Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 91

West POV.

He was woken by oliver ‘Alpha.’

‘Mm what?’ he muttered still tired.

‘Something is wrong with your Luna.”

That snapped him wide awake, sat bolt up right


‘All lathered in a heavy sweat, eyes all glowing, is stumbling around stating she feels all hot wants to go outside. Is going out side.’

West was up and out of be looking for pants ‘ls she hot?’

‘Oh yeah, radiating off of her like a furnace, heading downstairs for outside.’

‘Stay with her, I’ll be only a few minutes behind, I stress Oliver, I wouldn’t touch her.

‘Yeah I got that already, even trying to help her stand up she growled at me.’

‘Stay with her.’

His pants were on, didn’t bother with anything else, banged on T.J.’s door ‘Get out of bed, Jo-anne is about to explode.’ he shot down the mind-link knowing full well, he was 100% certain he was interrupting his Beta with his new Mate. But had no choice, was gonna need the man ‘Sorry.’ he shot at

T.J. a second later as he headed down stairs.

They knew it was coming, without Heath’s blood to supress her Royal Alpha genes, and what ever the hell else she was it was only a matter of time, before this happened. Alpha Jayden he saw was also coming, still pulling clothes on himself as he came down the hall.

“What the hell is going on West?”

“You’re guess is as good as mine Jayden.” He shot at the man as he hit the stairs for the ground floor.

‘On the move alpha.’ Oliver linked him, West picked up the pace and could see her sprinting away towards the cells, could feel Volts anxiousness at what was going on, sprinted after her.

She was running at full Alpha wolf speed he noted, neither he nor Jayden were going to catch her, damned royal blood in her made her fast like her mother and brother.


“Just run Jayden.” he shot at the man, didn’t the time to explain anything to him right this second, she got there ahead of them, they’d both passed Oliver and Andrew her guards for the night.


‘Cells.’ he shot right back to T.J.

‘What the…’ the link was severed, the man would not be far behind, could out run anyone with exception to his mothers wolf. Made West now wonder if he could out run Jo-anne, it was possible, but he’d seen just how fast she was on two feet now. Maybe not. Might have to pit them against each other at some point and see.

He put his hand on Jayden and halted them a good distance away he could see those moons all down her back were all glowing, even under the tiny blue singlet top she was wearing there was a definite glow.

Oliver was not wrong either, she was indeed hot, heat was radiating off of her in waves it seemed, he could feel it from all the way back here, kind of looked like there was a heat haze around her, like on super hot days and you could see the heat coming up of the roads when driving your car.

“Don’t do anything stupid Jayden, neither of us know what she is.” He tried to keep Jayden in check.

To hear her words Let us in, Let us see him.

She’d never referred to herself and Clova as us before and her voice was a little weird, like they were talking as one, both of them together, only usually done when orders were being given or the claiming of ones Mate, other than that, it was one or the other.

“Jo-anne.” he heard Jayden yell and try to command her attention, the idiot was going to start a fight, and West knew he was not going to be able to stop it. Had taken Belinda he last time.

Saw her turn and was not surprised by the full glow of her eyes, it was bright like neon, saw her snarl as she looked right at Jayden. Looked to him and snarled at him as well, her eyes moved over everyone in the area. All that were here watching her, assessing the threat he wondered, must not have perceived one, turned away from them all, had something else on her mind.

West tuned his hearing into the cells, as she tilted her head, to hear what she was hearing, Heath was in there thrashing about, hurting himself probably as he lay chained to that bed.

He warned Jayden, when the man tried to command her to come to him even told him that it wasn’t the Jo-anne they knew and she was not, this was all her fathers bloodline he imagined and that man, was powerful he was certain of it. Wondered if he to was an Alpha of some sort.

Jayden did not listen to him and stupidly rolled his Alpha Aura right at her, not even West would do that right this minute, who knew what kind of response it would elicit from an already pissed off Alpha blooded wolf.

It didn’t seem to effect her at all, just pissed her off even further it seemed. Turned to stare right at the man. “you did not just push me?”

‘Push me’ West thought, if she thought his Alpha Aura was just a push at her, that was not a good thing, even the guard behind her had bared his neck to Jayden’s Aura as it had been rolled at her, West even heard the man gasp in pain, it had not been a push it was likely the full dose of he mans Aura and she had not even so much as flinched.

“You want to play.” she’d roared at the man.

“No Jo-anne, don’t.” West had called out to her, she would hurt herself if she hurt one of her Mates, when she settled down and came back to normal, she would be devastated completely, and if she killed him, it would likely rip her apart.

