Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 65

West POV

He and T.J. were standing on the top step out the front of the pack-house, waiting on the first of the packs to arrive for the mating ball. None other than Alpha Jayden of the Silver Moon Pack and he was hours early. West had known he would be Watched the man step out of his Mercedes, dressed to the hilt, a full three-piece suit, hair freshly cut and styled, clean shaven.

He looked right at West and smiled “Alpha Westley, good to see you again.”

“Alpha Jayden are you well?” He did not think it was good to see him again, didn’t want this man anywhere near Jo-anne.

“I am indeed.” Jayden nodded “As requested 20 of my un-mated ranked members and highest warriors. Male and Female”

West nodded, it was his mothers doing only asking for ranked members and highest ranked warriors. Didn’t like it but had no choice in it, she had been looking for Mates for her daughters, though they were pretty much already taken. Just a matter of those triplet Beta’s turning up, it was pretty clear to everyone that the girls were fiercely attracted to them. So it was now just a standard Mating ball for all who attended.

“Welcome, I believe Luna Natalia, my mother has your room all ready for you. In the west wing of the pack-house. Saw Alpha Jayden smirk, he knew West had made sure he was as far from Jo-anne’s room as possible. “That’s fine Westley. It won’t hinder my keen sense of smell.”

“I’m sure it won’t. This way then.” West walked inside to where his mother was waiting with half a omega’s to help carry luggage.

Watched as Alpha Jayden smiled at his mother “Luna Natalia, lovely to see you again.”

“Thank you Alpha Jayden, I’ll show you up to your room.”

“I’d like to make a stop off first.” his eyes moved to Wests “Where is the lovely Jo-anne? I have a gift for her.”

West knew it was coming. The man wanted her and was going to try and get her. Lucky for West he already knew she was his Mate, didn’t stop him being annoyed by this Alpha though. “I believe she is out currently, sorry Jayden.”

“Oh, it can wait.” he smiled. Turned away from West “Lead the way please Luna.”

West already wanted to punch the man, right in his face. Had a gift for Jo-anne, should have known that the man was going to come fully prepared to charm her and try and seduce the woman.

Just have to wait it out, one more day. He knew Clova would not say no to Volt, so his battle was half way won. Jo-anne on the other hand, had been than annoyed with him for allowing Volt free reign over Clova after the Pack run.

She had been warned about attending it. What Volt would be like. He’d even left it in her hands, to decide if she wanted to attend the Pack run, which she had done, knowing the risks. He’d had no intention of stopping Volt, if Clova wanted him so be it, and it had been Clova how had taunted Volt and start the game of hunt the prey. So their mating was technically Clova’s doing. Though how fast she had been able to run had definitely excited Volt, she’d never been that fast before. His wolf liked it, had to actually chase her not just play with her.

Still Jo-anne had avoided him, saw him coming this morning and had actually turned and walked away from him, he’d not been intending on going over to he, had simply been heading for the gym, and she’d been coming from the library it appeared, had turned around and gone right back in there.

He had left it alone, needed a work out, knew he was going to have to deal with Alpha Jayden today, and didn’t want to, to be honest, so the gym had been his outlet for his frustrations.

Beta Leighton and his two identical siblings arrived along with their Alpha, all three of them were smiling, wearing almost identical clothing, Black slacks and short sleeved dress shirts, different shades of green all of them. “Alpha West, good to see you again.” Beta Leighton stepped up and held his hand out.

West took it, a brief hand shake then he introduced his brothers Stephen and Dylan, they both greeted him warmly as well. “You three look very happy.” West commented.

Leighton smiled “Well, we are about to claim
our Goddess-Gifted Mates, where are they, I’d like to see Emma. Also introduce my brothers here to her sisters.”

“Inside with my mother.” and they were, had been hovering in the foyer since the announcement that Beta Leighton and his brothers were at the gate. “Follow me.”

West walked inside, Emma, Dana and Anna were all standing together next to his mother.

Emma was the first to move, shot off the mark as Leighton opened his arms to her, she was in them a second later, her wolf purring quite loudly, hugging into the man. Closed her eyes and looked so very happy.

Leighton slid his arms around her without any hesitation, a smile on his face, then he looked to her sisters “Girls this is Stephen and Dylan.” both his brothers took a single step forward when he said their names. “they won’t bite l assure you.”

“Yes they will.” Dana giggled at him and then turned her eyes on Dylan, walked across to him, looked up at him and tapped her neck, right on her mark spot “Right here.” Dylan burst out laughing and yanked her into his arms, picked her up off the floor and buried his face into her neck and growled at her.

“Yes I will, the second the moon sets.” Which made Dana chuckle.

