Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 97

Jo-anne POV

She was kneeling on the bed in her room, listening to West tell her, not to choose him. Heard Clova whin in pain at his very words, felt the softness of his l!ps on hers, so very gentle as he k!ssed her goodbye, then watched as he stepped back and walked away from them.

Clova’s eyes followed him all the way out the door, she howled in pain inside of Jo-anne’s mind as he stepped out of the room and then vanished from their sight.

Felt a hand on her arm, knew it was Jayden, had yet to even look at the man. She didn’t really understand why would West tell her he loves her, and she heard it. So did Clova, for that matter. He really did mean it, then he just walked away from them. Gone.

Though he told her it would be best for her to go with Alpha Jayden, she didn’t know if that was true. Didn’t know how West could make that claim himself, how could he just make a decision for her… it wasn’t right, he couldn’t do that, could he?

Found her face turned away from the empty doorway, Jayden’s hand on her chin, made to look at him. “It’s time we go home, Jo-anne.” He smiled down at her. He looked very happy, she was going with him, pleased actually. Did he not even care, that she was at this moment upset? Surely he could see it. She had been crying and upset, her eyes would be all puffy and she would likely look like a right mess.

“Let’s get you all packed up, we can be home in our pack in just over 5 hours. You’ll love it there, I promise.” Saw his head turn “Ben, Jo-anne is mine now. Please pack her things, we’ll be leaving shortly.”

“Of course, Alpha.”

Jo-anne turned to look at the man, Beta Ben, as he got her suitcase and opened it, opened her closet and started packing her clothes into it.

“Just the pretty stuff, Beta. No jeans or tee-shirts. My Luna will look like a Luna all the time, only beautiful dresses from now on.”

Jo-anne frowned and looked back to Jayden, felt Clova’s agitation and she retreated to the back of her mind. “I’m not ready to go.. I have to finish my portrait.. I need to sort somethings out with T.J.” and she did. He’d told her he was her brother, a large shock and she needed to discuss this with him. How was it possible? Who her mother was?… my mother? If T.J. was her brother, then it was likely his mother, Belinda, was her mother.

They had told her she had Alpha blood, and T.J.’s dad was a Beta, so that just left Belinda.

She shook her head. “I also need to see Heath”

“No you will not be, he tried to kill you. I will have West put him down. We will be leaving Jo-anne and presently.” his eyes moved to the portrait of West and Volt “as for that.” he waved his hand towards it, “Destroy it, you’ll not be finishing it.

“Excuse me?” Jo-anne shot at him. She had worked hard on it and it was nearly finished. She shoved his hands off of her and got off of the bed.

“It was commissioned by the Luna, I do not re-neg on my deals.”

“I will not have you painting a portrait of your ex-mate. I will pay the monetary compensation, and you’ll be released from the deal made.” he told her flatly.

Jo-anne’s eyes moved to the portrait and she felt Clova’s pain renew at the sight of Volt in that picture, could feel pain wash over her own wolf, it was coming off of her in waves, as she stared at Volt through Jo-anne’s eyes. Then she turned and fled away to the back of Jo-anne’s mind.

Jo-anne clutched at her chest, her wolf’s heart was breaking at the loss of her Mate. She moved her eyes to Alpha Jayden, who had walked over to his Beta to help him pack her things, as she stood and watched them, like it didn’t matter what she wanted, like she was going to go with them regardless of what she wanted.

“I’m not going anywhere.” She stated “Stop touching my things.” This was so very wrong. She had not made her choice, she had not chosen either one of them. How was it one could walk away and the other tell her she was now his. It didn’t work that way.

Jayden looked right at her. “Jo-anne, West has rejected you, I have not, your choice has been made for you.”

“No it’s not.” She shook her head, as she thought about that. Had West rejected her, she did not think so, he had told her he would make her choice easier, he had not rejected her at all, just told her to choose another, that he would accept this, that was all. “West did not reject me Jayden.”

“I heard him tell you, to go with me. Told me to look after you, willingly gave you up.”

Jo-anne shook her head “I don’t care what either of you want. It is my choice, not yours and not his,”

“Be reasonable, Jo-anne, he has left you. Now put your shoes on, we’ll be leaving shortly.”

