Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 69

West POV

Watching Jo-anne walk into the ballroom with Ella and then Alpha Jayden right behind her, ticked him off instantly. He should have figured the man would have hunted her down to try and get her alone, though it did appear that Ella was escorting her and they left him by the bottom of the stairs, to make their way over to the drinks table, his eyes were on her the whole way.

She looked amazing, very elegant in that beautiful dress, it showed off her body perfectly but was also still very lady like. Fell all the way to her knees, and those stiletto’s she was wearing made her already long legs seem to go on forever.

She looked gorgeous in that soft grey colour, matched her eyes. Her long cinnamon brown hair was pulled up and fell in big curls, he could see her back was bare, itched to touch her bare skin, glanced at the clock only just on 7pm, he still had to wait.

He could see she looked a bit on the nervous side talking with Ella, some sort of confrontation.

He actually couldn’t hear it over the music, frustrating to say the least. Ella did not look happy with Jo-anne at all, then her eyes met his from across the room, though only briefly before turning back to Ella. Something had happened and it involved him, he would bet on it.

“Terence, go and dance with both Jo-anne and Ella. Keep her preoccupied.”

“Sure West, I’ll do my best to keep Alpha Jayden’s hands off of her.” and then he hopped down of the platform and headed across the floor towards the girls.

“West,” Cole snarled at him and then headed off after T.J.

“Let them dance, Cole. It won’t hurt her,” he commented. Cole was constantly worried about Ella. She had been in love with T.J. for a very long time, apparently. That’s what Cole had told him that evening, and he didn’t want his little sister’s heart to be shattered, when T.J. found his mate. Didn’t want Ella in the man’s bed, to be heart broken and then dismissed when T.J. found his Goddess-Gifted Mate.

Had this dogged determination to keep them apart, she was his only little sister and he was protective of her. Though West noted that it never seemed to bother Cole when she dated or slept with any of the other wolves within the pack. Or visiting pack members either, only T.J. It was probably to do with Ella not caring about the others the way she did about T.J, he saw Cole stalk back towards him, actually glaring right at him. “Leave them.” West told him.

“They’re not Mates West.”

“No they are not. But if he asked her to be, she would say yes and you know it.”

“I won’t allow it.”

“It’s not up to you.” West looked right at him, pointedly so. It was up to T.J. and Ella and when T.J. finally caved into the girl and they approached him for approval, he would give it. It wasn’t like T.J. didn’t want to, and now that he had stopped tormenting West with Jo-anne, his attention was all on Ella. This might be the push he needs to get the man to make a move on Ella.

He could see the three of them laughing and dancing. It was good to see. His eyes moved to Alpha Jayden, who was frowning as he watched T.J. dance with the two of them. It was clear for all to see just how much they were enjoying dancing as a trio, might give the man second thoughts.

Jayden did know about T.J.’s bloodline, most did.

His father caught his attention and West walked over to him, just wanted to see how things were going. His father had backed off completely on the hovering to let West run the pack, hadn’t even been in his office in over a week now, a few mind-links only.

“Are you worried about Terence son?”

“No father” and he had no reason to be. Didn’t even look over to where they were all dancing. No-one knew she was his little sister, it would likely stay that way always, unless Belinda wanted to talk about it, at this point she did not. She was here in the room watching her daughters. West’s eyes found her she was actually watching TJ. And Jo-anne. He smiled and his father whacked him.

“What?” he frowned at him instantly.

“You were smiling.”

“Was I? Hmm.” he shrugged.

“What’s going on West you never smile, but yesterday you smiled at your sisters, and now here again.”

“I do smile father, you just don’t…” his hand shot to his chest and he staggered backwards away from his father as pain seared through him.

His father grabbeda hold of him. “West son, what is wrong?”

He heard T.J. yell “JO-JO.” Something wrong with her, he was down on his knees, Volt was howling in pain, inside his head. Then Volt surged forward and took control of him. A massive roar of pain ripped right out of him and then they were moving at full wolf speed to find her. Fell down on to his knees next to her, pain was ripping at him, she was dying, he and Volt could feel it. There was a silver dagger buried in her chest not far from her heart.

“Jo-anne,” he gasped. He couldn’t lose her again, there was blood pooling from the wound in her chest.

She looked right up at him, so much pain in those eyes of hers, then they turned back to T.J., jealousy struck him. Even when she was dying, T.J. had her undivided attention, always T.J., their sibling bond stronger than anything, even his to hers. She trusted T.J. with every fibre of her being.

Told T.J. it didn’t hurt, he knew that was because it was a silver dagger and it was killing her.

He couldn’t take it out, it was already pooling blood. if he removed it, she would gush blood, T.J. didn’t seem to care, yanked the dagger out of her before West could stop him.

The second it was out, his pain intensified 10 fold, he was watching her die. Volt was howling in pain and then he was hunched over clutching at his chest. It was too much “Terence get” it was hard to even get words out, “her..” he gasped, trying to bear the searing pain in his chest “to the hospital…” he could feel their bond starting to severe, she was dying right before him and he couldn’t even muster up the strength to pick her up and race her to the packs hospital “I can’t” his own claws were digging into his chest, wanted nothing more than to rip his own heart out and stop himself from feeling the pain of loosing her.

