Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 62

Jo-anne POV.

Hearing West tell her sisters that Heath was unwell, then to have him clarify and say he’d gone insane, made her sad. She’d not yet been allowed to see him, still wanted to see him. To find out why?

He had hurt her like that, just didn’t have the same drive or desire that had burned inside of her before, but Jo-anne still wanted to know, why he’d done it? Try to understand his reasons, whatever they were.

He had raised her, been her father for 28 years now, why would he suddenly turn on her?

When West finally agreed, she did not stick around in his office long enough for him to change his mind. Grabbed T.J. and dragged him out of the office, knew full well that West would have the cell Guard stop her, if T.J. was not with her. The man clearly still had issues where she was concerned.

Probably didn’t help that they’d had s*x more than once in the past 24 hours.

She let go of T.J. once they were outside of the pack-house, he stopped he after a few minutes, a hand on her arm, when she turned to look at him, saw that his eyes were glazed over.

If West had changed his mind, she was going to stalk in to his office and give him a piece of her mind, Alpha or not, ex-Mate or not, he could not keep changing his mind. Was nearly seething by the time T.J. looked at her, his shocked expression said it all. Her anger was right there on the surface for all to see.

“Calm down.”

“If he’s changed his mind.” she snarled.

“He has not. Just asked that we go in after Maree and Marie come out.” Jo-anne turned on her heels and headed off towards the cells, T.J. fell into step beside her.

“It was like a ten second conversation, how’d you get so mad?”

“The man ticks me off.” she muttered, and he did sometimes, annoyed her mostly but sometimes she really just wanted to punch him in that face of his.

“I can see that Jo-Jo, He’s not that bad. I’m honestly surprised he’s letting you see Heath.”

“I’d have come on my own anyway.” She stated flatly and she would have.

“Jo-Jo, do we really need a repeat of the last time you were out here?” he asked, sounded concerned.

She sighed “No, I guess not. But my anger would be at him, not you.”

“And you think that is wise?” he sighed this time.

“He’s just going to put another Alpha Order on me T.J. It’s what he does.”

Jo-anne noticed that he didn’t say anything, looked right at him, he didn’t look to happy about her statement, but it was the truth and they both knew it.

“The man has some serious issues, put him in therapy T.J.” she shot at him

“He doesn’t need therapy, Jo-Jo. He needs his Mate, once he gets her, everything will calm down.”

“Well send him out there to find her already. I don’t like being his target all the time.”

“He knows who she is, has to wait for the full moon, for her to scent him out.” he sounded somewhat amused.

It only made her frown “What? How?”

“Scented her out already. The Goddess let him I suppose.” he shrugged at her look.

“Well I hope she can handle his grumpy a*ss.”

T.J. snorted “I’m sure, she’ll give him a run for his money.”

“You know who it is then?”

T.J. nodded “Of course I do… No, I’m not telling you who she is.”

“I don’t need to know. Just make sure she’s at the Mating Ball, because he’ll be to obsessed with her to bother me anymore once he’s got her.”

“You hope.” he snorted. Fully amused now. Jo-anne glared at him “You’re an a*ss.”

“A Royal pain, I know.” he burst out laughing. Jo-Jo shook her head, he was making fun of his own bloodline it seemed.

Both her sisters came out of the cells, looked terribly sad, glanced at her “It’s not him.” Maree, the oldest of the two said softly. “What happened to him?”

“I don’t know.” Jo-anne admitted “I only found out about this, when you did.” She stepped over and hugged them both “I’ll try and find out, let you know when I do.” They stood there and hugged her back fora moment, and then let go and walked away. She’d never been close to them, or they to her, that was probably the first family moment she’d had with them since they were very little. Had liked holding her baby sisters, bouncing them gently on her knee.

Jo-anne sighed and looked to T.J. he didn’t say anything, just wave a hand toward the cells, the guard let them pass. Her nose wrinkled at the scent of rogue and for a moment, she’d forgotten he’d gone rogue, had been confused as to why he smelled like that. Then remembered. Looked at him, hanging there on the hook from the ceiling and wondered if this was how he was every day, no wonder he wouldn’t talk.

“Heath?” she asked softly.

The eyes that turned on her were not her fathers, nor was the voice that came out of him “Ah, you’re still alive I see.” there was a gleam of something depraved staring at her.

“Heath, it’s me Jo-anne.”

He snort, “My little monster.” then burst out laughing “Killed anyone yet?”

Jo-anne’s eyes widened, she’d never hurt a single soul, never even had the inclination to. Felt TJ.’s hand on her back “He’s insane Jo-Jo, don’t listen to him.”

“Ah, little Jo-Jo, whose going to murder her own mummy.”

“W… What?” shocked by his words she stammered.

He was laughing all crazy like, “I’ve seen it you know, kill her you will”

Jo-anne stared at him, he was insane, he’d raised her, she had no mother, just him. He wasn’t even her real father, how could she kill her own mother, when she didn’t have one.

