Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 1

Running that’s what the last two years has been like. Running and running from my ex-mate and any other wolf or rogue I stumbled across. I’m still not sure why Alex continues to come after me, I accepted his rejection and left the pack immediately after and never looked back.

Six months after I left Silver Bow two of their pack warriors showed up to take me back. They said the Alpha and former Alpha demanded I return to the pack and accept Alex. Yeah that’s not happening ever, they almost succeeded until out of no where my Wolf Andra took control. Now because I was a Omega I was never trained a day in my life, so I should have been a easy target to simply drag back to the pack kicking and screaming. I guess it was simply Andras natural instinct to survive that kicked in.

They looked astonished when they first saw her and that gave her the moment she needed to rip them both apart. The rejection and my leaving the pack happened before anyone had seen me shift so none of them even new what my wolf looked like. Andra is a beautiful Wolf, she is solid white with a black crescent moon on her right hip, and her eyes are a bright gold and mesmerizing.

She is also alot bigger then the normal She-Wolf that a omega like me would have. She stands almost as tall as what a Alpha would, while I’m only 5’5″ short for a werewolf, with long chestnut brown hair and blue/grey eyes and a curvy figure.

After Andra killed those warriors I’ve had to keep moving, never staying in one place for more then a few months.

So now here I am in another motel room in the middle of nowhere Louisiana. The town is actually called Black Lake I think. I’ve moved around so much trying to evade Silver Bow that most of the time I never remember a towns name. I try to stay under the radar from any packs as they don’t take to kindly to Rogue wolves. The cities and little towns are safer as they are considered neutral ground. Most pack lands look like giant gated communities to most humans. That doesn’t mean that you don’t run into pack wolves in the city or small towns though, actually most still have outside business there that provide for the packs livelihood.

The closest packs are Blackwater Pack and Black Willow Pack, and from what little I know they are sister packs with the original Alphas being twin brothers that decided to split the pack and lands in half.

I’ve been in town for a few days now at the local motel and thankfully I was able to get a job at the small bar waiting tables. What little money I had when I left Sliver Bow is gone now, I’ve been working small jobs wherever I’m at to get by. I only have a few more days paid for at the motel before I have to leave, if I hadn’t gotten the job Andra and I would have had to stay out in the woods. We have done it before but it’s better to stay in our human form in unknown territory. If we would happen to come across border patrols while in wolf form we would be seen as a threat for sure.

My first shift at the bar starts in thirty minutes and I’m a nervous wreck. I really need this job and I just hope I don’t screw it up. I’m not going to lie I’m not very comfortable around other Wolves, even though as werewolves we are normally very social and thrive on the social connections we form with in the pack. I am not a very social werewolf, I blame it on the fact that my last pack was s*** to me. No one ever did anything to help so I’m used to relying on only my Wolf and myself.

“You’re going to do fine girl, stop worrying!” Andra says as I countine getting ready pulling my t-shirt over my head.

“Please tell me you really don’t plan on wearing that?” She asks with a eye roll.

“And what’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing if your just staying home. Holly it’s a bar, we have to look hot there if we are going to make any money.”

If a wolf could face palm its self Andra would have. You could say our sense of styles were completely opposite of one another. I’m more of the comfy casual type while she is the care free and show it off one and make the boys drool type. She’s got the confident personality and I’m definitely shy and prefer to keep to myself.

I decided to take her advice and settle for the tie died crop top and blue jean shorts with cowboy boots. I also grab my only hoodie to wear until I got to work, I did my hair in two braids to keep it out of my way while I was working. Adding a bit of light make up to finish it off. I will say I didn’t look half bad, doing a little spin in the bathroom mirror satisfied with the end result.

I left the motel and started my walk to work. The bar was called The Black Rose and it was on the other side of town. It wasn’t very big on the outside but once you were inside it opened up alot. It had five pool tables, medium sized dance floor, several booths and tables and a long bar at the front.

We had just made it halfway to the bar when I hear a loud crack of thunder and rain just pours out of the clouds soaking everything it touches. S*** this is not good, not good at all.

“Great just great now I’ll look like a drowned rat when I get there” I say to Andra and she just snickers in the back of my mind. I don’t have a car and there isn’t any transportation here so I can only walk where I have to go.

I make a mad dash to the next set of buildings that line the main road of the town. It’s definitely what you would imagine in a small rural town. A few mom and pop shops, and small grocery store and a little family style restaurant and the bar.