Anna was just standing there, she was the youngest of the three, also the shyest. She was looking at her Mate, Stephen. Biting her l!p nervously. West had to admit, it was very cute to see his sister like that, he did actually like these boys, got a good feeling about them, and they were already and allied pack, he was happy about that as he knew was both his mother and father.

She stood there just watching her Mate,

Stephen smiled at gently, crocked his finger at her and beckoned her over to him, West watched as Anna tilted her head a little and then shook it, stepped behind their mother.

“Are you so shy, you won’t come say hello?

Anna blushed beet red, and pressed herself against her mother, Luna Natalia smiled, she knew her daughter was shy, she looked to Stephen “Do be patient.”

Stephen, still smiling his eyes still on Anna, “I have all the patience in the world, for my beautiful Mate.” the man did not seem bothered that his two brothers already had their Mates in their arms and he did not.

Anna slid her arms around her mother and hugged her “He called me beautiful” she whispered.

Their mother smiled “He did, do you think he is handsome?” she asked Anna.

Anna nodded her head as it rested on their mothers shoulder “Very.” but she wouldn’t let go, it seemed.

It was not what West was expecting, thought she would be like Emma and Dana to be honest.

Running for her Mate, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him though, but wouldn’t go near him, appeared curious by still shy.

“Are you the oldest?” West asked him curiously, it did seem to have more of an air of authority than the other two.

“l am,” he nodded to West “l am betting, my little Anna is the youngest.”

“She is.” West acknowledged.

It was an interesting turn of events, Emma was with Leighton, Emma the oldest, Leighton apparently the youngest, Dana and Dylan both the middle born and then Anna and Stephen, the youngest to the oldest.

Stephen did not seem upset at all, more amused by Anna’s shyness towards him. Did not seem to want to push for her to come to him either.

The rest of the day it was noted she was never far from him, but he couldn’t get a hand on her, not that he particularly tried to, offered her his hand once or twice, to which she just looked at it, but didn’t take it.

It was obvious he knew she was close by, but he never once tried to actually grab her for himself, just allowed her natural curiosity to be. It was nearing dinner time and the last of the Alpha’s had arrived, Alpha Anthony, with his group of invited guests, he was not an allied pack, not an enemy either. A neutral party. The woman standing next to him his Beta, she had been introduced to him.

Seemed to be attracted to Stephen, slid her eyes over him and sized him up as he sat with his brothers in the foyer, the girls were with Anna, had taken to trying to convince her to go over to Stephen, he’d told them not to worry about it thought Anna was adorable. Was happy with her trailing him everywhere it seemed.

The minute she walked over towards him though, a massive snarl ripped out of Anna. Making the woman freeze in her tracks, it was an all Alpha-blooded snarl. There was no mistaking that, turned to find Anna’s wolf Jade right on the surface.

“Mine.” she suddenly snarled at the woman, then before anyone knew what was going to happen, she shot across the room full Alpha speed towards Stephen and sank her fangs right into the Shocked everyone, Anna might be shy, but Jade would claim what was hers it seemed, Stephen slid his arms around her “Awe jealous my sweet. No need for that, I only want you.”

West saw the man casually move her blonde hair to the side, exposing her neck to him, he looked right at West, who knew there was no stopping it.

West didn’t even try, neither did his mother or father who were seated in the room themselves watching their daughters with their Mates.

West just smiled and shrugged at the man.

Stephen buried his fangs right into Anna’s neck, right there for all to see and West saw his little sister melt right into the man, curling up in his lap.

Both Marked by each other before the full moon was even here, still a full day away.

Heard his father chuckle, Iooked over to him, to see him shake his head at West “What can you do, Alpha females a law unto themselves.”

The woman Beta Taylor, who had been walking over to Stephen, Anna’s Mate. Shook her head and only then seemed to realised what was going on as she watched Emma and Anna stroll over and sit down on their Mates laps “Triplets?” she sounded a bit shocked.

“Yes.” he acknowledged her surprise, and watched her walk back over to Alpha Anthony who was also watching on.

His mother got up and showed the man and his wolves to their rooms, he was covered in tattoos, both arms and his neck, West didn’t particularly like it, he was much older than west too nearly 40, and still un-mated. Though West had shaken hands I with him, it was his father who Alpha Anthony had been jovial with shook hands and clapped his father on the back, they clearly knew each other, got along to it appeared.

5 un-mated Alpha’s and their highest ranking un-mated members and warriors, were all here to see if his sisters were possibly their Mates, already even before the ball, his sister were taken.

Jo-anne he knew had every intention of going to the ball, he didn’t want her too, but honestly it wasn’t going to hurt, she was his Mate, he already knew that. He just didn’t want any of those 5 Alpha’s around her. Especially Alpha Jayden.

