Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 75


Watching Jo-Jo wake up and then suddenly start tearing into her own back, screaming about getting her mark off of her back. Hurt him not just physically, because he could feel the injuries she was causing to herself, but also that the mark represented their connection to each other. Why would she wake up and scream for it to be removed?

He tried to calm her, like he’d always been able to do. To stop her from hurting herself, only to have her turn on him all claws out ripping at his mark on his arm, then screaming at him to get away from her, she meant it to, he could hear the pain in her voice.

This was the first time in his entire life, that Jo-Jo was rejecting him and his help. It hurt more than a lot, damned near unbearable. He didn’t understand it.

West was already trying to stop her from hurting herself. She was not calming down, easily at all. She was beating West with quite a bit of force, screaming at him now to get it off of her.

Something else had to be going on and he did not know what, but he needed to find out. To help her.

He didn’t want her not looking for him to help. T.J. did not like seeing her like this, seeing her injure herself like that. It took some real effort on West’s part to contain her and calm her down, get her to stop fighting him. Until she just sat there clinging on to him sobbing uncontrollably, so much pain rolling off of her, he could feel it. Like waves washing over him. He knew West could feel it too, had a pained expression on his face.

Mind-Linked to Cole, once she was calm, to have him tell Alpha Jayden she was awake. It was part of the rules that had been set down. Jayden had retired to his room quite easily, it seemed sitting here waiting for Jo-Jo to wake up was not his thing. Which was odd because, what Mate leaves their unconscious Mate in the hospital and goes off to bed.

Gone off on the condition that he was notified the minute she woke up, so he could come down and she could scent him out. This was as close as it was going to get, he’d had bigger concerns upon her waking.

Watched her actually smell West and heard her sigh, rubbed her face right into the man’s chest, his scent had finally hit her, now she was calm and able to register it. Typical Mate, constantly wanting to coat themselves in their Mates’ scent. It was very cute to watch her. T.J. had heard it was the most amazing thing one could ever smell. He was still hoping that one day, he’d have the pleasure of doing that himself.

Saw West smile down at her reaction to his scent, real happiness on the man’s face as she rubbed herself all over him, and then he told her.

What he had wanted to tell her for a very long time.

She looked up at him. T.J. couldn’t see her face from here. But boy couldn’t he hear Clova purring at the top of her lungs.

Her wolf was very happy to have both Volt and West looking down at her. But it was clear that Jo-Jo did not know what to say. T.J. thought that West could have been a bit more tactful, telling her it wasn’t the only shock she was about to get, he should not have sighed heavily. Watched as she instantly tried to pull away from him, Clova stopped purring as well. They both thought West was going to reject them. The id!ot needed more tact.

Jo-Jo was more than shocked to hear she had two Mates, and was, it seemed, very confused by the news. T.J. got to watch West actually be very loving towards her, and not care who saw it either.

Called her sweetheart, heard it with his own two ears, the love in that one word, and touched her so gently.

Well, what do you know? It was as if the old West, before their Mate Bond, was back and standing right before him. The gentle and caring man full of charm and happiness. It was really nice to see. If he could sway her, the pack was going to see a whole new Alpha. T.J. could well imagine how happy he would be all the time.

He used to be a very fun person. Laughing all the time, he was even known to play a practical joke on his old man once in a while. Not often, but sometimes. The pack likely wouldn’t know what to do. He smiled to himself.

She would not tell West why she’d hurt herself, her eyes had turned to meet his, and he saw so much pain in them as she looked at him, then she just turned away “I can’t.” those two small words so filled with anguish. What ever was going on, T.J. knew he was the focal point of it.

She clearly wanted that mark off her back, asked if it was still there. Then openly admitted to West that it was not a tattoo. The man’s eyes shot to T.J.!’s. He knew, T.J. had one as well, was asking a silent question “That’s when I got mine.” T.J. acknowledged and then confirmed, for her that yes it was still on her back as was the one on his arm even though her claws had ripped through it, it was perfectly aligned and intact once more.

She had done a good job of ripping herself to pieces, in order to remove it from her back, but they were there still, as she healed, realigned just like his did. Meant to be there on her skin. It was their connection to each other.

T.J. quite liked that he and her were so very closely connected, especially now that the truth was out, and he knew without a doubt, with full certainty, she was his little sister. It was likely why he was always able to feel her.

