Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 76

West POV

Seeing that unconscious bastard did nothing to quell his or Volt’s anger over the fact that Alpha Jayden had tried to Mark Jo-anne against her will.

He’d tried not to listen, to stay out of her and his conversation, but the minute both Ricky and his father had stood up, full attention with all their Gamma instincts alert. He’d known there was something wrong in that room.

Had tuned his wolf’s hearing to the room. It was not a sound-proof room. What he’d heard was Alpha Jayden pretty much telling her to keep her wolf under control, that they would not tolerate disrespect. West frowned, he did not like hearing the way the man spoke to her, a Luna was always a bit of a challenge for an Alpha, especially before Marked and Mated, usually settled once that was done. But until then could be very frustrating and infuriating.

Especially an Alpha-blooded one, more than a handful. West was expecting a show down with her at some point. He’d seen her fire up a couple of times now, and that power T.J. had said had rolled off of her. He was not looking forward to being on the receiving end of that.

Alpha Jayden always seemed to be calm, cool and collected, it appeared to West that he was expecting Jo-anne to be submissive to him, also that her wolf would be as well. The man had another thing coming. Jo-anne was becoming more defiant by the day. Without Heath’s blood bond interrupting or dulling down who she was, she was now coming into her Alpha gene’s and it would not surprise West if she, like T.J. thought, exploded with rage at some point. Though it did sound as though that was what had happened with Karen.

He tuned his hearing out the second he heard the man k!ss her, could not hear that, anger was already filling him, found several sets of hands on him. Volt wanted to rip that man and his wolf apart for touching her. They’d not even k!ssed her yet, since she found out they were her Mate. He’d wanted to but her abrupt awakening had been more of a concern to him and his wolf.

Trying to get into that room, to kill Alpha Jayden after he’d heard her panicked scream for T.J., had been his only thought, but there were so many bodies on him all using the wolves’ strength against him, he had fought them till he was pinned down on the floor with his own father using his Alpha’s Aura, flooding down at him to forcible keep his wolf inside of him.

They knew she was safe, had seen Jonathan come out of that room with her, the man had her around the waist completely off the ground and bolted her right out of the room. She was now pinned to the wall and he was using his whole body to shield her and protect her if things spilled out into the hallway.

Protecting her while T.J., his own son, was in that room taking on Alpha Jayden, West and Volt both wanted to be in that room, to have a piece of him, but there was too much Alpha Aura being, flooded down on him plus 4 body’s all holding him down as well, he could not get up right this minute no matter how much he tried, he knew if his father was no flooding him with his aura they would have no hope of containing him or his beast.

Only calmed down after T.J. had been shifted back by Lark. Drawing his attention to Jo-anne, who was standing across the hall, a worried look on her face, he felt Volt recede and was allowed up finally. T.J. actually walked him over to her, like he needed be told twice to go to her. He wanted nothing more than to be near her.

Saw the slight reddening on her neck over her mark spot where that bastard had been getting ready to mark her. Was completely furious about it, but did not let her know it. He would not show her anger right now, she had enough going on, without having to deal with him in a rage.

He reached out and took her hand, “Everything will be alright.” he told her softly, she didn’t say anything back to him, just stood there, overwhelmed by it all he thought.

T.J. turned the pair of them away and gave them both a gentle push down the corridor. He knew the man was just trying to get him away from Alpha Jayden, as the man started to wake up and was using Jo-anne to help West go. Didn’t really care at the moment, she was holding his hand willingly. Had quite the grip on it actually and she didn’t even look back at Alpha Jayden. Jo-anne was walking between the two of them,

West still holding her hand, T.J. on the other side of her, a hand on the small of her back. Neither of them had gotten Patterson’s permission for her to leave the hospital, but she would be safer in a room with a lockable door. West wanted to put her in his suite, but knew that would set off another argument with Jayden.

Thought about putting her in the Luna suite, but that too might cause an issue, considering she had not made her choice yet. And she was technically a Luna to both of them, he was going to have to leave her in her room on the first floor. At least it had 3 locks and was now a reinforced door.

Jayden nor his wolf would be getting in that room quickly.

All three of them turned and looked to their left at the sound of furious mating, to see Alpha Anthony, pinning Miranda down on the ground, mating her furiously from behind.

“Don’t look at that,” West stated, actually turned her face away from it. She did not need to see that.

“But isn’t that?” she was trying to look back at the two Alpha-blooded wolves “Miranda?”

“It is.” West confirmed, “Don’t look and don’t listen.”

“But West?” he could hear her concern about what she saw and heard.

“He’s her Mate. Let it go. They are both Alpha-blooded, fighting it out for dominance in their bond. She will be fine, once she submits to him.” though it did sound as though it was very rough and very aggressive, he knew deep down Miranda was likely loving every second of it. Liked more than a little being dominated and all submissive in the bedroom, it was her pleasure.

