls to do that, without fear of reprisal, banishment, hell your Alpha was more likely to kill you for a threat against himself or his bloodline especially the heir to the pack.

Maybe he should pay that insane man another visit when he got back tonight. See if the sane part of him had anything useful to say on the subject at all. West had never questioned the man about that day. He had not wanted to talk about it, honestly didn’t think that her father would want to either. So he had stayed away from the man.

West had enough quilt over that day, seeing her like that. He’d not needed anymore laid on him, from Heath at the time. Hell still hated it.

West drove, he needed the distraction, Volt was not at all happy to leave the pack’s territory with her un-marked. Had no choice in the matter, she would not officially be theirs for another 6 days, they just had to keep their greedy paws off of her till then.

How that was going to go he did not exactly know.

“How’s Belinda?” West asked T.J. trying to think of anything else.

“Not talking to me yet.”

“Did she come down for breakfast?” West was curious, as to if she would continue to go about her normal routine, now that T.J. knew the truth about Jo-anne.

“Not that I saw. Didn’t see any of them, ate in the suite l think.”

“Sorry Terence.”

“Not your fault West, not even close to being your fault.”

“When did you start to suspect, she was your sister?”

“Long ago. She just looks…to much like my other sisters, not to pick up on it, and then there’s how close we are.”

“Terence?” West looked at him pointedly, he wanted a more defined answer.

“Before you and her.” T.J. sighed.

“What? And you kept it to yourself. Even from me.”

“I couldn’t confirm anything. So there was no point” he shrugged.

West frowned the man had known right from the beginning of his Mate Bond to her, had never said anything to him. Not once. Not even when he’d confided in him, that he’d been unable to keep his hands off her and had, had s*x with her for the first time. Recalled T.J.’s raised eyebrow and his only comment “Surprised you held out this long.” They all knew the Mate Bond drew you to your Mate, that you both needed each other, wanted each other, he’d always worried about her age and so had desperately tried to keep his hands off of her.

T.J.’s only comment about her age “Come on man, she-wolves start having s*x pretty much as soon as they get their wolves, so 16 is normal, for some of them its even earlier. Come on West, how old was the first she-wolf you had s*x with?”

It was true, he’d lost his V-card at 15 to a 15 year old she-wolf, neither of them had had their wolves, though they had both been barely a month from 16.

It had still been hard for West, dealing with his thoughts after having s*x with her for the first time, it had been amazing to feel, and he had loved it, every damned second of it, but the quilt of it afterwards had been a lot, so much so he’d sent her right to Patterson for a health check up, to make sure he’d not hurt her and to get her on contraception, she was to young to be having a pup with him. He would not do that to her.

Though that Sunday morning when he had given into his need for her for he first time and pulled her across the bed, she’d come willingly, their wolves had already been mating in both wolf and human form by that point, he’d tried to restrain himself but Goddess s*x with her had been damned good, and when she’d cvm that first time with him, crying out his name, he’d known he was bloody screwed, wanted to hear it again and so again he had, that first time had turned into three times in a row.

Sundays for him, had been the day he’d lost all control and just spent hours upon hours, sometimes all night listening to her cry out and m0an his name, smelling her ar0usal so damned strong around him, he’d felt like he was intoxicated, happily drowned in it. Loved Sundays, best damned day of the week.

Liked seeing her completely exhausted naked body laying in his bed, knowing he’d satisfied her completely, would sometimes just stand and look at her while she slept afterwards and smile to himself, no matter how many times he wanted her, she accepted him and came for him, never said no to him. Seemed to want it as much as he did. Till he had ruined it of course, and she’d no longer called out his name, her could feel her org**sm around him, but never once did she cry out for him in the end.

He had no-one to blame but himself, he knew it. But he’d still not been able to keep his hands to himself, craved her like the air he’d breathed.

Should have bloody apologised, told her how he felt, maybe things would have been different, maybe she wouldn’t have left him at all.

On the bright side the girl had never gone into heat, to immature for that. A blessing for the both of them.

It was a long day away from the pack, away from Jo-anne, Oliver report to him that everything had been fine, she had spent the day with Ella doing girly things and just hanging out. No-one bothered her at all. West was relieved.

Walked into the pack house to find both Heath’s other daughters sitting outside his office, Jo-anne right there with them. Sighed, turned to look to see where Oliver was, he was standing watching “Just happened Alpha, as you were coming through the pack.”

He’d had Oliver and his team watching her but were not supposed to be seen by her, so she didn’t know he was having her guarded, well now that she was with her sisters Oliver had no choice but to be in plain sight.