West was once again holding her into his chest, letting his scent calm her, along with his gentle touch. T.J. knew the man had, had it in him. To actually love her, to show her that he loved her. It just took a bloody long time to happen. To bloody long for everyone’s sake.

Turned as Alpha Jayden stepped into the room, saw him frown at Jo-Jo in Wests’ arms, he clearly didn’t like what he was seeing. Well, he’d better get used to it. Jo-Jo did look very comfortable in West’s arms, they might have had a terrible past, but two years together, they had still formed a bond between them. It also really helped that Clova and Volt had always been insatiable with each other.

Helped right this minute that Clova was very happy with her Goddess-Gifted Mate.

Practically demanded that West leave the room and then told him to take T.J. with him. Volt was instantly on the surface. Not even Lark was happy about that statement, he stepped between the two Alpha’s and Jo-Jo as they stood staring each other down. It was likely only a matter of time before these two came to blows over Jo-Jo again.

He and West left the room when Jo-Jo said its okay. It did not surprise T.J. to find both Ricky and Cole out in the hallway, or the previous Alpha and his unit for that matter, they were here to contain the two Alpha’s who were about to have to vie for the woman’s attention. Alpha’s did not like to share, well unless they were brothers or twins. It was likely that both West and Jayden were going to get out of control at some point and it would take both units to separate them.

“Have you been here the whole time?” he heard West ask his father.

“Yes son,” Alpha Damien nodded.

West didn’t say anything at all, just walked over and sat down next to his father, who put a hand on his shoulder. “It’ll be alright son.”

West remained quiet.

T.J. was standing just outside the room, one step from the door, his father was leaning on the wall next to him. They’d not really spoken sin he’d forced his mother to admit Jo-Jo was hers, didn’t appear the man was ready to talk to him now either. Wondered if the man would ever talk to him again. They’d always been close, never even gone half a single day without some sort of conversation.

But nothing since that day now. T.J. left it alone.

He was not actively listening to what was going on in the room between Jo-Jo and Jayden. It was her private business, saw Ricky stand up from his chair and his father as well. The both of them had their heads tilted slightly to the side, something was going on. It did not go unnoticed by West either.

Then they seemed to settle, something had drawn their Gamma ability’s attention, both of them. T.J. frowned, even his own father was no longer lounging on the wall but standing at the ready.

T.J. could feel it sh!t was about to get very real, there was a great deal of tension building in the air around them. Damien suddenly had hands on West, as did his Delta and Cole, for that matter. They were all actively listening with their wolfs hearing, it seemed.

The second he heard her panicked scream, he was in the room, heard the fight out in the hallway as they were trying to contain West.

He could see Alpha Jayden had Jo-Jo pinned down and was getting ready to Mark her. Launched himself at the a*ss-h0le. Lark, already pushing all his Alpha Wolf strength at T.J., grabbed that man and threw him clear across the room and then they were fighting. No wolf liked to be interrupted when Marking or Mating their Mate.

An Alpha Wolf, was even more aggressive, but there was no way in hell that Jo-Jo had accepted this man. Her panicked scream said it all. Alpha Jayden was trying to forcibly Mark her, to claim what he thought, was his.

No-one was ever going to touch his little sister in that manner.

He and Lark let the man have it, with all their power and royal Alpha blood boiling, hitting the man furiously as he hit back, Lark snapped their claws out and it was suddenly a deadly game of wolves in human form fighting it out. With all their claws slashing and ripping into each other.

When Jayden’s wolf, Loch, shifted completely and went him Lark kicked it right in its head, he was much fast than Loch would ever be, then he shifted them to his big black wolf. He was a good foot and half taller than Loch was.

Snarled all Alpha aggression at his beast, it did no good. Jayden’s beast was completely enraged about being stopped from Marking his Mate.

Then they were biting and tearing into each other, slamming up against walls and into the furniture that was in the room. Lark bit Loch on the back of his neck and threw him at the wall, watched as the wolf got up and shook it off, snarled right back at him and charged Lark again. Lark, being stronger and faster, leaped out of the way and Loch ran head first into the overturned bed, shook its head. Lark was already on him claws in his back trying to force Loch down to the ground. Make submit, which would end the battle that was raging and tearing apart this room.

