Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 74

Jo-anne POV

Her eyes opened, the room was dimly lit. She felt the hot sting of her own tears the instant she woke up, and recalled right away the moon Goddess’s words. Stripped T.J. of his Mate, to be her protector.

Sat bolt up right in the bed, and found her eyes right on the man, whose life her birth had ruined “No.” she sobbed, felt pain ripping through her heart, it was all her fault, her fault that he was alone.

Tears fell from her eyes and she snapped her hands to the moons on her back. The mark of her protector, all her claws out.

Started screaming as she clawed at herself, at the mark on her back, trying to remove it, she had to get them off of her, had to find a way to rid herself of those moons, that mark that had ruined his life, “GET IT OFF ME” she screamed repeatedly.

His hands were on her, trying to stop her. She turned her claws on him, to his arm where his protector mark was and ripped at it, tore right through it, only to see his wound heal and the mark reappear, screamed at him “Get away from me.” And then lashed out at him, trying to make him leave.

He backed away and she turned her claws back on herself.

Found a pair of hands on her arms. “Calm down Jo-anne.” It was West. She turned her eyes on him.

“Get it off me.” she screamed up at him, tears burning down her face as he fought to stop her from ripping that mark off her back. She was fighting him with all she had. Her only thought was that she had to get it off her skin, rip it off, to free T.J. of his lonely sentence.

“Shh…Calm down Jo-anne.” he was stronger than she was and finally managed to get her to stop tearing at her skin, “What’s wrong?” he was asking her.

“Get it off me West. Get it off. Get it off. Get it off” she yelled uncontrollably at him, pulling at her arms trying to get him to let go as he held on to her.

Then turned on him. Pummelled him with her fists, the pain at what she had done to T.J., what her birth had done to him to great. Then she was just sobbing and clinging on to him, crying into his chest. His arms were around her, holding her tightly as she clung on.

It was all her fault, T.J. was going to be alone forever and all because she had been born. He had no Mate because of her. Would never have one as long as he was her protector. She had to get it removed, had to find away.

Could hear West shushing her and telling her it was going to be alright, but it wasn’t. He didn’t know the truth, she didn’t know how to fix this.

Didn’t know what the moon Goddess meant, only one could be happy. Who was she talking about?

When would that choice present itself? Who was the only one who could be happy? Would she even know when the choice presented itself? She had not heard the moon Goddess’s final words, they had been distorted and cut in and out, only gotten some of it.

Just sat there and held on to West, wrapped up in his arms, clinging to him for support and comfort. She had no-one else except T.J. and she could not even look at him right now, it was too painful. The moon Goddess had told her coming back would be hard, it would not be easy for her. It was not easy, it was gut wrenchingly painful. A living nightmare, how could she ever even look at him anymore, knowing what her birth had done to him?

The Goddess should have just let her die the day she was born, ignored that woman’s plea to protect her. It would have saved T.J. all of this pain, all of his loneliness. Not to think of the she-wolf that was supposed to be his Mate. It meant that she too, did not have a Mate either. Her one life, had destroyed two people’s happiness. It wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair. Why would the moon Goddess do such a thing? Just one tiny baby a few hours old, frozen in the snow could have saved them both the utter loneliness, that is now their lives.

Jo-anne didn’t want them to be lonely, she would never want that. T.J. deserved so much better, he deserved to have a Mate. Maybe that choice was him or her. Only one could be happy!

Jo-anne already knew she would choose him, he’d suffered enough, she would not let him suffer anymore.

She could feel West’s hand in her hair, brushing it through her hair gently. He was trying to calm her down, to comfort her, and it was working. She was finally starting to calm down. She just sat there and held onto him, her eyes closed, she didn’t know how long for. Didn’t care either, to be honest.

Something was tickling her nose and she turned her head and pressed her nose into his chest “You smell different.” she said softly as she realised he smelled quite strongly, buried her face right into his chest and moved it around. Clova was suddenly up to help her smell him, took a deep breath in and sighed again, it smelled so nice, of oranges, cloves and ginger.

