Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 71


Trying to talk Volt down along with West, was no easy fete. They were devastated and filled with rage over what had happened. Jo-Jo and Clova being their Mates and not only had she been attacked, but with a silver blade, right to the chest.

They had felt her pain, and she’d not even yet learned what they were to be.

T.J. knew they felt that they were losing them, and before she knew what they were to her. He was trying to convince them she was okay, the bleeding had stopped. Clova was healing her now the dagger was out. He still felt on edge himself, she was still in pain, he could feel it.

But Jo-Jo was awake and talking. It had to be a good sign. He was not surprised that Volt had tried to kill Karen’s wolf, not after the attack on Jo-Jo for no apparent reason.

It did surprise T.J. that he could not smell Karen’s wolf, that woman had scent masked herself. In the hope of getting away, it seemed. It was very unlikely the border patrols would have been able to stop her, not being able to smell her coming, and if she had gotten passed them, they would have notified West anyway, and that man would have had every available warrior on the hunt for her so he could kill her himself.

He was also not surprised that Volt had gone Lark, for stopping him from getting his revenge. As the Alpha Wolf, he had the right to kill her, and as her Mate, he had the need to kill this woman. Lark defend himself only, not wanting to get into a full blown Alpha fight with him. Neither of them needed to be fighting right now.

They were both in pain over Jo-Jo’s state. T.J. knew West and Volt’s would be greater than his, but he was in just as much pain over her near death.

His heart still ached, with every beat it took, wanted as likely as much as West did, to be right there in that hospital with her.

It took Tucker to stop the battle between them and T.J.’s own father, used all his Beta aura to force Karen’s wolf to shift her back, she had no choice in the matter. Was dragged away yelling she only did what she had to do, that it was all Jo-anne’s fault, she had to be punished for her crimes against Heath.

T.J. sighed, the woman was clearly as insane as Heath was, Jo-Jo had done nothing to Heath, he had attacked her, the girl had been gone from this pack for the past 10 years, had left peacefully in a state of indifference, had only come back because West had made her. Then Jester had attacked her, out of the blue, and then Heath himself had tried to kill her. There was no way J0-Jo had done anything to Heath.

T.J. returned to the hospital, knowing West wasn’t yet ready to face Jo-Jo. His anger and fury still attached to him, he would not trust himself to go near her in that state, not when it was Karen he was furious with, it might bleed to Jo-Jo as it had done all them years ago. Every time he had been angry with Karen in the past he had taken it out on Jo-Jo. No more would he allow himself to do that.

T.J. was horrified by the sight of Jo-Jo walking down the hospital corridor. Ella had mind-linked him already to tell him she was trying to get up and out of bed, wanting to go to the cells, had begged him to find West and convince him not to kill Karen on Jo-Jo’s behalf, that she was coming to help.

T.J. had told Ella to go back to the pack-house, not to get involved, not to be amongst the fighting West and Volt would tear into anything between him and Karen’s wolf. He did not want her near Volt on a rampage. To go and be safe. She told him not to get hurt in return and then agreed to go somewhere safe.

Now here was Jo-Jo up and walking. He could see that Patterson was standing not too far outside of the Luna’s suite, with his arms out protectively, his staff behind him, protecting them from whatever she had done, likely her Alpha Aura had rolled right off of her and at them when they had tried to stop her, he could see her eyes were glowing around the outta edges.

It more than shocked him to hear her say he could kill Karen, that she did not care. As long as she got to get answers from the woman first. He did want to kill her and he knew West would as well.

T.J. could see that she was very weak, should not be out of her hospital bed, likely should be sedated for recovery, had to stop and actively breathe. He felt pain in his chest, maybe she wasn’t okay like he thought she was. She told him yes she was very unwell but would rest after talking to Karen. He agreed to take her, and she actually agreed to come back to the hospital directly afterwards.

Picked her up, she was clearly in no state to be walking around. Exhausted completely and he knew she was still in pain, because he could feel it himself, had a mild constant chest pain, that was likely from the silver blade that had run, her through, her body was still reacting to the injury even though it had been removed and the bleeding had stopped.

