Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 63

West POV

Jo-anne had stayed away from him now, spent the last 3 days holed up in her room, painting it seemed, Ella was spending time with her on a daily basis, and was reporting back to him, he was worried about how she was after her visit to Heath. T.J. had report to him what the man had said.

That she had concerns about everything Heath had said and that she seemed to be able make some reasonable assumptions about the mans ramblings, that could actually make sense, though West did not believe she had sent him insane. He was not crazy. Confused about many of his actions with her in the past but not insane.

Ella had understood once T.J. had talked to her about why the need to report back. That man it seemed could sway Ella to his wants with minimal effort. She really did like him it seemed to West. Ella had report that Jo-anne seemed alright, had been clearly upset about Heath’s words, but not even Ella had been able to convince her that he was insane and they were just ramblings.

T.J. had even offered to take Jo-anne into Seattle for a day, to get her away from the pack and hopefully off of thinking about Heath. Jo-anne had declined it. Even when T.J. had told her West was okay with it and was approving of her leaving the pact territory had still declined the offer.

Jo-anne was currently standing in front of her canvas, had a pair of headphones on, was listening to music and painting. Had yet to realise he was leaning on the open door way to her room, just watching her. He had knocked, knew she was in her room, could feel her with his tether to her. When she had not answered the door, he’d let himself in to check on her.

Just working it seemed, preoccupied. She was actually standing quite close to the portrait of him, working on the green of his eyes. West had been watching now for several minutes, not once did she look at the photo of him for reference as to the detail of the colour of his eyes. Clearly knew what his eyes looked like, all the colours that made up his green eyes. Knew him well it seemed.

Walked across the room finally, itched to be closer to her as did Volt, but he left the door open, so that he wasn’t likely to try anything on her. Keep his hands to himself. Stood right behind he, breathed in her scent, nearly sighed out loud and had to refrain himself from sliding his arms around her waist and pulling her back against him to bury his face in her neck, it was what he wanted to do. Could imagine doing it when they sorted things out and he got to claim her once more. Could see it clearly in his mind, her working in her studio and him slipping inside to cuddle her. Made him happy to think about it.

She was completely focused upon her work, it seemed, it was a very good likeness, reached out and lifted the left side of her head phones, “It looks good.”

Heard her gasp and saw her head whip around, eyes very wide as she stare up at him in shock. Had definitely been very focused on her painting “Startled you l see.

“huh?” she removed her head phones “What did you say?”

“Startled you I see.” West repeat himself, his mouth twitched in amusement.

“Yes, I was in the zone, so to speak.”

“I know, I could see that, it’s coming along nicely,” his eyes moved back to the portrait “Though I think you missed the little bit.”

“I have not.” she cut him off, held up her pallet to him “Right there, that tiny bit of light green, I will do it last.” she was pointing to a small amount of green paint with her paint brush.

His dark green eyes had a light green just around the pupils, he’d not thought she’d missed it, just wanted to tease her, so darn cute, she was trying to tell him she knew what she was doing, which she obviously did.

“What can I do for you?” she asked him.

“Nothing really. It’s what I can do for you actually,” and it was, all her things from Korea had finally arrived.

T.J. was at this moment down the front gate to escort the humans in. No-one here was going to be happy about them on pack territory, but it was a shipping container full of her things.

“And that would be?” she turned away from him, back to her portrait, but he heard her heart beat increase slightly.

Smiled to himself, moved his mouth to her ear “Have a guess.” he teased her softly letting his voice go all deep and husky. And heard her heart rate quicken even more. Chuckled softly, couldn’t help it, “Not that.” He teased even more “Though if you asked me to, I wouldn’t say no Jo-anne.”

“No,” she stated firmly, almost as if she was trying to convince herself, or maybe Clova even.

West was not offended, not when he knew being this close to her, talking about s*X with her was actually effecting her physically “Pity.” he murmured and leaned away “Your belongings have arrived from Korea.” he told her finally.

Watched her turn and look up at him surprised “Really.”

“Yes,” he nodded “T.J. is having the shipping container brought up as we speak.”

Jo-anne smiled right up at him, he smiled right back.

He’d wanted to be the one to tell her, had hoped she’d be happy at hearing the news, like that he could make her smile, and right up at him. She was beautiful.

“Um, where’s it all going to go?” She suddenly asked.