She looked right at him, so he knew she’d heard his words, a good thing but the snarl he got meant she was not going to listen to him.

Stupid man next to him just couldn’t let it go, no Alpha like being challenged, and she was his Mate and actively defying him, it was clear she did not want to listen, wasn’t going to do as she was told, but still that man was going to try and force his will on her.

‘Belinda.’ he reached out for her mother


‘Cells now, Jo-anne has lost all control.”


I’m sorry I can’t reach her at all.’

‘Coming West.’ the link was severed Watched as she screamed and all her Royal Alpha Aura poured out of her, he and Volt snarled and shot out of the way, to late though had gotten hit by it, bared their own neck to her. Damned near bowed down to her, staggered another step away and was released from her aura. Jayden how ever copped the full force of it, the man was forced back several steps and his neck bared to her as well.

It was all going to sh!t, West watched as the mans wolf surfaced, felt Volt rise at the threat it posed to his Mate ‘don’t’ West warned him ‘she will see us as not different to him. Right now I think.’

‘He harms Clova I’ll kill him.’ Volt snarled right back.

Loch and Jayden ordering her to submit, was the most stupidest thing he’d ever seen, n0-one not even Jayden knew what she was yet he and his wolf were going to challenge her. When it was perfectly clear she’d already out muscled him and his wolf with her Aura.

West already knew that Jo-anne had Royal blood, but it was now very likely that so did Jayden, he would not have missed it. Royals had a very distinctive feeling to them when they asserted themselves, and no-one other than another Royal could resist them.

Jayden had gotten a good dose of her aura, he now knew his Mate had Royal blood, likely wanted it for himself even more, the power it would bring to his offspring would be great. Likely why he and his wolf were now fighting for her to submit.

Heard her say ‘never’ and knew she meant it, warned Jayden, stepped over to him and put a hand on him to try and get him to see sense of the situation. The fool how ever did not listen and stalked off towards her, demanding that she will submit to him, he was going to die if T.J. and Belinda didn’t get their a*sses out here soon.

Watched her c0ck her neck, never seen her do that before, she was all fight it seemed, saw both her hands snap down and her claws protrude from her fingers not all at once either, one after the other such a menacing sight, she, they had full control over their body and that was a display of their control. Likely a warning to Jayden, but he was to concerned with his need to make her submit to him to realise he was about to get into a battle he could not win.

To hear Jo-anne tell Jayden’s wolf to submit to her, shocked him a little. Clova was always happy to be dominated by Volt at all times. Then to hear her state he was ‘nothing compared to us, unified as one.’ scared even West more than a little he had to admit.

Unified as one, two minds together as one, in complete sync and it did appear that way he realised, but who the hell had that much control, and to hold it for so long.

‘Clova special, beautiful.’ Volt snorted at him as though he had always known this.

West could not disagree with Volt, watched her close her eyes and sigh as thought she finally understood herself, then when they opened, she smiled right at Jayden quite menacingly “Come and get us.” and then she shot forward to get the man herself.

West was already on the move, the minute she had smiled at him, knocked the stupid man out of her path, crash tackled him to the ground “Enough Jayden she will kill you, Royal blooded did you not feel that.”

“Mine, not yours, I will claim what is mine, that power is mine, I will not give it up to you.”

“It is not your choice you idiot.” he snarled at Jayden “Get a bloody hold of yourself or die. That’s your choice here. I will not get between the two of you again, she’ll kill you and I’ll claim her.”

Saw Jayden glare right at West, and finally back down.

Turned to face her only to see Andrew go flying through the air, and be slammed into a tree, fall unconscious to the ground, a howl of pain came from the cells behind him and her head whipped around so fast. All this was over Heath yet again that man.

“Jo-anne please calm down.” he tried to calm her, kept his voice calm and gentle, trying to reach her was about to tell her she could see Heath; knew it would likely calm the situation only to have Jayden interrupt him. The man had no patience at all it seemed.

“Don’t ask her you fool, make her.”

Watched the man incite her rage even further, she laughed evilly if ever there was one to be heard

“Come play with me.” her anger and taunting words aim directly at Jayden “I want to play with you. West sighed there was no stopping it, he was literally powerless to stop her, he was an Alpha but she was a Royal Blooded Alpha, Jayden signed his own death certificate the second his wolf shot off the mark to accept the challenge, he would not get involved or they would all likely die.

