Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 72

West PV

Pain ripped through him, as he watched Jo-anne collapse, was not close enough to catch her. T.J. was and did. He had heard her apologise to him, had been looking right at him, he had no idea what she was blaming herself for.

Then she went down, and told T.J. to tell him all of it. Whatever had gone on in the cells, she wanted him to know about watched as her eyes closed and that was it, felt her sever from him, as her heart stopped. “No,” he whispered, Volt was howling in pain inside his mind. He’d lost Clova once before. Did not want to loose her again, sadness and grief were rolling off his beast.

West reached out to touch her, now lifeless before him and his hands froze, midway to her, he couldn’t let this happen had to do something “NO.” he roared, his hands moved to her chest, he could get her back, he would get her back, he was not going to give up on her.

He would not sit idly by and do nothing, like the last time he had seen her like this, he would start CPR and she would come back to him yelled at T.J. who seemed just as frozen as he had been, “Get Patterson, the defib now.” his Beta and best friend look just as grief stricken as he was. He could see it on the man’s face, he’d just gotten her back in the pack, her his little sister and she was now dead before him.

There was a massive pain filled wolf’s howl, ripping through the pack’s territory. Long and mournful, only one other person in this pack would be in pain from her death. Belinda, she too, had felt Jo-Anne being severed from her. There was nothing he could do at this point for her. His eyes met TJ.!’s, they both knew it was his mother.

West was doing everything he could to save Jo-anne and bring her back to them all.

T.J. hearing his mother’s pain seemed to snap out of his stillness, sent him right into action and he was suddenly breathing for Jo-anne. West had to ignore the cracking of a rib as he continued to perform chest compression. Heard T.J. yell at her to breathe and to wake up. He sounded angry at her, angry that she had the hide to die on him. Anger would do him better in this situation than grief, and would keep him going.

Right now, although Volt had moved to the far reaches of his own mind, grieving the loss of his mate and trying to cope with the pain of it a 2nd time around. West was actively defying the Goddess herself. ‘Goddess be damned. You will give her back to me.’ he sent up to that woman. The goddess was not in his favour, never had been, it seemed. So he would defy her at will and damn the consequences.

“Where is Patterson?” he snapped, several minutes later, when the man had yet to turn up.

Clearly, he knew it would take a good 15 to 20 minutes in a car to get here at top speed from the hospital and he’d have to run the last part. But dammit he didn’t want to wait that long.

“He’s coming another minute or so.” T.J. told him and continued to breathe for her.

A scream ripped right out of her, West’s eyes shot to her face, and her eyes were open. He stopped the compression’s on her chest instantly, and shoved T.J. right out of the way, uncaring that he knew the man would want to see her as much as West himself did. “Jo-anne.” he gasped as relief flooded through his entire body and felt Volt surge forward to look down at her as well, pulled her into his arms and hugged her to his body.

His name left her l!ps in a soft sigh, music to his ears. Then she asked about T.J. damned woman, obsessed with her brother, annoyed him.

But at least she was alive, then her body went limp after hearing T.J.’s reply that he was right here.

West tilted her back away from his body and looked down at her, his eyes moved over her, could see the rise and fall of her chest, tuned his hearing to her and heard her heartbeat. She was unconscious but alright, alive and breathing.

Patterson finally arrived, carrying the defib machine, and wanted to check her over before they moved her. West put her down gently and waited.

When the man nodded to indicate he was happy with what he saw, West picked her up and headed for the pack-house.

Felt the moon set and suddenly her scent was so very strong, flooding his nostrils, filled him with the scent of Rosewood, Cinnamon and Ylang Ylang. He breathed her in deep and growled “Mine.” She was officially his mate. Now she just had to wake up and scent him. He could make her happy, he knew he could. Would do anything to make her happy, give her whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it. Deny her nothing,.

He was heading up the pack-house’s front steps with her. He would take her to his suite and be right there when she woke up.

“Hospital West. She’s still unwell.”

West stopped walking and looked down at her, still unconscious in his arms, though he was carrying her bridal style and her head was resting on his shoulder, she looked like she was just sleeping after a long day. Patterson was right. He realised, she had just died and been resuscitated, would need to be in the hospital, looked at his pack doctor, and nodded as long as he got to be with her, it was alright. West knew the man was not about to separate him from her, not when he’d heard West and Volt claim her the second the moon had set.

