Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 86

West POV

Had been headed back to his office, but got a report from his cell guard that Heath had stopped sobbing and was now just lying on the floor in his cell staring at nothing, it seemed. He was likely dying. West knew he had to go and see the man, see the actual state of him for himself before allowing Jo-anne to go and see him. He’d not had a single episode of rage or hysteria, nothing psychotic was reported either.

He was going to allow Jo-anne to see the man if he was dying, something he knew that she wanted, couldn’t deny her that, not anymore, and it did seem like this was going to be the end of him.

How long it would actually take was another matter. He could last days or weeks or just let go and die in a matter of hours.

West leaned on the cell bars and looked down at the man before him. He was lying on the floor by the cell bars that attached to the cell his Mate had been in, one arm out stretched through the bars into that cell, as though he was trying to reach for the woman who was no longer there. Was quiet and just staring mindlessly into the empty space, it seemed.

“Heath?” West stated his name, got no reaction at all, not even a slight move of the head, his fingers in that cell next door didn’t even twitch.

“Heath, Jo-anne wants to see you,” West told him. This crazy man had been itching to see her, both the crazy one and the sane one, the side of him that wanted to hurt her and the side of him that apparently still loved her. Said her name in the hope of getting some sort of reaction.

Watched as the man’s arm retracted from the other cell and he curled into a tight little ball, started rocking on the ground, sobbing all of a sudden. West sighed. Well, he’d gotten a reaction alright, though not what he was expecting at all.

Not a good sign either.

As angry as he had been at this man. It was now clear to West he was utterly broken. Not even West could muster up any more anger. It seemed to have dissipated with the man’s current state of mind. This poor creature before him was no longer Heath anymore, just a shell and very broken at that.

Didn’t know if it was a good idea to bring Jo-anne here to see him, knew that she wanted to though, would have to give her the full state of his condition before he brought her in here, he guessed, turned to leave.

“I do love my little girl.” he heard the man whisper “I’m sorry I hurt her.” he sobbed.

West closed his eyes, the man sounded so very sincere, “Do you think it’s safe for her to come and see you?” his eyes moved back to the man. He hadn’t moved at all, was still curled up in a tight ball on the floor.

“No…” was the answer he got “But…I want to.”

Seems Heath was having a lucid moment. “Did you help Karen to hurt her?”

“No… I would never do that, to my little girl.” And then the man was back to sobbing on the floor uncontrollably, saw him suddenly pull at his own hair, felt anger roll off of the man. And then West watched him rip a full chunk of hair out of his head, howled in the pain it caused him and then start pulling at more of his hair.

It was clear to West the man was about to seriously start injuring himself over all that had happened, did not want to stand and watch that.

Turned and left, he did believe the man about not helping Karen. And the pain he was inflicting on himself right now with the knowledge he held that it had been his own mate, was also an indicator of his own grief over the matter.

He had been more than shocked when he’d heard it was Heath who had bitten her, and he knew T.J. had thought it didn’t make any sense either.

Just now, not only had he stated he knew nothing, but he had also told West it was not safe to bring Jo-anne anywhere near him. Wondered if he could get the man to renounce Jo-anne, severe that bond to her, he didn’t think the man would.

Stopped outside the cells as another howl of pain came from the man, he sighed and looked at the guard, “Get some help in there, chain him up so that he can’t hurt himself any further, no silver, he’s dying already, I imagine. I need him alive long enough for Jo-anne to come and see him.”

“Yes Alpha.”

“Get a cot in there as well, and a blanket.”

West walked back to his office, glanced out the window to look at where the art studio was to go, there were no workmen there. It was Sunday, everyone was off spending the day with their family, all he’d had was Alpha training today and that hadn’t even gone to plan either. He’d not really been in the mood himself.

Had stood by and refereed Cole as he’d taken on T.J. the man had been an angry little ball, even without confirmation of where Ella was, he suspected as much and had tried to take it out of T.J. who’d thought it was more than amusing.

The two of them had gone toe to toe all morning, though both West and T.J. knew it was all Cole had, and T.J. had fought back. He had restrained himself and mostly defended himself.

When West had finally called it, Cole had turned and stalked off, still pissed off completely. T.J. had nearly laughed.

Didn’t seem all that bothered by the Delta trying to beat the living hell out of him. The only one here in the pack who could literally do that was Belinda, but it was a good workout T.J. had told him, and he did work up a sweat. West hadn’t done a single thing, just called out time when Cole looked like he needed a break. Watched him stalk around and then, when he’d gotten his breath back, called a start again.