Loch was fighting with everything he had and they were rolling over each other, snarling and growling and biting at each other, then Loch was shooting for the door. Lark launched himself with every ounce of power he had to stop that wolf from getting out there. If he got out and saw Jo-Jo, his wolf would run for her, try and mark her in wolf form.

Not on their watch.

Lark smashed into Loch with the full force of his Royal Alpha blood line and the door to the suite buckled under the pressure, then it broke and they were out in the corridor, though Lark was the only one conscious thankfully. Loch was out cold and Jayden was shifted back. The man lay unconscious on the floor amid broken debris of the door and glass that was the window into the room.

Unconscious just like his wolf.

Lark was standing over him still snarling down at the unconscious man, wanted more than to leave him unconscious, wanted a real piece of this man.

T.J., had to talk his own wolf down. It took several minutes and before he walked away, swiped the man along his side, all claws out.

Made his way over to where Jo-Jo was and stared up at her, she was caged up against the wall a few feet away from the room, between his own father’s arms. His entire body covering hers. Lark narled at him, still angry and wanted the man o of the way.

Jonathan whacked Lark right in the face with a backhanded hit. “Enough Lark.” He snapped. Lark bared his teeth at the man and a low growl emitted from him, quite menacingly in fact.

Watched as Jonathan took a step back and allowed Lark to look up at Jo-Jo, she looked down at his wolf, sadness in her eyes and Lark huffed and rubbed himself against he, his little sister. He would protect her with everything he had, just the same as Ava and Sonja.

Then he just sat himself down right in front of her, not yet ready to relinquish control back to T.J., felt her hand on his head, patting him softly, seemed to help Lark calm down, his wolf looked up at her and she said “Thank you.”

‘Father I need pants.’ he mind-linked his father.

‘On it.’ he nodded and headed off. It didn’t take him long to return, Lark shifted them back and he pulled his pants on, turned to look at her. “Are you alright?”

“l am, but you’re not.” she pointed to his wounds.

T.J. knew he had many wounds, they would heal given time a few hours at most, probably not even that long. He nor Lark were greatly concerned by them right this minute. “They’ll heal.” he told her, but still she looked worried.

He turned to look at West, who was still being held down by nearly everyone. Volt was still actively fighting to be let free, T.J. could see it by the constant flickering of light and dark green in the man’s eyes. It was clear to T.J. that Volt wanted to kill Jayden. Even though the man was unconscious and of no threat right this minute.

It was the fact that Jayden and his wolf had tried to Mark Jo-Jo against her will. They would not be standing for that, she had already been through that once before and it was still all fresh in their minds, only having found out the truth of the situation a few hours ago.

It was not something either one of them wanted for her again. Though Volt, on occasion had had to be subdued by T.J. himself in order for him not to Mark her over the past month.

This was not going too well, but everyone had been expecting a showdown of Alpha on Alpha.

That was why they were all here, in the pack hospital outside her room. Prepared to step in and stop it.

T.J. sighed, walked over to West and Volt “Calm down.” He told them “She’s fine, go to her.”

Saw Volts’ eyes move to her, stared at her for a minute and then relinquished control. T.J. motioned for them all to let West up.

West stood, his eyes were still on Jo-Jo, heard a gr0an come from Jayden, turned his eyes towards the man, T.J. put a hand on West and pulled him away, across the hall to where Jo-Jo stood. Her scent would be able to calm him and his beast.

Left him standing there with her, to walk over and look down at Alpha Jayden, the man’s eyes were open, moved to T.J.’s “Do that again and I will kill you.” he stated with deadly intent, so the man would understand it was not to happen again. “Get Patterson to check him over.” he called out to the nurses in the nursing station all standing up against the wall ready to run away if needed.

“Yes Beta,” one of them answered him.

“I’ll take Jo-Jo back to the pack-house with West, we’ll deal with Jayden later.” he muttered the last part. He’d broken the main rule, Luna Natalia was going to pitch a fit.

T.J. turned and walked back to Jo-Jo. West was just looking down at her, he had her hand in his. “Let’s go you two, Alpha Jayden can explain himself and apologise with Luna Natalia in the room.”

She might very well be requesting an Alpha oath out of the man to make certain he and his beast were contained and followed all her rules until Jo-Jo made her decision on who she wanted to be Mated to.

This night had really turned to sh!t.

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