Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 83

West POV

West watched as Jo-anne got up and left the dining room, walked away from him. He did not get up and follow her. She was upset and overwhelmed, it was very unlikely that she understood any of what he had said. He didn’t even understand his compulsive need to Alpha Order her for the truth all of the time. Though that had seemed to have disappeared with her rejection of him.

Not a day he liked to recall, both he and Volt had been completely torn apart that day. They had known what she was to them, but she had had no idea at all. He’d not told her either. She had to leave him. He knew that even while trying to let her go he’d been arguing with her not to go in some way.

Knew he’d not ever deserved her, right now though he wanted her, ached for the woman, a part of him knew he still didn’t deserve her, never would in all likelihood.

Pushed his untouched plate away and sighed, no longer hungry at all. At least he had apologized and more than once. He had tried to explain it to her, it was all he could do. If he actually knew and understood that compulsion, it would be so much better. But he didn’t, so he couldn’t truly explain it to her.

He knew he was still going to have to talk to her about Karen and Heath. That man was still a sobbing mess in the cells, even though Karen’s body had been removed now. Even with a fractured mind, his bond had been severed from her and it was killing him. Losing two Mate’s was likely going to kill him.

West knew that Jo-anne still wanted to see the man and he would let her, but he would take her himself when she went, wanted to be there for her.

The man was not in a good state and despite their blood bond being severed, she still looked at him as her father.

He had to console himself when she walked away from him, that at least he had told her how he felt, though it had completely shocked her. He knew, because of the look she had given him, had been one of complete disbelief, didn’t know if he could ever get her to understand or believe him for that matter. It was a lot to take in.

West found his mother sitting across from him, in the very chair Jo-anne had just vacated and knew why she was staring at him. Sighed heavily, he’d yet to even talk to Jo-anne about what Karen had done to them: “It was Karen. She told Jo-anne. Probably knew she was going to die and just wanted to hurt her one last time.” He shook his head, he didn’t understand some people and their sick twisted needs to hurt others for no reason “Jo-anne killed her for it, directly after she heard.”

“How and why?” his mother fished for more information.

“How, drugged us both, then…” he closed his eyes didn’t even want to think about it. Felt her hand on his from across the table. Looked at her, saw concern and compassion in her “doused Jo-anne in heat pheromone’s, a lot of them, until it send Volt into a mating frenzy. Why?” West shook his head. “I don’t know, something about she’d seen Jo-anne kill Heath and wanted to get her out of their house and away from her Mate.”

He saw his mother shake her head sadly. She too didn’t understand it, it seemed. “I’m sorry son… you said she claimed she saw this.”

“Mm.” he nodded, and looked at T.J. he’d been there for that conversation.

“A vision I think she meant. It is what Heath says too. He saw Jo-Jo kill Karen and that’s why he attacked her, to stop her from harming his Mate.”

“T.J. was standing beside his mother. He shrugged, A vicious circle.”

“Guess Heath got that right in the end though, right.” West sighed and rubbed his temples “She has now killed his mate and right before him.”

“Do you think she will kill Heath son?”

“No.” West shook his head “I think Jo-anne, knew that she was dying, likely felt it. Her wolf would have known so she would have. Killed Karen for what she did to punish her. No real surprise there mother. Any wolf would do that. I however, don’t think that Karen was alone. There is no way she could pick up my unconscious body and get it to the human world. And upstairs into a second floor hotel room. So the question now becomes who else helped her.”

“l guess, we still have to get to the bottom of that then, son.”

“Heath may know.” T.J. stated “That crazy bastard’s ramblings, may not be so unfounded. We need to talk to him again.”

“Agreed, though from all accounts, he’s in no state to talk to anyone, a sobbing mess on the floor.

“Yes, the death of his second Mate. He might not survive that at all.” his mother nodded.

“And to witness her death himself as he stated he would.” T.J. added.
“Perhaps if Karen hadn’t done this to us. It would never have happened.” West thought out loud, “Perhaps she set it off into motion. I can’t really see Jo-anne killing anyone, not without a real definite cause, and hearing Karen tell her what she had done to her, that day, likely tipped her, completely over the edge, l’d say.”