“Will we?’ She thought absently as her eyes moved about the room, all her things, he was only packing her clothes, nothing else, didn’t seem to have any intention of taking her art supplies, sighed, he’d told her she wouldn’t have time to paint, only in her spare time what little of it she would have. Guess he meant it.

Her eyes fell on that piece of paper on the wall.

Only one can be happy. Well, right now Jayden was happy, she was not happy, Clova was not happy, West was not happy, knew instinctively Volt was not happy, his wolf had been obsessed with Clova, always, he’d always loved Clova.

Walked over and plucked that piece of paper off the wall, and read it, heard Selena’s voice inside her mind, as it faded in and out right at the end, as she had been getting sent back ‘you.. Clova.’ Looked right at the list.

The pain that was coming off of Clova, was spreading through her body. Clova? It was Clova, the choice she had to make, not herself, not T.J., not either West or Jayden, not even Ella.

Her choice was to choose her wolf. She had once promised Clova never to cause her so much pain ever again, not since that day when she had hurt her, where she had laid dormant unable to come forward and be a part of her for a whole year after Jo-anne had tried to gain her freedom at 17.

She had nearly lost her once because of a very selfish choice, had not even thought about Clova back then, and now she could feel her wolf was in agony because Jo-anne, was so obsessed with saving T.J, that she had missed the one thing, the most important thing in her whole life, her sweet girl, Clova.

‘Oh, my sweet girl. Don’t you die, I will fix this. I can fix this.’ got nothing but waves of pain from her wolf ‘Clova.’ she called out to her wolf inside her mind “I hear you, I feel you.’

Turned and left her room, walked away from Alpha Jayden and his Beta, packing her things, but only the things he wanted her to take. He was not the one for Clova. She had never liked that man or his wolf, only ever wanted Volt, her Mate from before. She would accept no other. Jo-anne understood now, all this time. Although they had been separated, Clova loved Volt, she had Mated him for life, and she would take no other, would die without him. Well, Jo-anne was not going to loose her wolf, not again.

Found Alpha Jayden right in front of her “Where are you going, you’re my Luna.”

“No, l’m not. My wolf will never accept you.”

“I will make her,” he snapped, sounded very angry.

“Really?” Jo-anne stared right at him, from what she recalled, he could not make her last night, it was unlikely he could make her now. She too was an Alpha wolf, and one that, as far as she could figure out, was likely of Royal blood, and something else, she had exploded that couch in her room. It was very unlikely anyone could make her do anything she didn’t want to anymore.

Felt heat start to build inside her body, wondered if she could draw on it at will, reached for it and felt her hands grow hot. Looked right at Jayden. “What if my wolf is dead, would you accept a wolf-less Luna?” Even without Clova it did seem she could draw on that power inside of her, it was white hot and burning as anger built inside her, at this man’s constant need to take what was not his “You’d force me, like you tried to in the hospital and then again just last night.”

“Yes if necessary. I don’t want to Jo-anne, but I am your Mate, I will not be taking no for an answer, West rejected you. You belong to me now.” he told her matter of factly.

Felt a hand grab her hair from behind and pull her head to the side, it was Ben his Beta, and she knew it because the second his hand was on her she saw Jayden’s fangs elongate “You are mine”.

“I wouldn’t.” she shot at him. “you won’t like what you’ll get in return.” she grated out, felt heat behind her eyes, knew they were glowing, could see it reflected in his own eyes. Then Clova was surging forward all aggression, and they were one, united together against this man. “Not yours. We reject you as our Mate.” they spoke together.

Saw anger flare in him, his wolf snarled at them and then lunged forward to Mark them against their will, brought their hands up full of heat and opened them right at him, and watched him go flying backwards down the hallway, flung away from her by the power she had contained in them.

Turned and looked at his Beta. Oh this man, they really wanted a piece of him for trying to help that Alpha take her by force, even after they had rejected him, spun their whole body around and snapped the flat of her palm into the centre of his chest, with all her Alpha wolf strength, and he to went stumbling backwards down the hallway, watch a blood burst from him l!ps and then he slumped down on to the floor, looked up at her his eyes more than wide, did not attempt to get up and come at her.

Knew better it seemed.

