Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 85

West POV

He walked a very quiet Jo-anne back to the first floor, apologised and asked Ricky to escort her all the way back to her room, so that he could head for the pack’s hospital. She just nodded and told him not to worry about it.

He now stood in the Luna suite of the hospital staring at his mother. It had been an hour of him and his father both prowling around, though he was concerned and saddened at the situation, his father was completely distressed and snapping at everyone with the exception of his Mate. His mother was already hooked up to an IV for precaution, Patterson had told them.

His father kept touching her face, and k!ssing her temple and telling her everything was going to be okay. Baden was there in the room, he was his mother’s Gamma, though didn’t seem to be needed.

West’s mother seemed to have resigned herself to the fact she was going to loose her pup. His father, however, was adamant it would turn out to be nothing, and their pup would be fine, a good strong pup like all their other pups.

Had actually pointed right at West at one point and stated strong like our first born, the hell our boy has been through and survived, you didn’t loose him, you won’t loose this one.

There had been blood tests run, to check hormone levels and an ultrasound was now being attended to.

His father was holding his mother’s hand, as they sat and waited for Patterson to find out if the pup was there or not. Even he was holding his breath, the news about his mother was a shock, but he would not want her to loose her pup. Too much going on around the place, too much stress on her.

Likely why this was happening, his life was causing his mother to much undue stress. They were supposed to have gone on a well-earned vacation yesterday but his mother and father had refused to leave for it.

Not with Jo-anne having two mates, and the trauma she had suffered, they had both decided to put it off until the girls’ decision was made and they knew she was safe from harm. His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a rapid fluttering coming from the machine, a heart beat. Relief filled him.

Saw tears burn down his mother’s face, and his father let out the breath he’d been holding, just like West did himself, as the packs doctor had been trying to locate the fetus. Watched his father lean down and k!ss her temple “| told you good and strong.” she’d sobbed a little.

“Well, well, well, Luna.” Patterson had suddenly chuckled. “twins I see,” and pointed to the screen.

Two tiny little fast heart beats could be seen.

His father had whooped with excitement, crazy bastard. His mother’s hand had gone to her mouth, guess she didn’t know that herself.

Patterson had advised that his mother be on bed rest for the next few days. She was 8 weeks pregnant, it seemed. Keeping that little secret to herself, she had giggled at his father and told him she was going to tell when they were away on holidays. She’d not told anyone, though she had then confessed that Jo-anne had picked it up before the mating ball, likely her Luna’s instincts had seen something or twitched to let her know.

It had been an hour now and he was seated on the couch, did not really know what to make of this news. West did know that pups could be born at anytime in life. Wolves did live for hundreds of years. He’d just never expected to get a little brother or sister at this age, they’d stopped having pups 18 years ago after the triplets. A full litter was enough, seemed not now, didn’t think it was planned though. A surprise to his mother, he thought absently.

“Are you alright son?” she interrupted his thoughts.

“Mm.” he nodded, “just a little more than surprised I guess.”

“Jo-anne and I can have our babies together.” she smiled right at him.

West sighed, trust her to think of that, and they wouldn’t be together months apart, “Enough of that.

“He shook his head and stood up. “Father, if you have her?”

“I do son, go and win that girl over. She really does belong here with us, you know.”

West shook his head. Jo-anne was likely to have his mother and his father, not to mention T.J. all trying to convince her to take him back. Pushing at her, he sighed as he walked out of the hospital, it really did need to be her decision.

Walked into his office, he had to call his sisters and inform them of the news. Found his whole unit was sitting in his office, frowned right at Ricky, that man should have been down by Jo-anne’s door to make sure she was safe. “Oliver’s second in command. Henry is at the door.”

“How is she?”

“Now that is a very hard question to answer and why l am here.” he shook his head, seemed a bit confused.

“Try then.” West stated as he sat behind his desk.

Saw his Gamma frown for a long time, look right at T.J. for a good 15 or 20 seconds and then shook his head again. “Came out of her room in a panic, bolted without warning right to your parents suite. Bloody fast on her feet West, I’ve never seen her run that fast before. Not ever and she grew up here. Now l know the door would have been locked, right?”

West nodded. “It is likely, father has always had a thing about locking the door when she’s alone.

Though he doesn’t much care for a locked door if he is in there. Protective thing.”

“Well West, that door, she just banged right through it, felt very different to me when she hit that door, it didn’t appear locked, she busted it, and didn’t even break a sweat doing so.. kind of felt like…” his eyes moved back to T.J. and he frowned again “I don’t know it was weird.”

It was likely that Ricky was feeling the Royal Alpha blood line, but was still confused about it, he hadn’t quite put his finger on it as of yet. Was likely to at some point. But with Belinda not wanting it to be known, he nor T.J., for that matter, could tell the man.

“Interesting,” he said with a nod. Not much else he could say. Turned his eyes to T.J., who shook his head ever so slightly.

“Your mother?”

“Appears to be alright,” every one in the pack would know by now, that she was in the hospital” will have to stay in the Luna suite for monitoring today and likely tomorrow.”

They were all looking at him expectantly now.