“Are you sure?” she was still trying to look back, worried Miranda was in trouble and they were doing nothing to stop it. Saw T.J. Block her view of the two mating out in the open.

“Yes, I’m very sure. The man won’t hurt his Mate and Miranda..”

T.J. whacked him up the back of the head, glaring at him ‘Shut it.’ he shot down the mind-link.

“Miranda what?” Jo-anne asked, looking now from him to T.J. and back.

“Like’s it very rough,” West sighed. He didn’t want to discuss that with her, did not want to put that image of him and Miranda inside her head, but she did know that he and Miranda had been together.

“Oh,” was all she said on the subject, Anthony and Miranda could still be heard mating even though they now could not be seen, it now appeared to have gone from aggression to pleasure finally, even he had to admit, he was relieved to hear that. Likely she was now Marked by her Alpha and head submitted to him.

Walked into the pack-house, it was nearly 2 in the morning. “I’m going to put you in your room, we’ll talk about moving you when everyone is gone.

“Move me, where?” she sounded a bit nervous to him.

“To a more secure room. You’ll have guards from now on, Jo-anne. I won’t have Jayden attacking you like that again.”

“Alright,” she nodded up at him, didn’t sound like she wanted that either.

Surprised him a little that she didn’t argue “I’m sorry for what he did to you, he had no right to do that to you. We had an agreement and he has broken it now.”

“An agreement?” she asked, sounding curious as well as a little annoyed to his ear.

“Yes, you were unconscious at the time. Mother will give you all the details. The agreement was that neither of us would Mark you.”


They reached her door and all three of them turned at the sound of Miranda yelling to be put down. Alpha Anthony had her tossed over his shoulder as he came up the stairs onto the first floor, bvtt-a*ss na*ked as was Miranda, to take her to his room. He nodded to the three of them, uncaring about their na*kedness.

Had a smirk on his face, seemed very happy about having found his Mate. Miranda looked right at them as he turned away down the hall, she was hitting him furiously, but there was a big smile on her face, happy it seemed, just putting on an act.

West did note she was sporting a mark, pretty silver filigree adorned her neck opened Jo-anne’s door, and ushered her inside.

“See she’s perfectly happy.” he smiled at her.

“Acting angry.” T.J. chuckled “Loving her new Mate it seems.”

Jo-anne shook her head, it appeared she did not understand the woman’s display or acting angry towards her Mate, frowned “I don’t get it.” She looked right at West as if asking him for an explanation about the girl’s behaviour.

He was not going to go into details about what Miranda like, in all likelihood, she was taunting her Mate to be punished by him. Something she would thoroughly enjoy. Looked like she was very happy in fact. At least the qirl had found her Mate, her father would no longer be able to Mate her off to someone she did not like nor want to be mated to.

“Go and have a shower, Jo-anne. T.J. and I will wait and see you into bed. Then let you get some rest. l’d like you not to leave this room un-escorted. It is also very likely that mother will come right to your room at breakfast time, so the two of you can talk.”

Jo-anne looked from him to T.J. then, a little nervously back to West, he smiled right at her.” That’s why T.J. is still here, go on you will be safe, Volt and I will keep our hands to ourselves.. I promise.” he reassured her.

She was still hesitant, but collected some clothes and headed to the bathroom, she did need a shower. Not only did she smell like Alpha Jayden, which he hated. Her hospital gown still had her blood on it, and her back and hair were also coated in her blood from her attack on herself. She needed to wash it all off.

Patterson could come here to the pack-house to check on her. He’d looked more than furious about her being injured once again on her first visit to the pack hospital this evening, had glared right at West when he’d arrived with Jayden to check on her.

Had snapped “What did I tell you, Alpha Westley?” his tone had been all anger.

“Well, I’d tell you to go and punch Karen, her stepmother. But she’s dead and at Jo0-anne’s hands no less.”

That had seemed to quell his anger. He’d nodded “About time, she started fighting back.” then had walked away. It had made West realise she did need fight training, he was going to have to get her into it as soon as he could. If she chose him, that was.

T.J. was standing inside Jo-anne’s room all quiet, looked pensive actually.

“You should let Patterson look at you T.J.”

“I’m fine, it’ll heal, is healing in fact.”

“I know Terence, but.”

“Heal faster than even you West. Let it go.” He stated flatly.

Which T.J. did do. His royal bloodline made him not just bigger and stronger but faster at healing as well. Already West noted that several of the not-so-deep wounds were just red welts, his wolf was already healing him and he’d likely be fine within the hour, maybe even less.

West looked at him, the man was not happy and he didn’t think it was of because of Jayden, it was because Jo-anne had yelled at T.J. to get away from her when he’d been trying to help her, not something West had ever seen the woman do.

