Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 73

West POV

T.J. was standing next to Jo-anne’s bed, no Surprise to West.

What had surprised West, was Belinda leaving the hospital as he was walking in. Her eyes met his and he’d sighed, she was still glassy-eyed, trying not to cry. He could see it. Reached out to touch her arm ‘Why don’t you stay.’ he sent down the mind-link to her softly, it would let her know, that he did know the truth about who her mother was, but she had every right to stay and he wanted her to know that she could if she so chose to.

Belinda shook her head ‘l can’t, Westley.’ He saw the tears spill down her face, as she walked around him and then moved on down the hall to leave the hospital, likely to go home, though if she went in that state it would say a lot. Jonathan knew what had happened out there in the pack tonight.

But then again he would have known it was his own Mate howling in pain. It was also likely that so did both her daughters. How she was going to explain this to them all, he had no idea, not without admitting the truth to them. She might just stay out all night to try and pull herself together. He did not know what to do for her. Other than offer for her to stay here with her daughter.

“Who was that?” Jayden asked him. Her state had not been missed by him.

“My Beta’s mother,” West said simply. “A lot of the high-ranking pack members know Jo-anne. She spent most of her teenage years with the Delta’s daughter. They are very close, almost like sisters I’d say. Therefore, she was around the previous Alpha Unit and their Mates all the time.” It was the truth, she had spent a lot of her time with Ella.

West had walked into the Luna Suite of the packs hospital, Jayden had followed him in without hesitation, as had his Beta Ben. His eyes fell on her, she was still unconscious, it appeared. Had an IV line running fluids and another much smaller bag hanging from the hook of the IV pole as well, though that one was empty.

“What’s in that?” West asked T.J. He knew the man would be all over it, know everything that was happening, or had happened to her since she’d been brought in 30 minutes ago.

“Hartman’s Solution with 5% Glucose, I believe. A slow infusion, Patterson said he’d be running it at approximately 83ml an hour for the next 12 hours or until she wakes up.”

“And the smaller bag?”

“Antibiotics, Cefazolin infusion as a precaution, just finished 5 minutes ago, and he said he will likely run another in 8 hours if she’s still sleeping and hooked up to the lV. As a precaution. To be on the safe side”

“Has she woken up at all?”

“No.” T.J. shook his head.

“What happened out at the cells?” he asked.

“We can discuss it later, West. Jo-Jo’s health is more important.”

West looked right at him with a frown, saw T.J.!’s eyes move to Alpha Jayden and his Beta and then back to West. He understood, he was not willing to discuss it with Jayden right there.

Something else must have happened or that power of hers he’d mentioned earlier, she’d likely used it.

T.J. was not about to state what it was in front of Jayden. On a need-to-know basis, if she picked Jayden they would have the option to tell him or not. If she chose West, there was no need to tell him at all. It was not his concern.

“I’d like to know,” Jayden said, turning to look at them both.

“In a nutshell. Her stepmother was the one who stabbed her, with a silver dagger. Jo-Jo wanted to know why. She insisted on going, there was not much by way of an answer. Jo-Jo snapped her neck in return. It’s perfectly acceptable.”

“No reason for the attack?” Jayden asked, didn’t sound like he believed it.

West knew that T.J. was holding something back, had given Jayden the bare basic details, Jo-anne wouldn’t have killed Karen for no reason at all. It was not in her, she was too gentle a soul. He was more than curious himself.

“No, her so-called father is also in the cells, likely that is the reason.”

“What did he do?” Jayden frowned, clearly was not liking what he was hearing about her family.

“Attacked her himself,” West stated flatly…

“We’ve yet to get a proper answer out of him, nothing that makes sense anyway. Gone insane, it seems.”

Jayden was staring at him now, trying to decide, it seemed, if they were both telling the truth of the matter. Not many wolves go insane.

“You can go and see for yourself if you like.”

