Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 81

West POV

T.J. strolled into his office and sat down in the chair in front of West’s desk. “Might have a problem, Jo-anne and Jayden do actually get along, really well, West.”

“I knew they would, Terence.” West sighed, there was not much he could do about it.

“The man, however, did not like having me at his lunch with her,” he smiled.

“It’s what she wanted. Doesn’t trust him, mother already told me.” West nodded “Find anything else out.”

“Hmm, sounds like he expects her to get pregnant right away and give up her art career. Jo-Jo didn’t seem impressed. Jayden told her he’d rather use her language skills, tried to reason it out as just being honest with her.”

“I idiot.” West snort “he’s never seen, the woman paint, gets completely lost in her art, makes her happy.”

“You should use that.”

“I’m not going to use it. The art studio is already under way and honestly, Terence, after watching her paint, even for the short time I did.” He smiled, “I’d never take that away from her, kind of like the idea of..” shook his head “let’s not go there.

T.J. chuckled “Yes, let’s not considering that’s my little sister your talking about.”

West sighed “If I can sway her Terence, who am I going to talk to, about her? It was always you.

“l know, we’ll just lay down some new ground rules, I guess. Though, it’s not like I haven’t heard it all before.” he shook his head and then stood up “I’m going back to bed, didn’t get much sleep.”

West smirked “Ella’s missing. According to Cole, you wouldn’t happen to know where she is now, would you?”

“Nope.” T.J. walked out of the office. West did not miss the smile in the man’s voice, about bloody time. Yelled after him to sleep well, heard the man laugh and then returned to his work.

He’d had a busy morning seeing off all the other packs Alpha’s, had lost 3 female warriors to the Pale Moon Pack, and gained two of Alpha Anthony’s female warriors, both those women covered in tattoos and piercings. He was not a fan but was going to have to deal with it.

Alpha Anthony himself had not only gained a Luna but gained and lost quite a few pack members. Not being affiliated, his pack members rarely came into contact with the packs that West knew, a good thing for the man. Might be able to get an alliance out of him, would look into it. Miranda would be able to help sway the man if West couldn’t. This was practically her home away from home.

West had seen all three of his sisters were happy, all Marked by their Mates, all excited to be going off to their new pack even Anna. The alliance with their pack had been renewed, his father had worked on the contract himself, West had not even tried to argue about it, they were his daughters and although West was the Alpha, it was his father’s right.

The new alliance did have West’s seal of approval and held his signature, to state that he, as the Alpha, was happy with it. His father had thrown in some ridiculous clause, obviously his mother’s influence, that when the girls were with pups they were to come home every month for 4 days so that they could enjoy the experience of becoming grandparents as much as the boys’ parents got to.

It was not the same with his other sisters.

His mother had actually cried, upset to see her babies leave the pack and go live else where. It was just he and his parents here now. She was going to be at him to choose a Mate if Jo-anne rejected him again. Felt Volt snort ‘Clova loves me.’ and it did seem that way to West, but he and Volt both knew that he had never treated Jo-anne right, and that needed to be rectified. Not to mention discussed and apologised for.

Whether Jo-anne could accept it, believe it was another matter still, West could only say he was sorry, truly mean it, which he did. Hope she could accept it. It was of great concern to him at this point.

Jo-anne also now knew, that he’d known for a few weeks that she was his Mate, his mother had told her. Not something he’d approved of, he’d wanted to tell her that himself, but she’d asked apparently and his mother had been honest with her about it. His mother was not dumb, he’d left Miranda and moved into the Alpha suite within a week of bringing her home, spoke volumes to his mother, he guessed.

He’d given Alpha Jayden Jo-anne’s file, it was and always had been devoid of their Mate Bond, due to how it had happened and now that he knew the actual truth and so did she. he was still not going to put it in there for all to read. He still did not really know what to make of it, and wanted to talk to her about it.

There had to be others involved, there was no way that one little woman could have hauled his unconscious body out of the pack’s territory and to a hotel in the human world by herself. He suspected Heath was in on it, but why would the man do it? It still didn’t make sense at all and that poor insane bastard, did not make sense anymore. Since his Mate’s death last night he’d been nothing but a sobbing mess. West had given the order to bring him down from the hook. The man was curled up on the floor apparently.

That though brought West to the mans daughters, he had yet to deal with them, knew Jo-anne was not going to like that he had told them to renounce Heath or go rogue. It was going to put another strain on them and their bond likely. Sighed and got up, he was going to have to deal with it.

