Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 88


Watching his little sister muck around, acting out the things she was going to do, once the studio was built, was so cute, almost like he was getting to see her childlike wonder, something he’d not gotten to do. Not raised under the same roof. Made him smile. This was probably what she had been like, playing tea party.

To see West jump in and tease her, even play that game with her, was a big bloody shock. Not even T.J. knew the man had that in him. Knew he would be able to laugh and smile with her, but play like that? Even saw Ricky smiling and shaking his head, shocked him to it seemed.

This was a very good idea, for the both of them, it seemed, bringing Jo-Jo out here to her studio even though it was not finished. She could see it and loved it. Everyone could see how excited she was, even Beta Ben, who currently looked non to plussed at the sight of her and West getting along.

Really getting along. Jayden did have competition the man was realising.

Even telling Jo-Jo he would stand and watch her paint, hold her while she was painting, showed her how much he was going to support her interests, letting her know that he was more than happy to allow her to continue to paint if she chose him. A good thing.

Beta Ben had rolled his eyes and muttered “bullshit.” under his breath, when West had told her he’d build it even if she wasn’t here, hang her art even. T.J. had a feeling he would and this studio would be the man’s home. He’d likely leave the Alpha suite and never return to it if she chose Jayden.

They were all standing up on the treeline not allowed to interfere unless things got out of hand, but T.J. had the distinct feeling Volt would be on his best behaviour. He needed West to be able to win Jo-Jo over. Clova was already in. It was their human counterparts that needed to be fixed and so far so good, from what he was seeing.

Ricky was smiling at them now,” They’re actually good together.” he commented quietly to T.J.

“Yes.” T.J. agreed, as they trailed the two of them walking hand in hand through the woods. T.J. stopped both Ricky and Ben a little way down the path. He knew West was going to stop on that bridge, not that he had ever seen the man bring anyone out here, he knew where West was taking Jo-Jo.

Actually stood and watched his best friend k!ssing his little sister. It wasn’t the first time, found Ricky’s hand gripping his arm all of a sudden, his head was tilted and his Gamma instincts were clearly turned on. Saw the man turn and smile right at him. She was enjoying it by the look on Ricky’s face.

This did not really surprise T.J. He’d seen them in the hospital, but this was the first time Ricky had seen it. West was not holding anything back, was now, it seemed, telling her everything he felt, told her how she made him feel. It was good. Could only be good, and by Ricky’s happy demeanour, it was not just he who thought so too.

Then to tell her he was going to let her see Heath, a bonus. T.J. already knew West thought the man was dying. He had even provided the man with a bed. He’d had to be restrained but that was only done to stop him from hurting himself. She would understand that. He and West would both be there when she visited Heath. It was likely that she was going to be upset about his condition.

Sat in the chair in front of Wests desk and smiled right at him. “1 think that went very well.

“I hope so.” the man nodded.

“What’s the matter, West? Ricky was even smiling most of the time.”

“Do you think I should have not brought Heath up?” he was frowning, already second guessing himself.

“No. a good little bonus at the end of your date.

“I don’t know.” he shook his head “Maybe I should have just left it and then brought her here to discuss it separately. It might seem I’m using Heath to help my cause.”

“It might. But so what? You would have gone to her and told her anyway, so it’s going to seem that way regardless. To your way of thinking.”

Watched as West rubbed his temples, “I don’t want to push her into choosing me, I want her to actually want to choose me.”

“It’s still early West, give it time, today was a good day. She was smiling, laughing and happy. As were you for that matter.” he stood up and stretched, rolled all of his muscles. “Well West, I have to go break my woman out of house arrest.” He smiled

“Goddess, did Cole ground a 28 year old Woman?”

“Yes, and I believe the man is sitting staring at her, watching her every move, totally under his watchful eye.”

“Did she tell him where she was?”

“Nope, but I’m about to. She’s my woman now.” he grinned.

“Go get her Terence. Just don’t kill our Delta now.” he snorted at him.