Reminded her of the full moon cookies that Luna Natalia makes for the pack’s children, every time there was a pack celebration. Almost moaned out loud, it smelled so good, if there was a cookie she would bite right into it right this minute, she heard Clova start to purr softly, she even liked the scent of him.

“I’m your Mate.” he murmured softly, sounded like he was smiling even.

Jo-anne’s eyes snapped right open, and she lifted her head up to stare at him, felt Clova’s purring increase inside her chest and then it was damned near deafening inside this room ‘Mate.’ she growled inside Jo-anne’s mind.

He was looking right down at her, both he and Volt together. She knew they could hear her wolf, anyone in the room would, but didn’t know what to say. They’d been Mated before, but it had not worked out very well, for either of them.

“West I..”

“It’s alright, bit of a shock for you.. It’s not the only shock, you’re about to get.” he said and sighed heavily.

He was going to reject her, the way she had him, Tried to extract herself from his arms, in a bit of a panic, but he wouldn’t let go.

“Shh, it’s not what you think. You..” he sighed.

“Have another Mate… Two mates.” he told her, sounding unhappy about it.

“W… What? How?” she stuttered, in shock at the news.

“It’s Alpha Jayden, he is on his way now.” She saw his eyes move from her to behind her. T.J. he was still in the room with them.

“He is.” she heard T.J. state “I informed Cole to go and tell him, as per the rules.”

“Rules?” Jo-anne asked, looking up at West core than confused. Not really understanding what was going on.

“Yes, rules. Two mates from two different packs, means Rules. Mother is going to come talk to you Luna to Luna.”

“I’m not a Luna.” she shook her head.

“Sweetheart, yes you are.” he said softly. tucking some of her loose hair behind her ear gently.

Her eyes widened up at him, at the term of endearment, she did not know what to say to him at all. He was acting very differently towards her, she realised, gentle even. Caring it seemed. This was side of West she’d never seen before. Had wanted to but had never gotten it.

“Now tell me, what is going on Jo-anne? You ripped into yourself, Why?”

Her eyes fell away from him, she knew Clova was healing her already, she could feel it, it was kind of like a pins and needles tingling sensation down her back. Turned her head and looked right at T.J, his eyes were on hers. Pain filled her heart and she turned her head away from him, shook her head, “I can’t.” she whispered, heard the pain in her Own voice.

Felt West pull her gently back into his chest, and went willingly, leaned on him and breathed him in, she knew the scent of your Mate could calm you.

“When you are ready.” he told her softly, “please don’t hurt yourself again. I already lost you once tonight. I can’t go through that again.”

Jo-anne could hear the pain in his words, her death had caused him pain. She nodded her head. “Is it still there?”

“Is what still there?”

“My Moons, down my back” Jo-anne asked.

She knew her own claws had ripped into it, maybe it wouldn’t come back.

“Your tattoo?”

“There not tattoo’s West.” she sighed “l got them on my 18th birthday. It just appeared early in the morning.”

There was silence from him now.

“That’s when I got mine.” T.J. added from where he stood across the other side of the room.

“And yes Jo-Jo, they are still there.”

She closed her eyes. “I’m sorry.” she said, and felt more tears well in her eyes. Hated her moons right now, didn’t want them there on her back, had to find a way to get them off of her, she had to make that right, make the right decision, so he could have a Mate.

“Shh, it’s going to be alright.” West was once again running his hand through her hair with soft gentle strokes trying to comfort her. She let him.

Clova was happy inside her mind. Jo-anne although very comfortable in his arms, was also quite confused about West being her Mate. She didn’t really understand it. They’d definitely not worked the last time.

She heard the door to her room open, and felt as well as heard the heavy sigh, that came from West. Then he took a slow step back away from her.

“Alpha Jayden, is here to see you.” she felt his arms slide from around her, until just his hands were on her upper arms.

Jo-anne looked up at him, he didn’t look at all happy, that was actually how she was used to seeing him. She nodded, and he stepped back, and she heard Clova whine inside her mind at the loss of contact with him.

