Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 64

Jo-anne POV

T.J. was sitting on her couch staring at her, he’d just informed her, West was actually going to let her train with Belinda, that Ella would be moving over to that training and he’d be their himself, once a week to keep an eye on things. She was more than confused, West did not like her training back then, and hadn’t been happy about it earlier in the week. T.J. had told her as much.

“Why now?” she asked.

“I don’t know, he just told me, as long as mother agrees to it. It’s a go.”

Maybe having found his mate it didn’t bother him anymore her out there with other pack members training. A blessing, Clova had really enjoyed being with the other wolves and she’d taken pretty quick to training.

“If Belinda say’s no?” there was a possibility, she did only work with the juniors and that was not her.

“You and l one on one,” he grinned right at her.

“You got a preference?”

“Not really.” Jo-anne shrugged “But Clova did enjoy running with the other wolves, so probably that.”

He just nodded “On that note, the Pack run is tonight.”

“I heard.” She nodded, had no idea even if she would be allowed to go, or if it was a wise decision.

“Volt could be an issue.” T.J. stated.

“Could be? Or will be?”

“Will be I’m guessing.”

“So it’s a no, I can’t go on the pack run then.”

“Yes you can go. Just be prepared to have Volt mate Clova.”

Jo-anne sighed and shook her head “What is Volts issue T.J.”

He shrugged “Appears Volt is still very much attached to Clova.”

“Right so it’s not going to go away then?”

“Not any time soon.” he shook his head.

“When he gets his Mate.”

“Things will be different yes.”

“I might forgo the Pack run and let you guys all head off, then let Clova out and go the other direction. At least she can be out.”

“It’s your choice. West just thought you could use the heads up.”

“How long is the Pack run.”

“A few hours.”

“Exactly T.J.?” she needed to know to get Clova back inside before Volt hunted her down.

“Will start at 8 and go til midnight, that’s the usual.”

“Alright.” Jo-anne nodded, hadn’t decided on what to do about it, would think on it Clova didn’t seem to have an opinion at this point. Had liked hearing Volt would likely mate her, not particularly a good idea, he was about to find and claim his Mate in three days.

Clova was very excited, pawing at Jo-anne’s mind to be released, nearly the whole pack was here, half of them already shifted, Ella was leaning on the pack house wall next to Jo-anne wearing just a tee-shirt ready to run herself. Jo-anne was waiting for it to start, going to stay at the back of the pack. West and Volt would be leading the run so this was the best place for them, they also likely didn’t know she was out here to run so another bonus. Volt wouldn’t be looking for her.

Jo-anne still wasn’t certain it was a good idea but Clova really want to be out with the other wolves, and Jo-anne rarely deny her what she wants in this regard. Living in the city for so very long, had limited the chances for wolfing out, and never got to do it with the social aspect of other wolfs around. So when Clova had the chance and wanted to, Jo-anne always let her.

Was trying to keep a low profile, out of sight out of mind, where Volt was concern. Which only worked until Ella saw T.J. stroll out with the Alpha Unit, all of them just wearing gym shorts ready for shifting. Wolf whistled right at him, the whole Unit turned and Ella laughed, got a frown from Cole and a Wink from T.J., West’s eyes fell right on Jo-anne one corner of his mouth tilted up and his eyes glowed for a moment. Volt was looking right at her.

It didn’t go unnoticed by the pack, his half smile. Several gasps ran through the pack before he walked off ‘Your good for this pack.’ Ella shot down the mind-link ‘That man chuckled right in front of me today.’

Jo-anne turned and looked at her, Ella just smiled at her.

Well so much for West and Volt not knowing that they were out here.

West called for the run to start and everyone who wasn’t shifted, shifted in to their wolves including her. Then Clova was running, she loved the feel of paws on the forest floor, hearing the other wolves, running with them, picked up her pace, and Jo-anne had thought she had been running at full speed it seemed not. Moved from the back of the pack to the middle of the pack.