It was pack business on the bright side, Jayden didn’t get a say in him going and talking to her about it. The only perk he had with being one of her Mates, was that if there was pack business that involved her, Jayden couldn’t stop him from going to see her or turning up to interfere with it.

Walked out of his office and directly to her room. Beta Ben asked him what he wanted, West technically did not have to answer the man, he was only there to make sure that West didn’t go inside the room alone. But answered the man’s question.

“To talk to a pack member, she was attacked last night, I as her Alpha, have the right to discuss this with her.”

“You must have a chaperone at all times.” He had the audacity to snap back at him.

West smiled, “Only for dates, I do believe.” A nice little loophole.

Saw the man’s eyes glaze over and knew he was reporting to his Alpha. West’s intent to see her didn’t care. “How is she doing?” he asked Ricky.

“Confused Alpha.”

“Expected.” he nodded and knocked on the door.

Jo-anne answered the door and looked a bit surprised to see him. “Alpha?”

“West is fine, Jo-anne. I just need to talk to you about Heath’s…your sisters.”

“Are they in trouble?” he could already hear the Concern.

“Perhaps, I need to speak with them, thought you would want to be there for that.”

“Patterson said I have to rest in my room a few days.”

He’d nearly forgotten that “I’ll have them brought here to you then if you think you’re up for it. She nodded, “How bad is it West.”

“Potentially very bad,” he sighed, West saw more than concern, outright worry and a bit of fear mixed in “It’s why I would like you there. I’ll have them brought up now. It has to be dealt with promptly.”

“Alright.” she nodded a little solemnly.

“Rest up, I’ll come back when they get here.

It took only 30 minutes for the two girls to arrive at the pack-house. Both of them looked red-eyed and scared. Female rogues didn’t have the easiest lives, if they could find a way to survive it.

West was pretty certain that Jo-anne was going to argue against it, for that very reason.

He motioned for them to follow him, walked all the way to Jo-anne’s room, mind-linked his mother to attend. She was the Luna and would want to be there for this, arrived only a minute after he did, frowned at the two girls. Knew it was Karen who had attacked Jo-anne, that Heath had also attacked her.

This was an official traitor to the Pack meeting.

Not something that was often done.

They all stepped into Jo-anne’s room, not much room for all of them to sit. Pointed to the ground before the couch and both her sisters knelt, knew what he wanted. Saw Jo-anne bite her lIp, she knew what this was. Pack laws were drummed into you in school, even held exams on them to make sure that they were all understood.

Waved his mother to the couch, Jo-anne was not going to sit. West could tell from her nervousness, to restless. He sat, just wanted her to be apart of what was going on here, looked right at her.

“Jo-anne, you are aware that both Heath and Karen have now tried to kill you. Both of them are now considered traitors to the pack. For attacking you, my Mate.”

She nodded and he heard both girls gasp and saw them look from him to Jo-anne and back, shock on their faces. The news had not made it to them yet, due to being under house arrest.

“Goddess gifted as of the full moon last night.” he informed them.

“Congratulations Alpha.” Maree nodded.

“You’re both aware that your mother tried to kill Jo-anne, l informed you last night.”

“Yes.” they both nodded.

“What you don’t know.”

“West, please don’t,” Jo-anne interrupted him.

He looked over to her she was shaking her head at him.

“I have to Jo-anne, so that they understand the severity of the situation.” he told her gently “I will not pass judgement without your input, I promise you this.”

She was just staring at him.

He returned his attention to her sisters, “Maree, Marie, your mother’s actions..” he sighed, hated having to say this himself didn’t like the memory of it. “Jo-anne actually died. Terence and I resuscitated her. Saw both of their eyes go very wide and turned to look at her, completely shocked. They knew nothing and he knew it. Even saw tears forming in both their eyes.

“Both your parents are now considered to be traitors to this Pack now. I gave you a choice last night, renounce your parents. Well, Heath, Karen, your mother is dead as she should be for attacking a Luna Ranked wolf.” he chose his words carefully. He did not want to continually lay claim to her, she had not made up her mind, had only said it earlier so these two girls understood the dire situation they found themselves in. “or go rogue.”

“No.” Jo-anne gasped, “Please West, don’t do that.” she was suddenly standing right in front of them, her hands together begging him “I don’t want that.”

West sighed, this was what he expected of her, too much heart and love in this woman for everyone, even those who harmed her. “Let them choose.” he told her softly, reached out for her hands only to have her take a step back shaking her head.

“I don’t want to loose them, they’re all I have left West.” tears were spilling down her lovely face.