“Na, I can just sit on the man or hold him down. Why Ella packs.” he shrugged and walked out the office.

Made his way up the stairs, right to the Delta’s suite where Ella lived with her parents on the 3rd floor and rapped on the door. He’d not told her of any of his plans yet. Had simply stated to just sit and wait he’d deal with Cole when the time was right.

Ella opened the door. “Terence.” she smiled right at him “What brings you here?”

He nearly laughed at her, she likely knew exactly why he was here and was playing dumb for Cole’s sake, but her tone was all seductive like, damned woman tickled his funny bone to no end.

“Time to go Ella.” he reached out and slipped his hand into hers, stepped into the Delta suite and saw Cole get up from his seat on the couch his eyes went from their hands to T.J.!’s eyes, and he was now glaring at him. Everything he thought and had been snarling about during training this morning was confirmed.

T.J. raised an eyebrow at him as he walked Ella through their living room to the door that was her bedroom, knew which one it was had been in here a million times growing up. Gave her a gentle k!ss right on the temple in front of Cole. “Go and pack Ella, you’ll be moving in with me today.”

Saw those beautiful light blue eyes of hers light up with happiness, and that smile that touched her l!ps, Goddess he’d never get used to seeing her look at him like that. Made his heart thunder inside his chest, so beautiful. Gave her a gentle nudge into her room before he ripped her clothes clean off and have her right in front of her brother.

“Terence.” it was a very angry sounding Cole.

T.J. turned to look at the man leaned on the wall across from Ella’s bedroom door so he could see her too. “Ella and I have decided to be together.

“Cole “

“No.” he shook his head “She can’t, she is not your Mate “

“In one year, I will Mark and Mate her. If she does not find her Mate.”

“The hell you will.” he got snarled at.

Ella, however, was suddenly standing in her doorway staring at him. A hand on her heart and tears in her eyes “Really?” she looked like the happiest creature in the world, yet there was a tinge of nervousness in that one word.

“Yes Ella,” he smiled right at he. “Go pack now,” he told her softly. Saw her brush the tears away as they slipped down her face, he could actually see love in her eyes now. Made his heart swell.

“I will not let you do this.” Cole snapped, interrupting their moment. Stalked towards Ella’s room, to stop her from packing, T.J. guessed.

T.J. put a hand on the man. “Cole, I love her. You know this, do not get between Ella and I anymore.”

“She’s not your Mate Terence. What if you find you’re Mate? What is that going to do to her?” he yelled at T.J. yanking himself from T.J.’s grip and staring at him angrily.

“I doubt it will Cole. And I am not actively going to look either. I want Ella and no-one else, so deal with it.”

“You can’t just choose a Mate, it has to go through the Alpha.”

“I am an Alpha Cole. Do you forget this just because l am happy playing at being the Beta?”

Saw the man glare right at him. “You’re not the Alpha of this Pack.” he grated out.

“And who do you think will take over if Jo-anne leaves and West steps down?”

Saw the man’s eyes go very wide at this news. Seems no-one here understood their Alpha at all. “Will you still protest and keep me from my Luna?”

There was an edge to his words, he could feel Ella’s eyes upon him. Though he knew she was still packing. This had caught her off guard as well.

“Till that happens, if it happens. You’re not the pack Alpha and you just can’t claim what you want without his approval.” T.J. smiled right at the man. “It’s already approved by our Alpha,” he informed Cole.

Saw Ella in the doorway now. “Really?”

“Yes, go finish packing Ella.” he nodded to her “Everything is fine, if your brother here, has a real issue with this. Let him bring it up formally, in front of West, my parents, your parents and you.” His eyes moved right back to Cole “The real reason must be stated.” T.J. did not think that Cole was ready to do that.

But let’s see if he would? The real reason wouldn’t just affect Cole, but Ricky as well. Those two thought they were hiding their relationship from everyone. However, they all travelled together and he and West were dead certain as to what was going on, whether anyone else in the pack knew, who knew.

