Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 92

West POV

It was clear to West that Belinda was no longer going to hide who she was anymore, though the woman lay unconscious in his arms and had yet to hear Belinda’s very loud claim, that she was her daughter or a royal princess, he was certain it wouldn’t take long for her to come forward.

Belinda had just outed herself in front of Oliver, his top war general, his cell guard would have heard it and she had confronted Alpha Jayden. His man was now on his way to the pack hospital. West knew that both his men would not say anything at all. They knew Jo-anne had not grown up with Belinda in the Beta suite, with Heath elsewhere in the pack, so it was to be kept quiet at this point.

Though whether Alpha Jayden would keep his mouth shut was another matter, but then again, the man was now under full threat if he so much as harmed Jo-anne. She would personally hunt him down, his whole bloodline, that was interesting in itself. She was a seer, he’d not known that, neither had T.J., the shocked expression on his face said it all.

Although Ella had been told she’d gotten a small dose, West now wondered just how powerful a seer the woman was. She had not used her foresight to see into Jayden, had tasted his blood, tested it maybe, had not liked what she’d seen in all likelihood. Wondered what it was in fact.

The three of them, West, T.J. and Belinda were all walking in silence, though West could see that Belinda was now walking with her son’s arm around her shoulders, back to being a happy family now that the secret was out, he supposed.

West wondered when Belinda was going to come for him, to have a piece of him. She had just threatened Jayden in front of all for only attacking her daughter, and not just him his whole blood line.

His past with Jo-anne was not good and she had been here for all of it. Likely the only reason she didn’t come for him at the time was that no-one knew she was Jo-anne’s mother and it would have outed her back then, but now?

“Belinda, about Jo-anne.” might as well get it over with, so he would start the conversation.

“Let it go West” She turned to look at him “I know how you feel. I also know you could not stop it yourself.” she sighed heavily “l know a great deal more than you think. If my little girl has forgiven you,” she smiled and reached out to touch Jo-anne’s hair, “and I know she has, so have l. Just don’t do it again. There are still some things we will need to sit down and discuss, but not now.”

“I won’t ever again, I promise you that.” and he wouldn’t.

They were almost at the pack-house when she stopped walking and put her hand on both of them.

He and T.J. stopped and looked at her. Her eyes were white now, she was seeing something.

“Not good,” she muttered, looked right at T.J. and West heard him sigh.

“How long, mother?”

“I don’t know” she shook her head. “they still seem a bit confused, but the King’s seer they felt something, power and they are searching for it, thankfully at this time I don’t see them coming this way.” she turned and looked to West “I’ll let you know if she is in trouble.”

“Trouble?” he asked, now frowning.

“Yes. I believe the Kingdoms seer’s just felt a new and powerful Royal Aura, that they had no idea about. They are trying to track it, might take them some time. I won’t be high on their list. All my children were presented at birth, I never hid them, I do not ever present myself as a threat, don’t even think about them, keeps me off their radar, so to speak. I have several siblings in the human world, currently. You know I have like a dozen right.”

He did not know she had a dozen siblings.

Knew the king and queen did have many children and grandchildren at that, but not living in the kingdom itself didn’t really concern him or make him look into it, unlikely to come across Royals out here.

“They do not know about Jo-anne and I made sure of that. Let’s just wait and see, it was only a brief roll of power, they might not be able to track it at all, gone before they felt it 1’d say.”

“and this is trouble?”

She looked at Jo-anne. “Unfortunately, yes.

“Because you didn’t declare her?” he knew all royals had to be presented to the kingdom.

“No, because of who she actually is. What she will be to them. I won’t have them get their hands on her West. I hid her for a very good reason. I did not abandon my child for no reason. She had to be protected and not just from her father, who is dead, by the way, killed that sick evil bastard myself.” She grated out, “but all the seer’s in the kingdom, Hendrick the most. She has to be hidden from them all.”

“Why may I ask?”

“Inside. This is not the time or the place for such a discussion.”

West just nodded, it likely needed to be behind closed doors.

Ella was standing on the first floor hall by the stairs waiting for them all. Just wearing pyjamas, very similar to Jo-anne’s he noted, Belinda smiled right at her. “There is my daughter, who makes my son so very happy.”

Saw Ella blush, and watched Belinda go over and hug her and then the two of them held a private mind-link conversation. When it was over, Ella was just staring at Belinda in what could only be described as shock. “now the four of you go and get some sleep, and West..”

“Yes Belinda.”

“Things are not over, not even close. Heath, you have to let her deal with him, however she wants to. First thing in the morning, or tonight will only repeat itself, but on a level we can not contain.”

