Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 77


Lark was not happy leaving Alpha Jayden alone in the hospital, he had many injuries, and would not heal anywhere near as fast as T.J. would. His royal blood line helped him to heal very quickly. A perk of his royal bloodline.

Alpha Jayden would likely have to spend the rest of the night in the pack hospital and Patterson would tend to the deeper wounds to help the man heal quicker, unless he was unimpressed about what he had done to Jo-Jo. The man seemed to have issues where her health was concerned.

He mind-linked to Oliver to let him know that they were taking Jo-Jo back to her room and told him what Jayden had done to her, that under no circumstances Was he or any of the man’s pack members allowed to be alone with her. In case they decided to take her against her will and leave the pack with her.

Oliver already knew what Jo-Jo was to West, had figured it out weeks ago, and the whole pack was likely to know by morning. Every one attending the mating ball had understood, even before the moon set, they all understood the minute West and Volt had roared in pain together, they all understood that their Alpha had found his Mate and she was severely injured. It was unmistakable.

Alpha Jayden had not responded to her pain at all. That was curious in itself. Considering how certain he was that she was going to be his. Hadn’t actually had any proof, no connection to her until the full moon had set, and that had been after all the sh!t had gone down.

The casual stroll from the pack hospital to the pack-house, a 20 minute walk at the pace West was setting, he was keeping it slow either to spend more time with Jo-Jo or because he didn’t want to tax her anymore. Her wounds were healed now, healed as fast as he did, it seemed.

It shocked T.J. to see Miranda and Alpha Anthony mating furiously out in the open, for all to see. He was a large tank of a man and Miranda was barely five foot six and very petite at that.

Though T.J. knew she was exceptionally fast 5 on foot, like most Alpha’s were, she had no trouble keeping up with West, it looked like Anthony had been hunting her all night and had finally managed to just pin her down.

T.J. knew that man, had been waiting for his Goddess-Gifted Mate for over 20 years, and from what he saw going on he was not taking no for an answer. Could hear West telling Jo-Jo not to look or listen, it was all Alpha aggression on both sides.

T.J., however, glanced at them and shook his head. Anthony was smiling, as he was Mating Miranda furiously, so was she actually. Clearly he had enjoyed his hunting of his Mate. Crazy bloody she-wolf had probably been running away on purpose just to antagonise her Mate and his wolf into a frenzy.

He’d heard from West just how rough the girl liked it, not to mention enjoyed being fully dominated in the bedroom. Well, by what he was seeing, she was going to get exactly that from her Mate. Knew the moment she’d been Marked as the whole tone of their mating changed, he shook his head.

Watching Volt and Clova together all happy and purring at each other was qood to see. He did not want her leaving for another pack, he’d just gotten her as his real sister, and he could not be there to protect her if she went off to the Silver Moon pack with Alpha Jayden as her Mate.

Though Jo-Jo stil looked a bit worried about West being her Mate, no real surprise there though, considering their last bond. He’d have to come and talk to her, she’d told West she didn’t want to discuss their past, but T.J. knew that West needed to explain things to her, he also wanted to apologise to her and try at least to allow her to see why he was the way he had been.

T.J. had noted West’s whole attitude seemed to have changed towards her. Now she knew he was her Goddess-Gifted Mate. Openly told her Volt was happy, admitted he’d likely seduce her if he stayed.

He was trying to make it very clear to her that he was interested in being her Mate. Didn’t seem to be holding back at all. A good thing, he’d always kept himself closed off to her before, not now apparently.

He walked up the stairs with West, knew West was right that neither of them were going to get more than a few hours’ sleep, it was already just after 3 in the morning and breakfast started at 6.

They would both get up when Luna Natalia woke them up in all likelihood, when she was going down to see Jo-Jo.

T.J. pushed into his suite and walked into his bedroom, came to a complete halt. Ella, still in that bloody, tightly fitting white dress, was asleep in the middle of his bed, above the covers, but curled around one of his pillows ‘Goddess help me’ he sighed internally, if he woke her she was going to see him all covered in blood and likely freakout.

He’d had enough trouble with this young lady already at the mating ball, when Jo-Jo had pushed her right into him, the damned girl had been pressed right up against him from br*easts to h!p, not an inch of space between them and for once he’d allowed it, felt her melt right into him, had even slid his arms around her and just enjoyed the feel of her body against his as they’d swayed on the dance floor.

His eyes slid over her sleeping body, up her long legs, over the curve of her h!p to her tiny waist ‘crap’, he thought, he was getting turned on just looking at her and she still had all her clothes on, turned and walked across the room averting his eyes from her body and all its curves beckoning him to touch them.

Stepped into his bathroom, showered and dried off, took a minute to stare at himself in the mirror and mentally prepare himself to have to wake her and ask her to get out of his bed and leave his room, the look that he knew was going to come with it. He took a deep breath and stepped back into his bedroom.

Nearly gr0aned out loud as her soft blue eyes fell on him, she was half sitting up, bleary-eyed and half asleep, bloody se*xy as hell.

“Ella, why are you here?” he asked.

“You told me, to go and be safe. This was the safest place I could think of,” she answered softly.