“Could you give us the room!” she heard Alpha Jayden state, it didn’t sound much like a question even though it was phrased that way, more of a demand, she realised.

“I’Il be right outside. I won’t go far, Jo-anne.” West told her as he stepped away completely and then headed for the door.

“Take your Beta with you.”

“Terence will go, only if Jo-anne wants him to.”

There was an angry edge to West’s voice now, he was not one who liked to be told what to do, especially by another Alpha, whilst in his own pack.

She turned and saw both of them staring each other down, could now smell Alpha Jayden, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus and Musk. Heard Clova snort inside her mind, seemed more than a bit annoyed and frustrated to have two Mates.

She watched as T.J. stepped between her and the two of them, and sighed, knew it was because it was because he was her protector and they looked like they were about to get into a fight right here in this room where she was. He would put himself on the line to protect her.

“It’s alright.” she said “T.J. please go with West.

“it was hard enough, knowing that her birth had sentenced him to a life of loneliness, and having him now willingly step up to protect her, was starting to cause her a headache.

Saw both of them look at her, then nod and leave the room.

That left her alone with Alpha Jayden. He turned and looked at her, his eyes fell on her back and he frowned “What happened to you?”

“Nothing.” she stated. Did not want to get into it with him. Didn’t know him. She did know West and T.J. and it was about T.J., so was actually more comfortable telling them than this Alpha.

“If Westley hurt you.”

Jo-anne felt Clova snarl angrily inside her mind. West would never physically hurt her, even she knew that. “No, West would never hurt me.”

“Are you sure? You rejected him on already.”

“For completely different reasons,” Jo-anne told him. She had no idea what he knew about her and West’s previous bond, in all likelihood not a great deal.

Alpha Jayden walked over to her and looked down at her. “Are you alright?”

She nodded, physically she was. Her back was now healed there was no more sensations, it had healed much quicker, she noted. His hand touched her face gently. “Mine.” he growled softly down at her. His touch, she noted, did not hurt her. Had West relinquished all his orders on her or did her death nullify them?

Jo-anne bit her l!p, she did not know what to say, Clova did not growl it back at all, swished her tail in her mind in annoyance at hearing him. She could smell him, as could Clova. They both understood that he was their Mate. Could the Goddess throw anything else at her right now? She hoped not.

“I don’t expect you to say it back. l just wanted you to know, I want to claim you.” he told her gently, his eyes were on hers, he had a smile on his face as he looked down at her “Did you like your gift”

“Yes, it’s beautiful,” Jo-anne admitted.

“Good, I will give you everything you could ever want, Jo-anne. Love and cherish you.” he told her.

“It’s just a bit confusing for me,” Jo-anne told him honestly.

“I understand.” he nodded and stepped closer to her, then leaned down and k!ssed her. It was full of light tingles all over her l!ps where his met hers.

His arms slid around her and he was pulling her into his body. Her eyes fluttered closed and she k!ssed him back. It was very nice. He’d been nice to her the last time he’d been here, asked her if she’d wanted him to k!ss her, had told her he had wanted to, before he had even.

Clova, however, was not at all happy, and a snarl ripped right out of her and then her wolf yanked her from the man’s k!ss and pulled Jo-anne’s body from his.

He was staring at her now, a frown on his face, clearly unhappy, she could tell, about Clova’s reaction to him. Saw his wolf surface, his eyes glowed with the tell-tale green of his wolf. Felt Clova shoot to the surface and growl loudly at him, perceived it as a threat, his wolf’s sudden appearance.

“He won’t hurt you, his name is Loch, just curious is all.”

Clova snorted right at them and receded away.

Did not seem to want anything to do with his wolf at this time, was stalking around inside her mind, flicking her tail back and forth almost furiously.

Can he back away? Clova is nervous about him.

Jayden’s frown deepened even more, but she saw his wolf recede. “He is her Mate, she should not growl at him like that,” he told her flatly.