“First thing,” West nodded. “I was going to take her over anyway, I think he’s dying.”

Watched the woman nod her head. “Good, do it before breakfast, she might.” turned and looked at Jo-anne for a solid minute. Her head tilted slightly.

“Throw up afterwards, oh and stop torturing the girl with your..” she chuckled “Naughty thoughts.” And then she just turned and trotted up the stairs still chuckling to herself. It appeared she was back to the happy woman she had been before T.J. had confronted her about Jo-anne.

That was a very odd statement, torturing the girl with his naughty thoughts? He found both Ella and T.J. staring at him questioningly “I don’t know.”

He shrugged and shook his head. He did not understand her comment anymore than either of them. T.J. opened her door and they all filed in.

“What did mother say to you?” T.J. questioned her as soon as the door was closed.

“None ya business.” but she was grinning at him “Now. let’s get Jo-anne all cleaned up and some one tell me what the hell happened.”

T.J. sat on the couch and let him and Ella wash Jo-anne’s sweaty body down and redress her, while West tried to explain what he’d seen happen. West noted that the man kept his eyes averted the whole time, not that he wouldn’t have seen her na*ked before, but now that she was his sister, he didn’t look.

Though when West thought about it, the man had backed away from her and averted his eyes the day she’d come out of the bathroom in her towel, had put a shirt on her when she’d been bitten by Jester and had stood behind her in the Luna suite, very respectful of their sibling relationship. Not that she knew about it yet. That was a conversation still to be had.

West put Jo-anne into the bed and watched as Ella climbed right in next to her, a little shocked by the behaviour, as she slid right under the covers.

What? Jo-anne and I used to sleep next to each other all the time, stayed in my room with me most nights from when she was like 15.” she told him then looked at T.J. “Terence come on.” she pat the bed next to her, but the man didn’t walk over, his eyes were on a piece of paper on the wall.

“What is this?” T.J. walked over to it.

West walked over as well, and frowned at it “Only one can be happy?” he turned and questioned Ella, it was her hand writing.

“Yeah, I guess we’ll get to that tomorrow sometime. Let’s just say our Jo-anne got a visit from Selena, the moon Goddess herself. She can tell you tomorrow, come on. It’s late and I know we are all tired.”

She was not wrong about that. West did not particularly relish sleeping in the jeans he was wearing, but was not about to strip himself na*ked and crawl into her bed. The minute she woke up, he’d have her and he knew it. Volt, it seemed, was in agreement and happy about the thought.

But he also was not going to sleep on that couch, slid into the bed next to her, propped himself up on one elbow and looked down at her, T.J. turned the lights out and slid right into the bed himself. On the other side of Ella, pulled her into his arms with a playful growl and West’s eyes moved to them. They had better not, he thought, saw Ella whack him, but chuckle at the same time. Then made herself comfortable, snuggled right into the man’s chest.

His eyes met T.J.’s, darkness did not hinder their eyesight, one of the perks of being a wolf. That they could see in the dark. It was a little weird the four of them in the one bed, but if that’s the order of a Royal Princess, he couldn’t refuse it, could try, he supposed, but the woman did outrank him, that and he didn’t want to. He liked being in this bed with Jo-anne.

T.J. just shrugged at him and mind-linked him Just go with it, mother sees a lot more than we know I guess. “I’m guessing so…do you think she will tell us who Jo-anne’s father is?”

It’s likely, given time. I’d be more worried about the King and Queen coming, and bringing their creepy a*ss seer’s with them to this pack. There will be no secrets for anyone. They will hunt relentlessly for the truth of anything that catches their attention.’

West sighed ‘Make everyone vomit?”

Yes, some more than others, the pack will smell great.’ he sounded amused.

‘So what do you make of Jayden and his illegitimate daughter?”

‘I don’t know, but I do know. That not claiming her means he does know about the child, has rejected her as his own.

“idiot, she’s the Heir to his pack, why would one do that?’ He would never, even if it had been not from his Mate his child would still be his child.

“Likely he thinks she’s got an unsuitable bloodline.’

Then the man should not have slept with her mother, unprotected.’ most Alpha’s and ranked members were careful of who they mated with, careful not to conceive a child with those that weren’t their Mates. It was odd.

West settled himself next to Jo-anne, and wondered what she would make of Jayden having a child with another, one he did not claim as his own, had abandoned. Might not go down so well with a woman who was found out in the snow and knows nothing of her own lineage.

Wondered what Jayden would do when she asked him about it, deny it or admit to it?