Turned to see Alpha Jayden and his wolf staring right at them.

“Do you want to play with us? Or leave alive?” They asked him menacingly. They had not been allowed to play with him last night, but right now there was no-one around to stop them. Felt both she and Clova pull on that power inside of them as they watched him get up and stalk towards her, sighed this was the man he was, would take what he wanted even when it was not his.

Felt something else pull at her as she stared at the man, felt really weird all of a sudden as she wondered just who he really was deep down inside, then as he charged at her, felt a tingling all over her body, like some one was walking over her grave, shuddered at the itchy and weirdness of it, then it was like he was moving in slow motion.

Saw a white haze fall over the man that was rushing towards her, shot forward to meet him, slammed her hands onto the sides of his head and shoved all their aura down on to him till he was kneeling before her “Show me who you are!” they stated and a flood of images filled her mind, there was a young beautiful, fair skinned girl with long blonde hair, smiling up at Jayden, his Mate, then them Mating, he’d spend hours with her, barely 18 young and beautiful she was, saw the girl wake up in his bed and smile right up at him lovingly, reached out for him, loved him already. Only to be devastated as he stood by the bed they had shared, smiled nastily down at her and reject her for being useless to him. Had marched her out of the room and walked away from her uncaring.

They saw the devastation, and heart break, felt all her pain swallow her up, completely broken by her Mate, how he had used her body for his own pleasure a whole day and night, only to reject her.

Watched as she walked empty and soulless away from the pack-house, uncaring she was still naked, she had no wolf, was wolf-less, why he’d rejected her.

But then something was calling to her, it too was full of sadness, a poignant song of loneliness and heartache, calling to her, followed it, tracked that sad sweet voice beckoning her, a sad balad in her mind all the way to the ocean that backed right onto his pack, no longer hers, she did not want to be here anymore, walked into the ocean and never came out.

Gripped Jayden’s face tighter and dug deeper, pushed harder, there was more. She saw her, a beautiful creature, swimming freely in the ocean, a siren. Her first shift brought on by utter heartache.

The man never knew what he had, thought she was wolf-less and useless to him, when in fact she was a weapon of woman, a siren, not something to be messed with ever. They were deadly and precise in the nature of their attacks. What a fool he was.

Flashed forward saw another woman, who he treated just the same, her long red hair and big blue eyes filled with pain as he to reject her a night after Mating. He’d never Marked either, didn’t think they were worthy of his bite, dug deeper, a child, a beautiful little girl, so full of life and vitality, her mother’s pain hidden behind a smile that never truly reached her eyes.

He held them hostage inside his pack, had not laid claim to the child, and the woman he had rejected forced to stay, refused her to leave, so cruel he was to not want either but would not let them go, saw her try to leave many times, run and tried to get away. Could not, she was hunted down and dragged back, his own child terrified of him and the cruelty he displayed towards her mother.

Released the fowl man before her, there was blood dripping from his nose and where her claws had been dug into him to dig deeper into his mind, “you’re hideous.” she told him as he fell all the way down on to his hands, watched as one hand moved to his stomach and clutched at it, groaned in pain and then heaved and started to vomit.

His eyes moved right to her, once he stopped vomiting, she could see shock in them, at what she had done to him. She too was more than a little surprised, but then again she had seen Ella and T.J. heavily pregnant earlier that day, and Ella had told her she thought she must be able to see, just like Belinda did.

Well, it turns out she was more like her mother than anyone knew, “You can not, ever have what does not belong to you.” they told him. her.

“I will have what is mine.” Jayden snarled up at.

“No you won’t.” they squatted right down next to him looked him right in the eyes “We belong to Volt. Oh and that daughter of yours, I wish with all my heart and soul, she is freed from you, her mother too. I pray to the goddess herself, that when you get home they have escaped your cruelty, that they find a new pack, one that will protect them from you.”

She stood up and heard him suddenly cry out in pain, and saw him clutch at his chest, screamed at her “What did you do?”

“Oh,” she looked down at him “When I pray for something to the goddess, and truly mean it, she grants it.” laughed softly “did you just loose your child.” interesting she thought “Jayden one more thing. That first Mate of yours, not wolfless,. She holds more power than I do, just hadn’t come into it yet. Good luck surviving her. When she comes for you, this pack will not be coming to your aid any longer. Your alliance is severed.”