West offered, there was no harm in him seeing Heath the man’s ramblings and the way he switched from a loving father to a psychotic raving lunatic would speak for itself. “I’ll have my Delta take you up there.”

“My father,” T.J., interjected, “said his mind is fractured, from hurting the one he loves.” Jayden nodded

“I’ve seen that before to be honest. But I would like to see this man and question him myself if that’s alright with you?”

“Now or tomorrow?” West asked casually. He didn’t care when it just meant that for at least over an hour he would get to spend time with Jo-anne without this man around.

Jayden frowned and looked at his watch, got his phone out and West knew right away he was checking to see how long he had before Jo-anne would no longer scent him. It wouldn’t be until in the morning, just after 7 am. He already knew this.

“Now will do. You will have your Delta tell me if she wakes up, right?”

“Yes, I will abide by the rules of scenting your Mate. It is her choice, so she must know you are also her Mate.”

“Good, then I will go now. And see for myself.”

West mind-linked Cole to meet up with Alpha Jayden and to take him to the cells, so he could see and speak with Heath for as long as the man liked, then looked at Jayden “Cole will meet you out front of the pack-house and walk you out there.” Walk because a 30-minute walk from the pack-house to the cells. More time for West to be alone with Jo-anne, even if she was unconscious.

“Good.” he turned and left the room. Ben went with him, surprising West more than a bit.

Though if the roles were reversed, West did not think he would care that much about his Mate’s insane father, he would want to be here, with his Mate. It should have been the man’s natural instinct.


Waited until his Alpha hearing couldn’t pick up their foot fall anymore “I wouldn’t leave me alone him alone with her, he’s got some faith I’m honest and true to my word.”

“You are West.” T.J. answered him “You and Jayden have known each other for a very long time. He knows this about you.”

West nodded, he had known the man for nearly two decades.

Reached out and touched Jo-anne’s hair. “ls she going to be alright?”

“Patterson thinks so. Did take her blood to run some tests.”

“Probably a good idea,” he nodded.

“West, Karen said something, you need to know.”

“Said something to make Jo-anne want to kill her, I imagine. She would not do that for no reason, it’s not who she is,” he stated.

“You are right on that.” T.J. sighed heavily “her last words West, she wanted me to tell you what Karen said to her.”

“Go ahead then.”

T.J. was silent for a long minute.

West turned to look at him and raised an eyebrow at the man, at his continued silence.

Watched T.J. close his eyes and bow his head slightly, take a long deep breath in and then release it slowly, before looking back at him. “It was Karen… who took Jo-Jo at 16… who took you.”

Drugged the pair of you, put you in that room with her…Apparently kept Jo-Jo in silver hand cuffs and dosed her up daily with Ketamine, constantly dosed up til she got you there, 3 full days…” he sighed and a wave of sadness rolled off of him.

“Then?” West could feel his anger rising.

He could tell from T.J.’s demeanour that he was not going to like what he heard, not at all. But he needed to hear it. It was the missing memories for both of them.

“Covered Jo-Jo in heat pheromone’s, more than once…until Volt surfaced…went into a mating frenzy.. I’m sorry West.”

His eyes moved back to Jo-anne, as pain ripped through a new. The truth was finally out, they both knew it now. He was glad she didn’t remember it. Glad he didn’t for that matter. Could already hear Volt whining inside his mind at the thought of the pain he must have caused her and Clova, who had been so very young at the time.

“Anything else?” he asked softly. He could not fix it or undo it. Couldn’t even recall it, even now hearing it, still had no memory of it. He would love to go and punish that woman, but Jo-anne had beat him to it.

“Told Jo-Jo, she did it because she saw her kill Heath, like when she was 12.” West looked at him and frowned deeply “Saw what?”

“A vision, I guess, Heath said something similar, remember? That he saw Jo-Jo kill his Mate. Told her to her face she was going to kill her mummy, when I took her to see him that night.”

“West’s brain was racing “She did kill Karen.