Starling was keeping pace with her easily, started nipping at her and urging her to run even faster and Clova did, really stretched herself out and was soon running like the wind, actually keeping pace with Starling with ease, getting closer to the front of the pack by the minute. Jo-anne didn’t know Clova could run this fast.

Clova didn’t stop running at all, even when the Pack run was over she was still itching, so much energy inside of her and she just bolt off on her own, happy to just be out all night. Saw a fox and was off after it, it was quick and agile and ran down into its burrow before she could get it. Clova stood at the burrow and dug at the ground for a minute or so before giving up and wandering off.

Found herself under the watchful eye of Volt.

Looked right at him, snorted at him, while swishing her tail back and forth. Suddenly pounced towards him, Volt jump out the way and looked at her and then Clova just turned and ran off through the woods. ‘Clova?’ Jo-anne sighed it was no use.

Clova was running away and she could hear Volt giving chase, she was taunting the Alpha wolf and he was all in it seemed, chasing her and cutting her off, nipping at her playfully and appeared to be taunting her back. Playing with her as much as she was him, it appeared the two of them just couldn’t help themselves. Uncaring of who saw them playing together.

Then Clova ran and fast, lead him well away from the pack-house and deeper into the southern woods, and he gave chase with earnest. Pushed herself hard to run as fast as she could making him hunt her, just what every wolf loves.

Volt finally run her down and stood above her staring down at her, as she lay on the ground underneath him, he nudged her with his big head and she rolled right over and stood up right under him. and he mate her right away. Jo-anne had no choice but to let it happen, it was pretty clear it was going to happen with all the hunting and chasing they were doing. Had also been warned, but Clova had wanted to go on the Pack run, and she couldn’t deny her wolf that, Clova had also had a great time out there tonight with the other wolves. Surprised Jo-anne as to just how fast her wolf was, she’d never seen Clova run that fast before, or have so much energy even after the run.

“West? she asked at one point it was getting very late in the wee hours of the morning.

‘Just go with it Jo-anne.’ his voice seemed rather amused to her.

“West this is the 3rd time now he has mated her, can’t you do something?’

‘Can you? he laughed right back at..

‘Not funny West.’ she shot back at him.

‘Hmm, I suppose not. I can’t however make him leave, he has full control, get Clova to stop.’ Still sounded amused to her ear.

‘Yeah right.’ Jo-anne muttered ‘my wolf is bloody loving the attention.

‘Then let them be.’ he told her casually

‘West their not mates anymore.’

‘Tell them that.’ he snorted.

You’re not even trying to stop this are you?

‘No.’ he told her When did Clova get so fast?’

I don’t know.’ and she didn’t.

It was nearly sun rise when Clova and Volt made there way out of the woods and towards the pack-house, Jo-anne glared at West after being shifted back, he was standing there naked holding the pack-house mudroom door open for her to walk through “It’s not funny West.”

“I didn’t say it was.” He was however smiling, and she had not missed that his eyes had wandered slowly over her naked body, “Come on, before someone sees you.”

“You got issues you know that right.” She muttered

“Yes, my biggest issue right this minute, being you’re naked and people are about to start heading for training and wil see you.”

Jo-anne rolled her eyes at him “Maybe, I’l just walk naked, all the way back to my room.”

“And maybe, I’ll toss your naked a*ss over my shoulder and carry you off to finish what Volt started.”

Jo-anne glared at him and stalked inside the door past him finally, felt his hand smack her right on the backside, a firm whack, his hand cupping her left butt cheek as he did so. Snapped her head around and looked right at him “What the hell was that?”

“Punishment for back chat. Do you need another?”

Jo-anne’s eyes were wide, opened her mouth to say something else to him only to see him smirk right down at her, he bloody would to, she realised, snapped her mouth shut and found a shirt to put on and stalked off out of the mud room, down through the pack-house’s ground floor towards the foyer to the stairs that would lead up to her room.

Found the whole Alpha Unit coming down the damned stairs, and grit her teeth, she knew she would smell like West and Volt right this minute, it was not going to get past any of their senses, not to mention the hour of the day or that she was wearing just a tee-shirt and West just a pair of gym shorts as he strolled casually along behind her.