T.J. ran a hand over his face, she was going to be the death of him, watched her go to get up, put a hand out to stop her. “No, just stay there.” he sighed and turned for his walk in, he was bloody na*ked under this towel and if she got her hands on him, he’d have her, couldn’t do that.

Pulled on black pyjama bottoms and returned to his room, she was lying down again, her eyes were on him, dammit, she’d taken his warning to stay there and rolled it to her liking. She was totally eye fvcking him, without shame at all. He had wanted this girl for a very long time, had managed to keep himself in check all the time.

Now here she was in his bed. He walked over to the foot of the bed and looked down at her. He was actually quite tired, maybe it would be alright.

Though a part of him knew he could push through it to have his way with her. It was clear she wanted that right this minute. Sighed heavily and crawled up the bed towards her, lay down next to her. Pulled her back to his chest, ” Just sleep.” he growled at her “I’m tired,” but allowed himself the pleasure of his body pressed right up against her.

“Alright.” she sighed, sounded happy, wriggled a little in his arms to get comfortable, giggled a little when he growled at her.

“Stay still woman.” he closed his eyes and relaxed. Oh, he was in real trouble in the morning and he knew it. Lark seemed fully amused by the turn of events. His wolf knew how attracted he was to Ella, had told him more than once he’d let him Mark the woman, liked her wolf Starling, could see himself happily Mating her.

But they weren’t her Mate and T.J. didn’t want to take that away from her, she should find her Mate and get to enjoy that, be truly happy with findingthe one that would complete the other half of her soul.

T.J. could tell that she was already asleep, took less than five minutes in his arms for her to settle, so very comfortable with him in his bed, with his arms around her.

Breathed her in, she always smelled nice to him, kind of like watermelon dipped in dark chocolate, there was something else to her scent, but it eluded him. He’d never been able to figure it out, which was unusual his sense of smell was keen. But still it eluded him, he couldn’t quite put his finger on it, it was in all likelihood, that unique smell that only her Goddess-Gifted Mate would smell.

It annoyed him to no end, that he couldn’t figure it out. Couldn’t smell her properly, wanted to. Tried to all the time.

Placed a soft k!ss on her bare shoulder and gr0aned as his c0ck was twitching to life, how could his body react to just one touch like that, ‘fvck’ rolled away from her to lye on his back, his eyes moved back to her, there was no stopping it, his c0ck was getting hard, dammit, turned his eyes to the ceiling and tried to think about anything but the woman in the bed next to him, was going to need a cold shower, or likely a bloody ice bath.

He flicked his eyes back to her as she rolled over in her sleep and reached out for him “Terence?” her voice so soft and sleepy, looking for him, wondering where he had gone, her body pressed up against his side, and her hand slid across his chest.

Damn, it was getting painful, so much blood rushing to his c0ck, ‘fvck’ he didn’t think he had ever been this hard in all his life, nothing was going to help him. “I’m a dead man.” he muttered into the room.

Rolled right over and pressed himself against her, grabbed her h!p and pulled her hard against his c0ck, heard her gasp, saw those gorgeous blue eyes open and move to his, then just crashed his mouth down onto hers, grinding himself against her, heard her m0an and then her hands were all over him, sliding over his arms and around to his back up into his hair, her mouth eager on his and Goddess she was shoving him over and climbing on top of him, in less than a minute her whole body was on top of him.

T.J. grabbed both her h!ps and pulled her hard down on him, a m0an ripped out of her, and then she was rocking furiously against him, then he was pulling up her dress until it was out of the way and fvck, the girl wasn’t wearing any panties at all, his hand were on her bare a*ss, gripping her tightly.

Felt her hand slide down between them and shove his pants down to release his hard c0ck. “fvck Ella, slow down,” he gasped. As her hand stroked him.

“No.” she m0aned, “I want you Terence.” Her hand wrapped around his hard c0ck and then she lined herself up with the tip and before he could stop her, pushed herself down onto him.

“Fvck.” he gr0aned. She was so tight, so freaking we*t and hot for him, heard her gasp in pain as she tried to take him. He was bigger and thicker than most and not many could take all of him. She was pushing down to try and take him into her. “Stop, I’ll hurt you.” he could hear the hiss of pain that was coming from her as she tried to get what she wanted.

“No. I want it all Terence.” she was pushing herself down hard as he tried to stop her, but Goddess it felt so qood and she wanted all of him ah screw it.’ gripped her h!ps. “This is going to hurt Ella.” he warned her “I don’t care I can take you.” she stared down at him.

Then he yanked her down hard as he thrust up into her, all the way in, one quick hard motion, he heard her scream, part pain and part pleasure, just lay there and held her in place. She felt so good, so freaking tight around him, heard her sigh softly as she adjusted to the size of him, and started to move slowly, holding her h!ps, keeping control. “Sit up Ella.” he growled a few minutes later when she was moving with him, m0aning softly all pleasure in those m0ans “I want to see all of you.” and he did, watched as she pushed herself up so she was sitting on him, saw a flicker of pain cross her faces the change of position pushed him slightly deeper inside of her, then it passed.