Slid his fingers down Jo-anne’s face, along her jaw, down her neck and down her arm, smiled at the arks he felt in his fingers, copped a whack from TJ, Snorted with laughter “Sorry.” he stated, but really wasn’t, loved touching her, settled his across her waist, k!ssed her temple and closed his eyes, she would wake up and he would actually be there right next to her, felt happy about that, had wanted her to wake up next to him, the last two times he’d been here in this bed.

Hoped she wouldn’t get mad at him for it. It was approved by her mother, it seemed. And her brother was right across from them. Not that she knew this, of course. West wondered if Belinda knew the outcome of Jo-anne’s Mate Bond triangle.

Did she know who Jo-anne was going to pick?

West woke before all of them. Jo-anne had rolled over in her sleep and she was now curled into

Ella’s body, who was lying flat on her back. T.J. was asleep on his stomach next to her, one arm draped across Ella’s body, a hand curled around her waist.

Weird to say the least, considering he was as close to Jo-anne as one could get, his whole body pressed up against hers, with his arm around her, his hand cupped around her breast, wanted to leave it there, felt nice, she did fit perfectly in his hand, best not to though she had not made her choice yet, and as nice as it felt, T.J. would likely beat him over it. Slid his hand away slowly, trying not to wake her, heard a soft sigh come from her l!ps and smiled to himself.

Rolled all the way over onto his back, and found her rolling in her sleep, right over with him, watched as her hand slid right across his bare chest, sent hot sparks all over him. It was a very nice feeling, and her head was resting on his chest, likely just their bond in effect but he was not going to deny it.

He Flicked his eyes to Ella as she stretched and then rolled over into T.J, the man’s body reacted to hers on pure instinct, much the way Jo-anne’s just had to his moving away. Saw T.J. roll onto his side and pull her into him. Why they weren’t Mates he didn’t know. But they would be in a year. He was happy about that.

Smiled to himself, happy for them as he lay and looked at his friend, who looked very comfortable with Ella, how the man had resisted all these years?

He had no idea, he definitely had very good self-control, that was for sure.

Moved his eyes back to J0-anne as her head moved on his chest, saw her lovely grey eyes with those tiny flecks of silver were open and looking up at him, seemed a little shocked to see him in her bed, or maybe it was more that she was curled around him who knew, “Shh.” he point behind her before she could start talking and asking him questions as to why he was here in her bed.

Saw her roll slightly to look over her shoulder to see what he was pointing at, her shocked expression at seeing him turned to curiosity, when she saw the other two sleeping in the bed next to them and then turned her eyes back to his, questioningly.

West shrugged and mind-linked her so as not to wake the other two, ‘0rdered by Belinda, all three of us, to be here when you woke up, said you’d need he told her honestly. She’d not said that they had to be in her bed with her, per say but Ella had done that and he couldn’t argue with her she was going to be a princess herself in one year. Goddess another bloody person in his pack that would be able to our rank him.

‘Oh.’ was her only response.

Watched her as she sat up carefully and turned to look at them. ” They are so good together.” She whispered to him as she sat cross legged and leaned back on him.

“Agreed.” he answered her softly, wanted to touch her, she seemed so comfortable leaning on him right this minute, slid his arm around her waist casually and smiled at her when she looked down at his arm and then to him questioningly.

“Can’t help myself.” he chuckled softly by way of response. She was his Mate, and the woman he loved.

Saw her roll her eyes, figured she knew it was their bond in effect, then just looked back to the other two sleeping in her bed, then he watched her head snap around and look to the portrait, gasped and spun around, pounced clean on him, her hands covering his eyes. West burst out laughing, couldn’t help himself, she was sitting right on his chest, trying to hide what he could only think of was the portrait of him and Volt from him. ” Too late..” he laughed “l already saw it last night.” He reached up and removed her hands off his eyes, to look right up at her.

“What is it with you and your family? I can’t keep anything a secret.”

West shrugged “l guess not.” Goddess he wanted to k!ss her and if T.J. and Ella were not in this bed he’d yank her right onto his face and k!ss the most delicate part of her until she was screaming with pleasure.

“Shut up you two, we’re trying to sleep over here.” he heard T.J. growl at them.

West looked at the man, found both he and Ella looking at them, saw Ella look right at Jo-anne and snort with laughter, “Any closer, Jo-anne, and you’ll be on the man’s face.” She teased her friend.

His eyes moved back to Jo-anne, he still had hold of her hands too, grinned right up at her, as she registered just how she was sitting on him, straddling his chest and blushed beet red, then climbed off him quickly to his disappointment.