“I try to stop you. Make you go away. But then I see you killer her, I can’t let that happen.”

“I don’t have a mother.” she told him.

“Jo-Jo come on.” T.J. urged her to go “he’s insane.”

“Come in here Jo-Jo, let me kill you, to save you.”

She shook her head, “You’re not my father.”

“I was once, till I saw you, for what you are. A monster.”

“I’m not a monster, I wouldn’t hurt anyone.” She shook her head.

He was laughing now “You sent the Alpha insane already Jo-Jo. He’s going to kill you.”

TJ. was dragging her away suddenly, shestarted pulling at his arm to go back “Wait it doesn’t make sense, T.J. let me go.”

“No, Jo-Jo. He’s insane”

“T.J., what did he mean? The Alpha is going to kill me?”

“West would never hurt you Jo-Jo, not ever.

“Then why’d he say that. Those horrible things?

“Heath is insane. Trying to kill you broke his mind. This is what happens when one harms their own kin, when they really love someone and turn on them, it breaks them. He can’t be fixed Jo-Jo, you need to understand this.”

“But what did he mean?”

“It’s all nothing Jo-Jo. Ignore it.”

But she couldn’t, she’d heard his words.

Kill her mummy, didn’t even have one. Turned the Alpha insane. She bit her l!p, West had become a very different person from his teenage years. She stopped walking “T.J.”

“Yes Jo-Jo.”

“West was happy before me right, a normal man. Smiled and laughed right?”

He looked at her with a frown “Don’t listen to him Jo-Jo.”

“Answer me.” she yelled at him.

“Yes, a ladies man, most she-wolves thought he was charming and found him funny to boot. Laughed a lot, why?”

“He changed after being Mated to me.”

“Yes.” T.J. admitted “He has his reasons and he is going to sit down and talk to you about that next week, like he told you he would.”

“I did that to him, didn’t 1?” she looked up at him “I made him like that.” Heath was right she’d made West change.

“No, Jo-Jo you didn’t. The situation the two of you found yourselves in, made him the way he is. Not you personally.”

“You don’t know that.”

“Jo-Jo, Heath is insane. Let West put him down.”

She stood there and wondered about that. Heath had told her to go away to leave and when she hadn’t, his wolf Jester had bitten her, to try and make her leave, said she was going to kill her mummy. “It’s Karen! He thinks I’m going to kill Karen. Its why he tried to kill me. To stop me from hurting his Mate. It’s the only explanation T.J.”

“Why would you hurt Karen?”

“I don’t know.” She shook her head, “She’s the only mother I’ve known, so it’s the only thing that makes sense.”

“Nothing makes sense Jo-Jo, Let us put him down.”


“No, I need answers, We have to go back.”

“No, West will not like it. Just leave it. Perhaps when he’s having a good day, I can bring you back. Heath, the man that raised you is in there somewhere, when he surfaces. I’ll bring you back, to talk to him then.”

“Do you promise me?”


Jo-anne nodded “I’m tired.” she said softly, and turned to walk back to the pack-house, she could feel T.J.’s eyes on her many times, but she didn’t say anything at all. What could she say. Heath thought she was going to kill Karen and Heath said West would kill her. He nearly had once before, would have if T.J. hadn’t turned up and stopped him. Maybe the man wasn’t insane, maybe he just knew something no-one else did.

Did she actually believe that West would kill her? She didn’t know. Unlikely though she thought.

He’d never once laid a hand on her, in a harmful manner, had held onto her arm a few times, picked her up a little possessively few times and strode away with her. He’d yelled at her, but never once hit her, never once did she even think he would, the man had issues that was for sure, but they were more like he was still possessive over her.

She walked into the pack-house muttered good night to T.J. and had headed straight for her room, as she thought about all his orders on her, really thought about them, each and every one of them kept her here, in his pack, in the pack-house and away from other males. They were all orders of a possessive ownership nature.

She frowned, wondered if he would take them back, come the full moon. T.J. had said the man had already scented out his mate, and that he was just waiting on her to scent him back.

West had told her he wanted to talk about there past, explain things to her in a week or so, which meant after he found his Mate. Maybe he thought having her around would keep him calm, during the conversation. Or maybe he was worried that she, Jo-anne would warn the girl off, tell her about their history, perhaps he just wanted to make sure. She kept her mouth shut, she had no intention of speaking about her past. It was just that, in the past, long over.

Lay down in her bed and sighed, she’d had a long day, Ella had dragged her all over the pack, showed her all around, all the changes that had been made over the years, why she needed a pack tour, when all she had wanted to do was crawl back into her bed and sleep half the day, she had no idea.

But now as she lay there in her bed, sleep would not claim her. Heaths words rolled around inside of her mind. Jo-anne couldn’t fathom a single reason why she would want to kill Karen, why Heath would even think that, was he insane and just rambling crazy stuff or was it that he knew something about her that no-one else knew.

Did that man know who she really was? Was there something bad inside of her? How was she going to find out?

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