His hand was ripped away from his own chest, pain ripped out of him, both he and volt roared their agony out together, and then his body was slammed down on the floor and his hands were pushed up behind his back, he was pinned down, several bodies on him.

“Son, stop, collect yourself.”

“She’s dying.” he gasped “l can feel it.”

Heard his father swear at the realisation of what West was teling him, an Alpha could only be brought down like this by the loss of their Mate.

“Pull yourself together, she’s not dead yet.

Terence has her. Who did it?”

“I didn’t see.” he hadn’t seen, had taken his eyes off of her, to talk to his father, she’d been with T.J. perfectly safe, how could this have happened? “there’s a blade.”

“l got it.” Ricky stated “it’s” using his wolf sense of smell, “concealed, the scent is masked.. but there’s more than Jo-anne’s blood.” he took another deep breath in “lts Karen’s blood, her fvcking stepmother.”

Rage built inside of West and Volt at those words, it was so fast and he was shoving up off the ground regardless of how many had him held down, that fvcking b!tch was going to die “Get off me he roared.” and they all let go. His fury would know no bounds. “Find her now.” and then he was gone himself.

She couldn’t have gotten far, they were hunting her, she would be on the run, Iinked to all border patrols to stop her at all cost, to link him without hesitation if any saw her. Sent warriors to her home. Her other children were there. He had warned her already, threatened her own children if she harmed Jo-anne, yet she still did it. Those girls would be in his office if they were not on the run.

Volt shifted them, he could move faster and his sense of smell was more heightened. She had cut herself on that blade, she was bleeding herself and it was a scent all wolves could detect, fresh blood.

It did not take long to find her. Thirty minutes and Volt was staring down her wolf, snarling right at her, she was on her own heading through the woods to the southern border, the furthest from the pack-house.

They heard Jo-anne’s plea via the mind-link.

More fury raged inside him at her request not to kill the woman. How could she say that, how could she ask him that, deny him his given right to kill this wolf, who’d stabbed her.

Launched himself at her anyway, only to have another wolf slam into him and bite him, he turned to find Lark snarling at him ‘Enough West, Jo-Jo’s okay, she doesn’t want her dead.’ came down the mind-link from T.J.

Volt launched himself at Lark. How dare they stop him, how dare they attack him? He was the Alpha Wolf he had every right to exact punishment, including death on the wolf who would harm his Mate.

Lark defended himself only from Volt, did not further attack him till more wolves arrived. His fathers wolf, Tucker now stood between Volt and Lark to stop the fight that was going on.

Karen was force shifted back by command and she was dragged away kicking and screaming. It seemed she didn’t think she’d done anything wrong. Volt was still snarling in rage.

T.J. shifted back and looked down at Volt, sighed “Release Volt, they don’t want you to kill her yet, want’s answers first, then you can kill her.”

Volt snarled up at him.

T.J. stared down at him. “You don’t think it didn’t hurt me too, I yelled at her myself, come on Volt, shift, give West back.”

Volt snapped his jaws right at him and then turned and stalked off, released control a few minutes later and shifted them back to West, stalked off to the back of his mind. Still furious, he had not killed that wolf. They were going to.

Jo-anne was not qoing tO stop him this time. It was his right.

“Where are her daughters?” he snarled.

“In your office with Oliver and his unit,” his father replied, falling into step with him. “Son?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” West shot right back as he headed for his office. If he went to see Jo-anne he was likely to tear strips off of her right this minute, and if he went to the cells he was definitely going to rip Karen’s head off her body.

He stalked all the way to his office, T.J. he noted headed for the hospital once more. It was only 9pm, the moon had still not set yet. Both Maree and Marie were kneeling on the ground when he stalked into his office, heads bowed down, he yanked on a pair of pants from his closet and glared at the two of them.

His eyes moved to Oliver. “Where did you find them?”

“Watching T.V. in their home, I don’t think they knew anything, had no idea why they were being hauled in Alpha.”

His eyes fell back to the two girls, only 19 and 21 years old, they both reeked of fear and so they bloody well should. “Do you know, what your mother did tonight?” he grated out.

“No Alpha.” Maree answered him.

“Tried to kill Jo-anne…stabbed her right in the chest.” he snarled, hating having to voice those words out loud.

Saw both the girls look up at him finally, eyes very wide, completely shocked by his words.

“Two parents traitors now.” the implication being that they were no longer to be trusted. They both knew this.

“Alpha, we did not have anything to do with it, we did not hurt Jo-anne.” again it was Maree,

“Would you?” he snarled.

“No.” they both shook their heads.

He stared down at them for a long minute. “Renounce them both, or go rogue.” West stated flatly “I’m give you 1 hour to decide” turned his eyes to Oliver. “Don’t let them out of your sight.”

“Of course, Alpha.”

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