“I don’t know.” West admitted “Haven’t gotten enough room in here, that’s for sure.” He looked around.

“No, it won’t all fit in here. Guess put it in storage, till l am…allowed to move out of this room.”

West’s eyes moved back to hers, her smiled was gone and so was his, “I’ll find you somewhere appropriate, soon” it would fit in his suite for sure all he had in there was a wardrobe full of clothes and some toiletries in the bathroom. “How much room do you need?”

“Not much once the studio is built, but till then… guess a two room apartment or a cottage would do. One room for my art and the other for me.”

“Out side of the pack-house?” he frowned down at her.

“Yes. That would be completely normal, under any other circumstances, Correct?”

West sighed “For a normal she-wolf yes.” He admitted, but she was not normal like the others, she was to be his Luna, just didn’t know it yet.

“Then why can’t 1?” she asked outright.

“Because I want you in the pack-house for the time being.” he stated calmly, what he actually wanted was her in his Alpha Suite, in his bed. There was plenty of room up there for all her things, it was essentially empty just basic furniture up there.

Jo-anne was standing staring at him now. Probably looking for an explanation, one he was not going to give her, it was only 3 days until the full moon now, they could talk then, she would understand then. “I’ll see what’s available within the pack-house” he offered in stead, though wasn’t going to look, it would be a waste of time moving her twice. Though he did know the whole first floor was empty other than her and there were more than 1 or 2 suites down here, in fact there was one right across the hall from her.

There was also plenty of room on the Alpha floor, though all those suites had balcony’s, he was not comfortable with that. Frowned to himself, he was really going to have to think about that, his suite had a full wrap around balcony, like T.J.’s did, he didn’t want to have to lock it down from her, needed to try and learn to be comfortable with the thought of her out there on it.

Then again who knew how long it was going to take him to convince her to take him back, if he could at all.

“You know there is a solution.” She offered him.

“And that would be?”

“Let me choose where I want to live.”

“Maybe a good idea, I’ll show you a couple of rooms later.” he nodded, had to start giving some leeway.

“Not what I meant.” She was frowning at him.

“It’s as good as it’s going to get Jo-anne. I’m sorry. I know its an inconvenience to you, but you are…a Luna ranked wolf, you should be housed in the pack-house, it is safer for you.”

“Safe from who? Who am I in danger from?” she asked him outright, annoyance in her tone.

“I don’t want to fight Jo-anne, I will find you another room, isn’t that good enough.”

“It would be better if you relinquish your order on me.” she snapped at him suddenly.

“I’m sure it would.” West nodded but with that order on her he knew where she was every night “T.J. will have your things brought up and let you know where he’s put the shipping container.” he stated flatly and turned and left the room. Did not want to fight with her, his happy mood was gone, with her mentioning his order on her.

He was going to have to release them all, he knew it.

Just didn’t like not having any control over her. If he let them all go, who was to say she would stay put, could just up and leave any time she liked, day or night. He didn’t know if she would stay of her own accord, that was the problem, once he did, he would release them.

He had to get her out of that room, she’d eaten in her room, all of her meals for the past two days, he didn’t like that she had shut herself away, it wasn’t healthy to be locked away from the rest of the pack, though he knew it was mostly because of Heath, West still didn’t like it.

West returned to his office, Pack run was tonight, but West had his reservations about letting Clova out, Volt was likely to mate her. That one thought made Volt snort.

‘Likely?’ inside his mind. She was his Mate and he had not been near her in days. Not seen Clova herself in wolf form in near a month, he wondered what Clova felt about not being let out, if she was used to it, he rarely saw her surface even, didn’t seem to have much interaction with the pack at all.

Though she had trained with Belinda, that thought stopped him. Not just Belinda but also Ava and Sonja, she had been training with her whole family and not known it. He was suddenly curious as to how that had gone, would normally have asked Belinda, but the woman was also holed up in her room right this minute.

He shook his head, they were so much alike in so many ways, it seemed.

‘Ella.’ he mind-linked her ‘come to my office please.’

‘Yes Alpha.’

Took her ten minutes to walk into his office, she was wearing gym clothes, he raised an eyebrow at her?

“Training day.” She told him.

“Oh sorry,” West hadn’t even realised that, he did know all the training schedules within the pack, but had not thought about it, preoccupied.