“I was going to do it” T.J. stated, “but Jo-Jo’s anger built so quickly, then she just snapped, did not like what she heard. The only thing she said afterwards, was to tell West all of it. That he needed to know.”

He watched his mother shake her head slowly, “Even when dying, that girl does not think about herself.” she sighed sadly it seemed, then looked right at West. “Try again West, her heart is full of forgiveness.”

“I don’t know, mother. Perhaps it’s just too much.”

“lt is not. That girl would have been your Mate, gifted to you by the Goddess herself at 18, if things had been different West. If none of that had happened to the two of you. She would have been yours then, and I’m sure you two would have been very happy. We can fix this.”

It was a nice thought, not one he’d ever allowed himself to entertain. “But that is not what happened, mother. So it doesn’t matter. Our past can not be changed.”

“No, son it can not..but it can be forgiven, and our Jo-anne is big on forgiveness. Don’t give up yet. Try again with her, there is no rush.”

“There is also no point in dragging out the inevitable either, mother. Alpha Jayden is much more suited to Jo-anne than I am.”

“But he is not going to give her what she wants. I can already see that. The man wants a Luna, yes. But one that will do as he tells her to, has already told her she’s not likely to be able to paint anymore, once Mated to him. Would you stop her from doing that?”

“No, of course not. It’s her passion.”

“Then I suggest, West, you start there. Work that angle, I like the girl Westley always did, she’ll make me a good daughter, and I’m certain the two of you will have the cutest little pups, for me to spoil.”

West rolled his eyes and heard T.J. snort with laughter.

“Mother, you have a one-tracked mind.”

“Yes, son I’m a Luna, and babies, mine and not mine, are my thing. Most Luna’s love babies. She will be no different.”

“I’m not going to just impregnate her if she chooses me mother.” he shook his head. She certainly was obsessed with babies.

Saw her burst out laughing, “No son, I’m sure you will keep those paws all to yourself. Your father and I were pregnant with you within two full moons of our Marking and Mating. That man couldn’t keep his paws to himself, still bloody can’t. You will be no different.”

West couldn’t help but half smile at her, she was right on that front. Hadn’t been able to keep his hands to himself, before she knew what he was to her. Could only imagine it would be harder if she did by some miracle choose him, shook his head and sighed, shifted his thoughts away from that “Terence here, will have a pup before I do.”

“What, don’t bring me into this.”

West snorted “Oh and where is Ella right now?” he put the man on the spot.

“How would I know?” he said, but looked away, a smirk on his face.

“In your bed, I bet. Cole is still looking for her, I believe.”

“That girl goes where she wants and does as she pleases.” T.J. shrugged.

His mother smiled from one to the other, she was not stupid either, it seemed “You two will likely have pups at the same time.” she chuckled and stood up.

“Oh no.. West will likely get the first one.” T.J. practically drawled out.

“Shut it Terence.” West shot right at him.

Saw his mother again look from one to other, registered T.J.’s expression and turned right to West. “Spill it boy. I already know you slept without Jo-anne.”

“I did,” he acknowledged, “that is all there is to it.”

“Not only slept with her” T.J. snorted, fully amused.

“Shut it or “‘ll beat you.”

“Like you’d win.”

His mother was frowning right at him now.

Spit it out son, or I’ll get your father to order it out of you.”

“It’s nothing. Let it go, mother.”

“No..” she stared right at him with narrowed eyes “what did you do to that girl..” saw her eyes go really wide. He was going to kill T.J. His mother was a very intuitive woman and rarely missed hidden meanings “You didn’t son?”

“I didn’t what?” he asked her right back, as though he had no idea of what she was talking about.

“Knot her?” she gasped, leaning forward both hands on the table.

West sighed, he couldn’t hide it from her, she would go and get his father and he would order it out of him because he would want to know as well.

Bloody T.J. was also going to out him, he could tell by the look on the man’s face, it was damned near ready to burst out of him.

“Yes, mother I did.” he finally acknowledged her.

“Sweet Goddess, When? What date?”

“Stop planning mother.”

“I’m not planning son,” she told him as she leaned away from the table, but he could already see it in that tiny smile she was trying to hide.

His mother was bloody itching for a baby to spoil “What colour will you buy mother?” he asked, knowing if she was planning she would not be able to resist answering the question.

