Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 93

Jo-anne POV

She turned the shower on after entering the bathroom, Ella sat on the toilet and Jo-anne asked her “Did it all really happen?” kept her voice quiet so as not to be heard over the running water. She didn’t really know what to make of it. Didn’t really actually believe them.

“Yes, and from what West told me, a bunch of people out there trying to contain you.”

“A bunch”

“Hm, let me see. There was Jayden, West, your two guards, so Oliver and,” she shrugged, “I don’t know his name. Terence and Belinda.” she ticked off each one on her fingers as she named them all “so like 6 of them., and the cell guard so 7 people.”

Jo-anne frowned and got in the shower.



‘What do you make of last night?”

“Hot and fuzzy,’ she yawned and stretched out inside Jo-anne’s mind ‘Hungry.”

‘Me too.’ Jo-anne agreed, she was starving hungry like she had gone running for miles and needed to refuel her body of energy. Washed herself quickly, stepped out of the shower and took the towel Ella handed her so she could get in.

“Ella did West and 1?” she suddenly realized they had been in bed together.

Heard Ella laugh “No, not with Terence and I there.”

“Thank the Goddess, cos honestly it’s all a bit fuzzy in my head.”

“I’d think you would know, likely he or Volt would have Marked you.”

“Mm, I suppose so.” She nodded, not that West had ever laid claim to her, not said Mine once, though he had told her he loved her. That was weird. “Why are we all in the same bed?” she asked.

“I don’t know Belinda told us we all had to be here when you woke up. I got in bed with you. Was not going to sleep on the floor,” she shrugged, “The boys just followed. Well, I told Terence he had to, West.” she smiled. ” What can I say, he did tell you he loves you. Probably just wanted to be close to you.”

“Why would West accept and order from Belinda?” she was just the previous Beta’s Mate, it didn’t make sense.

“Jo-anne, Belinda is Royalty, remember. If she gives West an order, he’s actually compelled to do it. Not that the man had a problem with it.” She laughed.

“I don’t remember.” Jo-anne frowned as she sat on the toilet.

“That is because you were unconscious when he carried you back.”

“Oh.” she frowned and really tried to recall what happened, it was all a bit fuzzy, but she did recall some things, getting really mad at Jayden. He’d tried to make her and Clova submit to him, and she’d, her eyes widened, yelled ‘never’ at him.

Challenged him. West had actually dragged Jayden out of her way, saved Jayden from her, it seemed, and that man she kicked, groaned and put her head in her hands, his guard Andrew, she was going to have to go and apologise.

“What’s wrong?” Ella asked her as she got out of the shower,

Jo-anne handed her a towel. “I have to apologise to both of them. Jayden and Andrew.

“Why, from what I heard, Jayden rolled his Alpha Aura at you and you and your Alpha Wolf responded in kind. You did not start it.”

“Still l shouldn’t have done that.” she shook her head.

“Don’t worry about it.” Ella told her as she dried off. “Alpha wolves are aggressive at the best of times. If Jayden doesn’t like it he can lump it, he started the fight with you. His own Mate, Jo-anne.

He should be apologising to you.”

“But, I don’t get angry, it’s…not who I am, never was.” she sighed, didn’t want to be either. Liked being her happy creative self, didn’t want to go and get all Alpha moody. She did recall West’s two older sisters after getting their wolves, Brandy, two years older than her, a cranky alpha-blooded female from the minute she got her wolf, seemed to have this need to be in charge and in control of everything around her.

Then there was Casey, same age as she and Ella. That girl had wanted every single boy at schools’ attention, practically demanded it even from those who had girlfriends. Then, when she got it stalked away, just needed to be the centre of attention and demanded it.

Jo-anne did not want to be like that, she liked her quiet peaceful little life. She’d felt that Clova and her were different, had told Ella as much. Now it seemed this was the reason why, but why only now? That confused her. If they were an Alpha-blooded wolf why only now come into it?

They stepped out of the bathroom, to find both West and T.J. sitting on the couch. Both of them looked up, Ella walked right over and sat her towel-clad body in T.J.’s lap, happy to be there. It was good to see he no longer declined the woman, had claimed her. Well, he was in for a real shock if she could make the right decision.

Saw Wests eyes wander down her body, a smile twitched his l!ps and a hot shiver shot right up her back, her eyes went wide, no this couldn’t happen with them right there “Out.” she snapped at all of them, ran over to the bedroom door and yanked it open “Out now.” and then she just turned and bolted back for the bathroom, and slammed the door shut behind her “not now.” she muttered to herself.


“Get out T.J. please.” she begged him.

“Alright.” she heard him say, heard the concern didn’t sound like he wanted to.

Used her wolfs hearing, they all left, as far as she could tell, closed her eyes and waited. Nothing.

“Bloody must look like a man woman.” She muttered, emerged from the bathroom and saw her room was empty, sighed “Clova we gotta get this under control.”

Heard clova snort ‘Good luck, we like it anyway. ‘Yeah, it’s all pleasure, I get it Clova, but come on, the three of them could have been out there listening.’

Clova snorted at her ‘Two of them, West and Volt, would have been in here helping us along,’ sounded fully amused to Jo-anne.


“Likely would have Marked us Clova.’

‘I don’t care.’ her wolf stretched inside her mind, stood up and shook herself ‘Starving go feed Jo-anne sighed, bloody wolf wouldn’t care, she got dressed and stepped out of her room to find both T.J. and West standing in the hallway waiting for her.

“Sorry.” she muttered.

“That is not the first time l’ve seen that” West commented.