Heard an angry snarl come from the front of the pack-house, turned and looked, saw Alpha Jayden “Put her down, don’t you touch Mate.”

Volt shot forward and pulled her body close to theirs, a massively loud all Alpha snarl ripped right out of him at the thought of another trying to claim what was his. “She is my Mate.” they snarled right back at him.

“The hell she is.” Jayden roared right back.

Then she was pulled clean out of his arms, they were focused on Alpha Jayden, and they knew it was T.J. puling her from them, to protect her from the ensuing battle that was likely about to rage. He and Alpha Jayden had already fought over her once in the pack-house hallway.

Now he understood why the man, had not backed off that day and why he’d stated he would be coming back today, he had likely scented her out as well.

West heard T.J. threaten Beta Ben as he headed towards him, saw the man hesitate, knew he would not be able to take on T.J. hardly anyone could, certainly not a Beta. Would have to be an Alpha and a strong one at that, likely only a pure blood, would be able to take him down, and he knew T.J. would stop at nothing to protect Jo-anne. He would willing, kill for her to protect her.

Heard T.J. state two mates, Volt snarled instantly he was not about to share Clova with anyone. Even encouraged the Beta to go and calm his Alpha down. West and Volt would fight for her, without a doubt. But knew better than to start it. It would be a battle to the death. Jayden seemed to understand this as well.

For although they were death staring at each other right this minute, neither had yet to move a muscle and start the fight. A battle only one would win, a battle that would see her likely reject the one to survive, for killing her other mate and not giving her the right to chose who she wanted.

His father, along with Jonathan, and the rest of his Alpha Unit were al suddenly coming out through the front doors of the pack-house behind Alpha Jayden. He new T.J. had walked away with Jo-anne, she would not be safe during a battle, that if started would be uncontrollable and all over the place and likely have the pair of them fighting to mark her whether she was unconscious or not.

They were all stepping in between the two of them, like a barricade, to stop the fight. Volt snorted in anger and West encouraged him to back down, could feel his wolf’s resistance to the idea, but receded back. Angry still at the thought that his Clova had been gifted another mate.

West had defied the goddess and brought her back. It could be punishment on her behalf, for his defiance and pretty much telling her to shove it. He had not cared about the consequences, now he had one that could see her leave him for another.

Nothing was ever in his favour.

Saw his mother, heard her ask what was going on.

“Jo-anne, it seems, has two mates.” West grated out.

“What?” she looked from West to Jayden and sighed heavily “Right everyone inside now. A sit down is needed”

Saw Alpha Jayden turn and look at her, heard his father’s wolf’s angry snarl at the man, his wolf was still on the surface, he did not like the threat to his Mate and was letting him know it.

Saw Jayden’s wolf finally recede, and then his eyes met Wests and a smirk touched his face. “I have way more in common with her than you do.” he shot at West and then turned and walked into the pack-house.

It was a very truthful statement, he was probably also going to have a better report with Jo-anne, than West as well. ‘We’ve Mated her already, she let us, Mate us back, she’s ours.’ Volt snarled inside his mind.

“Likely not going to be that easy, Volt. I hope it will be, but probably not.’ he sighed heavily right back and then followed everyone inside.

West realised he had absolutely no idea what was going on with his mating ball, who was mated off to whom, not even if his mother had shut it down or let it continue its course.

“Mother, the ball?” he queried as they walked towards his office.

“Still going, not too bad son. Lots of Pale Moon pack pairing up. Miranda, to it seems, though she bolted from her Mate. Shift and ran like the wind from him. At full Alpha Wolf speed.”

West raised an eyebrow. “Her Mate would be?”

“Alpha Anthony, and the man looked more than pissed about her reaction. Ripped his shirt clean off in the ballroom and shot after her, ready to shift the minute he was outside I guess. Likely he’s not going to take no for an answer. It will be one of those Alpha male, Alpha female showdowns, where they fight it out like all hell but will end up mated and happy. Just bloody Alpha-blooded dominance gets in the way.”