“Blue, of course, you’ll have a.” snapped her hand over her mouth and she was already chuckling outed herself instantly.

“Yes and your brain is not planning you say.”

West shook his head and rolled his eyes.

“Well son, maybe just a little.” she held up her hand to him, her thumb and pointer finger an inch apart.”

“Don’t go getting your hopes up. It’s unlikely to happen.”

“Oh, I don’t know. That Goddess of ours does love mischief.”

West sighed “Loves to punish me mother is all.”

She looked right at him. “You have to fight West. No grandchild of mine will be raised away from me.”

He snorted right at her “All your grandchildren are being raised away from you.”

“You know what I mean, your children.” She waved him off. “Patterson could run a test on her quietly. He has her blood already.”

“Enough, mother. I mean it.” he didn’t want Jo-anne being compelled to be stuck with him again. And if there was a child and she found out before she made her decision, he already knew she would not separate him from his child or her child from its father, her choice would be taken away from her.

“You’re spoiling my dream West.”

“Go let father put paws on you.” he waved her out of the room and watched her go with a bounce.

“Did you have to?” he turned his eyes on T.J.

“Yes, I’m on your side West. I don’t want Jo-Jo leaving this pack, so I’m helping you, your mother, who now, has the most insistent bee in her bonnet, one that will never stop buzzing now, she’s going to help you instead of sitting back and letting things fall as they may.”

“It’s Jo-anne’s choice T.J.” he reminded him.

“Yes it is, but she can still be charmed and swept off of her feet in the process of making a decision. You need to pull out all the stops and get your head in the game. I know your heart is in the game West, but your head is not. You’re already starting to bottle your own feelings up.”

“Don’t think I don’t want her, Terence, I just think it’s not going to be me. Now that she has Mates its.” he shrugged.

“Then start thinking it will be. Let’s get you my little sister. You know she listens to me, I’ll spend some time with her, chat casually, be your wing man, so to speak.”

“You’re nuts, do you know that? You’re actively trying to help me into your sister’s bed once again.”

“I know, but I believe she is meant to be there.” he watched the man shrug.

“We’ll see Terence.”

Yes we will West.” he nodded.

“Ella?” he questioned his friend.

“Exhausted pleasantly so. She crashed out good and proper.” he was smiling big.


“There will be no other, Cole is going to pitch a fit.” he laughed.

“So she satisfied all of your needs. Then?” West smiled at his friend. This would be the first time for that.

“All of them and then some West. I won’t be letting her go.” he did sound very happy about that.

West was happy for the man, “Cole is going to be an issue though.”

“Deal with him, I approve of you and Ella.” He got up and walked over and clapped the man on his back “Are you going to Mark her?”

“I don’t know, she’s got a Mate out there somewhere. I want to but might wait a bit.”

“How long is a bit?” West wondered out loud.

T.J. shrugged, “A year I guess.”

“You idiot. Just walk up there and claim the woman, I doubt she will say no.”

“No, its not right.” T.J. sighed “A year and if we’re still together, she hasn’t found her Mate, I will ask her. It’s only right to give her the chance to find him.”

“Alright.” West nodded. He knew T.J. was just doing the right thing by her. “But just so you know, your Alpha approves your chosen Mate already. Have you told Silvia it’s over?”

“Thanks West. And yes, first thing. As soon as Ella fell asleep, she was fine with it, told me she was actually with Derrick and had been going to come see me later on anyway. So its all good.”

West was glad there was not going to be any issues there. He did not want that for T.J. or Ella, he also knew Silvia was not serious about the packs Beta, she slept with others.

West headed for his suite, T.J. walked beside him, they were both headed for their rooms, it seemed. West had only gotten 3 and a half hours’ sleep and he now doubted T.J. got that at all.

“Sleep well Terence.” he teased the man as he stepped up to his door, “I will don’t you worry.” T.J. grinned right at him.

“Don’t starve the girl now either. She has to get out of bed and eat, you know.”

T.J. laughed “I have plenty of food in my suite.” he laughed and stepped into his suite. West chuckled softly, at least one of them was happy at this moment. Headed for bed, needed to get some sleep. Did not know what to do about Jo-anne. Maybe a clear head from a good night’s sleep would help him to think straight. To know what to do.

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