“No biggie,” She shrugged “What can I do for you


“Got some questions about Clova,”

“Might want to ask Jo-anne,” she replied.

West shook his head “Currently mad at me.”

“What did you do this time West?” She huffed at him, hands on her h!ps.

West tilted his head and raised his eyebrows at her sudden questioning of him and the annoyed stance she had taken up.

“Sh!t, sorry Alpha,” She dropped her hands and bowed her head, realising what she had done.

“Sit down Ella.” He waved her into the chair in front of his desk “and all | did was tell her she had to stay in the pack-house, instead of moving out of it.”

“Yeah so, isn’t that the current norm.”

“Yes,” he nodded “Anyway about Clova, her training the other day with Belinda, how’d that go?”

“Good actually. Pinned starling 3 out of 10 rounds.”

“Good. Be careful Ella, she is stronger than you think or she knows.”

Ella raised an eyebrow at him now, but said nothing on the subject “Are you actually going to let her train?”

“Perhaps, only with Belinda for now. If Belinda will agree.”

“Why wouldn’t she?” Ella seemed confused, but she didn’t have all the facts either.

Yes, why wouldn’t she, she had done so the other day and did manage to stop Jo-anne attacking T.J., she was likely the only one to be able to stop her when in an Alpha rage. Though Jo-anne still had no idea, that was what she was at this point. They were still trying to figure out her glowing eyes, which Belinda could surely help with, but was not ready.

He shrugged at Ella he could not explain that to her “How was Clova around the other wolves?”

Ella laughed softly “Actually she was very cute. Run around like a playful puppy almost, pranced and pounced about, played with both Ava and Sonja’s wolves and they played back with her. All excited, I’d say Clova really enjoyed the wolf social aspect quite a bit, pack run should be good for her.”

West sighed “I don’t know about pack run for Clova.” and he didn’t.

“Why Alpha, are you worried Volt will Mate her in front of everyone?”

West frowned at he, “Jo-anne told you?”

“I guessed, pretty easy thing to do actually. And if you think, you’re hiding it from the pack you’re not. Many of them see how you are. All possessive again.”

“Not surprised.” He shrugged and he wasn’t, it was very unlikely Oliver and his whole unit and not figured it out. Having to stalk the woman every time West was off pack territory. Alpha’s didn’t just go around throwing around protection of a she-wolf for no reason. Other pack members would have seen Oliver or one of his men trailing her and being that he was Wests’ War General it wouldn’t have gone unnoticed.

“If l allocate her training, I want someone with her I can trust.” West looked right at her.

“I don’t think she would handle my level of training.” Ella shook her head.

“I know, so I’d like you to train with Belinda if l can get her to agree to it, that is.” He as the Alpha could just tell her to do it and she would have to, but under the current circumstances he would not do that to Belinda, she had a lot going on right now and did not need West forcing the situation.

“Extra training or a complete move?” Ella asked

“What do you want?”

She seemed a bit surprised by his offer, allowing her to choose. He knew that Ella was Delta Ranked and so had been set training, never much had a say in it for that matter, her father had laid the law down for her, and his father the Alpha at the time, had simply gone along with it.

“It’s my choice?”

“Yes, I don’t see why not.” he nodded.

“Dad, won’t be happy about it.”

“Send him to the Alpha, to deal with it.” West smiled right at her.

Watched her mouth nearly drop to the floor, “Well, damn. Look at that, you do know how to smile.” Ella finally said after shaking off the shock of it. It seemed.

“I can.” West nodded “Which will it be?”

“Does Terence train with his mother?” she asked suddenly.

“No, not really.”

“Bummer.” She frowned.

West chuckled, couldn’t help it, the girl really did want T.J. saw her eyes widen at his chuckle and shook his head amused “I could swing that once a week for you.”

“Now Alpha, you have just gotten yourself a deal.”

She was grinning right at him “Ill switch completely, I actually hate training with all them test0ster0ne filled a*ss hats. Its much more fun playing with the juniors.”

“Deal.” wWest nodded “you can go now.”

“Thanks Alpha.” she smiled at him as she got up.

“Don’t torment Terence, to much now Ella.” He teased her.

“I would never.” she grinned right at him and then run out of his office all happy.

Cole was going to get real mad, but West saw the way Terence had looked at Ella, and he did it a lot, the man really liked her it appeared. Ella was more than interested, always had been.