“You can’t do that. You are nothing. West rejected you, remember.”

They snorted down at him and stalked away.

We are the Luna, you just wait and see.” Stalked herself all the way down the hall, down the stairs.

Saw several pack members stop and then back away from them.

Marched themselves all the way over to the Alpha’s office, it was locked, snarled right at the door, ‘our mate is in there.’ Clova growled.

Then go and get him, Clova.’

They took a single step back from the door and looked down at their hands, smirked to themselves, felt that heat pulled it towards them and turned it on the door, with an angry roar, and the thing blew clean off its hinges and landed in the middle of the room.

Stalked slowly into the room, fists balled at their sides, as their eyes met West’s, he was standing at his desk staring right at them. They caught movement to their right, turned and looked, saw T.J.. He looked tense. “We’ll deal with you later brother, stay out of this.”, saw the man raise both hands in a surrender gesture.

Turned their eyes back to West, stalked across the room, right across the door she had blown in, watched him step out from behind his desk, looked more than concerned as he watched her. For himself she did not know.

“How dare you. Take my choice away from me.”

They snarled right at him.

“I was just.”

“Shut up.” they roared at him, uncaring he was their Alpha, saw his neck bare to her fully, snorted “Now who holds the power.”

Saw his frown.

“l do not choose Jayden, I do not choose you, West. I do not choose myself or even T.J, I chose Clova. And she wants Volt.”

“He’s gone.” West stated softly, sadly.

They felt pure rage bubble up within them at this knowledge, snapped their hands on to his face and yanked his face right down to her and screamed “Volt, get your a*ss out here.” Demanding his presence with all her power rolling at them, a full Royal Alpha Wolf demanding her mate return to her at once.

Saw his wolf emerge, an angry snarl at the pain she had caused him by forcing him to come forward from the depths of his humans mind.

“How dare you leave Clova, I should beat you senseless.” Jo-anne snarled up at his wolf.

Saw Volt all on the surface in full control, didn’t much like the threat against him, she supposed, pulled himself from her hands and stood himself to his full height and looked down at her, Alpha wolf to Alpha wolf, a low growl emitted from him, though it didn’t sound as threatening as she would have thought.

Jo-anne receded away, to allow Clova to claim what she’d always wanted. Jo-anne would deal with West another time. The dvmb a*ss thought this was going to win her. He had some explaining to do, but she wanted Clova to be happy, and Volt had always made her wolf happy. Even now she could feel Clova’s joy at seeing her Mate.

“Wait, don’t Mark her” was yelled at them.

Clova turned to see who dared to stop her from claiming what was her right, and found Belinda before them. “Claim and Mate, but do not Mark yet. West and Volt are still tainted by your blood my child.”

Even Jo-anne was frowning inside her mind at this news. Didn’t really understand the woman’s words, made no sense to her. Claim Volt, Clova, get what is your.’ felt Clova turn back to Volt, who was still on the surface, had yet to relinquish control back to West.

“Mine.” Volt growled softly, right down at her before Clova could even lay claim to him, then snapped his hands out and yanked her body against his.

“Mine.” Clova growled right back at him, and all Clova’s sadness and stress of the day seemed to just be melted away as she leaned into him, filled with comfort and joy, happiness at being in his arms once again, knowing she would remain there forever. I Was purring softly for him a second later.

“We’ll wait for you and West, Jo-Jo.”

Jo-anne snorted at her wolf and rolled her eyes like I believe you on that.”

Heard her own wolf chortle right back at her, and then receded back to allow Jo-anne control once more, looked up to find Volt still on the surface “Mine too.” he growled softly down at her, then touched his forehead to hers, before receding away leaving West looking down at her.

Jo-anne peeled herself from his arms and his body. “I’m still mad at you.” she muttered as she brushed his hands away from him and stepped away as well.

Found Belinda suddenly right in front of her, “l’m sorry my child, I have to know.”

“Know what?” she frowned up at the woman, who was a good 2 inches taller than her.