If she only knew, they were not all she had left. She had a brother, two actual blood-related sisters and a mother all inside this pack. Not that he could tell her that. Did not even know if she would ever be told the truth, he wanted her to know, but couldn’t tell her. It would hurt T.J.’s mother, her mother and likely her whole family.

“l understand Jo-anne, but the laws state…” Make an exception please, I beg of you.” She cried, watched as she dropped down on to her knees before him to actually beg.

Sighed and stood up, picked her up off the floor, put her back on her feet and looked down at her. “Shh, they can stay if they renounce Heath, you know this.”

“But he’s their father, he loves them, really loves them.” she was still begging. Staring right up at him, so much sadness in those pretty eyes of hers, it was really hard to look at her like this.

“He was supposed to love you too, Jo-anne, and look what he did to you.”

“He’s no threat West. The girls aren’t going to hurt me.” she pleaded with him.

His eyes turned to the girls kneeling on the floor. They were watching the two of them. They had said they would not hurt her. He could Alpha order it, he supposed. Order them to stay away from her, but that might hurt Jo-anne too.

“Then what do you suppose l do, Jo-anne?” he asked, turning his eyes back to hers.

“I don’t know.” she shook her head slowly.

He sighed once more, he was the Alpha and he had to do what the pack laws stated, “Girls, will you renounce Heath as your kin?”

Jo-anne was gripping his arm tightly, pleading for him not to do it with her eyes as she looked right up into his.

“Yes,” they both stated sadly.

“Good.” he nodded “That’s all I needed to hear. Then saw them going to do it and stopped them.”

You don’t need to. I will grant Jo-anne’s wish for you not to have to do that. Knowing you would have is enough. That being said, your father is likely going to have to be put down at some point. The man is in agony and completely insane.” his eyes moved to Jo-anne ” You know this, it’s what is best for him.” watched her shake her head, still not willing to give him up.

“I want to see him West, before l have to make that decision, to talk to him, please.”

“Its not a good idea, Jo-anne, not today at least. He’s in mourning over his Mate’s death, which I also want to talk to you about, likely tomorrow or the day after.”

Watched her nod, “Probably a good idea. Did T.J. tell you?”

“Yes,” and he did actually feel sad, knew it was conveyed to her, felt her hold on him change to gentle and saw sadness reflect in her own eyes.

“Girls, you may qo. No harm will. come to you, be good pack members.”

“Yes Alpha.” they both nodded and stood up.

He saw them both look at Jo-anne.

She let go of his arm and stepped over to them, hugged them both, and saw them hug her back. “I’m sorry about your mum.”

“I’m sorry she hurt you.” Marie sobbed “I don’t understand why.”

“Go home, I’ll come and check on you in a day or two,” she told them. Was still expecting to be here in a day or two.

That was nice to hear, hadn’t made her decision yet, watched the two girls leave the room, not just like their mother, it seemed, after all, he would be having them monitored for a while to make sure. Was glad they would renounce their bloodline, would have made them if Jo-anne wasn’t so upset about it. If she wasn’t his Mate probably would have turned them rogue regardless of her wishes.

“Thank you West.” she turned back to him.

“It’s alright, you’ve been through enough. I just needed them to understand how serious this is, they know the pack laws, and I needed to know, that they aren’t going to come after you for Karen’s death.”

“Are you going to tell them it was me?”

“ls that what you want?” he asked in return.

She shook her head. “I think they would understand, but only if the whole truth came out. I don’t want them to know that.”

“What whole truth?” his mother finally spoke for the first time.

He looked at her. “We’ll discuss that with you when Jo-anne and I have talked about it.”

“Alright.” his mother didn’t seem to push the subject, thankfully. Got up and walked over to the portrait of him, “It’s coming along good, why so much space here?”

“It’s where Miranda was going to go.” She shrugged. “Guess I will have to start it over.”

“Leave it for now,” his mother stated and turned to face her. “Might be able to put yourself there instead.” Then she turned to West. “Come on son, let’s allow Jo-anne to rest now.”

West nodded “l see you at dinner.”

Watched her nod, he noted she said nothing at all about the portrait and his mother’s comments about it. Didn’t push it, though he did like the idea, it however was not the pack’s tradition. But it could go nicely in their suite if she chose him. Right above the fireplace mantle.

Walked out with his mother, walked her back to her office.

“You did good, son.”

“I’m just trying to show her I care about her and what she wants is all.”

“I think it conveyed nicely. She’s getting to see another side of you. One I think she’ll like.”

“I hope so.” he nodded “I’ll see you at dinner.”

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