They were very careful, and had been their entire lives, very discreet, though why T.J. didn’t know. West was not going to object, it might shock a few pack members, but it would be accepted and approved of. West was actually very open-minded about se*xuality.

“Terence, I can not let this happen. Put an end to it or I will!”

“Go ahead.” T.J. called his bluff.

“Your mother and your grandparents, the King and Queen, will never allow it.”

T.J. snorted “Really why is that?”

“Royal bloodline to protect.”

“Hmm. I guess you don’t know. My mother ran away from them, the King and Queen, because they wanted to Mate her off to a man of their choosing, not her Goddess-Gifted Mate.”

Cole was glaring at him now, “Your mother will never allow it then.”

“We’ll see, call that meeting Cole or I will do it for you.” he was starting to get royally ticked off at this man’s instance.

T.J. did not fear his mother, she had her own secrets to protect, going head to head with her over Ella, he knew she would back down first rather than be outed as Jo-anne’s biological mother to his father, who was going to be right in the room. He was 100% certain she would not challenge him on this matter.

Saw Cole take a swing at him, wrong move. He was already getting more than annoyed with him.

T.J. moved out of the way, grabbed his wrist and twisted it up behind his back, shoved him up against the wall and held him there.

Heard Ella’s panicked gasp. She didn’t want them fighting. He knew that “Pack Ella, we’ll do this the official way now. I assure you it will be approved.”

“Get off me.” Cole snarled at him.

T.J. leaned on him, Lark lent him just enough power to keep Cole and his wolf pinned to the wall,

“Do you really want to take me on for real Cole? You know you can’t win. Not even West can beat me, you know this.” he sighed. He didn’t want to hurt the man.

“She’s my little sister Terence. Don’t do this to her. You have to know how she feels about you?”

“Yes, the same way I feel about her.” the man was still so insistent he was not going to let this go, was still trying to fight his way off the wall too. Mind-linked to West ‘Alpha a formal meeting is needed. My family, Ella’s family. Cole will be the reason why?’

‘Are you sure, Terence?’

‘Yes, the man is in fight mode. Lets just do it officially.”

‘Alright.might get ugly’

‘Yes I understand.”

Till call it now.’ West shut the mind-link.

It was reopened a moment later and T.J. felt Ella, both her parents, lan and Maria, plus Cole be linked in, then his parents, Belinda and Jonathan, could feel all their attention being given to their Alpha.

“I hear by request all linked in, to be in my office for an official Mating meeting of Chosen Mates. 15 minutes, there will be no exception. If you do not attend, it will be taken as a matter of disrespect and punishment will be dealt out. This matter will no longer concern you and your opinion will not count in anyway. No further actions on your behalf will be heard after the decision has been finalised.’ The multilined mind-link severed.

T.J. released Cole and stepped back. “you have about 5 minutes to rescind your complaint to West in person, then the meeting happens regardless.”

Cole was glaring right at T.J., looked more than pissed off in fact, then he just turned and stalked out of the suite, banged the door shut behind him.

T.J. sighed and shook his head, the man just had to push too hard. He turned and looked at Ella. “Sorry Ella.” he’d hoped he’d been able to talk the man into it. But it was never going to happen.

She stood and shook her head “Always going to come down to this, I guess.” then she just sighed and closed her suitcase. Put it on the floor. “l have so much stuff, Terence.”

“Just bring clothes for now, we can move you at leisure after the meeting.” he smiled gently at her, held out his hand to her “Now come here you.” he growled softly at her, they were alone finally.

She grinned right at him, had not missed his tone, practically jumped into his arms and k!ssed him “You wanna? In my room I’ve never in here. T.J. laughed “Oh baby. 15 minutes is not even close to enough time for what I want to do to you.” She giggled “I bet l could do something to you in 15 minutes to make you happy.” she was grinning at him.

TJ. growled right at her “Don’t tempt me woman, we can’t miss our own mating meeting.

You, however, can do all you want to me tonight. I promise” She hugged him “l’m gonna.” she sucked his lower l!p into her mouth real hard and then slid her l!ps off it in a smacking sound “yummy.”