“Mm, let it go. I have a…medical condition.” Put her hand up to stop him, when he stepped towards her, instantly a worried look on his face. “It’s nothing serious, just embarrassing to say the least. Let it go.” it was the only way to describe her shivers, without telling him the truth. “I’m hungry, starving actually and I need food.”

“No breakfast yet, we need to go and see Heath. I believe he is dying.” West told her.

Snapped her eyes right to his “What?”

“Come on.” he took her by the hand “We’ll go there now.”

Jo-anne just nodded as she allowed him to lead her down the hall, and felt a wave of sadness well inside of her. “West?” she asked softly “my Sisters?”

“Lets get you out there first. You can visit and then I’ll send for your sisters to see him too, alright.

“You promise me, you’ll let them see him.”

“l promise.” He pulled her in close to him, felt his hand slip from hers and rest on the small of her back.

She walked quietly, uncertain as to what she would find, stopped walking about half way “I was at the cells last night.” she voiced out loud “I just wanted to see Heath.” her eyes turned up to look at him.

West nodded. “I would have let you. Jayden, on the other hand, was in the mood to Mark you and Claim you for himself. It was not a good situation. I believe I could have calmed you down by letting you see Heath. But an Alpha trying to calm an Alpha, or me trying to calm the two of you. Got messy.”


“You, my dear, did not want to submit to him or his wolf.” he urged her to continue walking.

“I haven’t chosen either of you yet.” She muttered. This was not the first time Jayden had tried to take her without her permission.

“I know,” West replied.

She wondered why he and Volt hadn’t attempted to claim them yet. Jayden had twice now. It didn’t really matter, she supposed, perhaps he just wasn’t as needy as Jayden. Who knew?

Heath lay on a cot in the cell. She could see he’d been hurting himself, there were chunks of his own hair missing from his head and he had scratch marks on his face, he was tied down to that bed, and she knew it was just to restrain him from hurting himself.

Tears welled in her eyes at the state of him, a hand covered her own mouth, as a sob escaped her, he looked to be sleeping. She could see the shallow rise and fall of his chest. His naturally tanned skin was now yellowish, felt Wests’s hand rub her back. “l’m sorry Jo-anne, he started hurting himself after Karen’s death.”

“I did this to him.” she gasped, her eyes moving to Wests.

“No you didn’t.” he shook his head, his voice was soft. “you did not.”

“But look at him.”

“I know, he is sedated at the moment, but, Jo-anne, I do think it’s a good idea.”

“No.” she shook her head and turned to look at Heath. He’d been her father for 28 years, “Can I go in. If he’s sedated, please.” looked up to West almost pleadingly. She knew he would be against it. Saw him sigh “Get the keys Terence.”

Her eyes moved back to Heath, he was broken, they’d already told her he’d gone insane, and she had seen it firsthand herself. But still couldn’t believe it. Stepped inside the cell when it was opened for her, she could see all the blood in here, dried and old. Likely her fathers, and likely caused by either LJ. or West or both of them after he had hurt her.

Sank down on the edge of the cot and looked at him, tears fell down her face as she brushed his hair away back up and over his head, the way he’d always worn it, swept back. His cheeks were sunken now and he had dark circles around his eyes, his l!ps were dried and cracked, his skin was sallow and sickly looking. This was not the man that had raised her.

Wondered where that man had gone, the real man. Before Karen. The man that had loved her so much, treated her like she was his precious child, that said she could do no wrong. Thanked the Goddess every day for giving her to him, would say it right in front of her sometimes, how lucky and blessed he was to have such a beautiful kind and caring daughter.

Where was that man now? What had happened to him? Leaned down hugged him, sobbed right into his chest “l love you daddy, I wish you would wake up and come back to me.” just lay there and held him, she knew he could not feel her, or hear her, had been sedated to stop him from hurting himself” your daughters need you.” she told him gently “All of us need you.” she leaned back and looked down at him, touched his face gently “wish you would come back to us.”

Saw a tear form at the corner of his eye and then roll down the man’s cheek, sighed softly, reached out and wiped it away, maybe even sedated he could hear her. “l forgive you.” She said softly and k!ssed his forehead and stood up, looked at West “Please call my sisters to come before it’s too late”

Saw his eyes glaze over and after a minute looked right at her. “Cole will bring them now.” Jo-anne nodded, looked at Heath, it was probably the last time she was going to see him alive, turned, and walked away “I want to go now.” she whispered as she walked out of the cell and up the stairs. Her appetite was completely gone.

West and T.J. walked her all the way back to the pack-house and right into the pack-house dining room. She sat down, kind of felt all numb to be honest. Food was put in front of her, not that it mattered to her right this minute.

Looked at it and suddenly gagged, shot to her feet, and ran for the nearest bin, heaved many times, but there was nothing in her stomach to throw up, felt a hand on her back, and turned. Ella was right there. “Drink this.”

She took the glass offered to her. It was just cold water, but it did make her feel better and her stomach cramping stopped, stood up. Found half the pack members in the dining room looking at her, including Alpha Jayden, she’d not even seen him when she had come in, he was frowning right at her.

“Ella I don’t..”

“I know come on, up to my suite. You can spend the day with me. Your Mates, can deal with it, or deal with my Mate,” she stated loudly for all to hear.

Walked Jo-anne out of the dining room, “Have something light sent up.” she heard Ella tell someone, wasn’t really paying attention, didn’t really care right this minute. Had other things to worry about.

“Sank down on the couch in the Beta’s suite, Heath is dying,” she whispered softly, and felt Ella hug her. “I don’t want him to die Ella.” she sobbed into her friend.

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