T.J. knevw without a doubt that she was not going to let this go, he had to take her, even against all his instincts which were telling him he should be making her get back in that bed. West was going to be fully pissed off, but she would go on her own if she had to. Her mind was made up and that glow in her eyes said it all. She was very angry this time.

Thankfully, he knew nobody in the pack locked their cars on pack territory, most just left the keys in the ignition, no one was going to steal something, when they could just borrow or ask and get a yes.

Most pack members happy to help others out. Even Wests Maserati sat in his garage with the keys in the ignition. Saved time having to go get them in an emergency.

T.J. put her in the front passenger seat of the first car he came across, and drove out to the cells.

Her eyes were closed the whole way, she looked very pale, he didn’t like it at all, could feel himself getting agitated over her condition, it had to be worse than she was letting on.

Linked to West, ‘West get to the cels. Jo-Jo is about to have it out with Karen. I couldn’t stop her all glowing, she is very unwell.”

“Dammit Terence, she needs to be in the hospital.” he shot right back.

“I know West, but she is rolling power off of her. Even Patterson was standing in front of his staff, protecting them from her. I don’t think anything is going to stop her. I’m also thinking that maybe.. with what I am feeling in this car, it was not her Alpha Aura she rolled at them, I’m not feeling that, it’s something else.

‘I’m on my way.’ he sighed. They both knew she was half wolf, half something else, likely some sort of magical being from what he was getting off her now. Even with her eyes closed there was heat pouring off of her in waves, and there was a slight glow along the closed line of her eyelids, her eyes were still glowing, her power, whatever it was, still activated.

Though she did not want West to know just how bad it was, the silly girl was pushing herself to the limits, likely using whatever power she had to muster the strength to be out here, to do this. She still had no idea what West was to her, so she had not wanted him to know, but of course West needed to know he was her Mate.

The waves of heat coming off of her were rolling through the air in the car. It was not particularly affecting him in anyway, he could just sense it, feel it. It was not aimed at him and he was glad of it, didn’t relish the idea of whatever she could do being shot at him. If this was her resting in an angry state, what would it be like in a full blow awake fury?

Listening to Karen’s absurd story, about Jo-Jo being a murderous b!tch, filled him with even more anger, and even more when he heard the woman state she had seen her do it. Well, how was that possible? Heath was still alive, right this very minute, the insane man was in the cell right next to her. Alive and breathing, staring right at her, his Mate he was not dead. Hell it was Jo-Jo that was keeping him alive at this time.

If it had been up to he or West, that son of a b!tch would be dead already. Wouldn’t have survived two minutes alone with either of them. Then, to hear Karen actually voice, it was her who had Mated West and Jo-Jo. His fury was all on the surface. Even Lark was ready to rip her head off, this woman had hurt his sister and their best friend, ripped a viscous snarl right out of the two of them. West had always hated this woman.

She had been the bane of his existence the whole time West had been Mated to Jo-Jo, and she was now openly admitting she’d been the one to do it to them. This woman knew she was going to die.

Wanted one last chance to hurt Jo-Jo, likely West as well. She had taken great pleasure in lording herself over West for that two-year period, constantly throwing the Wolfen council in his face, to get what she wanted, every time she was denied something from him or his parents. This greedy little b!tch had done this to them on purpose, to get ranked up and live it up on unlimited pack funds.

Oh, she was going to die, West was going to relish ripping her head off, had wanted a reason to do it for years now. And there was no better reason than hurting Jo-Jo, harming her, harming her own future Alpha at the time.

The woman’s stupid reasoning, went back to the absurd notion, that Jo-Jo would kill Heath, had believed this since the girl was 12 years old. Karen was an evil woman, had even laughed and stated she had enjoyed watching as she’d thrown heat pheromone on Jo-Jo time after time to incited Volt into mating frenzy with a newly shifted 16 year old girl, T.J. knew Jo-Jo had never had a boyfriend. It would have been her first time.

It was no wonder that Jo-Jo had been in the state she had been in when West had woken up and laid eyes on her, this sick deranged woman, had incited his Alpha Wolf, into a mating frenzy with such a young girl. T.J. was truly glad that neither of them actually had memories of it, they did not need that, it would likely have caused so much mental trauma to both of them that he doubted either would be able to get past it.