Felt the woman’s hands on the side of her face, saw her eyes go white as she stated “Show me. Clova shot forward in her mind, and they were united as one, felt all of their body get white hot, glared at the woman before her, their supposed mother, she was trying to pry inside their mind snarled “Not going to happen.” and saw the woman stumble back several steps, very wide-eyed, “Don’t ever do that.” they told her with a shake of their head “we don’t like it, it hurts.”

“You can resist… you stopped me!” the woman sounded completely shocked. “No one has ever resisted before.. I need to know, did you use your ability? Did you see like a seer?” she stepped back over and grabbed onto their arm ” Please, I must know.”

“Yes. Jayden is a hideous man…West I have severed our alliance with his pack, eject that man.”

“My pleasure, Luna.” it was TJ. who answered her and she watched as he left the room,

“Oh Jayden, where are you?” he called out loudly, his voice full of taunt.

Nearly laughed at him and his tone, but kept her attention on the woman before her, “Why is it important to know this?”

“Because, the King’s seer’s will feel it, they’ll be coming for you and soon.” Watched as the woman’s eyes glazed over white again, for several minutes, looked right at her when they returned to their natural grey colour, “They are preparing to come now. They’ll be here in a day.” she frowned deeply “lt’s not enough time, I have to hide you. Now that the seers have you, they will hunt you with a vengeance.”

“What did I ever do to them?” Jo-anne muttered as Clova fully receded. The woman was not a threat to them.

“Nothing, Jo-anne. We really do need to sit down and talk, but.. I have yet to tell my family everything so..”

“Tell them, don’t tell them. That is up to you. will not say anything.”

“Then you know, who I am…to you!” she asked, seemed a bit hesitant.

“T.J. screamed it at me a little while ago.”

Jo-anne nodded, she was still yet to absorb it properly, would likely need more than a minute, but here she was her own actual birth mother standing right in front of her, how she was supposed to feel about that she didn’t know, didn’t blame the woman, there was more to her birth than she knew considering T.J., Ava and Sonja were all Jonathan’s and she was not, if she was she’d have been raised with them. “I don’t expect you to clainm me, I also don’t blame you for leaving me. You likely had your reasons.” she’d already come to that conclusion.

“I didn’t want to leave you, Jo-anne. But I had to hide you from the King’s seer’s. Leaving you inside this pack abandoned as I did, I knew that Luna Natalia, would bleed you into another’s bloodline. This would hide you from the seers… I’m sorry, it was the best I could think of at the time. I was young and in pain myself. But I always kept you close, had to…selfish and heartless of me, I know.”

Jo-anne sighed “Who is my father?”

Saw the woman actually visually shudder and step back “I..” she was shaking her head “l can’t.” and then she was gone, left the office in a rush, tears falling down her face.

“She’s not ready yet Jo-anne, give her some time, there is trauma there.” West told her softly.

Jo-anne turned and looked right at him, huffed in annoyance. She was more than annoyed with him and his behaviour today. Noted he was not smiling either for that matter, “only one can be happy” she told him.

“That’s a lie.” He shrugged, “Volt, is more than happy and Clova?” he questioned.

“Happy.” Jo-anne nodded.

“So, that’s two that are happy” West commented.

She frowned up at him, he was right, Clova was the right choice, she brushed his hand away from her face, when he touched her, “Still mad at you.. Who tells someone, they love them and then walks the hell away from them.”

Saw him sigh “An idiot I guess.”

“Damned near lost your wolf. As did l, you fool. You ever do it again, and you’ll bow down to us and have to beg for forgiveness for days, weeks, bloody months.”

Saw him smile “That’s the Alpha blood in you, challenging me.”

“I will win West.” she waved her hand at the door on the floor, to make a point.

“I would let you.” He shrugged “Can I ask, what happen with Jayden? to piss you right off.”

“Well, after you just handed me over to him,” she snapped, “he tried to take what was not his, even after we rejected him. Lucky I didn’t kill him.”

She muttered, looking down at her hands. Probably could she realised, wondered if she could have exploded him just like that couch?

“You wouldn’t kill him, you’re too sweet.” He smiled down at her.

Jo-anne raised an eyebrow at him. “All charm now I see” turned and walked away. “I’m hungry, I need food.” marched herself out of his office, seems using that power of hers made her ravenous.

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