That man really didn’t want Ella near T.J. at all. It was really going to be a problem and T.J. was going to have to deal with it, and soon. Likely could rip their unit apart the way it was going. West didn’t want that, he had enough stuff to deal with at the moment, let alone having to talk Cole out of leaving or trying to convince his brother to take up the mantle if he couldn’t.

Was sitting in his chair when T.J. strolled into his office, put a plate of food on West’s desk, then sank down across from him. No-one had gotten breakfast. It seemed, as he to was holding a plate of food for himself, he’d been headed for his mother and father’s suite just minutes after training had finished.

“Jayden is very unhappy with the new arrangement, but understood once I explained about the Luna’s current condition. He even asked me to pass on his well wishes that she and the pup would remain healthy.”

West nodded “I didn’t think he’d be happy about it, not considering that you kicked the man’s a*ss.” he chuckled.

“Hmm. You put up more of a fight to be honest.” T.J. shrugged.

“That’s because we train together, and I know how you fight” West acknowledged.

“I’ll try and talk to mother after lunch. She heard about your mum and went right to the pack hospital. I passed her on the stairs, she put a hand right in my face and I quote “Not now Terence, or so help me, I’ll send you to the palace for a month.” | left it alone.” West saw T.J. visually shudder at just the thought of going and spending time at the palace.

“Why do you all hate that place so much?” he’d not been there yet. Would have to attend the up-coming annual Alpha meeting they held once a year. But that was still months away.

“Creepy seer’s everywhere, witches with foresight, used to watch every move you make to protect the Royals, even from other Royals. They constantly stare at you, trying to peer inside your soul and mind, literally creeps me out. I still don’t know how mother ever got out of there, off the palace grounds and through the portal to this realm without them knowing, they see everything.”

West knew the place had seer’s everyone did.

Even his father had told him just got to be honest and be of no threat to the Royals to keep yourself clear of them seers “Maybe because they look for threats, not for people to escape and run away.”

“Could very well be.” T.J. nodded

“Why’d she leave?”

“Her parents, I heard, were going to Mate her off to a male seer or something like that, a leader of the coven that the Royals rely on.” he shrugged” she doesn’t like talking about it. Just know that that man, still glares right at her, I’m guessing he wanted her and she did not.”

“Clearly,” West nodded.

“The only other thing I know, is they had seen my dad as her Goddess-Gifted Mate and she’d heard they did not approve of the match. She ran right here to find what was hers and claim it. Still hates going home as much as I do.”

“Fair enough.”

“You don’t suppose that’s the man that took your mother, Jo-anne’s father?”

T.J. blinked at that, then frowned “No” he shook his head. “Her family would have found her she was there. They hunted, from what I heard, as much as father and this pack did. From my understanding, every single wolfen pack was searched too, used all the seer’s in the kingdom to search anyone and everyone including him. No-one knows where she was, only she does, I imagine.”

West nodded, that was likely the case. The woman may never tell and he couldn’t really blame her. Two years kidnapped and clearly mated against her will, she’d never have left Jonathan willingly.”


“Yes Terence.” he looked right at the man now.

“I’m going to move Ella into my suite. Cole is definitely going to be an issue.” West smiled, that was the understatement of the year, after what he had seen this morning. “You out muscle the man, Terence, and you out Rank him.”

“Still I don’t really want to get into a wolf on wolf fight with Ella’s brother, and from the way he was this morning could very well happen.”

“Then just don’t.”

“He’s going to stop her, it’s going to be a big issue.”

“Terence the man is only concerned about the Delta bloodline, he’s got a brother who already has a boy, yes?”

“Yes, but traditionally.”

West siqhed and shook his head “Terence, it is not going to be inherited down the line. That way and you and I both know it.”

T.J. nodded “Just thought, as the Alpha, I would prepare you, about the battle that is to come.”

“You’re an Alpha as well Terence, claim what you want. That being said. When should I be expecting sh!t to hit the fan?”

“After your lunch date with Jo-Jo. I have yet to tell Ella what I have decided.”

West snorted “I don’t see her saying no.”

T.J. smiled right at him. “Neither do I. But” he shrugged, “I will not be have anyone else in my bed now, and I want her there every night from now on.”

“I seriously doubt you’d be able to get rid of her if you tried.”

T.J. laughed heartily “Likely to beat me senseless.”

“And you’d let her.” West shot back at him with a knowing smirk.

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