The silver hand cuffs, explained the scars on her wrists, and why her wolf had not fought back, to get free or stop what was happening, but she must have taken them off Jo-Jo at some point, there was no way Jo-Jo could have marked West without Clova present. Ketamine, not an easy drug to get a hold of. No wonder they had no memory of it. This b!tch was definitely going to die.

When Jo-Jo suddenly screamed all rage and fury, waves of heat rolled right off her twice as hot and twice as fast, and even from where he stood slightly behind her, he knew her eyes were full on glowing, he could see the sudden bright light radiating from her face. Watched Karen’s eyes go really wide. Oh, the poor woman had no idea what Jo-Jo was, no idea of the actual power she held. It was clear right at this moment to T.J. it was a lot of power.

Jo-Jo held actual real power, and her anger was tapping right into that power, just like it had done, when she’d slammed her bedroom door and splintered it, just like she had that day outside the cells, when she had turned on him herself. Not just her Alpha Aura had rolled off of her, had started glowing in all her anger. It was clear her emotions triggered a dormant side to her, one none of them knew about. Well, there was likely one in this pack who actually knew.

Shocked him completely when Jo-Jo told Karen “Let me be the evil creature you thinkl am,” then violently snapped her neck. He felt the Alpha wolf in her right at that moment, used the strength of all her wolf to do that. He’d never seen her hurt a living thing in his entire life, thought life was precious, in all its forms. Not anymore, it seemed.

She stalked out of the cells and only got three steps out. “l’m sorry,” he heard her whisper as she looked right at West who was running towards them, “It’s all my fault.” and then down she went.

T.J. could feel his heart breaking, this was it.

She was not unwell, she was dying, and had held herself together in order to get answers, kept herself strong enough to get those answers, she’d told him she was tired and she had been, kept it all in. For one last conversation, the use of her power, tapped into it somehow all to keep herself alive just to find out the truth.

Her eyes had glowed all the way here, whatever power she had, she used all of it to get here, to get those answers, to the questions that neither she nor West had ever been able to explain.

T.J. caught her and lay her down on the ground, looked down at her, tears falling from his own eyes, he’d only just gotten her as a sister, finally given the truth and now she was leaving him. It hurt so bad on so many levels, he’d not been able to protect her, hadn’t been able to stop Karen. Didn’t even know it was coming, the danger to her, from her own family.

Her last words “Tell him T.J., all of it…West, tell him.”

West was already here to hear her last words, pain ripped out of him as he knelt on the other side of her, as her eyes closed and her heart stopped beating, even in her dying moment, she did not think of herself. Wanted West to know, it was not his fault what had happened to them, that it was Karen, who had done that to them. Bloody woman, didn’t even think about herself, even when she was dying.

What and who the hell was she? So much concern for others, but none for herself, not even in the face of death. She’d known she was dying and didn’t tell a single soul. Didn’t want anyone toconcern themselves with it.

T.J. was kneeling, staring at her lifeless body, moved his eyes to West, the man had his hands out stretched as if to touch he, but seemed frozen in place. Broken, T.J. thought, he had seen this once before, when she was just 17. It was shock. Though whether he would survive it this time, knowing exactly what she was to him, was another matter, he’d not known last time.

“No!” he heard West whisper, so much pain in his voice. Then he was up on his knees, his hands on her chest. “N0.” he roared in a defiant tone as he started chest compression’s, trying to bring her back to life. “Get Patterson.” he yelled at T.J. “The defib now.”

It was the pained howl in the distance, that drew T.J. from his stillness, gained his full attention, knew instinctively it was his mother, she’d just felt the severing from her own child and it was causing her pain.

‘Patterson, bring the Defib now, to the cells’ he shot down the mind-link.

‘Already coming, like 5 minutes. Knew she was going to crash.’

‘Double time it, now.’ he roared down at the man. If he’d known she was going to crash, why the hell wasn’t he here already?

T.J. couldn’t do anything for his mother’s pain.