“I don’t control her.” Jo-anne stated, “Clova has a mind of her own,” though they were usually on the same page about everything. Had been now for a very long time. Their time in therapy had not only allowed them to understand each other but unified them almost completely, their thoughts often were aligned.

“Most wolves do.” Jayden nodded “But, please control her, don’t let her do that again, we are her Mate. I am also an Alpha, and my wolf won’t tolerate disrespect, especially from his Mate.”

Jo-anne raised an eyebrow at him. Typical Alpha, she thought. They were all the same deep down. She said nothing at all. Clova however, was getting madder by the second. Jo-anne could feel it, was unable to stop her wolfs feelings, wouldn’t even know where to begin, let alone deny her the right to feel how she wanted to. How she did.

Clova was standing inside her mind, staring at the man, that had just told her human counterpart to control her. She was very unhappy about that statement.

His eyes narrowed on her, it was likely he could feel her wolfs anger.

“Clova doesn’t like your words,” she told him honestly.

“Why?” he was frowning again.

Jo-anne shrugged, she was pretty certain her wolf didn’t like his because she still liked Volt.

Clova had purred for Volt and West, when he’d told them he was their Mate. Clova had been happy about it instantly. Jo-anne did not think telling this Alpha that was going to go down so well. So she kept it to herself.

He sighed “Fine. She is probably confused about having two Mates. I am, however, not confused Jo-anne. I know what I want.” His mouth was on hers suddenly and very aggressively this time, both his hands gripping her face to stop her from pulling away.

Her eyes widened in shock at his sudden change of attitude, his tongue pushed into her mouth, the second she gasped in shock, and Clova snarled instantly at him and the force he was using.

Jo-anne suddenly found herself being shoved down on the bed. She tried to push him away. “Mine.” he growled into her mouth, his mouth pulled from hers and was on her neck.

Clova snarled for real and her claws were out, but she found her hands pinned by his, used his Alpha strength to hold them down above her head.

“He was going to Mark her, she realised, and he was overpowering her and Clova using his wolf to do so T.J.” she screamed out in panic.

Alpha Jayden was much stronger than her and his mouth was moving over her mark spot, softening it for his bite to come. Then he was gone, ripped clean off of her and she was hauled up off the bed, felt the IV rip from her arm as she was quickly removed from the room she’d been in.

Found herself pinned to the wall, a body in front of hers, arms on either side of her, turned her eyes up to see who it was, everything had happened so quickly, to find Jonathan staring down at her, T.J.’s dad.

“You’re alright Jo-anne, I have got you.”

Her eyes moved back towards the room she’d been pulled from, it was very loud and aggressive, a full-blown Alpha-on-Alpha fight going on in there, heard more snarling and growling coming from somewhere behind Jonathan. She couldn’t see, but knew it was West, she could smell his scent. Turned her eyes back to Jonathan. “TJ.’s fighting an Alpha.” She was almost panicking at the thought of it. Why had she called out for him? So stupid of her.

“It’s finding Jo-anne, He’s got Alpha blood to remember. Calm down, Terence can handle him, I assure you.”

“Terence will be just fine. I promise you. Just subduing Alpha Jayden, it’ll all be fine. My boy can handle anyone.” he sounded very proud of his Son.

“He’ll get hurt because of me.”

She could only nod, but still, she worried. It had been her natural instinct to call out for T.J. for help, and now he was in that room fighting an Alpha wolf for her, she was going to have to learn not to call for him.

“I’Il take her, Jonathan.” it was Ricky.

“I have her, Rick,” Jonathan told him rather curtly.

“I’m the Gamma, hand her over.”

“You want to fight me about it? I have her. I will not allow harm to come to her, I assure you.”

“She is my responsibility.” Ricky snapped at him.

“Maybe so. But like I said” he growled, “I have her. Deal with it.”

Goddess she didn’t want the former Beta and the current Gamma to get into a fight. “Just stop it,” she whispered, “all of you, just stop it.” It was all too much. She didn’t want anyone fighting over her.

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