T.J. shoved her hard up against the wall and k!ssed her hard “Damn you woman.” his voice was all husky. He knew what she meant, ground his body up against hers. “”ll repay in kind,” he whispered in her ear, grabbed her a*ss and rocked his h!ps against hers, heard her moan softly. Then he yanked himself away from her before they did miss their own meeting. “Temptress,” he growled as he pulled her out of the suite and headed down the stairs to Wests office. She was giggling at him.

“You love it.” she squeezed his a*ss.

And he did love it. She was a bloody Vixen, and was going to get everything she ever wanted, when they went to bed tonight. Might just have to tie her down and let her drown in the pleasure he could give her. Smirked to himself, he hadn’t even asked her if she liked that kind of thing. He would thoroughly enjoy it though. Spend hours touching her. Hearing her gasp and moan, cry out and scream, begging him to stop, only to have him continue until she was exhausted and sated completely.

He saw Ricky and Cole on the first floor landing holding a mind-link conversation and wondered if Ricky was trying to talk him out of it. Continued on to West’s office, dropped himself on to the couch and sat Ella right in his lap, a full display of what was going on for all those that would walk through the door.

West just smiled at the two of them. Said nothing.

Her parents arrived first. Both lan and Maria looked right at the two of them. Her mother snorted and shook her head, “Got him I see dear.” didn’t seem to object at all.

“Yep.” Ella smiled right at her mother, lan sighed “Where is Cole?”

“Not here yet.” West replied “He is the one voicing the objection.”

“Of course he is.” lan answered, shaking his head.

Jonathan and Belinda arrived next. His mother glared right at him but said nothing. His father just shook his head, said nothing at this point.

Cole was the last to enter the room. Glared right at T.J. and Ella in his lap. Closed the door and walked across the room.

“Voice your objection Cole.” West got right to the point.

“They are not Mates.” he snapped.

“No, they are not Cole. But they are both without a Mate and are old enough to choose a Mate. So that’s not the reason. I don’t think. Certainly not enough for me to reject the pairing.”

“West, I have talked to you about this before,” Cole stated flatly.

“No, you told me you didn’t want them together because Terence might find his Mate and Ella would get hurt.”

That’s correct.”

“That’s not good enough, Cole. If they both want to Mark and Mate each other, and my understanding is that they both do.” West turned look at he and Ella with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes.” He and Ella stated together.

Watched, West turn back to Cole. “Then Cole, unless you can come up with a legitimate concern that affects the pack itself. I’m going to allow it if 50% of the parents agree. So do you have another reason?”

Everyone was looking at Cole now. He looked more than unhappy. “Ella needs to produce the next Delta heir for you West.” he finally snapped “I won’t be having any children.”

Saw Maria blink in surprise “What? Why not Son?”

Cole’s jaw was ticking. T.J. sighed heavily “Cole, you have a brother that already has a child. That child can be the Delta heir. Why must it be Ella?”

“To keep her away from you.” he shot right at T.J. The man was so angry about this.

Ella got up off his lap and walked over to her brother. “That’s not fair to me Cole.” she said softly,

“I know you want to protect me, but I love Terence, always have. Please don’t object any further.”

“What if he finds his Mate Ella?”

“I am his Mate. From now on till always.” She told him firmly.

“I don’t like it, Ella, a lot can happen in a year. You could get your heart broken.”

“No I won’t.” she shook her head” I trust Terence has made his mind up.”

T.J. stood “And I have. I’d like a formal Mating agreement, Alpha Westley. 1 year, Ella and I will Mark and Mate, 1 year from today. We will live together until then.”

West looked right at him “I accept your request, Beta Terence, Ella?”

“l agree with the condition Alpha Westley.” She smiled right at T.J and then she walked over and slid her arms around him as if to confirm how happy she was with the decision.

West looked at Ella’s parents. “lan, Maria, do you object”

“No.” they both shook their heads. That made T.J. fill with relief. He’d never really known what they thought about it, seems he did hold some concern about it.