Always latched onto him when in pain or in need of comfort.

“I don’t think she meant it, Terence, just traumatized by the night’s events.”

T.J. nodded “I know but…l want to know why that reaction?”

“She’ll talk to you Terence, just give it a day, you know she will tell you everything, it’s the bond you have. We’ve all been through a lot today, we are all emotionally exhausted and hurting right now.”

T.J. could physically feel her pain as well, just as West had done today. Both of them had felt the pain of not just the blade to her chest, but the severing of their bonds to her as well. Not a good night at all.

They were both sitting on Jo-anne’s couch, she had been in that shower for nearly half an hour now, and West was starting to worry, though his hearing didn’t pick up any crying or muffled sobs.

When the water finally turned off, it took another 10 minutes for her to step out of the bathroom, she was wearing a tiny pair of pale purple silk shorts that barely covered her bottom, and a slightly darker purple singlet top. He couldn’t help it. His eyes wandered over her body, she looked amazing, her long hair was still damp, she’d only towel-dried it, and her long legs were on display for him to look at. She was a lovely, beautiful curve to her h!ps, one he loved to hold on to.

He stood up as she stepped out, Volt was suddenly purring, so damned loud it was vibrating his chest, he heard T.J. Snort with amusement. This was not something his wolf did. Seeing Jo-anne’s eyes go wide, he shrugged at her. “Volt is very happy to see you.” he told her truthfully and his beast was, “He would like to see Clova, if you would let him.” He could feel Volt pushing forward, wanting to see Clova his Goddess-Gifted Mate.

Saw her eyes change colour and then Clova was on the surface, then she was in his arms, allowed Volt to surface completely and he held her in his arms to his body. West warned him not to do anything stupid, but his beast it seemed just wanted to be close to his Mate, didn’t seem to have any interest in Marking or Mating her. A good thing considering what she’d just gone through. Likely why.

They were both purring at each other, cute the pair of them. He felt Volt voluntarily relinquish control back to West a few minutes later, saw Clova look up at him. He smiled down at Jo-anne’s wolf, and then watched as she rubbed her face on his chest a few times before giving Jo-anne back control.

She looked up at him, a bit nervous “They’re very cute.” West said softly as she slipped out of his arms and took a step back from him. “You should get some sleep.”

Jo-anne just stood there, kind of uncertain, looked from him to T.J. and back again, bit her l!p and chewed on it, made him just want to k!ss her.

She needed to not do that. “Just say it, Jo-anne,” he encouraged.

“I don’t… really want to be alone.

West knew it was not a good idea for him to stay, it would not bode well, the control he was maintaining would likely go out the window. “I can’t stay Jo-anne, I”ll likely seduce you,” he told her honestly.

“Not on my watch.” he heard T.J. mutter.

“Can you stay till I fall asleep?” she asked softly.

“I think that will be fine.” West nodded.

He motioned for her to get into her bed. She went willingly. West actually tucked her in, and then climbed onto the bed next to her. Above the covers and lie down right next to her. He liked that Jo-anne didn’t even shy away from him, he brushed a few lo0se strands of her hair from her face as he looked down at her.

T.J. was sitting on the other side of the bed.

The man looked tense, he was ready to stop West and Volt as much as he had just done with Jayden.

The man was going to protect her from everyone.

West made himself comfortable and watched her eyes close, it didn’t take her long to fall asleep, physically and mentally exhausted, it was very nice to watch her roll into his chest as she drifted off completely. He knew it was their bond, but it brought joy to him, to see it.

He slid his arm around her and hugged her gently, did not want to get up and leave her, but knew he had to. He would Mate her if he woke up next to her. That much he did know about himself.

Leaning down and k!ssing her forehead, it sent hot sparks along his l!ps, it was delightful to feel that with her again.

Took in a deep breath and just smelled her lovely scent and then forced himself to get up and out of her bed, careful not to wake her. He and T.J. stepped out of her room, Oliver was leaning on the wall, looked to him ‘There will be no-one in or out Alpha that I don’t know.”

“Thank you Oliver, you alright to stay now?” he questioned him. Oliver had been out hunting with West earlier, and took over the charge of Jo-anne’s sisters once Karen was subdued.

“I’m good, slept while you waited for the Luna to wake up.”

West nodded “Thank you.” he said again and headed off up the stairs, he did like the way Oliver called Jo-anne the Luna.

“Thought I was going to have to drag your a*ss off that room,” T.J. commented as they headed up the stairs to the 4th floor.

“Volt and I are good. We will not do what Jayden did, I assure you, Terence.”

“It’s not going to go in his favour, that is for sure. Clova growled at him more than once she’s not likely to take to him quickly, and seems Clova is still very happily attached to Volt. Also a good thing.”

“Yes I’m hoping so.” West nodded “Get some sleep, likely we’ll not get much.”

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