West had liked how she’d pounced right on to him. He let go of her hands, and chuckled, she only got redder, it was very cute, saw her bite that lower l!p of hers and growled at her, couldn’t bloody help himself, damn woman was begged to be k!ssed by him, it seemed. Saw her eyes go wide at him and released her l!p instantly. She had not forgotten that he’d told her it was a turn on for him, it seemed.

Needed to think about something else, or T.J. and Ella were going to be dragging him off of her.

Sat himself up and leaned on the headboard, stretched out his muscles and sighed when he realised she was watching him under her lashes, wanted her more than a bit. Shook it off, had to, they had other things to discuss and they weren’t alone either.

“Jo-anne what do you recall about last night?” he asked her.

“Hmm,” saw her frown now, “I was really hot, like… I felt I was almost on fire, even. Struggled to get cool.” her frown deepened “went outside | think, um…growled at Oliver I think. Sorry.”

“He’s fine, what else?” he pushed her to think it through.

“Just…Hot.” she shook her head. “And a really weird dream, I must have spiked a high fever.”

“The dream?” West asked, trying to encourage her to talk through it. It appeared she didn’t think it was real, he was going to have to correct her on that.

“What does it matter?” she shrugged, “Fever dreams mean nothing. Just a weird bunch of random subconscious stuff or hallucinations.”

“Humour me.” he reached out and pushed some of her hair behind her ear.

“Alright” she shook her head, seemed a bit confused as to why she needed to, but wasn’t resistant to the idea “um” then she was giggling suddenly “Oh my, I had more power than you and Jayden,” she pointed to him, then laughed out right

“I made both of you bare your necks to me,” covered her mouth with a hand “How funny.”

She found it completely amusing. It seemed “Oh and I kicked this one man, clean across a clearing.” turned and whacked Ella playfully “l was amazingly strong, you should have seen me, Like…T.J. strong, oh Ella it was so funny.” then she shrugged “Gotta love those weird fever dreams.

He watched Ella smile and shake her head. The girl knew what had happened, West had told her everything bar that she was T.J.’s little sister.

“Jo-anne sweetheart,” West drew her attention back to him. She was still smiling, amused by what she thought was a dream. “lt was not a dream,” he told her softly.

“W… What?” she looked more than confused now.

“Not a dream, you did all that.”

“What no, how could I, make you the Alpha bare your neck to me?” she was frowning at him.

“Mm, that would be because you too, are an Alpha, it seems.” he smiled at her, he’d let Belinda tell her who she really was. Probably would be the best thing if her own mother explained it to her.

“What? No l’m not.” she shook her head.

“Yes you are.” It was T.J. and he watched her turn to look at him.

“You’re all nuts. I’m not an Alpha, I’m just me. A patrolman’s daughter.”

“Jo-anne, no.” he gained her attention again “an orphan with an unknown lineage. You have Alpha blood.”

Jo-anne was now just sitting staring at him, a deep frown on her lovely face, then she shook her head “You’re all nuts.” she stated “and I’m starving, come on Ella, lets go and shower and get dressed, I want food in my belly.” turned and looked at T.J. “I need meaty goodness.” then she just stood up grabbed Ella and yanked her up out of T.J.’s arms and hopped off the bed onto the floor, headed for the bathroom.

“Hey.” T.J. called out after them.

Watched as the two of them turned and looked right at him, saw Ella burst out laughing “Oh come on Terence, you don’t think we haven’t showered together before, in the mud room after pack runs, get over it.”

West snorted as T.J. face palmed himself. West actually didn’t have a problem with it. Ella was Jo-anne’s best friend. Even after 10 years apart, nothing had changed in their relationship, not one bit. Chuckled at the image, it popped into his head, copped a solid punch in the arm from T.J. “That’s my woman.”

“And your sister.” West snort, then snapped his eyes to the closed bathroom door, realising what he had just said out loud, her wolf hearing could have picked up his words. “Sorry.” he muttered, the shower was running already, maybe she didn’t hear it.

“Ah don’t worry about it, Mother is likely to tell her soon, and if those seer’s come this way, it will be really soon, its just a matter of time now.” T.J. sat up.

“She seems fine to me, to you?” T.J. just shrugged “That’s just Jo-Jo, you know, Just getting over stuff.”

West nodded slowly “Just seems to accept everything thrown at her, shrugs it off and moves on.”

“Yep seems that way.” T.J got out of bed. “What do you suppose that list means?”

“Only she and Ella know, perhaps mother too.” he frowned. He was curious about it. Ella said they could deal with it today, but he knew that Jo-anne had other stuff to do first and before breakfast, according to Belinda.

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