“And Heath watched. He did see it” T.J. nodded

“Screamed in agony like all Mates would do.”

“More than a little odd. That is for certain.”

“Maybe they did see something…How? I don’t know.” T.J. sighed “But if they did..”

“Heath claimed she would die at my hands.” West sighed, his eyes moved back to her as he wondered if that too would come to pass.

“Well that didn’t happen now, did it?” T.J. corrected him. “It was at Karen’s hands. You brought her back West. You saved her life, not killed her.”

He had done that indeed, but it didn’t mean that he wouldn’t hurt her in the future either. “What else happened”

“Power rolled right off of her, her whole body got really hot, I could feel the heat coming off of her in waves, and the angrier she got the hotter it felt.

Her eyes West, though I didn’t see them for myself, I saw the glow radiate off of her face, and Karen’s eyes went very wide, it filled her with fear, poured out of her.. those moons West down her back. It’s not a tattoo, neither is mine for that matter.”

West looked at him now with narrowed eyes.

He was more than surprised by this revelation. He’d always thought the man had gone and gotten a tattoo, somewhere in the week after she had left, West had not been in a good state of mind that week, half raged and half lost, Volt and him constantly shifting to rip into any living animals that they came across. Destroyed his room and was very unapproachable to all, even his parents had stayed away.

“She told Karen, right before she killed her. ‘Let me be the evil creature you think l am.’ Then just snapped her neck, used all her strength to do so. I’ve never seen her so angry West and her power, whatever it is. Very closely tied to her emotions.”

“I already figured that one out. Gets all glowy when angry or…wound up.” his mouth actually twitched at the thought of her and Clova’s eyes glowing up at him when they had been Mating each other.

T.J. whacked him up the side of his head.

West smiled ‘Sorry man, I know she’s… ” he stopped speaking out loud and switched to the mind-link to keep their conversation private. ‘Your sister’ information that still remained between just the two of them and Belinda. ‘How’s your mum doing? I saw her on the way out.’

“Not good to be honest with you. Came right in here and stared at her, tears poured out of her. Patterson was in here at the time. Not that she seemed to care in the moment. He did not miss it.”

T.J. mind-linked him back.

“He say anything?”

I think he already knew. Other than blinking in surprise at her being in the room, he just sighed heavily and said he would give then left the room.

“Interesting.” us, a minute and ‘She’s been in this hospital many times before, West. Likely he’s run her blood before today. It would have, had markers that match any of us, could possibly have royal bloodline markers at that.’

‘I guess so.’ West nodded ‘might be able to tell us about her powers, that make her glow.’

‘Maybe…I’m willing to bet, my mother has all those answers, we just need to get her to talk to us.

‘It might be a bit easier right now, she knows, you know I presume.’

‘Yes.’ West admitted ‘but I don’t think she will at this point. I told her she should stay. She told me she couldn’t and shook her head. Left crying.’

‘Not ready then. She knows West.. that it all has to come out, it’s just a matter of when I imagine.

‘Lets give her a bit more time before we push for it’.

I’m not going to push for it, Terence. I don’t care who her father is, I don’t care about any power she holds, or doesn’t hold, comes into it fully or not.

‘I love her, regardless of her linage.’

‘Do you think Jayden will? Or do you think that man will want, demand to know? Powers are rare and sort after.’

‘I don’t know.’ and West didn’t know. He did, however, know that T.J. was right. Alpha’s did love power and his Jo-anne did hold some. What it was, who knew? If it would manifest completely? Or if she could someday wield it? No-one knew that either. She didn’t even know about it. That was the only thing he was certain of.

“I’ll stay with her, Terence. If you want to go back and rest, your night has been as rough as mine,” he spoke aloud.

“No, I’ll stay until she wakes up. Need to for myself.”

West was not actually surprised by this at all, knew the man was not about to leave her while she was unconscious and defenceless in a hospital bed. Grabbed them both a chair and they sat down as always, one on either side of her, to watch over her.

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