Watched as T.J. finally arrived at full Alpha wolf speed, reached out and yanked her away from the oncoming wolf, she was not expecting it, was flung away from them all and T.J. put himself between her and Jayden his aura was rolling out of him at Jayden, forcing his wolf to back down, it didn’t take long.

“Calm down little one. I’m right here.” his voice was soft and caring full of love West realised.

Saw her snarl at him “You won’t hurt me.”

“Move.” she snapped at him, at least this time she did appear to not want to hurt him, had been utterly devastated the last time, she’d not likely do it again.

“No. Calm down.”

Then she was screaming right at him, saw the mans body stiffen her aura was rolling out of her and he was likely feeling it, Jayden bare his neck at the feel of it yet again.

Saw Belinda step up to her, reach out and touch her face “Shh.. my child, Calm yourselves.” her own mother, the only one who could calm her last time.

“I want.” watched as Jo-anne’s whole body turned to the woman, goddess how had he never known, they looked so much alike. The same grey eyes, the same cinnamon brown hair, the same skin tone, she was all her mother, glanced at T.J. he looked relieved to see his mother. Wondered how he felt about Jo-anne’s aura, his neck had not bared but his whole body at stiffened, had he been fighting it and how much effort had that taken.

Jayden was now standing watching, he saw them man recognise the likeness.

“Shh.. I know so much power, its hard to contain… Shh…”

Jo-anne just stood, her arms were hanging at her sides like she was in some kind of trance even listen and relax…” her claws retracted “l can help you. I will help you understand.”

“So hot.” he heard Jo-anne say softly.

“I know.” Belinda smiled gently down at her own daughter, ran a hand through the girls sweat drenched hair, she was covered from head to toe in sweat, she had meant it when she had said she was hot, her whole body was hot and burning up it seemed, it could be felt from metres away.

Watched as Belinda put her arms around Jo-anne and hugged her, saw actual tears fall from her eyes as she closed them and held her daughter for the first time as a mother “Shh my child…I have you now.” she sighed softly, claiming the child she had given up at birth.

“I don’t want…to hurt anyone.” he heard Jo-anne say “l’m sorry.” she whispered and then passed out completely in Belinda’s arms just like the last time.

West walked over to her as she knelt down to the ground and lay her daughter down “This is not good West.” she sighed “I had hoped, she would not be like him.” she was brushing sweaty hair off of Jo-anne’s face.

They all heard a pained howl come from the cells, West sighed “It’s always heath.” he muttered as he hunkered down “thank you for coming.”

“Sedate that man, he is the catalyst. When she wakes up bring her right here to see him.” her eyes moved to West “She needs to fix him, he’s broken.”

“Insane.” West sighed.

“My little girl can fix him. I’m certain of it, been saving things all her life, without even knowing she was doing it.”

“Alright.” he was in agreement and he had been going to let her see him today anyway.

“Terence my boy.” she turned to look at him.

“Now what did I tell you about getting in front of your little sister?”

T.J. chuckled “Awe come on mum, my little sister would never hurt me.”

“You have some faith boy. Get that from your father you do.”

“Ah shucks mum.” he laughed.

“Now. Who is the idiot that had the hide.” She stated as she stood up and looked right at Jayden “

To attack my child. A Royal bloody Princess.” She emphasised the last three words, already knew by the way she was stalking over to that man.

Watched T.J. snort and step out of the way “and you thought I was bad. Good luck Alpha Jayden.”

T.J. walked right over and stood next to West as he watched Belinda stare the man down, he could not challenge her, it would bring the whole royal army down on his pack.

Her hand was on his face, just one claw protruded from her pointer finger and she scratched his face with it, saw the man flinch, then watched as Belinda leaned forward and licked that blood off of his face.

“Now I have you.” she closed her eyes “Hm.” shook her head slightly “You ever bring harm to my little girl, I will hunt you down myself. I know blood now. And I’ll not just hunt you, your entire blood line, right down too.” she laughed “Your bastard daughter, you don’t claim to.”

Saw the mans eyes go wide, that was news to everyone, West wondered if the man knew himself that he had an illegitimate daughter out there. Then she let go of him.

“West, pick up my baby and take her back to her bed please.”

“Of course Belinda.” he knelt down and picked Jo-anne up, settled her with the help of T.J. against his chest “You will also stay with her the night, she will need comfort when she wakes up.”

“No, that is unacceptable.” it was Alpha Jayden.

“Terence son, you to will stay, I’ll call your Mate as well, the three of you will be there when she wakes up.”

“Yes mother.”

“Come now.” she turned to Jayden “You might want to get your broken man to the pack hospital, he’s bleeding internally.”

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