Probably no-one could, no-one even knew about their connection. He knew that West had registered the pained howl, had looked right at him for a moment, before refocusing on Jo-Jo.

T.J. didn’t know if it would work, due to that she had taken a silver dagger to her chest. Had likely taken the tiniest of nicks to her heart, not something that had been picked up in the ultrasound examination of her wound when he’d rushed her to the packs hospital, the bleeding had appeared to have stopped.

A slow and painful death, it was no wonder he had a dull ache in his heart the whole time, but she’d held on long enough to get answers. So bloody strong. He leaned over her body and breathed for her, she was strong, she would get through this. She would survive, had to. Neither he nor West were likely to get through her death in one piece.

T.J. would breathe for her while West tried to pump blood around her body to sustain her, to try and bring her back, neither one of them willing to give up on her. Neither one of them would let her leave them again.

“Wake up Jo-Jo,” he yelled at her, “Breathe damn you.”

They were still performing CPR minutes later. “Where is Patterson?” West snapped at him.

“He’s coming, another minute or so.”

Then a scream ripped right out of Jo-Jo and her eyes were open, she was breathing. West shoved T.J. right out of the way, to look down at her himself “Jo-anne.” he gasped, relief evident in that one word. Then he was pulling her into his arms, holding on to her, into his chest. His eyes were closed.

“West.” she sighed softly “T.J?” he heard her ask.

Couldn’t help but smile as she asked about him, “Right here,” he told her, and then watched her go limp in Wests arms, the man looked down at her worriedly.

But he could see her breathing, and knew that both of them were listening for her heartbeat. It was there. West’s eyes moved to T.J.’s and he saw the relief in them. “We need to get her inside.”


Patterson finally arrived, “Wait, let me check her over first.”

West lay her back down, so Patterson could do a full set of obs, then let West pick her up again.

They were all walking together. West turned for the pack-house with her, only to have Patterson stop him with a hand on his arm. “Hospital West, she is still unwell”

West looked down at her, seemed a bit conflicted to T.J., the man probably wanted to take her up to his suite. That’s where she belonged technically. Looked at Patterson and was about to turn and head there when Alpha Jayden stepped outside the pack-house and snarled right at all of them.

“Put her down, don’t you touch my Mate.”

West and Volt snarled right back, very loud, very aggressive, pulling her to their body “she is my Mate”.

“The hell she is.” Jayden roared at him.

T.J., saw Volt surface fully and then Jayden’s wolf as well, yanked Jo-Jo from West’s grip, knew there was about to be an Alpha on Alpha fight over the unconscious woman in West’s arms. Putting her in danger after they had just gotten her back.

Opened a multi lined mind-link ‘Father, Damien, Alpha unit. West and Jayden, both appear to be Jo-Jo’s mates, likely to fight it out, front of the pack-house, now.” he shot down to them all.

Heard all of them reply, several swears and several affirmatives. The swears no other than his own father and Damien.

Knew they were coming, and fast. These two had come to blows over Jo-Jo once already. It made sense now, T.J. thought. Alpha Jayden had likely scented her out the last time he was here, counts for why he’d been all over her, and for why she’d allowed it, something inside of her likely recognised the connection to him. It was the same thing with her and West, why she couldn’t resist him either.

He saw Beta Ben, start walking towards him, “Don’t do it Beta, I have royal blood. You will not win.” TJ. knew the man was about to come and try and retrieve what he thought was his Alpha’s Mate.

Saw the man hesitate, look to his own Alpha, who was still focused on West, “Two mate’s.” TJ. stated loudly for all to hear, hoping both Jayden and West would have the common sense to back off.”

“If l likely be her choice, you need to calm your Alpha.”

Heard Ben swear and saw him walk towards his Alpha.

T.J. turned and headed for the pack hospital, leaving them there to fight it out if they so desired to. He would not intervene, knew how strong West actually was, had to be able to take T.J. himself on, on the odd occasion, the man could take a beating and give one at that.

T.J. had bigger things to deal with, like getting Jo-Jo to the hospital for monitoring as per Patterson’s request. She was still unwell, had bloody died and been brought back. Needed to be in the hospital.

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