He might just give them a push together, they’d likely make a good Mated pair, even as chosen Mates. Leaned back in his chair wondered what would happen if they were accidentally on purpose locked in a room together.

Smiled to himself, that was easy T.J. would likely rip her clothes off and that would be that.

Shook his head, let Ella sort it out, she had humped him silly in the park that night and if T.J. had not been on a Jo-Jo hunt, his need to know she was okay and find out what happened to her. He’d admitted to West he’d have had her right there in the park for all to see. Then she’d k!ssed the him in the dining room at breakfast the other morning, seems Ella was on a mission to get the man himself. Likely would to, he hoped she was prepared for it.

She was actively hunting an Alpha-blooded male, he was only ranked Beta here, because his father was the Beta, she did always call him Beta to, it might very well have slipped her mind that T.J. was actually Alpha-blooded, smirked, the girl had better know what she was doing, not many could handle the Pack Beta.

And she was actively se**xually taunting him. Was likely going to find herself impaled by him at some point.

West knew the man had needs that ran deep. Deeper than Wests in fact, probably to do with the fact he was also a royal. Poor bastard never really had been truly sated, perhaps Ella was the one that would be able to take him on and satisfy him. West hoped so. For the both of them.

Speak of the devil himself. T.J. strolled into the office and sank down in the very chair Ella had not long left.

West saw the man’s nostrals flare a little, he could smell her. But didn’t say anything “l got all Jo-Jo’s things sorted out West.”

“Good, I’ve switched Ella to train with your mother. I’m going to let Jo-anne train with her as well”

“What brought this on?”

“Apparently Clova is all puppy out there with Ava and Sonja’s wolves. I thought it might be good for her.”

“Don’t push mother into it West.” he sighed.

“I won’t be. I’ll ask first, it’ll be her decision, but she did train her the other day.”

“Hmm, I suppose…though I was thinking she likely needs 1 on 1 training with…your father probably.”

“Why is that?”

“Because of her bloodline, she needs Alpha training West.”

West sighed “I don’t want her charging off into a fight Terence, it’s why I never let her train in the first place.” not only that if she trained with his father she’d end up all muscled up and he really like her all feminine, soft to touch, found it more than attractive, loved her the way she was.

“I know West, but she needs to get that aggression out. Alpha females can be all soft and gentle in appearance but can be a bloody nightmare to handle, look at Miranda all sweet and happy all the time, but challenged you and rolled her aura right at you when ticked off, and you’ve seen it for yourself, Jo-Jo and her strength when ticked off.”

“Lets start small.” West nodded “If Belinda says no, you can train her.”

Terence burst out laughing “Me… I thought about that decided against it West, I’d get my a*ss kicked by you if she so much as came back with a single bruise.”

“Yep. But she also trust you. More importantly, I trust you.”

“Guess one of us needs to go and talk to mother then.” T.J. sighed.

“Flip you for it.” West smiled.

T.J. flipped him right off “I win you do it.”

West shook his head, it was something the two of them had used to do as kids. “Oh, I told Ella.” he smirked at his Beta “you’d be in training once a week with them too.”

“What? West that is not a qood idea.”

“Sure it is. Might just get you what you want.”

“Shut it.” T.J. muttered.

West smiled at him, “Why not?”

“She’s not my Mate is why not.”

“So, Silvia, she’s not your mate.”

“That is different, Silvia’s just a…”

“And Ella?” West pushed.

“Nothing, leave it alone West.”

“Well I made a deal with Ella, so you have to.”

“Do I now?”

“Yes, I could order you to, if you like” West chuckled. He would too.

T.J. stared right at him, then sighed “Fine, if she ends up in my bed, its all your fault.”

“Fair enough, Cole will deal with it Terence. Now pack run tonight.” He changed the subject.

“Yes that is tonight.”

“Clova! Volt will mate her, I’m certain of it.”

“Not much you can do about it. Clova isn’t going to say no, just let them.”

“You’re alright with that?”

“Yes West. Just not you and Jo-Jo.”

“Bias much!”

“You’ll keep your hands off of, my little sister, till the full moon.” he smirked right back.

“Still not used to that.” West shook his head, didn’t know if he’d ever get used to it to be honest. And who was he going to talk to about stuff with her now.

T.J. laughed right at him, seemed to find it highly amusing.

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