“Oh, Goddess Terence,” she gasped down at him, all pleasure and desire in her voice as she looked down at him.

“Take it slow Ella.” he encouraged her, as she started to move up and down.

“Oh it feels so good.” she m0aned and he watched as her head fell back and smiled, slid his hands up to find the zip on her dress and pulled it down, and then she was pulling off her own dress, stared right down at him “Touch me Terence.” She begged.

His hands were on her, sliding up her sides as she moved up and down on him, taking all of him, long, slow, deep thrusts. Goddess he’d known it was going to be good. Cupped both her br*easts, caressing them, teasing her hardened n!pples, smelt her arousal thicken around him, she was perfect, everything about her body was freaking perfect. She fit him like a glove and his hands moulded around her br*easts like they were made for touching her.

Watched her as she took him, started moving faster, gasping his name. Her hands suddenly on his waist and her eyes met his, she smiled down at him “fvcking perfect.” He growled up at her, reached up, grabbed a fistful of her raven hair and brought her mouth to his, slid his other hand down her body and stroked firmly over her clit, she cried out right into his mouth and suddenly picked up the pace, kept touching her rubbing her clit until she was riding him hard and fast he could feel it she was almost there.

“Terence,” she cried out, “I’m cvmming.”

He growled loved hearing her telling him that. “Cvm for me Ella.” his voice deep and husky, right in her ear, pinched her clit gently and a scream burst from her and she was there, cvmming all around him. He rolled them over, he wasn’t even close to being done, he wanted more of her.

His mouth found her neck as he started to move, taking full control and rolling her through her org**sm and right into a second one, loved feeling her tight pvssy, fluttering uncontrollably around his c0ck, loved hearing her scream his name, slid his hands down her body and grabbed her th!ghs and pulled them up “More Ella, I want more.” he told her in a deep desire filled growl, he didn’t want to stop.

“Yes,” she cried out, matching his thrusts eagerly now.

Goddess she was taking all of him and loving it, pushed her legs up until they were over his shoulders, pushed in deeper and harder, holding himself above her, watching her as he thrust faster and harder “Fvck.” he growled down at her, she was amazing, hearing her gasps and m0ans of pleasure urged him on to please her more, saw her hand curl in the sheets of his bed by her head and lost complete control, slammed in and out of her.

Taking what he had always wanted, he rode the high of her arousal all around him, drowned in her screams of pleasure as another org**sm ripped through her body. Then he was out of her and flipping her over, yanked her up onto all fours and thrusting back inside of her, harder and faster, his hands found hers, laced his fingers with hers as he raced towards his own org**sm, her body beneath his, thrusting just as hard back against him crying out his name as she came once more time for him, slammed himself home, buried deep inside of her as he cvm hard, his seed milked out of him, every last drop by her tight pvssy fluttering and clamping around him in waves of utter bliss.

Pressed her whole body down into the mattress and lay there on top of her. “fvck Ella,” he gr0aned.

“Goddess Terence,” she gasped breathlessly, You’re amazing.” T.J. smiled and bit her playfully on her shoulder. “You’re fvckng amazing.”

He was going to want to do this every damned day, might just have to go again in a minute.

Growled deep and huskily into her neck, oh, hell he was definitely going to have her again, heard her chuckle some what breathlessly “Already?”

“Mm.” he knew he should let her rest but, hell, neither of them were getting any sleep for the rest of the night. “My needs run deep, Ella.” he sighed, hoped she would want to go again, wouldn’t push it, if she didn’t, he was a lot to handle and he’d not gone easy on her, likely wasn’t going to a second time either.

“Good,” she giggled, then was wriggling underneath him, until he was up and out of her, not what he wanted, he had been damn comfortable still inside of her. She rolled over and looked right up at him. “I want all of you Terence, I mean that.” slid a hand up his arm and across his shoulder around his neck and pulled his mouth down to hers.

He allowed himself to settle between her th!ghs, felt her legs Wrap around him and growled softly into her mouth, grabbed her toned a*ss, pulled his mouth from hers and looked right into her blue eyes, could see the desire in them, “I can get very needy, aggressive even Ella. Tell me to stop if l get too much for you.”

“I can handle you. It’s all I’ve ever wanted, Terence. Just you.” she whispered as her body started moving against his.

“Cole is going to kill me.” he snorted, “Because you’re mine now.” his mouth found hers, he was never letting her go now. She would be in his bed always, pulled his mouth from hers and looked down at her a grin on his face.

“Multiples baby, that’s what I want to give you,” and then his mouth was moving down her body, trailing hot k!sses, over her br*easts leaving deep dark love bites on her gorgeous br*east, k!ssed and n!pped his way down her body till he found her sweet we*t pvssy aching for the eating, buried his face right between her th!ghs, tasting every inch of her, till she was a twitching, gasping, then howling mess before him, begging for him, desperate for him to fill her completely.

Looked right down at her as he buried himself deep inside of her, she took him all, her whole body arched up to meet his thrust, and that cry of pleasure that came with it music to his ears, he was never going to stop wanting her, never going to tire of listening to her scream with pleasure.

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