Glanced back at him he was smiling at her. Didn’t even seem to care that his whole Alpha Unit would now know what had gone on all night.

She stalked up the stairs as she heard T.J. snort with amusement, her foot fall said it all she was unhappy as she stomped along. “Now boss, you haven’t been out all night have you?” she heard T.J.’s amused tone.

“Volt has.” West replied, sounded amused himself “Night boys.” and she heard him actually trot up the stairs to his floor. Bastard admitted it to all of them. She could kick him.

Clova was already sleeping, all mated out it seemed, Volt had not changed one bit, it seemed.

Well that wolf has had the last of her wolf, in just 2 days they’d have their Mate, problem solved. She showered and climbed into bed, she was tired, and had no intention of getting up all day.

Woke up mid afternoon absolutely starving, and dragged her a*ss out of bed to go and find food, walked out of her room to find several omegas buzzing about in the hallway. Stopped and asked one of them what was going on.

“Alpha’s and there un-mated wolves arriving tomorrow for the mating ball, were getting all the rooms ready.”

“Oh!” she had nearly forgotten that there would be Alpha’s coming, bit her l!p and wondered if Alpha Jayden was going to be here, she really didn’t need another fight between West and that man. Headed off downstairs to the dinning room.

Omega’s were everywhere, she plated up food and sat down to watch them all, she’d not really experienced any of this, had always been basically hidden away, not that she had been old enough, but West had never let her near a ball. It was interesting to watch as she saw Luna Natalia buzzing about giving out instructions, looked a little bit flushed from all her duties. Was standing just taking a breather and Jo-anne smiled at the woman, her hand was resting absently on her belly, rubbing it gently. Oh, she wondered how West would take the news of a baby brother or sister this late in life.

She saw Jo-anne sitting watching her, snapped her hand away from her stomach, Jo-anne raised an eyebrow at her and smiled. Watched as Luna Natalia walked over to her “Thank goodness Jo-anne, please help me I’m a bit tired today.”

“What? Me why?” Jo-anne stared up at her.

“Because Jo-anne I did train you for a year, did I not.” she sighed “And I could really use the help today.”

“Have you told West?”

Luna Natalia shook her head, “Not even Damien yet, shh. Please help me, can you go and make sure the ball room is being set up correctly, I showed you that once right?”

“Um yeah you did, but it was like ages ago, I don’t really.”

Luna Natalia cut her off “You’ll be fine.” Pulled her along to the foyer “Pack colours Jo-anne, in the correct order. That’s all you need to know. Go, go, go.” and she was shoved off in the direction of the ballroom.

Jo-anne sighed didn’t she have daughters to do this for her, 3 of them, this ball was for them she remembered, why weren’t they helping, she shook her head, it was not in her to say no, when Luna Natalia had just confided in her that she was carrying Alpha Damien’s child, smiled to herself West was likely going to be ticked off, already had 5 sisters, she hoped it was a boy. Would annoy him even further.

Walked into the ballroom, the omega’s were in full swing getting tables set up and she stepped into help them and they seemed to just smile up at her and listen to her, without issue, she helped with the setting up of tables and the laying out of room according to the diagram on the wall. Made sure all the tables were set with the pack colours and in the correct order as instructed. Black, White and Grey in that order.

By dinner time the place was ready, she smiled at the room it would just need fresh flowers on the tables but she knew they would be cut on the day. Headed off, found Luna Natalia in the Alpha’s office, knocked on the door, everyone in there looked at her she smiled and nodded to the room returned her attention to the Luna. “Luna I have done as you requested.”

“Thank you sweetheart, truly appreciate your help.”

“It’s alright.” she smiled right at her “Anything else I can help you with?”

“Not unless you’re a fabulous cook.”

Jo-anne snort “No, sorry.”

“Then that is all.” Luna Natalia smiled at her.

Jo-anne wandered off to find Ella, they were supposed to be having dinner and a movie night tonight.

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