“Jonathan, Belinda, do you have any objections?”

His father looked at Ella, smiled and shook his head. “No, I like the girl.” His mother was staring right at him, he did know she would prefer Goddess-Gifted Mates for all her children. He stared right back at her, it was just a formality at this point. West had gotten the numbers needed to declare it. He watched her eyes move to Ella.

He could feel Ella getting nervous. He slid his arm around her and pulled her right into his side.

Mother, I want this. I would prefer to have your blessing, but I do not need it.” he sighed. He knew Ella would also like to have her approval, even though she had not voiced it.

Watched as his mother walked right up to Ella, and tilted the girl’s face up to look down at her and his complete shock, saw her eyes go completely white, like a seer’s, put both her hands on Ella’s face. His mother was a seer. He had no idea. Felt Ella shudder, yes it was a creepy a*ss sensation to have one stare into your soul and dig through your mind.

Everyone in the room seemed completely shocked bar his father. She stood for about a solid minute as she held Ella’s gaze, felt her body convulse “Bin.” he snapped at West, his hand out as Ella’s hand shot to her mouth and she gagged, a natural response, West tossed him the empty bin and T.J. put it in her hands, watched as the poor girl heaved the contents of her stomach right up.

“Approved.” Belinda nodded “Child, you do realise every child you have with Terence, must be presented to the Royal seer’s. What you got just now, was a small dose of what they will get.”

He saw Ella’s eyes move right to him. T.J. nodded to her, unfortunately it was not something they could avoid at this point. “You and I will go with them,” he reassured her.

Saw her turn back to his mother. “Yes Belinda,” she nodded.

“Then I foresee no problem with the union, Alpha Westley.”

“Then I grant the Mating Agreement. Cole, I will accept your brother’s child as the next Delta heir, you should go and inform him of your choice not to have children in the future.” and waved the man out of his office, he went without issue.


“Another time Terence, please…’m dealing with a lot right now.” he watched her walk away, his father walked right over to him and hugged him. “It took you long enough, son, to claim what you want.

“Sorry about that.”

“Ah, son. Everything happens for a reason…everything.” then he looked at Ella. “

Welcome daughter. I’d hug you but…” he indicated the bin full of vomit she was still holding.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t”

“Don’t be.” his father waved it off “Terence still throws up too.” he smirked right at T.J. and then simply strolled out the office after his Mate.

Ella’s parents stood smiling at them both, Maria walked over and hugged both of them regardless of the bin. “I’ll help her pack son. I’ll be expecting grand babies very soon. Lots of them too”.

“Mum,” he heard Ella exclaim, and sounded a weak bit embarrassed. T.J. didn’t think anything could embarrass the woman. Seemed he was wrong.

“I’ll get on that the minute we are Marked and Mated, I assure you Maria.”

Ella’s eyes turned to his really wide now. “What do you want to wait until I’m old and wrinkly?” T.J. teased her.

Saw her snort and shake her head.

“You don’t have to wait till then, son, now is fine with me. Come on sweetie, I’ll help you pack. Do you mind if I help her move in?”

He was a little shocked that she didn’t want them to wait, kind of liked the idea, left it for now.

There was no rush. “Not at all, Maria.” he smiled at Ella, k!ssed her temple “Go on up I’ll come up soon.

She nodded and left with her parents. They closed the door behind them.

“You saved Cole’s backside.”

“Ah, I didn’t want to do it this way. He’s not ready for everyone to know.”

“Doesn’t look like it,” West acknowledged.

“But now he knows, both you and I know about him and Ricky,” T.J. commented.

“Yeah, we might have to bring them both in”

“Ricky’s got Hayden’s kids to fall back on. It’ll be fine.” I.J. nodded and smiled right at West.


“Get, go be with her. Just don’t forget your chaperone duties with Jo-anne.”

T.J. looked right at the man. “Do you really think I am going to leave Jayden, alone with my little sister?” he shook his head. That was completely absurd, he headed off upstairs to go with Ella.

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