I duck into the nearest store to wait for the worse of the rain to stop, hopeful that it let’s up soon as I still have another half mile or so to go before I reach the bar. Goddess it looks to start raining even harder and the wind picks up too.

I can smell wolves in the store and that puts both Andra and I on high alert. We haven’t ran into any other wolves since we came to the town until now.

“That’s because we haven’t really left that s* motel” my Wolf says very annoyed at me for keeping her locked up.

They don’t smell like Rogues so I assume they belong to one of the two pack from this area. Rogues typically smell like sulfur/roten eggs, I know it’s not a nice smell at all so that makes us easier to distinguish from other wolves.

I turn around to check my surroundings just incase it’s a attack first ask questions later type of deal. I turn an see two women come from a back room and come to a dead stop right behind the counter. Both looking slightly nervous to have a rogue in their store. One looks to be in her mid forties and the other younger more around my age probably but you can never be sure of age with werewolvesas we age slower then humans. They look almost identical so I assume they are most likely mother and daughter.

I keep my distance close to the door to show I mean no harm to either of them, Andra pushes her self forward some, not enough to try and take over control but enough to be present enough to take over if the need arises. “Sorry I’m just waiting out the rain to stop and I’ll be on my way.”

Their bodies slowly relax and the tention that was building in the air slowly dissipates. They both look at each other clearly having a conversation through their mind link with their eyes clouded. “Where you heading sweetie?” The older of the two asks.

“Sweetie? Wow that’s a first,” Andra says just as floored as me. Normally if we run into pack wolves and I’ve met a few and sweetie is the furthest thing that I’ve ever been called. Rogue, filth, trash even just B****. Most pack wolves hate Rogues because they are typically criminals, having done something to be exiled from their packs.

I must have been standing there looking as dumbfounded as I felt because they both erupted into laugher and I finally snap out of my momentary daze.

“Sorry, umm The Black Rose, I am a server there and tonight’s my first night.” I say “I’m Holly by the way, I just got to town last week.” I give a very awkward wave, did I mention I’m very socially awkward.

” I’m Emily and this is my daughter Sara.” The older woman says “It’s nice to meet you. You know it’s not supposed to stop for a while, if you want Sara can drop you off there, she works there tonight too.” Emily says as she hands her daughter a set of car keys and turns and smiles at me. “Beth is a stickler for punctuality, doesn’t take to kindly to her staff being late.”

Once again both Andra and I are left gapping at the two she-wolves that are smiling at us and offering a ride to work so we dont have to walk in the rain. “Are we in the F-ing twilight zone Holly?” My wolf ask and I wonder the same thing.

“I guess we better take the ride can’t get fired on our first day” I tell my Wolf and I can see as she nods in agreement.

I take one last look out the store windows and I nod my head “Thank you I really do appreciate the help.”

Sara walks over to stand by me at the front door, “No trouble at all. Come on now we better hurry.” The rain slacks off for just a second and we sprint out the door into Sara’s black Chevrolet truck. As soon as she cranks the truck the sky opens up again and the rain beats down onto the vehicle.

Now Sara doesn’t strike be as a truck kind of girl. She’s your typical werewolf type of girl, tall and perfecly proportioned. She’s got the whole blonde hair and bright blue eyes going for her too. I used to envy girls like her in my last pack but I’ve come to love and accept my curves, just not the being short, like seriously it’s a pain in the ass I can’t reach anything half the time.

We pull out on to the main road of town and start heading towards The Black Rose. I look out the window as the scenery passes me by, I can’t see much as the rain beats down on the truck windows.

I’m startled out of my thoughts when Sara asks “So what made you want to move out here?”

Andra whimpers in the back of my mind remembering the rejection of her mate, even though we can’t stand Alex and would rather rip his face off then be mated to him the rejection still hurts some. Its a emptiness that can’t be filled.

“Just needed a fresh start” I say as we are pulling the parking lot of the bar. The outside of the building is older like its seen many generations come threw its doors. Sara pulls around an parks on the side of the building, thankfully it has a over hang to get us out of the rain so we aren’t drenched.

Sara doesn’t push for any other explanation which I am grateful for. I’m not ready to go into detail about the whole mess of my life. She nods her head in understanding, “Allright then let’s get in there before we are both late for work.” She giggles.

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