Ella currently had Jo-anne preoccupied else where in the pack, a high tea with her friends down at Cafe Moonlight, and then they would be having dinner in the pack’s town as well, not in the pack-house. He’d seen to that with the help of T.J.

It had not escaped his attention that Jayden was lounging in the foyer most of the afternoon, waiting West believed for Jo-anne to come home. It would be a long wait. Though it did appear the man had made himself comfortable, was on his phone, attending to business it seemed. Didn’t pay West the slightest bit of attention.

The night before the mating ball was always interesting to watch. Who’s eyes were on who, who was interested in who, physically attracted to who.

Then the wait and see as to who would pair up as Goddess-Gifted Mates or not.

West’s attention was on Alpha Anthony, the man had a small pack 400 members only or there about, out near Portland, the Pale Moon Pack, they were big into making Wolfen strength alcoholic beverages. It was where his pack got all their wolfen loaded alcohol from Alpha Anthony’s brand Pale Moon.

The man was talking with everyone, all the 5 Alpha’s knew him, quess they all bought wolfen loaded alcohol from him too, he seemed quite comfortable at dinner, didn’t appear to be on the look out for his Mate, West wondered if the man had given up. He was 40, looked to the man’s un-mated wolves and noticed just about all of them were covered in tattoos and piercings, looked very rough and tumble.

They were very well built even the females, like tanks. Must train a lot, probably due to being a small pack, would need to be to defend themselves and keep their pack safe from larger packs.

Though it was unlikely the Pale Moon Pack was attacked much, for if it was destroyed where else would the local packs get there wolfen loaded alcohol, from what West knew of the man and his pack, he ran his brand to just about every pack on the western coast. Was a very wealthy man, more so than West was, though the man didn’t seem to lord it over anyone.

Had arrived dressed very casually in faded ripped blue jeans and a red fitted tee-shirt, not expecting to find his mate it seemed, he’d never taken a chosen Mate either, probably waiting around for his Goddess-Gifted Mate. Most Alpha’s would, made for better strength to their packs and better bloodlines and strength to their heir. For future leadership of their pack.

Wondered if the man would be interest in an alliance. Might discuss it with him before the mating ball tomorrow.

Heard Jo-anne and Ella return, his wolfen hearing picked up them laughing and chatting as they walked through the pack house. Saw Alpha Jayden’s head tilt as well. The man had been keeping and ear out for her as well it seemed. His eyes moved to West’s and he smirked right at him.

It was obvious that he also knew, West knew she was back.

It would be very rude if West just got up to leave dinner, but not for Jayden and the man knew it too, had hosted these balls himself, West had even been to a few of them over the years. So he did not get up and make his way out to her.

West saw him mind-link to his Beta, and then the Beta excused himself T.J. was up instantly to join the man, Jayden laughed softly “Worried Westley.”

“Not at all Jayden.” West smirked back.

They had gained several peoples attention at the table.

“I hope you don’t mind if my Beta, brings Jo-anne the gift I brought for her.”

“Go ahead.” West shrugged, that man didn’t know a thing about Jo-anne, or at least as far as West knew “I hope you didn’t waste your money.”

“I have plenty to waste West.” he stared right at him.

She’ll hate that statement, the girl had never spent a single cent of his packs money. Even the car she had, had been old. Had not accepted the one his father had offered to buy her, a brand new BMW. Had in fact told him no, and had claimed Heaths old car for herself, didn’t want anything at all from him or his family. The day she had left, she had left in that old 2006 Ford Explorer.

Even now the care she had was an old Jeep Wrangler two door soft top, a 2015 model. He would have to rectify that at some point, and get her a new one. Though he would much prefer she drove a nice care like his Levante, he doubted very much, she’d accept a Maserati for herself.

Though he would offer her one, there were some very nice ones out there, more suited to female drivers, might be able to get her a Ghibli or Grand Cabrio, if she didn’t look at the price that was. Might just have to put his foot down, she should have the best of every thing. He would deny her nothing.

West smiled to himself, let the man spend his money, West knew better, the girl would not accept something expensive, likely hand it right back or burn it. T.J. returned along with Jayden’s Beta, 10 minutes later.

‘A long tube of something.’

‘Did she accept it?’ he was curious about that.

“Hesitantly, but yes. Looked at me as if to get permission, it did not go unnoticed by his Beta, Ben.’

‘Good. Find out what it is?’

‘Sure thing, I’ll check later.’

It was curious, a tube of something, interesting.

T.J. would find out, it was unlikely Jo-anne would decline his request to see it. Unless she didn’t want them to know what it was. It was always a possibility he guessed, and being a gift she may want to keep it to herself, he did not like that thought, at all.

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