West nodded to the man turned to Jo-anne, “I thought.”

“There my sisters, Alpha. I have the right to see them.” she cut him off, stood right there and stared directly at him, defiance in her gaze.

“What is going on?” He asked.

“No-one will let them see Heath.”

“He’s a prisoner Jo-anne. No-one is allowed to visit him. That is the pack rule. You know this, they know this. Not even you are allowed to see him.” He walked past the three of them into his office. This was not what he wanted to come home to.

“Please Alpha.” Both her sister’s Maree and Marie begged together.

West took his suit jacket off removed his tie and draped them over the back of his chair, turned to look at the two girls. They took after their mother, not just in looks but also in spending pack money like she had, had lorded it over their friends and now just had each other. He never saw them with anyone else around the pack, didn’t seem to have made friends, lost them all due to their attitude when their family had been ranked up. Got all high and mighty just like their mother.

“You’re lucky the man is still alive.” He commented “Jo-anne’s doing, you’re aware of that right?”

“Yes Alpha.” they both nodded.

West’s eyes moved to Jo-anne, who was just standing there, watching. T.J. was casually leaning on the couch next to where she stood. He looked from one to the other, they both had the same Grey eyes he realised, how had he not seen that before?”

Turned his eyes to Maree and Marie “You’re father is very unwell, seeing him is not advisable.”

“Unwell?” it came from Jo-anne.

His eyes moved to her “Yes it appears he has gone insane.”

“W… What? Why didn’t you tell me?” she looked very worried.

“He’s not you’re father anymore Jo-anne. He doesn’t concern you.”

Watched as she walked across his office towards him, looked a little angry “You should have told me. I have the right to know.”

“Then I am telling you now… and before you ask. No, you can not see him”

She was glaring right at him now, T.J. walked over and put his hand on her shoulder, once West would have been jealous of such a thing. prior to finding out they were siblings.

“He’s dangerous Jo-anne, I told you this before.

“He’s locked up, how much danger can he pose?” she snapped at him “At least let them see him.” she indicated to her sisters.

His eyes moved to both the girls before him and frowned “It will be distressing, very.” He Commented “Go and see him.”

“Thank you Alpha.” They both bowed their heads, seems they had learned how to be respectful over the years. He watched them leave his office and saw Jo-anne turn to follow them.

“Not you Jo-anne.” He sighed, why did she have to make him repeat himself.

“Why not? I don’t understand.” she turned back to him still angry.

West looked right at her “Because he tried to kill you.”

“Not good enough.” She shot back at him, her eyes he noticed were glowing around the edges.

“Calm down.” he told her “We can discuss it another time.”

“Why not now Alpha?”

West rubbed his temples “Jo- anne, I have a name, please use it.” He hated when she used his title. Much preferred hearing his name from her l!ps, regardless of the tone.

She was frowning at him now, didn’t seem to understand just how much, he hated it when she addressed him formally, she did not need to do that ever, just stood staring at him.

“Because we’ve had this conversation. In fact more than once Terence has told you no. “Yes but since then I have learned, he’s not actually my father, so why can’t l just go and ask him why? Why he did it?” She was getting more angry by the second, he could see it.

“He’s not going to tell you what you want. Won’t tell Terence or I the answer to that question either.” West tried to reason with her.

“Well maybe, that’s because you tortured him.”

She yelled right at him “I would not do that.”

West sighed heavily “Fine, Terence take her.” she was going to build to an Alpha rage, he could see it coming, and her eyes were glowing now that her anger was ignited.

“West I don’t think that is a good idea,” T.J. stated right away.

“Neither do I, but…” he glanced right at her pointedly then looked the same at T.J. “Maybe she needs to see for herself, his depraved ramblings.” not only that, the anger in her had set her eyes glowing, and he did not want to start a fight with her, not after the last one he had seen, had taken Belinda to stop her.

Jo-anne turned and walked out of his office, actually grabbed a hold of T.J.’s arm and pulled him with her, she obviously knew if T.J. wasn’t going with her, she was not going to be allowed to go.

West didn’t want her to see Heath period, but maybe this would stop her from going back, maybe after seeing his current state. She would agree to let West put him down.

Sat in his chair and mind-link the cell guard to let him know Heath’s daughters were on their way to see him, to let them in. that T.J. was also on his way with Jo-anne, they were not to be let in until after Maree and Marie had left. Got and affirmative.

Then linked T.J. to let him know of his orders and waited on the outcome.

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