“I’m glad she found her Mate” West acknowledged honestly. He’d seen the way the man had looked at her at dinner last night, seemed confused about her. Well, the man was in for a treat.

He had a Mate who loved everything about s*x, in all its forms.

“Jo-anne son?” she asked him, concerned now.

“Alive.” he murmured, he didn’t really want to think about the fact that she had actually died and been dead for several minutes.

He walked into his office, had completely forgotten that Maree and Marie were in there, stopped and looked at them sobbing uncontrollably on the floor, holding onto each other, looked at Oliver questioningly, who shrugged, “Started about 40 minutes ago.” he replied.

“l don’t have time to deal with them now. Take them home and have a guard detail put on them. I’ll deal with them tomorrow.”

“Yes Alpha.” he nodded and helped the two girls up. Seemed gentle in his approach, they both looked at West, sadness filled them completely and then they were walking away holding each other’s hand. He wondered what had happened to them? It almost looked like grief.

‘Terence, what happened in the cells?’

‘Jo-Jo killed Karen, West.’

West had been about to sit down in his chair, came to a complete standstill, shocked by T.J.’s words ‘What?’

‘Discuss it later. She’s dead, I assure you.’

‘Alright.’ he cut the link and finally sat down in his chair.

All eyes in the room were on him, his shock at T.J.’s words likely evident for all to see.

“Son is Jo-anne alright?” his mother asked.

“No, mother. She took a silver dagger to the chest, and died. T.J. and I had to resuscitate her. She is currently unconscious. Terence will stay with her.”

“She what?” Alpha Jayden sounded somewhat horrified.

“Died.” West repeated himself, not that he wanted to, but how could this man, who claimed to be her other mate, not have felt her death as he had done.”

“Who did it?” the man grated out.

“It has been taken care of. How did you not know?” West asked pointedly. If the man was here to claim her, then he knew what she was to him. He should have felt it, as West had. Didn’t look like it.

“I only actually knew, what she was when the moon set. I suspected last time I was here, due to my wolfs interest in her.”

West raised an eyebrow “I already knew.” He shot at the man.

“That doesn’t mean that she will choose you, Westley. She’s already rejected you once, I believe. “

West simply nodded. He couldn’t deny it. “We need rules,” he stated flatly.

“Yes, Yes.” his mother suddenly piped up, rules do need to be laid down, if you were both of this pack, she could accept both of you, but that is not going to happen in this situation.”

“No.” both he and Jayden stated at the same time.

“She will have to choose one of you. Which means both of you can not Mark her at all till she does. You will both have to spend time with her. If she wakes up in time to scent you out, that is. If not, you’re both going to have to wait for the next full moon to sort this out.” she sighed and shook her head.

“I’m not leaving this pack and letting him be alone with her for a whole month.” Jayden snapped.

West smiled right at him, she was his pack member and that was exactly what would happen.

He leaned back in his chair, she would not make it a whole month without being pulled into his bed or him into hers. She’d already called out for him once, whose to say she wouldn’t do it again and he would go every time, spend hours pleasuring her in all the ways he knew how.

Jayden was right to worry about that, West would spend that month explaining himself to her, trying to sort things out between the two of them, apologising for his past history with her, and trying to win her over so when the next full moon came she would be more likely to accept him.

“If she doesn’t wake up in time…” I’ll have a suite prepared for you.

“I’ll take the one across the hall from her room,” Jayden stated flatly.

West leaned forward. “You can stay in the room you’re in.”

“Oh, and you think I trust you?”

“Enough,” his mother sighed “Each of you can place a guard outside her room. Will that stop this bickering? I will speak to Jo-anne, Luna to Luna and what she wants is what will happen. Agree to it and be done with it. There will be no Alpha on Alpha fight again in my pack-house, over the poor girl, who currently has no idea what is going on around her.”

West nodded “I’ll have Oliver on duty and when he’s not there,” he turned his eyes to Ricky Gamma?”

“Of course Alpha.” Ricky nodded to him.

West looked right at Jayden.

“My Beta Ben, and one of my top warriors, Andrew as well.”

“Right.” West nodded and stood up “I’m going to go and check on Jo-anne.” up.

“I’ll go with you,” Jayden stated and stood West could not stop him or even argue with him about it at this point.

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