“Twins it is.” he shook his head again. “Might just get her off my back.” he doubted it though, not with her comment. “Is Jo-anne in her room now?”

“Yes still there, as far as I know. I’ll go and relieve Henry now.”

“Keep me apprised of her feelings, I don’t want her stressed any more than she needs to be.” And he did not.

“Sure. Though she did seem alright before that, kind of just back to her usual, I don’t know the girl is an enigma at the best of times to me, West.” He shook his head “sometimes it’s like she is right in front of me and I can’t feel her. Then she looks right at me and wham there she is. Almost like…” he shook his head, “can only be seen if she wants to be maybe.”

Now that got his undivided attention. Neither he nor T.J. had been able to mind-link her in Singapore, even though they could see her, couldn’t push into her mind at all. But the minute she had looked at him, registered he was there, he could mind-link to her.

“She, however, seemed happy before that. Hanging out with Ella, had breakfast with her all smiles the two of them. They went back to her room to hang out even after breakfast.”

West nodded and turned to Cole, “Found her, I see”

“In my parents’ suite waiting for me. May I go.” it was more of a statement than a question.

West waved him off, and watched as both Cole and Ricky walked out of his office together, like they always did.

West’s eyes moved to T.J. “Broke the lock to the Alpha suite, didn’t even try. I’m guessing she felt to Ricky like you would, when on a mission.

“Mm, I’d be willing to bet her eyes were glowing as well.” T.J. nodded.

Saw the man’s eyes glaze over for several minutes, looked right at West when they cleared. “I’m Jo-anne’s new chaperone, Luna’s order seeing as she can’t and your father won’t leave her side.”

Figured as much, you’d better go and inform Jayden.” West snorted “He’ll love that. Oh and Terence, we really do need to talk to your mother.

Every day that is passing, Jo-anne is getting stronger and that glow,” he sighed. They had been looking into it, narrowed the field down some what but still there were half a dozen magical creatures out there that had silver-glowing eyes. She could be anyone of them.

“It’s definitely not from our side, you know that.

Yes, so we need to know what her father was, what she is. More importantly, she needs to know.

Has no control and will likely not until she knows and understands what it is.”

“I’ll try to speak with her West. But it’s still.” He shrugged, “not good.”

“Even if she just states what he was, not who. I don’t care about the who. Just a single word will do Terence. If that helps her, we can’t help Jo-anne unless we know how to.”

T.J. nodded “You’ve got lunch with Jo-anne today. What are you thinking of doing?”

“I thought she and I could take a walk. I know she’s supposed to be resting but being cooped up in that room, can’t be good for her, nothing strenuous. The foundations for her studio have finally been laid and are set, I thought I would walk her over and let her see it.”

“That is a good plan. Let her know she’ll still be allowed to paint.”

West nodded, watched as T.J. left the office, seemed happy to be going to inform Jayden he would be going everywhere Jo-anne went with the man.

Rubbed at both his temples, then got his phone out and started calling his sisters, one at a time, worked his way down them from oldest to youngest. Didn’t even get a mixed reaction at all.

Every one of them squealedin his ear in excitement and nearly deafened him. The triplets then just started giggling, like they all knew and had just been waiting for the news to be out.

Emma asked him how things were going with Jo-anne and he answered her honestly. She’d sighed softly and said “just take your time, big brother.” advising him. His 18-year-old sister, bloody crazy, but he was not going to rush it, couldn’t it was her decision to make. Even if she had not gotten two mates and it was just he and her. He would not be rushing her into Mating with him.

He looked at the clock. It was only just after 9 in the morning, it felt much later to him with all that had been going on. Going to be a long day, he thought to himself as he got up from his desk and walked to her room. Jayden’s Beta glared right at him, West ignored it and knocked on her door.

She stood before him with a paint brush in her hand, her hair was twisted up in a knot on top of her head held in place with another paint brush, she was wearing jeans and a tee-shirt. He liked her like this, not an ounce of make-up on her either. He could hear music playing in the background. “Sorry to interrupt, I just wanted to say thank you. For helping mother, getting to her so quickly.”

“is she alright?” heard the concern in her voice.

“Yes,” he nodded, “the bleeding has stopped, two strong heartbeats,”

“Really, twins?” she was smiling up at him now, all happy to hear this. Goddess, she really was beautiful, couldn’t help but smile down at her. “Yes apparently. Patterson says they look well situated and that it can sometimes be common fora woman to spot, but he thinks she is going to be just fine, stay in the Luna’s suite all day for precaution. Maybe tomorrow.”

“That’s good West.” she sounded genuinely relieved and happy to hear the update. “How do you feel about the news?” she asked him, surprising him a little.

“Well, I’d better get brothers this time.” He chuckled “I honestly don’t think I can handle anymore little sisters.” saw her laugh too. It was good to see her like this after all she’d been through. She seemed to have just bounced back like always. He was happy she was laughing with him, even at him almost. Happy he could make her happy like that.

“l just thought you’d like to know, sorry for interrupting your painting…See you at lunch?”

Watched her nod her head and he stepped back, she did seem better than after dinner, a good thing he hoped. She was resilient, that was for sure.

He didn’t know how she could be, something in her DNA he was betting.

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